The Lost City of Z International Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

The Lost City of Z International Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

To dream, to seek the unknown, to look for what is beautiful is its own reward. A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for? You are the explorer? Give me your hand. I wish to find The Lost City. What you seek is far greater than you ever imagined. It is your destiny. I’ll not know you when you return. I know this is a sacrifice for all of us. The environment’s brutally difficult. The journey may well mean your life, but you could reclaim your family name. Ain’t nobody comes back from up there. But we’ve never let fear determine our future. What did you hope to achieve out here? If we may find a hidden civilization, where one was considered impossible to exist, we may well write a whole new chapter in history! I call it “Zed”. It is there! and we must find it!

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  1. WOOOOOOW!!! The history of colonel Percy "blood and guts" Fawcett is deeply passionate for me. Is amazing and crazy go into the Brazil tropical jungle.

  2. At fist you might think this is a movie that takes place in the distant past in a far way land. Then shortly into the film you realize it's actually a movie about how much feminist bullshit can be shoved down your throat via bad acting.

  3. seriously you all? all I can see here is world war Z and zombie bullshit< have any of you seen the movie? why dont yall tell people if itsd worth it or not instead of rambling about zombies gosh!

  4. Amazed at all the uneducated comments from those who know nothing of history and thought the Z meant Zombies. By the title alone i knew what the entire story was about before watching the trailer. I've known since 6th grade. So glad i was educated in the 70s and 80s when World History was taught from 2nd grade thru 12th grade. Zombies??? LOL millenials=zombies. Pathetic

  5. You know how much strength it would take to stop an arrow flying at you, by holding up a book with one hand? Best case scenario, it hits the book and smacks him in the face

  6. My god his was a slow moving, boring movie. Can’t even believe Pitt, Holland and Pattinson were involved. Also, wth glorify a man who led his son into murder? Why do developed countries want to intrude? He was no hero.

  7. Truly a great film. Solid direction and fine performances throughout combined with Darius Khondjis subtly beautiful cinematography and thoughtprovoking emotional content makes this one a unique gem. Highly recommended.

  8. I always read the comments before I watch I a film to see if it sounds any good. No help from anybody here whatsoever. From what I read nobody here has actually seen it!

  9. Complete waste of time…rubbish…where is the City of Z…what did they find & why can't / didn't we see it… were they initiated into the tribe or boiled alive in the end?!?!!? Charlie Hunnam was just as awful in this (…what felt like a three year trek through the amazon jungle itself!) he was in Arthur of the sword… slow and ambling style…..can't hear half of whatever he mumbles (an unforgivable crime for movie makers!!!) pedestrian and painful…but no doubt he is being groomed for 007 ?!?!? ….both terrible films drifting here there and everywhere…. CGI gone mad for Arthur & Z just didn't deliver…….

  10. which womans voice is at the start of the trailer il paypal anyone who can tellme 10 pound i neeed to know so bad

  11. ppl making assumptions by watching less than 2 minute clip is just STUPID. when actually the movie is about discovering an ancient city and its relics rather than invading a civilization… thats the whole point of the movie and 90% of the comments are missing it completely. 😂😂

  12. everyone here is either here for tom holland or for pattinson after the batman announcement hjkdfsd

  13. So, stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

    A King, a Vampire and a Spider-Man enter a Lost City……….

  14. so this movie is about a guy finding a undiscovered tribe and bringing them into the modern world. so he's the bad guy

  15. I’d really want to have a pair of glasses like the ones that Robert Pattinson sports on Lost City of Z. I have searched everywhere and by now I still don’t know the model nor brand.

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