The Lost Souls Of The USS Yorktown

The Lost Souls Of The USS Yorktown

I think it’s compelling you don’t think it’s that I think it stinks I think it’s gonna split the audience hell of a boat hell of a boat the size of that thing it’s probably the biggest boat I’ve ever seen let alone gone on I’ve seen a lot of boats and this is the biggest one I’ve seen yeah this is a pretty famous war vessel lots of crazy things happen on this boat I’m excited to see what we get in here and it’s all ours tonight all for the boys not a lot of boys a whole lot of boat we’re gonna mess this thing up we covered in ectoplasm [Music] this week on BuzzFeed unsolved we investigate the USS Yorktown as part of our ongoing investigation into the question are ghosts real no great this ship saw 141 brave servicemen lose their lives aboard so there’s no telling how many remain there’s some telling 0 I told you there’s no one there dead that was a rhetorical question it wasn’t meant for an answer Oh a little bit of fancy writing there I already don’t like the vibe you have with those glasses I’ll tell you these are my glasses you little smartypants class they’re my little smartypants glasses what happened to your Silver Lake clear frames they’re very small for my large head and they make it feel like my brain is in a vise let’s uncork this bad boy and find some ghosts yeah construction on the USS Yorktown began on December 1st 1941 just six days before the u.s. entered World War two after the attack on Pearl Harbor she was only the tenth aircraft carrier to serve in the US Navy the USS Yorktown was commissioned on April 15 1943 and put under the command of Captain Joseph Jay Clark he will combat against Japanese forces for over two years and for its distinguished record in services in world war ii the fighting lady would go on to receive 11 battle stars and a Presidential Unit Citation in 1957 during the Cold War the aircraft carrier was redesignated as an anti-submarine aircraft carrier and from 1965 to 1968 the fighting lady would earn five battle stars for her service in Vietnam submarines yeah I don’t think so pal what sneaky to sneaky you’re gonna crawl under water like a sneaky little snake and spit your own spit balls at people you know what you sound like right now huh you sound like one of those staunch Redcoats what from the American Revolution is the one that we’re complaining about our guerrilla tactics yeah frankly with them I think we all should stand in line a single-file line and shoot each other until there’s no one left on December 27 1968 the USS Yorktown traveled deep into the ocean where it had the honor of recovering the crew of Apollo 8 the first manned mission to orbit the moon in 1970 the fighting lady was decommissioned and placed in reserve and in 1975 that now 32 year old aircraft carrier was brought to Charleston South Carolina to become the centerpiece for the Patriots Point naval and maritime museum there is a military saying that war is mostly waiting so during those long days and weeks between battle the USS Yorktown went from being a cold and impersonal battleship to a buzzing honeycomb of hallways where sea dogs and trade school boys lived and worked alongside the pilots known as glamour boys and their rear seat Gunners called zum pigeons it is those very men we hope to make contact with tonight in many ways bear with me here I want you to go along I don’t think I have any choice so we have people in war yeah and we’ve got ghost hunters okay yeah very one in the same when you think about it because you and I sit around in rooms a lot where it’s very silent yes and we just stand there and wait except when the wait portion is done for us it’s you going oh it’s it’s the devil you done we don’t have bullets flying over our head the first location we’ll visit however is a spot of tragedy on March 18 1945 at approximately 3:00 p.m. a Japanese dive bomber unleashed a bomb on the right side of the signal bridge three men were killed instantly and 18 were wounded two of which would die the next day there’s a plaque on the ship at the spot of impact to memorialize the event seeing as how I’m of half Japanese descent this should certainly be interesting okay this is creepy I don’t like this you got the chilies well the spot that we’re standing at right now this is where a Japanese dive bomber dropped a bomb wounded 18 men killed five for anybody that’s here that may still remain from that fatal dive bombing I could understand how you would think me the enemy I will assure you I am NOT your enemy and your friend the war is over it ended about 70 years ago I play this good guy he’s never done anything suspicious to me or seemed to want to bomb me in any way if you don’t show yourself maybe you’re just a racist or afraid is it possible that I scare you this is such a winding route you’re taking here so yours Wow why my name is Ryan I’m Shane a good old Irish name well also while he’s saying that he’s German we got essentially the Axis powers over here think about that can you say that again who was that who’s that sounded like the little girl from the ring Samara are you here know what these two turn get out silence lady lady said these two if there’s anybody here that wants to communicate with us what’s that huh I don’t know because anybody here that wants to communicate with us show us a sign how are you not more intrigued by that you heard that it could be a boat sounds you think that was boat sounds I don’t know on the foggy evening of February 2nd 1987 Boy Scout Troop 149 had set up their tents on the flight deck in preparation to spend the night on the historic fighting lady but upon last headcount for the night art closet the troop counselor found that one of the boys 9 year old Michael Finch was missing from his tent Clausen went looking for Finch and found him at the starboard end of the carrier where the boy was completely mesmerized by a group of soft red lights that had appeared below them in the water the lights continued to rise appearing in great numbers and with brighter intensity until they had completely surrounded a Coast Guard boat that had been birthed alongside the USS Yorktown Clausen and Finch were soon joined by most of the remaining Scout troop who had been disturbed by glowing red lights from their tents in total 18 people witnessed the occurrence this is the largest recorded group to collectively experience a supernatural encounter on the ship I was a dumbest story I’ve ever heard how is that I was in Boy Scouts you can’t trust a single one of them also all all Boy Scouts do and little Cub Scouts would sit around fires they’d tell ghost stories well I mean this is 18 people seeing something at the same time I bet one kid walked over to the edge of the boat saw like some lights turned out to be a boat the other ones walked up to him they like what’s that he’s like oh the water water that’s crazy I can’t wait to go home and tell all my friends at school that I saw a real ghost boat on my trip this is the area where red lights surrounded the USS Comanche seemingly with no explanation this is the little tale told by tiny little Boy Scouts in the end the Scoutmaster yeah – yeah you can see the water here it’s pretty shallow – whatever that eerie red glow is not a lot of room to operate I mean it looks like um water you know red lights did appear that really would be something one thing’s for sure not a lot to see here right now show us the light show us the light we want the light one of the areas of the ship that is active is the flight deck which could hold 90 to 100 aircraft in one incident it was reported that a couple visiting the ship took a photo of an SH 3gc King and reportedly they captured the image of a transparent soldier in uniform sitting inside the cockpit this accounting is in line with another report that two men from a tour group told their guide late one night as one man snapped photos around the flight deck another put his hand out and said quote it’s cold over here end quote the other man responded quote I got chills but I didn’t see anything but I did take a few pictures and I saw it and all the sudden I just see this guy looking at him kind of smiling and right before that I took another picture right before it got there and there was nothing there and quote Mac Burdette the former executive director of Patriots Point confirmed that this area of the flight deck at one point experienced a fatal plane crash claiming two to three lives all right so here we are on the flight deck this was also the site of an unfortunate accident a plane exploded killed a couple people I can’t just enjoy the moment down here well I thought we just jump into the history we got ghosts to find people say they sometimes see the apparition of a pilot in that helicopter right there so they see someone in here you know I could see how what the wind you would think you’d hear footsteps and whatnot up here it’s good yeah there’s a lot going on up here if there’s anything out here with us please let us know you would like to communicate you can make a noise you could say something you can move something well you could also touch us maybe knock the hat off of this his stupid little noggin go on maybe someone really likes helicopters maybe one person really likes a helicopter [Music] it’s a very technical paranormal investigation technique I’m about to use do you hear something it’s just the wind it’s just finally for ones you say look at where we’re at yeah do you feel vibes here what it is is it’s such a massive space that it’s kind of almost impossible to really look at it all at the same time when in terms of trying to find movement that being said I can also understand how people might think they saw like if you look over there there’s a lot going on over there when we walk over there you’ve seen any ghosts up here fella huh what if we just think really really hard boy we’d love for someone to be in that cockpit we close our eyes we open them up yeah that makes sense it doesn’t but you know what you’re really grasping at straws this season for methods hey you know what you got to try everything you can you’re right he only has to work once well envision him watching you why is he watching because it’s creepy [Music] to this I don’t know all right we’re gonna open her eyes and turn over there he’s lucky recent lamps on three okay one two three oh where is that dog coming from another spot of tragedy in the boat is the fo’c’sle at the front of the ship where an accidental explosion killed three men right now we’re in the fo’c’sle in 1943 there was a landing at malfunction plane rolled off the side landed right there killed three men it seems like there’s a history of death on this ship you don’t say it is a warship yeah but it seems like a lot of injuries here are pretty like oopsie over whoops-a-daisy for the three men that lost their lives here is there anything that you wanted to say before your unfortunate accident my name is Ryan I’m Shane and we’re here just to learn what happened so if you could help us out that would be great we just want to talk to you but please show us a sign and you know we can relay whatever you say to millions of people on YouTube I’ll tell you what let’s put up where you go now you know what it’s like to be me hello what the hell hey Shane what there’s a little chair over here there’s a little chair yeah if I worked on this shit I’d be over here all the time reading my mad magazines oh what a little something what was that speak again well I feel dirty anyone who used to sit in this chair am i sitting in you right now could do you feel like you have someone else’s thoughts sometimes that wasn’t the question I think you misunderstood me well I’ll tell you what it’s incredibly warming it’s certainly hot kind of hot in these rhinos one of the more obviously haunted locations on the ship is the captains quarters from what I could gather there was no real tragedy here but if there were any spirits to remain on a vessel for eternity it would be the various captains that commanded this ship throughout the years so right now we’re in the captains quarters kind of small for a captain’s quarters if you ask me I mean compared to the other quarters on this ship I’m sure it’s palatial now why don’t we kill the lights there we go is there anybody in here that wants to speak to us spill your beans buddy what did you do on this ship you probably commanded it you know it’s asking him what you do on this ship I’ll say this if you don’t want to talk to us how about touching us or moving something in this room in fact if you’d like us to leave and shut up which frankly almost anybody who interacts with us for more than five minutes would like us to do move something spanked us on the bottom weirdly enough I did hear a little breath all right man I gave you a chance to talk to us in the old fashioned way unfortunately I’m gonna pull out a tool now that you may not like but you may like it cuz it gives you the energy that you could use to talk to us like blast the flashlight for this one sure my name is Ryan Shane please say our names back to us if you would like to talk excuse me James became gain absolute what would you say no he doesn’t maybe don’t want that you don’t want him to talk to us James Captain James captain’s Kane James beep put your lips that funny little radio and sing us a little song get a well we’re gonna leave last chance Jim ten nine eight seven six five you’re gone also an obvious spot for potential hauntings is the brick the USS yorktown has a set of jail cells that were used for unruly crew perhaps we can communicate with a couple of those rowdy sailors tonight all right so right now we are entering the Brig how about that but they have a sense of humor on this boat actually pretty sad it’s wearing a hat anybody in here want to rattle these chains nobody’s in here uh no ghosts look like tell you what if I were alive I’d and I were the guard here why I’d lock you up and throw away the keys that’s right you can you say why you’re here did you deserve to be in here [Music] I really figured you tough sailors will be a lot more vocal and frankly tough nothing embarrassing I’ve run away from every possible fight that’s ever occurred in my life except this one and what does that say about you yeah embarrassing childish however when asking the staff about the area of the ship they feared the most the answer was the officers hallways and rooms it’s not exactly intuitive as to why this part of the ship would be active but there’s only one way to find out and to do so we’ll finish our investigation here individually we’re in the officers quarters right now we’re gonna walk all the way up and down these hallways you make a right gets real gross and decrepit very fast have fun I certainly won’t I’m liking the decrepit nature of this that’s always a blast always fun for me there hasn’t been too much that’s happened which does make me worried that would do it was one of Ryan’s dumb little cameras Shane’s probably in there having the time of his life I’m gonna go in there pull my little pants and then we’re gonna walk home that’s how it’s gonna happen and maybe we’ll catch something I mean the sink is absolutely disgusting this is maybe the scariest thing I’ve seen all six seasons of this show always nice to see a friendly face I’m kind of curious what could happen in that hallway I mean these are all officers they’re gentlemen know why people think darkness is actually scary because like I can’t see anything it was scarier when the lights were on cuz I could see you know filth things falling apart let’s boogie folks little guy needs a win ghost that’d be great if you got a mummy or a vampire also good I think he’d also count that as sort of proof of the supernatural please hot B I’m begging you to haunt me scare the shit out of me dude something how many times I have to plead with air with nothing I’m speaking to no one right now I’m doing it again but that’s fine cuz you know that’s the show and I’m happy to entertain the idea that maybe ghosts are real because as I said no one wants to find one more than me if you don’t pop out then I’ve wasted several years of my life I mean I went to college you know and my major was not ghost hunting I think that shows my name is Ryan if there is anything in this creepy ass hallway that would like to talk to me I’m right here nothing happened to me never does again I’ve said this before I don’t know if they’ll make the cut in the other episode but if something did happen to me this would be a very different interview the end of the show that’s it as soon as I see a ghost I’m walking nobody I certainly don’t want to go over to that dark part of the hallway already but it looks like I’m gonna have to because that’s probably where you’re hiding if I was a cool that’s where I’d hide all right maybe enough stalling going in to the officers quarters brutal simply fucking brutal is there anybody in here with me right now what’s Ryan doing in there who the hell knows it’s probably gonna take out his little spirit box I’m gonna fire up the spirit box now I’m shaking because I’m so scared it’s probably gonna say something that doesn’t sound like any words any humans ever spoken oh shit he’ll probably respond to it like he’s sitting across the table from a friend playing Scrabble to do it or Ryan like I’m gonna piss myself I can’t imagine how scared he’ll be close one of those cabinets if there’s somebody in here oh shit was that after reviewing the footage later in the spot I thought I saw a face I discovered what appears to be a shadowy figure is this an officer that used to patrol these quarters I’m gonna disagree with you on that one just the dynamics of the light where it’s coming from your further back it’s catching the pipe it’s not illuminating places behind it quite as much when you’re right up against it you know you’re illuminating the thing right behind it for your direct light yeah see it’s unfortunately Ryan this is not yeah I think we’re also looking at it from a different perspective there I think if a light shined on that pipe you would see the white of the pipe you wouldn’t see a silhouette you know we’re not gonna agree on this so we’re not i think it’s compelling you don’t think it stinks I think it’s gonna split the audience oh okay well I’m glad you’re mature about it after more than 75 years the USS Yorktown still stands a floating memorial to those who lost their lives fighting for our country and based on what we witnessed tonight perhaps this decommissioned warship still has life yet but whether or not the ships lost sailors still patrol her decks remains unsolved [Music]

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