The New Sony VPL-HW40ES Home Cinema Projector

The New Sony VPL-HW40ES Home Cinema Projector

them highwaymen a Scottish throughout her
life for her son electrons and a product specialist in today in a
see the delv HW for DES this projector is a necessary at 6:30 to reach a projector day technology this
Sony create for alert I’ll up the lines never projectors and technology that we
relative at home here and have a full line of projectors on a 630 also this projector as you can
see right now I’m working on a Friday andean the real and this is 700 lumen projector a real limits actually and as you can see also on the on the screen there’s pricing and I’m
righty moats and I we have ninety remote for 2d and
3d are also this project a something whole
reality creation Sony have a database because we know pitcher you know we were signed pitcher you know post-production so we have a
database from 10 years and we use that data is we
create something all reality creation its a chip that analyzes the incoming data and creating new pixels is not just you
know Malaysia and will not create pixel based on to Pixel
we created pixels based on the incumbent source
also we hunting are you call contrast enhancer dole queue the their blacks and the whites and projector I very call autism don’t ship and also Ottawa quiet and so it’s not noisy and hitter builtin 3d trade transmitter it and I are he doesn’t come with the
glasses but you can’t find losses from sony on
from all the major factors also this projector if you want to use
are at there’s a company call X and a you can’t
buy and RF transmitter and use universal are blasts what are the things that SXR
he brings to the table you know is green color saturation this is technology it was founded over
cinema projectors will happen the cinema projectors in the
world use XRD technology it’s our we’ve got almost
15,000 units across the world and that technology were in feel requires Greek color saturation is
extended even this product all the forty and you can see here you
know the the Greek creationism oranges and reds that conventional LCD technologies not
people them

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  1. @Projector People          What exact screen is being used here? It's so confusing trying to figure out what quality of screen to buy when they range from 150 – 10,000 bucks. Like really.
    I know there are a lot of variables when choosing a screen. But, I need to know which screen this is, and what screens get the most out of this projector without spending 10k.
    Also, how does streaming via wifi compare to streaming via hdmi?

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