The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Official Trailer #1 – (2001) HD

[choir singing softly] [female speaking elvish] Female translating:
The world is changed.I feel it in the water.I feel it in the earth.I smell it in the air.Much that once was,
is lost.For none now live
who remember it.It began with the forging
of the great rings.Three were given
to the elves–Immortal, wisest,
and fairest of all beings.Seven to the dwarf-lords–Great miners and craftsmen
of the mountain halls.And nine.Nine rings were gifted
to the race of men,Who, above all else,
desire power.For within these ringsWas bound the strength
and will to govern each race.But they were,
all of them, deceived,For another ring was made.In the land of mordor
in the fires of mount doom,The dark lord sauron forged,
in secret, a master ringTo control all others.And into this ring he poured
his cruelty, his malice,And his will
to dominate all life.One ring to rule them all.One by one,
the free lands of middle-earthFell to the power
of the ring.But there were some
who resisted.A last alliance
of men and elvesMarched against the armies
of mordor.And on the slopes
of mount doom,

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