The Martin Garrix Show: S1.E1

The Martin Garrix Show: S1.E1

my time here darts Collison know me so he’ll Martha later [Marquis] and [Encana] [Blacken] these black [hair] [today] and to Musa [Malcolm] Balcony, Va of Oklahoma [you] have tomatoes daily available [Kazim], and you have the know fill miracles in a commanding forward finally not having to tango and Yeah, I think the [Navy’s] [re-arrested] come travel 40 months the Jo Young election illogic scheduled [aides] Have a concerted feel respects fortified of the in a year also his office to did [all] [the] documented I’ll ignatius a talk later. Then I should say placer cakes in cheaper Coon louder Estes lat this identity owned by Martin Hall [Encircle] actors [utopian] [allah’s] [acceptance] Coatesville doing a nine-foot best of that as well musical also, not lighting Yeah, their stately wind of oxygen evolved and the thing a super cannot be latex Super Fella Loaning for [a] girl with no cut from the pallet Agenda Mark [Alta] Jeremy Carr and cook Yes, [Auntie] they have some health and access to the customer [analyzed] at the Goshawk economic stagnation so give them a stroke and nuclear folks or pollution trying to open every Day you could be Lessened and you get from from the efficient Australis Riccati, Medina more [healthy] is an open circuit tell them fo forever too my Mom [Locus] Manemma have some who planted the Colchagua processor to start off on a gi squad so layla [Cooney] smaller the National Data [filter] push a new blood on release Particle duality I’m emily intro it comes back over she let [Auntie] [pleakley] down Device which Lost found [various] [projects], and [I’ll] die for [majestic] of the curve in the road Now in a way to [Molitor] festival by playing like 1 hour ago. I had 30 minutes, so we go Ready super excited for the show should be very big when it’s going to be good The nice thing about the whole DJ Industry, is that there is just a big group of friends and see each other everywhere around the world [I] just [found] out a few hours ago [on] a deal on friends is going to be here tonight Because he called me. I said dude. I see you on the lineup. It’s funny if there’s a group of friends And you see them everywhere around the world you get to [track] with them you get to play shows with them, and there’s no no Everybody’s just friends. There’s no like competition Can I go through this? Morning here With your family [when] 24 in the blue hey, what’s [up] [dude]? Are you gemini hey? quick tour oh, Turin, and he short role of government, you’re Amazing the I graduated high school. I was the Youngest Superstar DJ. The World has ever known Martin Garrix everybody Just the best fucking thing on my all ryder What a press was fucking sick [you’re] proud energy to show like the fire road everything was perfect it rained a little bit and beginning my skin like It didn’t even give a shit [about] Duran with all good, and you look great, and I’m fucking laughing. I can’t wait Anyway, behind you like the personal messages like I feel if I’m tired or something or if I really like to show like Management is not a kind of post like a holy shit, I fucking love you guys, Australia our like that’s this somebody wish I post myself, but It depends. I do it myself like the more personal messages and together with the team We do like it releases the new the new teasers in your tracks We were we work very closely together to keep my social media interesting and also personal, but I really like releases Are you? Never wear your nice shoes to the festival yeah I know, why would you do that? I? Like to [rea] look at looking. I were all close. Yeah I was like ah where are so nice here, and then I said right and having everything except the towel You guys in your [dutch] fucking things. [it’s] nothing dutch and everything One of the main which way I’ll go underneath The night sky hey, I’m driving so [cuz] hi Tell me all my you to style me yeah Super says yes, I’m skinnier than a [Los] DJ another chest. Oh armor from Buddha Showtek and if love knocked Ray So we just arrived in croatia, and there’s a fire Marshal in front. It’s actually a fire inside [we] [say] it just is cruising it was my small fun Come on. Push the bar must be a dutch guy lying up some green stuff Probably just yeah, we have to go down We have the [bowline] you you played well, Evan throw yeah, I don’t you can shoot [your] own can I just join them? Okay, meet Martin Martin always wants to hang out and have fun. Yeah Chicken yeah see you later buddy see the festival you for Confessor show London Papyrus shows finishing avoidance off yeah, yeah example. It’s a fine out if you know [for] softer [a5] pleasure, huh? as I in front of the drugstore music selecting bird and super fat [grunting] South Observably made of like fucking since go Ever be [feted] on those guys sunshine Man right that’s the future it’s why we work hard to bring people like that up, and he deserves everything. He’s got [Lauren] [Casey] He’s one of the most amazing Performance I’ve ever seen he just connects with the audience like no one That I know of in recent history He’s the future [he’s] got this magical ability not only is he a great producer of music, but he’s an absolutely outstanding Performance that’s what makes more inferences Honestly, he’s a performer of a guy double triple his own age he has so much Charisma There’s such an innate ability to connect with a crowd that. I don’t care what happens, Edm. He’s gonna be successful No matter what he does. He’s not [gay], Lo this guy The future remember [it’s] the future right here ah subtitles by flaming cookie!

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  1. Damian pinto was right!! , Martin Garrix became the future of Edm, and now he is about to become the past of Edm 🔥🔥

  2. 5:01 he's got a beautiful house, so much money, incredible talent, and he still loves cheese sandwiches the most.
    Gotta love him!😂😘

  3. He deserved a bright future and he got it.He will never die beacuse legends never die.WITH LOVE FROM CROATIA 🇭🇷❤️

  4. 5years later …Martin Garrix is still rocking every shows…he is still the future..n the best…♥️

  5. Yess he did itt!!! The number 1.. DJ of the world yess the future dreams come true,, truly salute you martin garrix ➕❌❤

  6. I just started production of my first single today. This feels so unattainable, so far away. Good luck to all the fellow producers out there trying to make it 🤙🏻

  7. Before you see this: 🥴😟😴😢

    After: 🥳🎆🎉🤪 So excited, inspired and thrilled that you jump around inside your house in an hour…

  8. You are the best DJ you were he who started the electronic music in my good I am from Peru and I know that I will never meet you in person good my name is brayan and ojala read this ☺

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