The Next Step as a Filmmaker | Making a Film Company

The Next Step as a Filmmaker | Making a Film Company

– Hello guys, and welcome to this
adventure of a filmmaking series. It’s about starting a film
company with friends, – – and taking the next step
as a freelance filmmaker. It’s quite a rollercoaster ride
making a company with friends, – – and we want to share our story. We have weekly episodes every Friday. Hopefully we will inspire
you guys to do the same. Working alone as a filmmaker
can be really tough. Especially nowadays with all the social media, – – and people comparing themselves to others. I think it’s more important
than ever to meet people – – and create stuff together, collaborate. – Why don’t we just start
a production company? Just get all the people we like and go for it. – This was going to be so much fun! – This room is going to be the studio. – Some of the people in
the group I knew from before, – – some of them I hadn’t even met. – «Out of the Cage Films», «Wonder Boys» – – «The Createam». It’s almost like «the A-Team», but it’s «Createam» – For a long time I think we disagreed a lot, – – but eventually we found VJUS. The start of this company couldn’t
have been better. Whoa! – Is it really a good idea to spend
all the money on a camera? – This was our huge chance to
not make a fool of ourselves, – – and we made a fool of ourselves. – For so many years I worked alone,
but now I’m here – – and I’m not going back. – Have you ever felt that all the responsibilities
in the film project are on you? That you are doing basically everything, – – and you have to overcome
all the challenges yourself. That’s quite common and I think that’s one
of the problems with working on your own. I’ve done that many times. I don’t want to bother anyone,
I will just do everything myself. That kind of worked when you were young and
living at home with your parents, – – and didn’t have any expenses or anything. But things change as you get older. Now I’m 31 and it’s been a roller
coaster ride the past years. The idea of this series is to show
how we can take the next step – – and see what happens when you
make a production company – – to hopefully solve the problem
of working on your own. My dream my whole life was to make a feature film. I was lucky enough to be asked to direct
a feature film in Norway in 2009. I was just mind blown because
my dream is happening! – He was really young, like 21,
and he was a little bit inexperienced, – – but he had a lot of passion. He was really motivational to work with. The movie turned out really good and
sold a lot of tickets in the cinemas. Sold a lot of DVDs and Blu-rays, – – and then it won the Amanda award. I was definitely gonna work with Anders again. – Oh, this is crazy. I never
in my life expected this. I couldn’t have been happier with the project. But I felt there was something missing. Even though this was my dream, – – and I started looking back at … One of the best memories
I had of filmmaking in my entire life – – sitting at Eskild’s place. We had pizza and was brainstorming ideas. The next day we went out shooting. We found these sticks… We were so open! We didn’t have anyone saying
what we had to do. We could do anything. – I think it’s fairly easy to see if
something is made with passion – – or love for what they do. Eskild and Anders had that. You can see it in the comments sections, – – you can see it in the views, of course. And yeah, it impacted me as well. – I think this freelance life hit Anders a bit. He really wanted to feel that connection again, – – and to feel the joy of making films. – I think having that fun with filmmaking will
create something that can stand out. People see when something is unique,
something feels natural, – – feels human, feels like this is made by someone
who has experienced something. And they want to tell it to us. Can we make can we make an income from
making movies outside of YouTube, – – but still work as we do on YouTube? – Anders and I had worked in
the film industry for a while, – – and we shared offices together. So one day after lunch we were
talking a little bit and I said: «Why don’t we just start a production company?» Just get all the people we like and go for it. – Starting a production company was not something
that I’ve been considering in the past, – – but once he mentioned it it was like …
That could be really cool! – I called Eskild and he said
«Yeah, I wanna join». Suddenly we were Nicolai,
Thomas, Marius, Morten, Jørn. – Already from the start when we got
together and discussing the project, – – I think we all got really passionate
about making films – – and these visions that we
had for this company. Some of the people in the group I knew from
before, some I didn’t really know. Some of them I hadn’t even met before. The more we worked on this project
together, the higher hopes I got – – and the more I believed in the company
because we just got along so well. I’m sure many of you can relate
to just working by yourself. Working alone. When you discover how it’s like
to work with other people… The creativity, the productivity…
Everything just goes through the roof. For so many years I worked alone, – – but now I’m here and I’m not going back. – We gathered the team, we sat down,
tried to find a name. It’s hard. It’s crazy hard. – They spent so much time on the name. – We spent a long time just coming
up with mostly really bad names. – «Creative Pigeons», «Homemade Films»… – «Cream Team», «Out of the Cage Films»… «Dream Team», «Wonderboys» – «Homemade Films» was an idea,
but sounded really unprofessional. Yes, I agree it’s important,
at a later stage. Branding! Because if you see
McDonald’s and Apple – – they could just as well sell batteries! – «Wild Animal Films», the «Createam» I like that very, very much. It’s almost like the «A-Team»,
but it’s «Createam»… – For a long time I think
we disagreed a lot, – – but eventually we found VJUS. – I remember laying in bed one night. It was a summer day I was staring out
the window, and it was still bright outside. I was just thinking about
what do we do, – – and we’re part of a YouTube community where
views are unfortunately quite important. But there’s more to view than just a view. You get good views and bad views, and getting the
right views is the most important thing. You want to get ten good views instead of a
thousand views by people that don’t care. For me views are also when I
do time-lapse photography. Nothing is better than going on top
of a mountain and get a spectacular view. You get a view of our world in a way. The suddenly I was like:
«What if we write it the Norwegian way?» VJUS I got out of bed and I went on my computer
and searched for VJUS online. There was no proper hits. Nothing called VJUS. – Everyone was like:
VJUS? VJUS! – I don’t think people from outside
of Norway really understand – – that it’s supposed to be said «views». Some people say V-Juice, but it’s fine.
It’s VJUS. – It’s a good name.
I’m happy we have it. Even if some people call it V-juice. – We had a name, we had a crew,
we had to renew our vision. We wanted to be a democracy
where every opinion is valued. At the same time, if everyone disagree
with each other – – someone should have the last word
and say we should go for this. Morten became the CEO and that
fitted him quite well actually – – because he likes to do paperwork, luckily. – I hate paperwork. Anders thinks I love paperwork,
but I don’t. But I had the education, I had the
motivation to drive this company. I took the responsibility. We agreed that Anders and
I was gonna lead this – – and Anders was gonna be the face outwards
and talking with clients and stuff. I was gonna be more in the background making sure
that the budget was followed – – and that we took responsible economic decisions. – Then came the process to register our company. It’s not just a click on a button and you’re
suddenly a production company. – You need to agree and sign on various documents – – which I don’t know how to say in English. So, yeah. It’s a process. And when the registration of the company
was done, the real work began. – It was now time to show the world who we are. – We needed to find customers. Not an easy job. Not an easy job. – None of us are sellers… – Yes, some of us had worked together
in the past, but not the whole team. We needed to prove ourselves as well. Then, out of nowhere… – This big company contacted us. – Maybe not out of, nowhere,
but I had a connection. – Well, my girlfriend has connections. Suddenly she was contacted by
a PR agency or something. They needed somebody to make a video,
so she contacted Anders. Anders saw the possibility
to include the whole team. Actually we couldn’t
quite believe our own eyes. An amazing opportunity right off the bat. – This project could really give
our company a great start. – Our first project. – It was only supposed to
be done in less than two weeks. – We had to come up with
basically the whole production – – and it had to be done really well
because Entur is a big company. We wanted to impress them. – Wow, you are expensive!
I’m never gonna work with you.

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  1. Wow thanks for making this series. I'm currently in the process of expanding and starting a team of filmmakers myself!

  2. Hello! Everyone. Congratulations to all of you on your New project. Your success story is so inspiring. Cheers 👍👏 Jeet from India.

  3. Kjempe bra video 😀 bra ide bak navnet også Fin norsk vri på Views, v-juice LOL XD

    morro og se andre norske på lik alder som følger sin lidenskap 😀

  4. As an aspiring filmmaker and cinematographer, I find this very inspiring. Can't wait for that next episode for the BTS content on that first project!

  5. Great first instalment in the series guys, but Thomas should have scored at least a 9 for beard…… There's that one spot in the middle of his chin that grows in nicely….

  6. How do you meet people to work with? I think the best way is to attend events and ask people online to collab in film projects. This is how I (Anders) met the rest of the team:

    Nicolai (Animator) was a friend of a friend since middle school. We didn´t meet that often, but when Nicolai finished studying animation about 6 years ago, we decided to work together and share a very tiny office.

    Morten (Timelapser). We randomly ended up working with the same film producer and was collaborating on a film project about skateboarding on frozen sand and water. The film was called "Northbound" and is available for free on Vimeo:

    Marius (Sound Designer) was doing the dubbing/sound design on the feature film I directed in 2011. We bonded quite fast and decided to work together when we randomly ended up at the same office space. You can see the trailer for the feature film we made here:

    Thomas (Composer). He sent me a message about 7 years ago after seeing my homepage and YouTube channel. He liked the videos I made and wondered if I wanted to collab with him. When we first met, at a pizza place, something interesting happened. See what happened here:

    Harald (Actor and Director). I needed someone to play a Russian speaking character in the short film The Camera Hack. It was quite special how I ended up with Harald, just the day before shooting. See what happened in the BTS:

    Dmitry (Dronepilot) wrote a message to me on FB when he saw that we needed Russian speaking characters for The Camera Hack. How we met is also shown in the first episode of Behind The Camera Hack:

  7. Big fan of morten's work too..
    All the best team VJUS!
    Would love to be a part of u ppl one day:🤗
    Good times ahead! Goodluck from India 🙂

  8. You guys are awesome, you have inspired me, the first time I watch your video like a week ago, and it was about lighting (now I watched almost every video). I was quite depressed with my life and 'job', so I look back at the past like what I really love and enjoy back then, and it was film making, thank God I found your channel, once again, you inspire me so much, thank you

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    Also you are very attractive. Like very attractive! I need to cool down.

  11. Do you want to help us translate this episode into your language? 🙂 We would appreciate it a lot! And your name will be in the description. You can use this link:

  12. ahhhh this is amazing! I'm a solo freelancer right now but I'd love to do something like this one day so its really helpful to watch someone else do it.

  13. Great stuff! I cant wait to see how you get into the nitty-gritty of running a production company. Everybody wants to appear to be the next Spielberg running a large film company, but nobody really ever gets down to sharing how they started out. Personally I prefer working mostly alone because that takes the pressure out conflicting artistic vision (and many other filmmakers prefer to work alone or in small collaborations due to this too), but I wish your team succes.

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  17. This is awesome, experience is as if not more valuable than facts so learning from your experience is going to be great. Thanks a lot for making this series, I'm excited for what's following.
    I'm starting to make a living as a freelance filmmaker and I learnt a lot of the basis of what I know from your YouTube channel. Never thanked you before so it's time to do so, you are a complete hero sir. Cheers from France.

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  20. This is great, I am glad YouTube has recommended this to me. A behind the scenes of a super creative production company, love it!

  21. I can’t wait to watch this series of videos! Your openness in sharing your process and experiences has been very inspiring to me.

  22. Sadly I am still always working alone.. I don't know anyone but I keep filming and rocking! Having to know the right people and trust each other is worth more than all the money in the world! Really enjoyed this video yet again Andyax! Keep rocking guys.

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  24. Loved this. I am on the same journey and started documenting as well. I plan on releasing episodes down the line in 2020. I wish you all luck! I'll be sure to tune in!

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