The NBA’s Full-Court Drama with China | The Daily Show

The NBA’s Full-Court Drama with China | The Daily Show

The NBA. 29 of the world’s
best basketball teams, and, also, the Knicks. (laughter, groaning) The regular season
hasn’t even kicked off yet, but there’s already been a ton
of drama. Now, if you haven’t been
keeping up, last week, the general manager
of the Houston Rockets posted a tweet in support of the pro-democracy protests
in Hong Kong. And the NBA quickly put out a
statement distancing themselves from that tweet. What was funny about this,
though, was that the English version of
the statement was very different from what
it was being translated to for the Chinese Internet. So, like, in English, the
statement was basically like, “Hey, China,
we’re sorry you’re offended.” But then, the Mandarin was like,
“Rest assured, China, we will feed this man
to the wolves.” But then, here in America,
people were pissed that the NBA was kowtowing
to China, right? So yesterday, they went
into damage control mode. And things have only escalated
from there. There’s new fallout this evening in the NBA’s firestorm
with China. MAN: The NBA tonight fighting
back after being blasted for caving to China’s
communist government. Commissioner Adam Silver
defending Houston Rockets’ GM
Daryl Morey. We are not apologizing for Daryl exercising his freedom of expression. MAN 2: Shortly after Adam Silver
voiced the league’s support for free speech, fresh backlash from the communist regime
in Beijing. MAN 1: China’s government
tonight digging in, cancelling a Brooklyn Nets
event at a Shanghai school. MAN 3: In the last few hours,
China has started pulling down Lakers
and Nets signage. MAN 2: At least two
major Chinese retailers have pulled
Houston Rockets’ merchandise from their websites. China state TV said
it won’t broadcast or stream NBA pre-season games
in China. Oh, no! Not the pre-season! No! (laughter) Nobody cares
about the pre-season games. Fans in America are like,
“Can you ban them here, as well? Can you, uh…?” Yeah, the pre-season is just,
like, the boring stuff we’re forced to sit through
before the main event. Like, China banning pre-season is like Disney getting rid
of its lines. Just like,
“I’m sorry, but you’ll have “to go straight
to the rides from now on! I wish it didn’t come to this!” “Oh, no.” Still, though,
China is seriously pissed off about the tweet, right? And they’re also pissed off
about the response from the NBA. And they aren’t just taking
pre-season games off the air. They’re also cancelling
NBA events, they’re ripping down
NBA signs everywhere. In fact, like,
everything NBA-related is basically banned. Yeah. No basketball, no LeBron.
In fact, no jumping. Yeah. You see a puddle, you just walk
right through that shit. (laughter) And you can have donuts,
but no Dunkin’. And all office workers in China, if you need to throw something
in the trash, none of this.
No buzzer beaters. You get out, and you just
place it gently in the bin. (laughter) So China is basically going
to war with the NBA, all because of a single tweet. And as surprising
as that may seem to some people, the truth is, this kind of thing
has been happening between China
and American companies a lot. The NBA not the only one feeling
the heat, either. U.S. jeweler Tiffany
also under fire after tweeting an image of a
Chinese model covering one eye with people believing
it was done in solidarity with those Hong Kong protests. Nike,
bowing to pressure from Beijing, pulling a sneaker
from the Chinese market. MAN: Activision has suspended a
professional video game player and taken away his prize money. Apple took the Taiwan emoji off
its keyboard if you are in Hong Kong
or Macao. MAN: Marriott apologized
to the Chinese government. WOMAN: Versace, Givenchy,
and Coach issued apologizes. MAN: Mercedes-Benz is offering
an apology. WOMAN: The Gap issued
a sincere apology. WOMAN 2:
Delta saying, “We apologize deeply
for the mistake.” Damn. China gets offended
by a lot of shit. They’re like
that one guy at work who takes everything personally. You’re just like,
“Hey, man, I like your shoes.” Like, “Oh, wow. So you don’t
like looking at me feet?” “Uh, no, I-I do like your feet”” “Gross. You’re a pervert.” Now here’s the thing. The truth is,
these companies don’t have to take orders from China
about what to say or how to act, but they do it
because nobody wants to lose access
to a billion Chinese customers. It’s a powerful incentive. So powerful, in fact, that China’s influence
is affecting how Americans can act
on American soil. NEWSWOMAN: Tonight’s game
between the 76ers and China’s team,
the Guangzhou Loong Lions, went on as planned
as an international firestorm hangs over
the Wells Fargo Center. And on the sidelines,
Sam Wachs and his wife held “Free Hong Kong”
and “Free HK” signs that were confiscated by
security in the first quarter. Then, in the second quarter,
both got kicked out of the game when Wachs started yelling,
“Free Hong Kong!” As someone
who used to live there, he supports the movement. That’s right.
Fans in Philadelphia got kicked out
of a basketball game last night for chanting, “Free Hong Kong.” And I didn’t realize
that yelling shit at a basketball game was
against the rules. I mean, that must have been
so confusing for all the other fans,
you know? ‘Cause this guy is there like,
“Free Hong Kong!” And then the guy next to him
was probably like, “Hey, Ben Simmons,
suck a Kardashian (bleep)!” And then security’s like,
“You! Get out! “No, not you.
No, the ‘Free Hong Kong’ guy. “You keep going. That stuff
about the Kardashian (bleep), that was hilarious.
Carry on.” For more
on the complicated relationship between China
and American businesses, we turn to our senior
NBA correspondent, Ronny Chieng, everybody! (cheering, applause) Ronny… this is a really, really
contentious issue right now. What are your thoughts
on all of this? Trevor, this whole thing
is more disappointing than every meal I’ve eaten
at P.F. Chang’s, okay? That place is fake Chinese. I’m so glad General Tso isn’t
around to see what they’ve done. Quite frankly, I’m shocked
at how these American companies have behaved, okay? It’s complete bullshit, and they
should be ashamed of themselves. Wow. Ronny, you know,
this-this takes guts. Like, everyone else seems afraid
to… to speak up about China, but you taking a stand
is very brave. Well, someone has to say it. In fact, I want to talk
to China directly. (clears throat) -(laughter)
-Wow! Ronny, like, I don’t understand
what you’re saying, but I can feel
your passion, man. Tr-Trevor, please,
I’m not finished. Preach, brother, preach! -Whoo!
-(cheering, applause) Wow! Wow. Ronny, that-that is amazing. Did you… did you mention me? ‘Cause, like,
I thought I heard my name. Oh, oh, y-yeah, yeah,
I said you’re… you’re my hero and my friend. (laughter) I’m honored, Ronny. You’re my hero and my friend. How-how do I say that
in Chinese? Oh, uh…
(speaks Chinese) Oh. Close enough. Ronny Chieng, everybody.

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  1. Hey, let’s be honest, here is the deal: if US takes 0 tolerance on racism or issues related with skin colors because your unique history and culture, then why are you blaming other country and people from another continent getting offended by political separatism?! If US government is blaming other country and immigrations for taking over the so-called local American’s job opportunities, then stop making jokes on countries who are blaming you for insulting the value and faith they believe! Otherwise, is this what you guys have been promoting as the so-called democracy or freedom of expression ?! It couldn’t be funnier. Insults are not identified by the will of people who addressed the behavior, but identified by people who are actually offended. Show some respect to yourself, don’t pretend to be a global policemen while your backyard is on fire, and what makes it even worse is that you have no respect and understanding about the rest of the world. And, if you are making wrong moves on political issues, let’s sit down and finish the deal in the political way, don’t even dream to be spared by misleading people and manipulating through mass media.

  2. You see the hypocrisy level of the western when they show supports in the name of freedom of speech after morey's tweet get backlashed but they screw china for boycotting him and nba lol. So the western standards are pretty much like "only we can do whatever we want, but not you" if someone else does it you are against freedom and human rights.

  3. Boycott corporations kneeling to the Chinese Communist Party and made in China products! Yes, that include your beloved Apple!

  4. it was Morey, not the players who big mouthed another country, open your mouth and own your bullshit and you not the players straighten this shit out.

  5. HUAWEI VS USA next?What makes you think a fucking basketball association can versus a 1.4b population leviathan? its CHINA vs USA.

    of course, the trick here is to make the smaller one looks like a dragon slayer. Cut it out.This show became another boring propaganda machine since jon quit

  6. Behind the Hong Kong protest, you just take a look of all the news mediums, now the Hong Kong protest, are controlled by the Jews. Wait, except the 2016 election of Trump , Hillary lost to Trump. So the Jews came back for three years trying to get rid of Trump, and still trying. The impeachment…….. George Wu, AIA, Architect, NCARB 2019-10-13

  7. Actually American and Chinese are targeting a different group of Hongkong protestors. America supports pro democracy Hongkonger, China is against the criminals

  8. 我是中国人,i am a Chinese,i not care about HK nither NBA。but if i was like nba,i will watch it whatever,use vpn。cause i hate police。rocket is foolish to speak that shit。our gov it too mean to ban nba。i think all of them worng,but i cant say these in china,nearly no one supprt my opinion。

  9. WTF is this? You don’t have the context of what’s happening – just like we don’t give a shit about Trump- you shouldn’t meddle in other countries’ affairs

  10. Can we 1.4 billion Chinese use our free of speak to support the terrorist in 9.11 for their bravery of fighting for their believe?
    Can we 1.4 billion Chinese use our free of speak to support the shooter right after he shot a kid in the school for his rightful gun rights?
    We have learned so much from the U.S now, and next time your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will have 1.4 billion users laughing at the Americans next time you have crisis. And you are not supposed to ban us because the free of speak.
    The whole bring human rights and freedom to world came out in the Cold War.
    There were invasions in China, and the U.S didn’t stop them. Instead, the Americans join the war and stole money from China many enough to buy a state.
    There was a genocide to the Chinese. And there was a genocide to the Jew. But the U.S only joined the war after Japan hit the U.S.
    And suddenly, the Americans thought it was very important to bring human rights and freedom to the world just because of USSR, not before.
    Guess the freedom to the press and the human rights to the protesters are more important than the genocide to the Chinese.
    You guys are just so convenient to make some plans to other countries and blame other countries for using your plans.
    Did any of the American experts went to jail or took some of the blame for the terrible economic reform after disintegration of the Soviet Union.
    No, you just ha ha, and then point to the next country. It is all just a entertainment show for you.

  11. Hong Kong is a city in China. Try replacing every instance of NBA to CSL, HK to Milwaukee and China to USA in this video and see how it sounds like

  12. Everyone: can't believe the NBA and Blizzard aren't for free speech! American companies? How dare you go against our freedoms?!
    NFL: Guys… I think they forgot. We might be off the hook here

  13. Its actually hilariously real that I get an ad in chinese after this video about some creams or shit idk, certified SOE bruh moment China

  14. Before i said this no i mean the government not the people but fuck the chinese government. So they pulling western company left and right like we cant jus go fuck made in china and tneir goes their monopoly.

  15. Dear TDS;
    How is it that you criticize China for its move, and how is it any different from when you stand by Islam whenever someone criticizes that fallacy and call them Islamophobe, which really is a made-up word?
    The Daily (Hypocrites R Us) Show. ??? lol

  16. Communism and capitalism are not black and white. I am shocked that people still blaming the system. After all it’s the people who selfish craving for power and money. Like Trump who probably did many illegal things and not governing well. If his resignation will do the best for the people, will he do it? Probably not.

  17. Uh….it just like no any Chinese officials or celebrities Can said that ”Oh yea Bravo 911!! Oh long life to the KKK”…. it just not political correct…

  18. So in the US homemade fire bombs,assulting police are considered as peaceful protest?Hell with all those shooting it's not even a sarcastic statement anymore.And if anyone is offended,hey,I'm just having free speech.

  19. Liu Yifei is the leading actor in Disney movie Mulan. She onces said on her Weibo that she supports the HK police. This trigered massive boycott of Mulan from users on youtube and twitter. How about her freedom of speech? US is always about double standards.

  20. Translation, you'll bow to a foreign nation but a black man can't bow or take a knee for brutality against its race in their own country.

  21. China only fear that the Hongkongners will end-up like Kurdish people (a small ethnic group who are being used by the west to fight Assad in the name of democracy & freedom, when the Kurdish are not useful anymore to fight Assad after all the sacrifice they did to the west freedom & democracy, they're all abandon in the mountains to die and the one who wants to live a little bit more are end-up joining Isis, w/c happen to have the same story like Kurdish people).

  22. Hello Trevor, it is not about freedom of speech. The fact is distorted. It is about riot and crimes in Hong Kong. NBA made the statement which I believe is innocent out of ignorance.

  23. It is more like the 5k gang in USA. What if the Chinese expressed support to that? What would the general US citizens think? Watch more about the riots in Hong Kong on YouTube. Know more before you tease.

  24. Corporate money, over basic freedoms; Americans are oblivious of. 2) NBA chooses to apply communism at an NBA game, Wow.

  25. All the people calling each other hypocrites are hypocrites themselves. Why aren't you concerned about all the supposedly American products made in China off the backs of Chinese who get paid minimum wage? Are you willing to pay more for your electronic devices or give them up altogether as a sign of protest against China? No you're not!! You hypocrites!!

  26. It's very troubling to have America companies being cucked by China. Now American citizens in America can't voice their opinions. This is pathetic.

  27. Interesting because you make a good summary of all these drama, but you dont see Hongkong is the key point behind all of these. Think abou when people talk about LA, they think its a nation that outside of the U.S

  28. To prevent Chinese from stealing intellectual property, please print “Fight for freedom, stand for Hong Kong”, they will automatically boycott the contents.

  29. The problem is that the Chinese don't talk about foreign affairs, and when the west talks about China and the Chinese feel offended, the west says it's freedom of speech? Number one, it's none of your business. Number two, if you don't understand what's going on, you better shut up
    If you don't shut up and say it's my freedom of speech, it's arrogance

  30. There's different peaceful protest and attacking the city n cops with petrol bombs. In US, they called it terrorism. In HK, they called it freedom of speech

  31. hilarious! as a mainlander, I am totally having fun watching Nba battling with
    China. it's always money talking nowadays. it's simply golden to hear some differences

  32. 14-1 5 hairy everyday beat up HK ppl in the street, everyday being scold by HK ppl, now 14-1 5 hairy wanted to escape, migrate and plan their deployment in Taiwan !.. so next round will be Taiwan ppl being beaten up in the street ! Poor HK & Taiwan, cannot escape from 14-1 5 hairy… Fight for freedom, stand with HK & Taiwan !

  33. Americans have their own freedom of speech, but Chinese also have their own political bottom line and their own values. Since you have made a statement, you should be responsible for your statement. You're not a three-year-old. Besides, do you really know anything about Hong Kong? Or do you just believe what your media reports tell you? I suggest you go to Hong Kong to learn about it. Rather than just reading the media.

  34. Quite peaceful comment area hahaha. A little bit respect will do good to us both. Seperalism is an NG word in China, just as Racialism in US.😃

  35. Please take somtime to do some analysis on this sensitive topic before you say anything. Come to Hong Kong to experience how those rioters are demanding for their so called freedom here. Vandalism, violence, petrol bomb, attacking innocent people and police for not agreeing what they advocate are daily occurrence now here in this part of world. Why would you care, we are just too far away and it would not be politically correct to say something that your audience do not like to hear. May be another form of kowtau. But as a senior officers of very popular basketball team in China openly tweeted that he support those rioters in Hong Kong. I don't know what shall we feel about this. Embracing him with open arms because it is something about freedom. I think Isis clams themselves freedom fighters as well. Freedom as in every sense has its limit, I suppose. This is why we walking away from each other every day. Anyway, why would you care?

  36. Whaaaat? Corporations are looking after their bottom liiiiiine? At any coooost? Even in the face of tremendous consumer backlaaaash? No waaaaaaay.

  37. Trevor is hilarious but he gets the facts wrong so many times. Thw Sweden/ASAP Rocky episode was full of wrong information . Here also is a tiny mistake ,he said American companies but Mercedes was also on the screen

  38. Damn this is actually really crazy… moral of the story is the US government will do what is financially beneficial for them at the end of the day. Periodt.

  39. so i support 9.11 attack,i would like to see more this happens in america ,,laden fight for freedom of afghanistan,freedom of speech?

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