The Man Who Knew Infinity Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Dev Patel, Jeremy Irons Movie HD

The Man Who Knew Infinity Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Dev Patel, Jeremy Irons Movie HD

What do you see? Sand. Imagine if we could look so closely we could see each grain each particle you see there are patterns in everything Integrals, infinite series. I’ve ever seen anything like that From an Indian clerk, illeducated in madras I would very highly value any of the advice you give me letter for you yours truly – S Ramanujam What does the S Stand for? You can ask him yourself. You tend to invite him here! Don’t forget me I could never

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  1. I just watched the movie what a knowledgeable person in maths he set a benchmark in Mathematics. Our Bollywood is not getting time to emphasize on these kinds of biopics to bring limelight instead they are focusing on the persons who is not useful for the society and even they are not patrotric on the nation

  2. This world first explored by sanatan dharm,now it's in the hand of christians……It will decide the existence of human species whether it's flourish or just turns into dust like any other civilisation

  3. Whole world using the Indian brain while our govt is busy in cast politics and reservation and countries like America develop themselves on Indian IIT students

  4. Yes third world country who now has Anti satellite missile system..and world forth country to own such technology…if we become developed than we beat every country in Science discovery..but first poverty is major issue here.. all thanks to british🤐

  5. Thanks Hollywood for giving us such a masterpiece…loved the movie soooo much…Dev was outstanding…did justice to the role…

  6. The Ramanujan's answer, when was asked how you do all this? was, "my goddess bleed mathematics"

    Amd this line should be in the movie.

  7. Bollywood you do have a lot chances and stories to tell in your surroundings but only think of party dance vice versa that's it

  8. Tamil Nadu( India) gives us CV Raman, S. Ramanujan, Sundar Pichai and many more of whom the world is proud of.
    But it seems as if we don't acknowledge them.
    Bashful. 😔

  9. But this tamil worked for the wrong side. His theory will help the invaders that is the one thing I hate about this.

  10. Ramanujan is born in British India, if ramanujan was born in present India his parents turn him into engineer,

  11. Many people are commentimg that bollywood makes biopics of criminals and sportsperson whereas hollywood makes biopic on great personalities like Ramanujan but we must remeber that if bollywood made a biopic on him, he would be seen dancing and singing for women instead of his actual achievemnt. Hats off to Hollywood.

  12. World at large should be thankful to Srinivasa rananujam as present world is using a no.of things ex:over 3 million ATM machines are there in the world because of theory🙏

  13. This Movie is just amazing the acting and emotions are just mind blowing never seen such an fabulous movie!

  14. Now, I haven't actually seen the movie… That being said, if a cocky kid stated a ton of theorems without providing actual proofs, I too would laugh.

  15. I love Math, and this movie about Ramanujan was a treat for me. Thank you so much to the makers of the film and thank you to Ramanujan for having existed !

  16. He knew a lot ( can't imagine ) , but u needed proofs , because he was a indian or you don't have power to understand it . You threw him into your dark world ( just u can get proof ) .I would like to say you ( British Dogs ) – Padhe likhe Anpad . If his theorems was Right , u should help him to find more and allow your others dogs to do it ( Proof ) , those who knew your maths ( Base to advance ) . But u started to teach him . Now showing in movie , how u help him . I don't use bad words but i feel regretful , because every time i say this movie or trailer , i feel how dumb an educated person can be .

  17. I actually cried when Ramanujan was elected to the Royal Society in this movie, finally he was seen for his contributions to mankind.

  18. Our big star , after fame and money ,1 hero 2 heroine, 1item song , 2 big stunts highly impossible to believe,it happens in games most of the time next generation they dont even spend their time for this crap , appreciate hollywood to recognize indian talent

  19. Suggest me more movies like it please! I love watching movies based on geniuses and genius ideas.. Watched The Theory of Everything the other day

  20. Britishers should be ashamed of what they did to India and be thankful for what they got from India or should I say stolen from us. The worst criminals who never got punished. 'The Old English People'

  21. What i think is that mahakumbh was the mathematical,spiritual, scientific socienty of india for thousands of years where sages from across the Bharatvarsh gather to share what they found in thr journey…though its now corrupted by fake sages.

  22. รามานุจา แม้งโคตร อนาถา เลบ

  23. Appreciate Hollywood they r making movies on our heroes a real heroes but bollywood…. If thy made many of thm from us not even interested to watch its a reality… We wnt somethg lyk action, thriller and romance…. For me a whn u showing a movie on any idol then make it real nt like today's for make it spicy thy add nonsense thg…

  24. Proud to be Indian always always….we are the beginner of this whole universe…need to go back to our roots to reach high above…we are forgetting it thatswhy we are falling down day by day..n suffering

  25. 😊 its a lifetime experience this movie is..
    and it is so sad that our greatest scientist ramanujan died bcoz of cancer..

    if it wouldn't happen they must have done wonders in maths

  26. That's why I love Hollywood so much , Bollywood is bunch of bastards now ……. Hollywood I salute for your greatness love from India(your biggest fan)💖

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