The “Master Race” Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show

The “Master Race” Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show

We were just talking about the white supremacy rallies in
Charlottesville and Boston, and, uh, and, you know,
and I realized it’s a little weird to just say white supremacy as if it’s a normal thing that everyone
should be familiar with. Like, everyone just says it.
“Oh, you know, the white supremacists,
wh-white sup…” But what does it actually mean? What do white supremacists want? Well, it turns out it’s actually
pretty straightforward. We’re showing to this parasitic
class of anti-white vermin, that this is our country. This country was built
by our forefathers and sustained by us. It’s going to remain
our country. I think, on average, whites are
more intelligent than blacks, and north Asians are more
intelligent than whites. -How can you say that?
-All of this is… How can you think otherwise? The entire record of history
is completely consistent with the assumption
that black Africans are less intelligent,
on average, than Asians or Caucasians. Let’s talk about this idea
that white people are biologically superior
for a second. And now, don’t get me wrong. White people have been doing
very well for themselves for the past few hundred years. I mean, they invented
light bulbs, airplanes, cured polio,
went to the moon, won the Grammy
for best rap album. It’s been a solid run
for white people. I cannot lie. But this stuff goes in cycles,
all right? I mean, at one point,
Mesopotamia was killing it. But then the Egyptians hit back
with the pyramids, you know? It’s like, white people
had Larry Bird, but then Michael Jordan
came out, right? And Shaq,
and then Kevin Garnett, and Iverson, and-and LeBron. Basically,
white people had Larry Bird, is what I’m saying. So the jury is out on who
the best race is. I-I’m just not convinced
that it’s these guys. TV REPORTER: This man’s image
has come to symbolize Friday night’s rally. Yes, You’re Racist identified
him as Peter Cvjetanovic, a student at the
University of Nevada, Reno. I do not identify as a white
supremacist or a racist. Um, of course that-that
definition’s really fluid. People have one version,
I have another. I’m alt-right
because I’m pro-white. I-I’m sorry, what? People have another version? N-No. No. Th-that’s weird. This little millennial Nazi
over here saying he’s not sure
of what he believes, so we mustn’t label him racist? So y-you’re not sure of what… Okay, here’s-here’s
my only question. If that’s what he does
when he’s not sure, what the (bleep) is he gonna do
when he’s made up his mind? And-and, by the way,
by the way, dude, I hate to break this to you, but your last name
is Cvjetanovic. It may be fun
hanging out with Nazis now, but you’re up in round two,
my friend. As far as the Klan is concerned, your name might as well
be Tyrone Lopez Ginsburg. Like, what are you thinking? For more analysis, we turn to our very own Roy Wood Jr.,
everybody! -(cheering, applause)
-What’s going on, Roy? Roy, as a… as a black man in America,
you must have been shocked by what you’ve seen
over the past week. Shocked? That there’s racists
in America? The Klan marching
doesn’t shock me. What would shock me is if they marched in the hood. Take that (bleep) to Oakland
and see what happens. -(cheering, applause)
-Goodness. ‘Cause watching what happened
in Charlottesville– it-it only made me wonder how are you the master race but you so dumb? I… I don’t understand, Roy. Dude, Trevor, these-these dudes, they got a great thing going
and they’re messing it up. Donald Trump’s already giving
white supremacists pretty much
everything they want. He’s building the wall,
he’s banning Muslims, he’s taking away
black people’s voting rights, he even blocked Tyler Perry from
dropping any new Madea movies. Wait, is that true? I mean, I haven’t seen one
come out in, like, three weeks, so it’s got to be Trump.
It’s probably Trump. A… All right, all right, Roy,
le… You know what, let-let’s take a step back.
I-I don’t understand why you say that white
supremacists are messing up. Because they are. They’ve got a man on the inside, but all the stupid (bleep)
they’re doing is just bringing heat on him. Trump’s trying
to give them the hookup. This is not
how you treat a hookup. Look, I speak from experience. I had the hookup
one time at Wendy’s. Same thing as this. And so… My homeboy, Ramrod– he used to work nights
at Wendy’s. Every shift, we’d hit Wendy’s, he’d give us a bag
full of free food every day. Just a bag of Wendy’s–
just Jr. Bacons, nuggets falling all out the top. Greatest days of my life. Then, one day… one day,
I got entitled. Went inside and complained
because they forgot the lettuce. Hookup done, Ramrod fired. You hear
what I’m saying, Trevor? I think I hear what you’re
saying. What you’re saying is “Don’t complain
about the lettuce when you’re getting
the burger for free.” Hallelujah! White supremacists need to learn
that by wreaking havoc they’re only gonna
hurt their own cause. See, black people–
we learned that a long time ago. We learned that lesson with O.J. O.J. went free,
black people went crazy, so white people
locked his ass up again. That’s why when O.J. got out
this time and got paroled, black people was chill. They was like, “O.J. out!” We was like,
“I’m sorry, who? Hmm?” But on the inside, we was going, “The Juice is loose!
The Juice is loose! The Juice is loose! He’s loose!” Whoa, Roy… (cheering, applause) We were happy. On the inside. Roy, O.J. is a convicted felon. I’m sorry, who? I don’t know
who you’re talking about. Let me give you some advice. You, the genius master race. Comes courtesy
of Dr. Martin Luther King. You probably swung by his house
couple times, back in the day. Uh, what Dr. King always say– “Keep your eyes on the prize.” You’ve got Donald Trump
in the White House. He’s got Jeff Sessions
by his side. You want Confederate monuments, Jeff Sessions is a living
Confederate monument. Play it cool.
Play it cool. When Obama gave us reparations,
we didn’t grab tiki torches and scream, “Direct deposit,”
we just cashed the checks. Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait–
black Americans got reparations? I’m sorry, who? Thank you, Roy. Roy Wood Jr.,

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  1. I truly think it would be great if they went to Oakland or a reservation and tried yelling slurs and BS… face the people you hate and see how brave you are cowards like honestly

  2. What a burden white people have to bear, having to kill, threaten, intimidate, rape and steal to prove their superiority.

  3. any group that has a nationalist feeling and stands by its right to have its own identity and nation is called 'supremacist' or 'racist' for propaganda purposes because they stand in the way/resist world rulership by a small cabal of powerful people….

  4. Peter CVEJETANOVIC…Hmm, CVEJETANOVIC.. That LAST NAME sounds VERY,VERY EASTERN EUROPEAN SLAVIC…Now, what were the thoughts of 1939 to 1945 Austrian Donald J Trump, sorry I meant to write Adolf Hitler, common mistake,…. Anyways, "Fuhrer" CVEJETANOVIC, Hitler thought your ancestors were "animals" that he planned to enslave a few to serve the NORDIC ARYANS, and kill the rest to make living room for said Nordic Aryans….I wonder how many of this JACKA55' relatives suffered, and died under the NAZI OCCUPATION… What a freaking slap on the face on an extremely cold Siberian winter night to the memory of his ancestors for this FAUX NAZI POSSER TO BE GOOSE STEPPING WITH HIS TIKY TORCH CHANTING RACIST SLURS..

  5. The same guy said that North Asians are more intelligent than whites, and then said that whites are more intelligent than Asians. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, is he?

  6. Clan dudes: we built America! Master race!
    Latinos, Asians, African Americans, the Indigenous, Indians, and Muslims: uhhh yea sure

  7. White people did not invent the lightbulb a black man invented the filament that is used in the light bulb Thomas Edison just stole the concept from a black man so white people can't claim the light bulb that was a black man, FYI.

  8. Funny thing about this idiot saying this….They really think they are smarter than us…. They think they can out smart us in every way…. "Wrong "

  9. What superior race? Acts 17:26 And he made out of one man every nation of men to dwell on the entire surface of the earth.

    Isaac blessed Esau with the sword. Esau pillage, raped, stole, colonized nations. Almighty God our Creator allowed it. The gentiles never acknowledge TMH. Esau says he is superior and is intelligent. The gentile reign is over and Esau's brother will receive his blessing. TMH says he is the God is Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Not Esau. Deuteronomy Chapter 30 says he will turn his attention back to his people the Israelites not the Israeli.

  10. Peter "Cvjetanovic"huh? 🤔
    This bastard came from perhaps a family of Polish immigrants based on his last name…. He should know this country was built by immigrants from all over the world and also by slave labor ( let's not forget) after it was stolen from the native Americans.
    We have all sweat and bled for this country therefore this our right to live and prosper here.
    People like him are mentally ills and need to be taken off the streets a way or another.

  11. If anything they'd be the greatest thieves in the world. They built nothing. They took land, people and knowledge from other cultures and races.
    They're not a master race per se, they're nothing but master thieves. The lot of em. Life comes in cycles.

  12. Attention all commenters, I have an important announcement to make.

    I love white people more than caucasians.
    I love black people more than African decedents.
    I love orientals more than I like east asians.
    I love Latinos more than people from Spanish speaking countries.
    I love humans more than people.
    I love middle easterns more than I love arabic people.
    I prefer chocolate over cacao.
    I hate agua but love water.
    Im a vegetarian cuz I dont eat cattle, pork, nor poultry. I only eat beef, ham, and chicken.
    Im lactose intolerance but love ice cream.
    Im allergic to gluten, can I have more cake. 🤣

  13. Cvjetanovic reads like a Slavic name, aren't they subhumans according to Nazis?!
    Why yes….yes they are considered such by Nazis.
    So while this moron was chanting in Charlottesville he was marching with folks who don't even recognize he is human.

    Silly dumb white millennial.

  14. Read the book: The Bell Curve. It is based on the IQ test scoring the caucasians at an average of 100pts. When other ethnicities were given the test, the average 93pts. with African Americans, which caused many racially identified protestations. The fact that brought into light was the fact that Asians scored 106 on average so this Master Race is a false premise. Controversial

  15. I’m born to 100% Indian parents, and born and raised in Chicago. I have a half white blood relative who’s bloodline is easily traced back to one of the four fathers, she is half Indian and more closely related to the forefathers than most fully white people, who usually are in no way related to the forefathers at all. She’s the great great great etc. granddaughter of a man who signed the declaration of independence. She’s likely to be more closely related to the forefathers than that guy who was talking about them in the video. Now what? Does everyone less related than her need to go ? Because that’s a ton of white people.

  16. the thesis was that white people are smarter than black people, and Trevor tries to counter by showing that black people are better in sports than white people? thats not very smart trevor 😀

  17. The slaves were forbidden to read and write and yet created inventions that propelled this Nation into the 21st Century. The Ancient Black Egyptians also had the lightbulb except that it was powered chemically. That’s why there is no smoke residue inside any of the Pyramids. A “Father of the Internet” according to CNN, Time Magazine and former President Bill Clinton is Philip Emeagwali, a Black man.

  18. "This country was built by us…..", yeah whilst you stole Indian lands and slaughtered every brave and sqaw in sight, then brought in African slaves to do the heavy lifting for ya……….

  19. If whites are so smart, what happened to that poor white sob? He even looks stupid. The Nazi millennial white boy with his tiki torch doesn’t even make it to the starting line.

  20. obama gave out reparations checks? did you get one? yes, "you did??? thats the way the convo went between me and my mom rest her soul when she told me, and thats when i decided i had to be the most hated citizen in america who can incidentally go jump (america not mom) her ass in the lake.

  21. Take that shit to Oakland and see what happens! Best quality test for everything!
    Gucci: We want to design a black face hoodie! "take that shit to Oakland and see what happens!
    AT&T: we want to raise prices for our packages! "take that shit to Oakland and see what happens!"
    Chick-Fil-A: Our chicken sandwiches are supreme! "TAKE THAT SHIT TO OAKLAND AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!"

  22. I go to UNR. This guy is an embarrassment to our school and our city. They found swastikas up on campus a few weeks ago. We're doing everything we can to keep dangerous rhetoric like this from spreading.

  23. Trevor you said you came to
    USA because you want to be black
    How is working for you? I feel the same old the time because I'm spanish, only get mad when they call me mexican, just that, and you?

  24. 🤔"If that what he does when he is not sure,what th f**k is he gonna do when he has made up his mind" 😂😂😂

  25. LMAO…..a comment section full of closet racists ….with their superior intellects on full display….with the most bitter low hanging fruit ….their fearless gay 🍋 at the front!!!!

  26. Even though there are few white supremacist out there God bless their idiot Souls.. it's mainly the back people in this country that are racist I see it on the everyday basis even coming from this guy he thinks it's okay to talk about white people but not black people so your racism is out there every day and it's not generally coming from the black people

  27. Take that s*** to Oakland and see what happens he is admitting that all black people are violent as if we didn't know

  28. Did he say Trump is taken away black voters rights. Liberal media what a joke no wonder black people are so messed up look at their leaders

  29. A whole Channel full of black people dedicated to talkin about white people instead of actually fixing black problems in America they want to act like white supremacist or problem we all know that's a joke.

  30. Donald Trump is a republican just like dr. Martin Luther King and dr. Martin Luther King would not appreciate this redrick that continues to divide the country these people that are trying to entertain you now or simply no more than the devil God bless Donald Trump in the United States and the black people that are truly free from the Democrat Party and ready to start a whole new life and a legacy

  31. Is there something whites ARE NOT getting? Seriously, what are these Nazis mad about? You're way more likely to die in America being black than being white. Blacks have higher infant mortality rates, increased risk of death during pregnancy, laws that allow police to racially profile, murder, and lock up young black men, etc. There are MORE black men in prison NOW than there were slaves in America in 1852. That is sad and tragic and RACIST. The irony is WHITE MEN are living the best life of any demographic in the world and yet they complain the MOST. LOL. Can't make this stuff up. Same guy talking about jews will not replace us is in college with a good standard of living and clearly a lot of free time to go to Nazi rallies. These folk are so DUMB its frightening.

  32. The first stupid white supremacist who says it's "our country" obviously knows nothing about history. The Native people were here before the whites killed them, you dumb SOB.

  33. Not all of those people were white supremecists, a good portion of them were just people who knew history and didn't like seeing it twisted by the far left. I'd like to clarify a detail about the Civil War which is commonly misunderstood due to an intentional oversight by certain politicians and historians of a particular disposition. The war was NOT about slavery – secession was. Secession and the Civil War are two seperate issues. Shortly after Abrham Lincoln was elected, South Carolina seceeded and became the first state in the Confederacy on December 20th, 1860 while the last state to seceed pre-war was Louisiana on Janurary 26th of the following year. Three months later, Lincoln refused to hand over Fort Sumter, which was in Confederate territory. This refusal to withdraw U.S. Troops from a military installation was a clear message from the president that he still considered the fort and the territory it was in as United States ground. The Confederate government viewed this sustained military presence by a "foreign" government (they now saw the U.S as being a seperate country) as an act of military agression by the United States and thus a direct attack on what they believed was a constitutional entitlement to leave the union. In short, the state's belief in their right to secede propelled the first shot at Fort Sumter, thus starting the war on April 12th, 1861. Hence, the Civil War was about states rights. The only thing most confederate soldiers were guilty of is having a deep rooted devotion to their states. I know it's difficult for some to understand today, but back then one's own state was more important than the country as a whole. Today most people think of themselves as just Americans, but back then people called themselves Virginians, South/North Carolinians, Marylanders, Pennsylvanians, etc. This is best exemplified when you consider how both armies were structured in the Civil War, regiments and brigades were often composed of soldiers from the same state like the 20th Maine and 1st Virginia. I'ts this pride in one's home which brought soldiers to fight underneath the Confederate flag, make no mistake!

  34. We the Hebrew Israelites were here before any other people. We are not afraican we built this country. The Spanish were sent by TMH to punish us for our sins. We were following and are still following fails God's. The Spanish came here in ships and scattered us around the world . They don't have any power on there own TMH was with them for a time. There time is now up you have to pay for your sins now white people. You forgot to read the end of our history book the Bible.

  35. Woah woah woah, Trevor, gotta stop ya there. White people didn't cure polio, they stopped it from spreading. Polio patients cannot be cured of their symptoms once polio has had the chance to do so. Now the virus can be killed while it already has a host but the damage it does is irreversible so far.

    More on that on the netflix series "Inside Bill's Brain"

  36. And then after that dude talks about black people being less intelligent than whites and Asians, Neil Degrasse Tyson busts through the door and opens up an intellectual can of whoop-ass.

  37. It’s funny how they say that whites are superior in intelligence but they literally are contradicting themselves with their stupidity

  38. Let's go with the idea that one group is slightly smarter or another group is slightly better athletically, the real question is SO WHAT?

  39. What this Jared is saying is: " African Americans are less intelligent ON AVERAGE than Asians or Caucasians". Your response is a personal one, Trevor Noah, he doesn't mean you guys, he SAYS something else. Your response is – in my humble view – not really adequate. You're missing some points here, because your toes hurt. I guess. Don't mix this whole slavery-racial-american thing into this. Try to be a little more objective.

  40. Let’s put it this way I’m white. And I just want to say that if you think your “color” makes you the master race YOU WRONG BITCH! Ain’t nobody got time for that. Biological developments in the 20th century have improved and YOU STILL WRONG BITCH! Even that bible you thump on every Sunday says YOU WRONG BITCH! P.s. Jesus wasn’t a white man he lived in the fucking sun and sand and I know even your WRONG BITCH ASS can follow where that’s going. HE BROWN!

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