hey guys girls and everybody my name is jay and this is haloween it’s a most so if you already watch my channel you already know that I’m really an evil child I love everything related to horror movies or horror or slicing people but if you’re new to my channel you should know that I love horror movies in horror stuff so I talk to myself I’m going to make a youtube video with the recently watching horror movies by me but if you have a hot neighbor just go knock on his door and ask him to go trick and treating with you in your couch in the halloween night because this movies are going to make him jump right on your lap that’s not a very sexual okay so the first movie i’m going to talk about is called it follows and i’m not talking about that stalker that follows you on social media okay it follows is like this breath of fresh air in horror movie franchise the movie is really nice the soundtrack is amazing the movie talks about this grudge that this girl gets when she has sex with this guy and he transfers this grudge to her so she has this thing following her all around and she has to run for her life and this thing that follows people around it changes the appearance all the time so you have to really keep running and the good thing of the movie is that you get really scared at any time because they have like this wide range things and you think that this thing go appear from nowhere and start following this person so you just keep looking at the background and you have the sense of being followed so this move is like really great for healthy night I love the soundtrack of this movie he’s like a must watch movie the second movie is insidious 2 I love the director of this series which is James Wan he has made like a revolution on the horror scene with this more spiritual or ghostly kind of horror if you didn’t watch the conjuring just go watch it right now too I think he seduced to is the best of the trilogy so you definitely need to watch it so the third movie is very recent and it’s called the visit which is about two kids that are going to visit their grandparents and their grandparents start acting really really weird I really love this movie it has like a lot of scary things has a lot of that psychological horror feeling to it so I really really loved it the Ford movie is called as above so below this movie takes things in the catacombs of Paris I visits the catacombs of if I have watched this movie before going to the catacombs of Paris I wouldn’t go to the Capcom books catacombs of Paris catacombs of Paris is a scary place and this movie makes the catacombs of Paris even more scary it makes you feel the sense of constrict meant of you being in this very classic last throw oh my gosh world is so hard you know this feeling of being a tiny place and being like suffocated having a lot of scary things happening around you and you don’t know if this is your mind playing tricks on you or is just happening really really happening so if you love Perry’s if you love catacombs and if you love the psychological shit definitely you need to watch it and the last one it’s an only but it’s a goodie I really love this movie is one of my favorites when we talk about zombies and it’s called 28 days later and its plot it’s filled in London and my English accent is shit for right now and I just spit sorry it’s explore in London and I think is one of the first Army movies that started this zombie frenzy that we have these days and 28 days later as a really good movie because it has a lot of great wide range scenes of London being apocalyptical and you don’t know what this virus is it’s a zombie virus or and how its transmitted and it really makes a great job in showing you how a true zombie apocalypse would look like if you want to watch a good zombie horror movie you must definitely watch 28 days later finally you’re gone ah Jesus if you liked this video please subscribe to my channel please like this video please share it in your social media with your friends because they are going to do those the slumber party in how and they need to watch good new one horror movies okay thanks for watching don’t forget be well yas and buying it happy Halloween

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  1. "It's the most wonderful time of the year"… what a perfect intro…HAHAHAHA
    Yes, I love Paris. Yes, I hate the catacombs… I feel claustrophobic, so no small closed places, please.
    I'll go watch these movies you suggest… Jesus!!! HAHAHAHA! <3

  2. I hate horror movies. Really. I do. From the bottom of my heart. I usually watch them after a friend threats our friendship 😂

    I'm no horror movies expert, but your list will be very useful, because my brother is a huge fan.

    I confess I got myself wondering today "what Jay is recording latelly?" Found it really fun when I realized this video was totally spoken in English. You have a really good accent. Congratulations!

    Oh! And congratulations for your channel, you're a very fun guy! 😜

  3. WOW 💁 so fucking great movies
    My current list would be:
    Demonic 2015.
    The Haunting 2009.
    An American Werewolf 1981.
    Insidious 2011.
    Jeepers Creepers 2003.
    Final Destination 1/2/3/4/5.
    Really very good video Jay, nice to watch it!
    Thumps up
    Jay I loved this video!

  4. toda trabalhada no inglês!!!! haha
    não assisti nenhum desses, e olha que eu tb curto filmes de terror! vou dar uma olhada nesse das catacombs, aquele lugar é a coisa mais louca que eu já visitei na vida, ia ser legal ter uma pitada de terror a mais por trás rs

  5. then that wonderful you speaking English. que vontade chamar vc para um chá e conversa e comer biscoitos amanteigados HAHAHHAHAH adoro você.

  6. Se vc é Brasileiro, seu canal é brasileiro, 90% (pra ser modesto) dos seus inscritos não falam inglês, então pra que fazer vídeo em INGLÊS????
    Assim não vai chegar nos 10k nunca!
    Coisa de bichinha qua qua qua!

  7. Já anotei todos. Alguns já assisti, mas deu vontade de rever. Adoro filmes de terror, suspenses suspenses pesados e afins!

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