THE MULE – Official Trailer

THE MULE – Official Trailer

Holy! Need help,
sir? Officer, hi. You need help? No, no. No, I’m fine,
thank you. What do you got
there? Little pecans. I’m delivering pecans
to my niece. -Pecans?
-Yeah, pecans. She makes the worst
pecan pie you’ve ever tasted. I feel sorry for her
husband, but… And I feel sorry for the
pecans, too. [barking] Come on, now.
Come on. Family’s the most
important thing. Don’t do what
I did. I put work in front
of family. I thought it was more
important to be somebody out
there… than the damn failure I
was in my own home. I was a terrible
father… terrible husband. Blew my chance. I didn’t deserve
forgiveness. This is the last one. So help me God… this is the last one. For what it’s worth… I’m sorry for

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  1. It's an ok story. Worth a watch-ish. Clint's one of my favourites.

    The acting tho is sometimes verging on porno grade.

  2. This is probably a good movie, but the people who are making trailers for the shitty films, seem to be making them for films like this. They really suck, and all the trailers seem the same, not making it interesting enough.

  3. Damn good movie…. lots of spoilers ahead just watched it. and these are my thoughts as bewildering as they are, be thankful they are clearly written and you dont have to decipher them like I do! As I process them XD

    Sadly I would only rate it 7 or 8 stars our of 10.

    Mainly due to the fact they never really closed the story on all the loose ends, we never see what happens to julio who I would have expected to leave the cartel after his adopted father was killed and kinda saw the old man as a father figure.
    If the film would have had an extra 30 min and a change of an ending to have earl tip off the DEA agent at the waffle house to try and save julio I think the story could have taken a different turn.

     Id have written earl as martyr and had him die at the end by one of the cartel members during a big sting on the mansion taking down the new king pin saving julio from a future demise. Julio had a good heart and could have benefited from this story change having earl come in and meet the new boss after his final delivery.

    They said they were going to kill him afterwards anyways so instead of having him kill the last two henchman id have had him deliver the drugs on the DEA's instructions to go for the bigger bust the big boss take down. For agreeing to help the DEA they would have promised to help julio if possible and help him relocate under protection if he would be willing to testify in court, which he would have turned on the new boss easily given the chance and defiantly if earl would have encouraged it after his adoptive father was killed. So during this final climax of events earl would have died in the chaos of the DEA bust of the mansion.

     Prob by the boss himself or another cartel member acting on the orders of the big guy while they were dealing with the agents swarming the property inevitably leading to the capture or death of the new boss, and the arrest and protection of julio.

    now earl and julio might not have been as close as family but earl was quite a caring guy towards the end saving the VFW and helping a few people with his drug money.

     I wouldnt have put it past his character to go a bit further and try and save julio from the new boss after learning he had been replaced and julio was now under a tighter leash just like himself. I could have easily seen him taking this route over the other road which many have traveled which lead to his wife and family.

    I still would have included those scenes of mary and the reconcile of his relationship with them but Id have not made it the ending theme bit too morbid for my taste I like bittersweet endings and I feel like this ending would have been a touch sweeter over an old man going to prison and no real drug bust taking place. That and we would have had an actual shoot out.. now I know the ending would have been very similar to Gran Torino in some aspects but not entirely just the characters death, and many films do this kill their lead at the end nothing new… sadly its not done often enough in my own personal opinion I find it brings more emotion usually to the ending when there is death act like this. Hopefully someone can read this and envision this ending better than the one in the film like I can and see how it could have changed everything ever so slightly. Good day! :")

  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED WATCHING THIS MOVIE….CLINT EASTWOOD STRIKES AGAIN, he had me in stitches…..I.adore watching Clint, he reminds me of being a kid growing up, viewing him in the Spaghetti Westerns back then with my mum and dad. I don't think ANYONE ELSE could have pulled this role off the way he did 👍👍👍👍

  5. Thats so pimp Clint Eastwood bangs two girls in Mexico. That's probably why he pleaded guilty. His bucket list was complete after that.

  6. I thought this movie was going to be about an old man and his mule. Wow I didn't realize the man was a mule! Eastwood can play any role to perfection!

  7. The movie was amazing. But it was a little odd to see Clint Eastwood as such a sweet and innocent man. I thought he would go almost full Gran Torino

  8. I'am 19 . I don't know why i selected this movie to watch …..but damn!!! It's such a wonderful movie.

    I haven't seen any flick by / of Clint Eastwood . He's such a good gentleman . So much empathetic to elders after watching this blockbuster …the hardships which they go through , all the pain , the suffering …!

    What a 2 hour long journey with this old lad.

    A must watch ! Last 20 minutes or so are precious .

  9. This is the one of the least interesting Clint's movie but it is probably the last one we'll see in a movie too.
    Don't get me wrong i'm a huge fan o Clint Eastwood, he's on the 10 best actors in my opinion, but that movie is slow, slightly boring.
    If it wasn't for Clint, i wouldn't have finished it.

    Now, something i didn't get (spoiler alert), at the end the DEA tapped the drug cartel's phones and yet, they followed Clint's black pickup.
    How could they follow him?
    So if the bad guys used their cellphone the DEA should have followed them.
    Unless if they used Clint's phone while calling their new boss, and gave it back to clint.

  10. Just watched this movie it was such a great movie a lot of mixed emotions how they used him also how they bashed him at the end

  11. Hey Clint dude why does your movie have exactly the same ending as another drug running movie with Johnny Depp called Blow?

  12. Just saw it yesterday night on the plane from Johannesburg to Zürich with Swiss. Such an amazing movie!!!!

  13. I don't think it's nice, you laughin'. You see, my mule don't like people laughing. He gets the crazy idea you're laughin' at him. Now if you apologize, like I know you're going to, I might convince him that you really didn't mean it.

  14. Have so enjoyed the movies involving Clint Eastwood over the years but feel sadly he should take it easy from now on.I bought the movie The Mule and I thought it was just awful..Sorry Clint But I did.Take it easy old timer.You have been great

  15. If you're wondering whether or not to see this film the answer is an enthusiastic YES. Everyone involved did an amazing job, first movie I've given money to in years.

  16. I've been away from my family for 5 years now trying to make a living from myself in another country.
    Indeed, money will not buy me time. God this movie hurt me.

  17. This movie has a hidden good message. Dont put work in front of family or you'll end up alone, broke and sad. It sounds stupid up front but it makes sense if you think about it.

  18. Worship -Love his work more today than yesterday.Crazy Carol Sings is YouTube amazing in her car like clint sang in his truck.Look for the magic.

  19. This was a good movie, but it honestly wasnt how I thought it was going to be. The acting was subpar, same with the script, but it was still entertaining. I just felt like the movie was a little forced at times, the script a little dry, and that the film was trying to be a certain way (couldnt tell if it was supposed to be very serious or a little comedic) and didn't quite get there. Other than that 7/10 and I honestly would recommend watching.

  20. Love the way hollywood calls trump a racist when they are the ones who push this racist hoax..
    and push this racist agenda… That one scene where whites are staring at the 2 mexicans at the bbq stand then the officer comes up to them talkn racist shit… Thats all BULLSHIT! shit like that doesnt happen anymore maybe in the 60s or 70s but today? Full of shit

  21. Producer: So, Clint there's a threesome in this film. We should cut it.

    Clint Eastwood: We're doing that scene with me in it.

    Producer: But your age.

    Clint: It's the risk I'm willing to take.

  22. Smith and Wesson owe Clint a bottle of Scotch or two for boosting their .44 Magnum sales in the 1970's.   I heard Smith and Wesson were selling them quicker than they were making them!

  23. the scene with his wife as she was dying,brought back memories of my wife dying,you are a brilliant actor, I have watched you from Rawhide, you most likely see my comment but thank you

  24. Oh my God stop making movies Clint you're destroying your legacy that was the worst movie I've ever fucken seen and I haven't finished it yet !!!! so transparent the 3rd run you pull over and look inside the bag and then a cop is magically right behind you it was so fucken obvious that was what was going to happen you're destroying your legacy stop making these shit movies

  25. Ok since no one is going to be honest and give a real feedback on this movie , I will. Clint Eastwood applause for your senile performance. It was mediocre at best. Besides his “ diabettis ”commercial performance, the movie plot was like they ran outta money kinda plot…..4/10

  26. There are movies that stick with you after you've watched them others you forget, I watched this movie on Saturday and it definitely stuck with me, Clint Eastwood is simply a brilliant man, This has got to be one of his best.

  27. I watched it last night, it was ok, not one of his best , I enjoy Clint more as director than as an actor, still tkink after Unforgiven, his acting performance in Bridges of Madison County to me is one of his best, we get to witness a side of him so vulnerable, so devastated in pain , you really feel so bad for him …that scene in the rain at the traffic light ,Maryl Streep deciding what to do, is just incredible painfull to look at, superb acting indeed!!

  28. Just started the movie first five minutes I didn’t know he was this old
    I grew up with all his movies
    I want more movies from him before he retires.
    I getting old too

  29. This movie was absolutely horrible lol It was not realistic at all, inauthentic as hell. I cannot believe they actually made this lmao. The tone of the movie completely bounced from a superior serious thriller to a straight to video, low budget college comedy. The acting was trash, the dialogue was trash and the plot, while promising, was completely cringy.

  30. This trailer is badass, but the actual film was fucking awful. Clint Eastwood cannot act for shit. God damn this movie sucked.

  31. I watched this movie in a plane, a pretty nice movie, I teared up a little bit at the ending, one of my favorite trips

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