THE LITTLE VAMPIRE Official Trailer 2 (2017) NEW Family Animation & Kids Movie HD

THE LITTLE VAMPIRE Official Trailer 2 (2017) NEW Family Animation & Kids Movie HD

Tony -The darkness crawled over the forest. Not another soul to be seen. A terrible intuition that vampires could- Tony’s Father – Tony. Tony’s Mother – No more ‘V’ word in this car. Owner (with accent)- Ve come to velcome you. Ze bed and ze breakfast is just around the corner. Do you see zeir reflection?
Tony: Do you get a lot of guests without reflections?
Owners: NEIN! Tony’s Father: You know this vampire stuff is make-believe, right? Myths and stories. That’s all. Rudolph: What’s your name?
Tony: Tony Thompson.
Rudolph: Rudolph Sackville-Bagg. Rudolph: Ready to fly?
Tony: *Screams* I don’t know highly motile walking everywhere Will have a vampire infestation Smell it from a mile away it releases the vampire hunter. We are in great danger Here you really are in danger this living room This is no vampire he cannot put our faith in the hands of a mortar. He’s my friend That’s what method saved my life You stay here occupied exactly in front like Vampire

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  1. anyone has English subtitle srt file for this movie? I bought a blu-ray version and it speaks polish language

  2. Love the characters new look so much~ I wish there will be The Little Vampire 2~ Please please please X3

  3. I miss the days when boys and men could have s deep friendship without pervs projecting their own sexual fantasies into it.

  4. I wish it was more faithful to the original book series. Or at least include Anna and make her a relevant character. Haven't seen her in the whole trailer.

  5. People in these comments are all like "yasss I ship themmmm" and such but like??? We can't just have them be friends? I do agree that LGBT+ should be incorporated in more films and such but like geez. Two boys getting along in a friendship doesn't mean that it's like gay?? Same with if like two girls were super close friends or a guy and a girl to put it all loosely.

    Though it's really not harming anything, just the comments are annoying lol. Romance annoys me in shows anyway so I'm not helpful here 😂

  6. What is with these comments? The boys, although animated, are underage. Fair play if the writers wrote them to be gay, but to wish them into a relationship without context is just pure noncery. Basically stop sexualising young characters for your own gratification because it's super creepy. And I'm gay, before someone accuses me of homophobia.

  7. Def not like the original😢 and you all who keep saying I hope they're gay ffs it's a kids show I don't know what is wrong with people this day in age nothing is wrong with gay people.

    but the fact of the matter is if you are a fan of the original movie it's kind or disappointing and disturbing to see all these odd comments hell I grown up watching the movie.

    I was around 13 when I found it not once did I think this way smdh.

  8. When I was a kid it never really occurred to me, but I can really see Tony and Rudoff as a couple. Like the signs are literally there and I ship it. Both live action and this one😍

  9. I found this because it was on my TV and the part i watch wad when tony and the vampire were about to try flying together and i swear the only thought that csme in mind OH SHIET IS DIS MOVIE GAY?😂

  10. To have sex with a man is an abomination to God. Evil is starting to expose itself more and more. That just means JESUS is closer!

  11. I’d don’t know how to feel about them remaking the story, but it looks like they’ve done a good job. I still love the original but at least now there’s more content. 😊

  12. Wtf is wrong with these people? Have they never seen the original? These kids are like 10, and are best friends nothing more. The vamps want to become human or something or other. And even though Rudolph's sister has a little crush on Tony, it never blossoms into anything more than poetry. Y'all motherfuckers are sick. Sick. Stay the fuck away from any and all children.

  13. Alright so I really want them to be in a relationship now before I get a hate reply let me just say Calm the fuck down- its an opinion. I never said i want it to be a sexual relationship just plain innocent and romantic relationship I know they're 13 no need to be like 'hey ur sick for shipping children together' I mean please kids in age 13 are looking or fantasying about having a bf/gf so its kinda normal. Also they're friendship as friends seems pretty close and it would make them a great couple. Also if u really wanna say something then its fine to state ur opinion about this but please don't jump to freaking conclusions when someone ships them and say 'u need help' or 'ur sick'.

  14. Why does everyone have an obsession in the comments about the 2 being gay… for one they arent, they are just best friends can you not leave it at that please ? It's based off a film and a book which by the way was my childhood, it would ruin the whole friendship meaning and these children are meant to be like what ? 7-9? Plus rudolphs sister likes him… LOL

  15. AMAZING MOVIE!! If you get amino you can join the little vampire 2017 fandom. I ship Tony and Rudolph so much 💗

  16. hey je suis français le film live est mais mais il n'y a pas otto et gretchen les fermier de malcolm pour faire le vieux couple point plus pour la version animée

  17. Ummmm wtf have they done to this storey the original 2000 one was the best like if your gonna animate somthing at least make it good

  18. Wait… is that Jim Carter returning to voice Rookery? If so I might actually watch, he was the best part of the original film!

  19. sooooo, just saw this in fox movies (?) yesterday and now I'm hooked. I wish I got a copy so I could rewatch it over and over again for the cutesy ship and Rudolph's accent❤

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