The Most Uncomfortable Age Gaps In Movies

The Most Uncomfortable Age Gaps In Movies

They say “all you need is love.” They also say “age ain’t nothin’ but a number.” But every so often when you’re watching a
movie, you see a mismatched couple — or lovestruck criminal — taking things too
far. Here are some of the most uncomfortable age
gaps in movies. That’s My Boy Even if you’re a huge Adam Sandler fan, you’ve
got to admit that he didn’t just cross a line in That’s My Boy—he straight-up pole vaulted
over that sucker. The premise of this 2012 comedy is utterly
tasteless, as it involves a tween version of Sandler’s character having sex with his
teacher. Just to be clear, we’re talking about a 12-year-old
boy being coerced into having sex with an adult, resulting in a pregnancy, all played
as a joke. Considering That’s My Boy only has a 20 percent
on Rotten Tomatoes and totally flopped at the box office, it seems like the joke’s on
Sandler and his crude crew. Big The 1988 comedy classic Big follows a kid
named Josh who magically morphs into a 30-year-old man. At first, this transformation seems pretty
cool, especially when Josh is paid big bucks to play with toys for a living. But things get problematic when he starts
dating Susan, his adult coworker. “It’s for you. It’s a glow-in-the-dark compass ring, so you
won’t get lost.” True, Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Perkins are
about the same age in real life, but in the movie, Josh is actually only 12. So when the two end up sleeping together,
we’re witnessing a serious felony offense, even though Susan doesn’t yet know about Josh’s
condition. It’s hard to wrap your head around, true,
but it’s undeniably creepy at the end when Josh reverts to his child form, and grown
woman Susan waves goodbye to her 12-year-old ex-boyfriend. American Beauty Kevin Spacey won the Best Actor Oscar for
playing Lester Burnham in American Beauty, a middle-aged loser who’s inspired to take
control of his life after falling for a high school student. Making things even worse, she’s his daughter’s
best friend, Angela. Roger Ebert noted correctly that the film
wasn’t really about a “Lolita relationship,” but instead about “yearning after youth, respect,
power, and, of course, beauty.” But Lester’s fantasies about bedding a child
are revolting — you can’t help but agree with actress Kirsten Dunst, who had the good
sense to turn down the role of Angela because she, quote, “didn’t want to kiss Kevin Spacey
or be seen lying naked in those rose petals.” After all, she was only 15. Leon: The Professional French director Luc Besson’s 1994 action flick
Leon: The Professional is a movie that’ll leave you feeling a little odd. While the relationship between Jean Reno’s
Leon and Natalie Portman’s Mathilda isn’t “inappropriate” per se, it is just a tad…disconcerting. The plot involves a 12-year-old girl who asks
a hitman to get revenge on the psychotic DEA agent who murdered her family. Leon and Mathilda’s relationship starts off
strange—he’s childlike, she’s wise for her years—and only gets weirder from there … “I love you, Mathilda.” “I love you, too, Leon.” … especially when she starts crushing on
Leon and telling strangers this full-grown man is her lover … despite Leon always keeping
things professional. The Diary of a Teenage Girl Based on the acclaimed graphic novel, The
Diary of a Teenage Girl is meant to push boundaries and start conversations. After all, this is a film about a 15-year-old
girl discovering her sexuality, a subject that’s rarely discussed on the big screen. However, some might argue that Diary takes
things a bit far when its teenage protagonist winds up in bed with a 35-year-old man. The 15-year-old in question is played by Bel
Powley, who was actually in her 20s while filming. She’s a wannabe cartoonist in 1976 who loses
her virginity to her mom’s boyfriend, Monroe, played by Alexander Skarsgard. As critic Kate Erbland points out, this is
a movie about a girl in control and “making her own decisions, even if they’re probably
bad ones” — and watching the consequences of those bad decisions — however poignantly
they’re portrayed — will likely make you squirm. Harold and Maude Perhaps the most famous movie ever made about
May/December relationships, Harold and Maude was a box office failure in 1971, but over
the years, it’s gained a cult following. Today, it’s often considered must-watch cinema,
although if you’re only familiar with the basic premise, you might think this is a film
simply about a kid who sleeps with a woman old enough to be his grandma. Of course, Harold and Maude isn’t just about
the sex — we don’t even see anything happen onscreen. The film follows death-obsessed Harold, a
20-year-old who fakes suicide and visits random funerals. Eventually, he runs into the larger-than-life
Maude, a 79-year-old who teaches Harold how to really live … “Your license, lady?” “I don’t have one. I don’t believe in them.” Manhattan 1979’s Manhattan is widely considered to be
one of the greatest movies ever made. But it’s also a film about Woody Allen having
a fling with a 17-year-old. Allen plays a 40-something comedy writer that
has no qualms being involved with a high school girl played by Mariel Hemingway—he even
finds it amusing when she ends a date because she has to study for a test. “But you’re 17 years old. By the time you’re 21, you’re gonna have, you’ll have a dozen
relationships — believe me — far more passionate than this one.” The events of the film followed Hemingway
into real life: the actress says after she turned 18, Allen showed up at her house and
allegedly asked her parents to let her accompany him to Paris. She said no. In the late-1980s, Allen began a relationship
with his long time girlfriend Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, who later
became his wife.. Lolita Lolita is often hailed as one of the best
novels of the 20th century, but it’s not exactly what you’d call light reading. Nevertheless, the dark and twisted novel inspired
two separate movies, Stanley Kubrick’s 1962 version starring James Mason and Sue Lyon,
and Adrian Lyne’s 1997 version featuring Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain. Both movies focus on Humbert Humbert, a self-proclaimed
“nymphophile” who is only sexually attracted to post-pubescent teen girls who meet his
specific criteria. Both Lyon and Swain were actually 14 and 15,
respectively, so naturally, displaying the subject matter on screen stirred up a lot
of controversy. Kubrick’s version is far tamer than Lyne’s,
but it still made a lot of people uncomfortable, prompting the now-classic question … “How did they ever make a movie of Lolita?” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. That Version of Natalie Portman as a young girl is definitely Millie Bobby Brown look-alike 😂

  2. Why is it it’s worse if it’s an older dude with a girl like it’s it’s a older woman with a boy it’s just as messed up, stop being so one sided

  3. To get upset about Big is nonsensical. It's all fictional. Most people who get upset about this cheer and applaud murder, (any crime movie) mass murder (Westerns)

  4. Does this shed light on the fact that there are pedophiles in Hollywood???????? Woody Allen creepy lol

  5. my first girlfriend was 35 when I was 14.i look back now, & think, that was a bit mental, but at the time, I was a geeky, spotty awkward bebe lesbian, and there was this gorgeous glamorous french lady… I don't regret it at all.
    i do think it is up to the maturity of the people involved.
    some teens are pretty wise, others are babies.
    tho personally, I'd never be with someone younger than me.

  6. It's a fucking Comedy that's the point to cross the line it's not real it's to make fun of if actually happened and why its ridiculous

  7. It doesn’t matter about the age it matters about the maturity level and as long as they don’t have sex then it isn’t a bad thing

  8. I agree that the teacher from that's my boy was a straight up pedo but she didn't force him to do shit. Both of them wanted to have sex with eachother the only reason that scene was fucked up was because he was a minor.

  9. How about the movie 1978 “Pretty Baby” with Brooke Shields playing a 12 yr. old prostitute (Brooke herself 12 y.o. during filming) who marries a John after her prostituting Mother leaves her behind to seek a better life after marrying a client herself. What’s creepier is the nudity of an underage Brooke Shields in the film.

  10. NO! That was not the relationship between Leon and Matilda! The I love you between them was like father and daughter…. relationships they never had before in life! The one weird spot was Matilda as a child just trying to be part of the act…. She wasn't serious when she told the innkeeper they were lovers. Leon was NEVER inappropriate or creepy. Don't ruin one of the best movies ever. Very rare I click thumbs down but u just earned it.

  11. Leon is not about love nor about sex. She has her first crush in her first real role model. Jean Reno has specifically commented that there is no relationship whatsoever, it's just what she wants. If he had survived the movie he would have told her to get over it and find someone in her own age. This could possibly have lead to Leon actually believing in love again and find someone who is more of his own age.

  12. BIG ? C'mon, it's an 80's pop – cultural classic. There was no pedophiliac relationship implied. C'mon, stop reading things into other things. BIG ain't " The Graduate " or " Taxi Driver " !

  13. Don't forget every vampire movie ever made where the vampire is in their, um, hundreds and their love interest is a human who is, um, not.

  14. Does Lord of the Rings counts? An 80-year-old man in love with a 2000-year-old woman. I know they are technically adults, but the age gap seems…odd

  15. the common thread here is all these girls take the cumm and love the sex // not to mention the attention // its the society views that make it wrong were as 100 yrs ago it is very common to marry a 12~19yr old and leave her at her parens home till the home is built and the family gets started // mom helps with the birth and rearing as there was no one else in the country side

  16. Age gaps are one thing, but statutory rape is a whole other thing. As long as the two people in the relationship are consenting ADULTS, then the age gap need not matter.

  17. Harold and Maude is such a good movie and is not just about the relationship. It is about living, and finding the beauty in life.

  18. You have to be pretty naive to be shocked at any of this, when i was at school ( from age 12) there were always girls in my year openly with guys 10 years older than them nevermind what goes on behind closed doors.

  19. For Lolita they had a lawyer on set the whole time. When the actors were in bed together (not the sex scenes, those had a double body stunt), it's revealed that they had to have a pillow between them so they weren't touching.

  20. Hollyweird just be so open and blatant about their endorsement of pedophilia people just ignore it.
    Clearly, it's not this hidden conspiracy people make it out to be, the put it in many of their mainstream films.

  21. There is another one. A french movie called "un moment d'égarement" were two 40s friends went on holiday with their daughters and on of the father sleeps with the daughter of his friend. There are two versions of this movie.

  22. U wanna talk about age gaps? Do y’all realize the age difference between the girl who plays raven and the guy who plays beast boy on the new Titans show?

  23. "Age is just a number" is a phrase for middle-aged people not to give up on love or adults to do a thing that is considered childish but brings them joy- not an excuse for paedophilia

  24. Must be said that in 'léon the professional' there is no sexual interest from Léon to Mathilda. It goes the other way round, because Mathilda had never had a person who loved her by her side and who protected her. Mathilda is the metaphor of a grown up child where on one side whe wants to find cheerfulness and joy an on the other she believes she can seduce Léon. On the other hand Léon is the child adult that has trouble to interact with others (expecially females): in the beginning he tries to eliminate mathilda, that he was picturing as a problem, an interference to his job. Even going further into the movie Léon actively rejects Mathilda avance's and their relationship stays platonic and from his point of view more of a family love. Must be taken in the background: Luc Besson created a movie that lack any hero or positive example to follow, even the anti drug cops are drug addicts and eager to kill. It represents the disagiated side of society where roles are confused and there are no good characters to follow.

  25. URGHHHHH I watched big with my parents when I was 7 although they skipped through some parts but still🤮

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    я поняла что старею
    c c nnnnnrbv ;t eljdjkmcndbtv nhf[yenm
    cj,ccccdtyye. ljxm
    баллов 5)))

  27. Since the ONLY reason that this YT-er made this video is to make it's viewers feel guilty about stuff that most people have never done, I'm surprised that he didn't include "Matilda" (with Mara Wilson). There was nothing wrong about it to ME, but this list must have left it off by accident.

  28. Isabella fuhrman on the movie orphan wanting too SIT on her adopted dad
    And Leonard on the big bang theory giving that older woman a muff buffing who was like around 30 years or so older so she'd give him a grant for something
    And on the 70s TV show Sanford and son when Redd talked about a movie where a scientist brought to life a 3 thousand year old mummy then he fell in love with her
    "Ain't that disgusting" he said "I mean it's alright too fall in love with someone older than you but three thousand years"😝🤮😝😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  29. I swear everytime i watch thi sshit channel i lose the Last braincells i had from watching the other top 10 Chanel befor this

  30. I OBJECT WITH LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL.. He loved her as her daughter. Mathilda was so young, that she didn't know what "love" is that's why she thought she was romantically in love with Leon.. Every scene in that movie is only about a love of a father to his daughter. A family-friendly movie. Stop this non sense.

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