The new STR-DN1080 AV Home Cinema Receiver

The new STR-DN1080 AV Home Cinema Receiver

hello my name is Eric Kingdom and I’m very pleased to be able to have a chance to talk to you about a brand new Sony product this is it the sony STR DN 1080 AV home theater receiver [Music] now this is a very important product for us because it’s the first class of receiver at this level that features Dolby Atmos now Dolby Atmos if you don’t know is a theatrical sound system that literally puts you right inside the sound field it can be astonishing to listen an experience you can now hear a thunderstorm literally raining over the top of you it’s remarkable it also comes with DTS X and it’s fully equipped from the box to do both now the thing is Dolby Atmos is already appearing not only in the cinema but it’s appearing on blu-ray discs 4k blu-ray discs and so on so you’re all set particularly if you look at the product that I’m going to talk about to you later on to go into a real 21st century movie experience now this AV receiver as you can guess from the two little aerials at the back is Wi-Fi equipped so of course it’s got Spotify it can be multi room enabled and you can interface it with a lot of other Sony equipment you’ll really be spoilt for choice DLNA compatible so you can hook it up to an external storage server like a NAS Drive and enjoy your music content through it that way and it follows in the line that we’ve adopted of higher resolution thinking by become beat by being completely high resolution audio compatible that means to say it can handle music files up to dire extreme digital level quality or what we call DSD and you have USB so you can play your music back directly through the front and whole host of connections not forgetting of course the latest six six of them six HDMI connections or 4k HDR compliant and two HDMI outs as well but you know there’s something really quite clever about this guy because based on the know-how and the experience we have with our ES range of receivers we’ve had a long experience of understanding how to calibrate equipment and set it up for use in the home and sometimes your speakers can’t always be arranged in that ideal position well this product features what’s called speaker relocation and that means to say that even if those speakers aren’t in that perfect circle arrangement with a precise degree set the receiver can do it for you it will shift them in space using virtual digital signal processing technology so you can have an optimum experience in a less than optimum condition but not only that it does something else it’s a 7 channel receiver so in at most terms you can have 5 channels on the ground and your subwoofer and you can have 2 ceiling speakers to create the height effects or two upward firing speakers either can be accommodated with this receiver but more than this because of its signal processing it can generate a pair of surround back speakers in other words it can generate surround back left and right phantom speakers so when you sit down and listen it can create for you effectively a 7.1.2 system so that’s seven loudspeaker sources on the ground plus your subwoofer and two height speakers as well okay so that about wraps it up so take my advice have a listen and if you want to know more just check out the Sony website thanks [Music]

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  1. Please release a new STR-DAxxx Receiver… I need a new one with LDAC & Co., but with more connections via HDMI / coax and optical

  2. Good Video, and it looks like a good receiver, but why can't we in the UK also have the Sony STR-ZA5000ES receiver like they have in the USA. I have an eight year old Sonny ES receiver and would love to upgrade to the ZA5000ES but Sonny don't sell it in the UK.
    Sonny PLEASE PLEASE bring the ZA5000ES to the UK

  3. thats sad that it wont do 7.2.4 atmos without some trickery, even 7.1.4 would have made it a top end reciever but short sighted of Sony to only go as far as 5.1.2 for its first atmos unit.

  4. the 1080 , downgrade !they just put in the chip for dolby atmos and dts-x and give the 1070 the 1080 name , 9kg for a receiver, to light, dolby atmos need 7.2.2 or 7.2.4 , not 5.2.2 , so stupid from sony ! they can do a lot better !! i hope they bring one day the real stuff 😉

  5. i have the ta da 9000 es receiver , And need a like for like upgrade . This one is sadly not and hope they bring the ZA 5000 es here as my cash is burning a hole in my pocket . I will tho purchase the uhd player

  6. so this is basically making my 7.2 sub system to sound like a 7.2.2 atmos system when i have the phantom speakers on hopefully that sound field will sound worthy of being on while in Atmos mode i already have my side surrounds in the ceiling and back surrounds in the ceiling hopefully this way will still work and it seems like i wont need to add or change the speaker layout though i wish Sony would give me the option to add true back surrounds through the zone 2 output while using an external amp to power them or else i hope that i really like Sonys Quasi soundfield for phantom mode , to me already having 4 speakers overhead for years has given me the effects if the sound engineers just put rain and thunder in my two overhead side surrounds and the action in just my upper back speakers -its all how they program the sound in the past and the same with the future but now everyone must angle up speakers to bounce sound or put four of them in the ceiling as i already have so i hope i will be impressed as much as the rest of you with this "New" way of adding Height. i feel like ive had height but just needed the engineers to appropriately place each individual sound up there and now they finally will because everyone has to change their setup to get that effect , does this make sense?

  7. i am looking to buy one of these, but i have to figure out its wifi 5GHz channels. does anyone have a clue?

  8. Hello Eric, what you failed to do in this video is explain to us Europeans why remote on, and zone 2 speaker terminals are omitted from the euro version but are available on the American/Asian model! But we pay more! Now why is this… been asking on twitter and community forums but ain’t getting an answer 😡 I have recently bought one, such a headache to get it to work with the SongPal/Music Centre app!! Having to constantly go into network/Bluetooth settings for it to show up is not what I call network friendly, surely remote start can be added with a firmware upgrade! Note to some, if you can manage to import one from the states do so.

  9. Please help me. I have a STR-DB 840 how do I unlock the digital (optical) option . I press input mode, choose digital optical and it says unlock. ?

  10. What the hell? How do you suppose to hear anything if you don't show what kind of speakers goes with the darn thing???

  11. Friend, can i connect my Sony Muteki HTM-77 speakers in this amp? I want to change my amp because the HTM77 doesn't have HCDP 2.2. Thanks for the video!

  12. Thank you for video. Care to explain why this Sony STR DN1070 is not sold in Malaysia? Sony Malaysia customer sucks and not able to answer me. The Sony Malaysia marketing Head should be fired! As he or she is not able to gauge which model can sell or which model that is not well received. The STR DN1070 will sell by itself even without Sony promoting it It got a solid thums up review in many AV review sites.
    Strangely they offer high end TV but instead offer us "TOY" home theater in box audio system. It is a Big Joke! It is a Shame to show your friends your toy like HTIB audio while your friend sports high tech AV receivers with great cinematic sound…
    Frankly Sony has lost sense of direction after their CRT demise…
    I wish Sony will include in phono RIAA stage as they have done in the past…9.2 dedicated amplifier should be better.
    Thumbs up for Sony put in good effort with their new turntable series….

  13. Hello Erick please maybe you can help me in México Is poor the information abaut Dolby Atmos and dts x my question Is if I buy this receiver and play Dolby Atmos the speakers its 5.1.2 or the zecond zone. Activited for the surround back Is possible? Thank you!

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