The Lost Souls Of The USS Yorktown

The Lost Souls Of The USS Yorktown

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  1. You should really come down to PA and visit the Greenmans Tunnel! We have a bunch of theory’s and stories about it and I think it’ll make a really cool video.

  2. Shane is just really done about this ghost hunt ahahah He's desperately trying to make everything ghost. Or maybe his demon henchmen were tasked to disturb Ryan

  3. I miss when you guys used to stay overnight in places and I miss the motion activated lights why did you stop using those?

  4. The one time Shane gets slightly uneased from a high pitch noise, Ryan is just… not phased by it. Why am I equally not surprised whilst still extremely surprised?

  5. You know how mad I would be if I was a ghost and people kept showing up asking me to do stuff for them? I'd be like "nah I'm retired from life I'm not doing sh*t"

  6. God you two are insufferable, you're like if Laural and Hardy weren't funny and were instead just two unlikable douchebags.

  7. I would like to thank the cameraman to have gone on this with them even tho u probably dont want to.

    Edit: This is too all cameramen in every Buzzfeed unsolved with the goul boys

  8. Ryan: ..fighting for our country…
    Me: Don't assume I'm American!
    Im English and I'm Proud!
    Talking about England, I liked the JackTheRipper episode and all ur videos are about things done in America.
    Maybe we can have something in England??

  9. You should come to the UK. We have enough mysteries like the Alnwick Dirty Bottles and York Ghosts that you could probably make 50 more seasons.

  10. Shane is being the least rational he's been, and Ryan the most brave/rational! What's going on? Maybe Ryan's not scared cos these ghosts are not demonic? Or Shane's new glasses have made him more cowardly?!

  11. My friend told me she likes Buzzfeed Unsolved and I asked if she was a Shaniac or a Boogara and she just laughed said "They have names???"

  12. Shane steps inside the old aircraft carrier

    All ghosts of the aircraft carrier: now oppressed by Shane’s presence

  13. “We got essentially the axis powers over here”
    “Think about that”
    {how do you do}
    “What was that? Can you say that again?”
    {it’s a test}

  14. I literally went there a week before this video came out and going into the depths of the ship and sleeping chambers, it got cold and I got the heebee jeebees 🤭

  15. 9:27 9:25 you kinda see a very white face in the top right and you will see a very shape like face KINDA LIKE MICHEAL MYERS of the helicopter

  16. who else is just waiting for that video where Shayne is blabbing alone and then he's like "wtf was that" and then he screams and speeds walks back 😂

  17. I'm honestly terrified of med bays on ships, especially old military ships. I got left in one alone on a supposedly haunted Navy ship on a field trip to Corpus Christi and I was absolutely terrified even though there wasn't any weird goings-on.

  18. "oopsie and it just roll over there"
    i mean even in the WW2 account most of the time accidents happened when plane about to land or they didnt installed their bomb properly to get triggered by the plane fan or dropped from the plane while still on deck coz of improper installation

  19. I’m walking my dog at like 1:30’am just listening to the audio and I literally feel my legs get weak w certain noises. May jus be my sleep medicine kicking in but Whew

  20. Whispers Estates in Indiana!!! My twin and I went and we’d be stoked if you could investigate!!! Lots of testimonials and accounts but also skepticism. Would be a huge win!!!

  21. i want ryan and shane to come to indonesia aka the country with so many ghosts that when you encounter one its just another tuesday

  22. Okay to be honest, you guys should definitely go to southeast asians especially filiphines, thailand, indonesia, or malaysia. Scary stuffs is like everyday thing here. I'll bet you guys will find something interesting

  23. I can't watch this anymore. Shane ruins every episode with his pessimism. This was my favorite thing on youtube until now. This sucks.

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