THE NUN – New Latest Hollywood movie – Horror+Thrill…

THE NUN – New Latest Hollywood movie – Horror+Thrill…

Sister Catherine, I come on behalf of the devil you Are an enemy of Satan and he will burn with Hellfire if you do not cooperate Come on I know you’re here Sister are you here? Sister are you Somebody Hey 21:09, yeah Thanks, have a good one Wait 21:09 you gave me 2106. It’s three cents I don’t have three cents Done I think so. Hmm. Thank God Can’t believe your aunt, let us stay here this long she has three houses. She probably forgot we were here God three houses I’m excited to finally have one house You didn’t think it would happen. I Didn’t Come a long way perhaps it’s an understatement Where did you find this your sister gave it to me. Can we lose it in the move? No You’d regret it. Yeah, maybe you would You’re not gonna make me like Change my look or anything right like ditch the nose ring go blond You serious I mean we’re moving to such a nice neighborhood and you position so big – I married don’t go back to the Oh a book. Mm-hmm Hey Anna flex Call me Heard you and Mike are finally moving out of his aunt’s house. I know I shouldn’t be calling but I’d like to see clear before you move out getting cleaned out, you know and I uh You know, I don’t care what some judge says. She’s my daughter, too Claire Where is she she’s got a big day tomorrow? Maybe she’s under here No Here no something maybe Well, you’re a good hider I wasn’t hiding sure Did you brush your teeth Perfect excited to move into your own room tomorrow, very Can you believe it your very own room? This is my own room. Oh, that’s the old guest room your own room Well that you can decorate however you want I’m just glad I don’t have to sleep on the floor like I did in the old house Well daddy dropped something again, I guess he’s clumsy, isn’t he? Jesus Mike What? Was that you was what me, did you knock something over? This time doing a bit Yeah Oh God you asshole Oh Scare you. Yes, you did. That’s where I didn’t yeah. Okay. Yeah, okay Yeah I’ll watch your back Michael Watch my back Mike Michael it am I actually in trouble I thought of a way to repay you You know, I think Claire’s really excited about tomorrow Yeah, I’m just still not sure about this private school thing what’s wrong with private school drivin schools like second place awkward to homeschool It’s a private school. Yeah and look at you you’re a mess. Hmm Yeah, you know, it’s not too late to change your mind No, I mean they’re gifted program was supposed to be amazing I’ll give her the attention. She needs there. I Still think you should have gone to a gift at the school As if no no Claire did not get her brains from me. I sure as hell didn’t get them from her dad I’m sorry, I Didn’t mean to bring them up. No, um, it’s Actually interesting that you mention him. He’s not calling again. Is he no, no, nothing like that Yeah stuff with the move is just reminding me of him and that shit with the divorce and then going to rehab and Just realizing how far I’ve come That’s a good thing first yes, I guess it’s just Hard to stop associating yourself with all that The only thing you need to worry about now, it’s moving past Maybe I should go blonde Be my trophy wife, yeah, I Think I think I’ve always been a blonde on the inside. I’ll totally a very very very dark blonde I know scrubs. No, I want to look professional. Yeah, but I like that a whole hunky medical show vibe Well get to work wisdom teeth don’t pull themselves they better not meet you at the new house at 6:00. Yeah. Yeah I’ll Drive the moving truck over perfect Are you ready for my aunt Donna? Oh, yeah, and I’ve got a gun in my purse in case she gets too feisty You excited yeah, don’t be shy I know looking shiz the last thing she’s got to worry about Yeah, well, you didn’t get that from me. Yeah, I Love you Oh Thank god, you’re here I can never find the right key. I’m Donna Winslow. I’m Michael’s aunt. Yeah, we’ve met many times I’m here to check the house before you go Sure. Um, well, I just need to I’m in a hurry. I left my dog in the car. Oh Okay. Um, well, can you start upstairs? It’s my house, I’ll start where I want On second thought turn on my AC I want to be thorough Oh no, what uh Was that you in the spare room I was in the office the paint on the wall is chipped It costs fifty five dollars to repaint it. I’ll need that by Thursday That better not be a busted pipe The hardwood is scuffed it will cost $200 to fix it. I’ll need that by Thursday Don’t forget your dishes They’ll need to be out by Thursday So between the paint the writing on the wall, the hardwood whatwhat writing on the wall in the guest room There’s crayon on the wall. No, I was just in there. I didn’t see anything I’m calling my maintenance guy. You will be here all day, right? I don’t like having him here alone Do I need to be I kind of have to be at the new house by 6:00. Yes. I’ll have him come at 6:30 Hello What no I need help what Hello I need help for my name is Anna Wintour I’m at Legs almost killed me My god didn’t mean to I’d relapse I’ll go get help. Let’s do it You let this happen, I know you survived this before you’ll do it again What did you just say Let’s legs over here um, I’m sorry, I just had What You owe me to do smash the window Actually Why never helped me you hung me out to dry Got back from rehab Anna and they said you went during our divorce you left me behind you saved yourself. You destroyed our family Give me that bullshit like you were popping pills to I Can’t wait until you relapse This is winter here to fix the pipe. Oh No Meah, no, you don’t want that. I know what I’m doing pull me in Okay You fine. Oh How long have you been stuck here about an hour? I’m assuming you’ve met sister Katherine. Yeah, she’s a real bitch for a woman of God. No, she’s great Busted faith apparently What is going on here yeah, well, it’s the nun she’s trying to kill you. Yeah, no shit. Her name’s sister Katherine Shit I Won’t help it so we’ve got it. Well, you’ve got your strength and you’re wasting it Okay Anna I’m guessing you’re not really a mechanic. No, actually I am I do all of Donna’s houses. It’s actually how I met sister Katherine She’s tried to kill me. Every time I come here But you keep coming back Well, no one believes me. So Miners will try to prove her existence any luck Not yet. But today it looks promising. I Just want to get out of here. Hey, don’t worry. It’s easy Her name is sister murder Katherine She’s a ghost now obviously well She thinks she’s in purgatory and over a hundred years ago. This place used to be a convent, you know a Holy Land Well, she’s convinced herself that she needs to protect this land to prove herself to God to get into heaven. What? But she thinks her threat to that well, she’ll chase you away or Kill you I think she’s taking the killer out. Yeah, me too. I Think it’s a textbook content really, you know tortured soul. Can’t rest in peace after an untimely death. You’ve seen it a million times I’ll see how she died. Yeah, I Threw up the first time I saw Wait, don’t throw something first Something small She seemed that coming I Have been hallucinating like this since she showed up. That’s just your physical form. It’s how she moves around It’s how she gives you visions tell she misses with the damn pipes Your snippy ghost oh my god, that’s like my favorite me So, you know about what takes Patrick Swayze a ton of energy to move around in the physical world. Oh, yeah It’s exactly so what we need to do is wear her out so she won’t be able to use that physical form and then we can get The hell out of here Follow me Okay, here’s June 17th, I’m here with Anna Wintour attempting to speak to sister Katharine Okay, that’s an EMF reader the higher it gets the closer she is and if it passes five milligauss it’ll beep And we’re fucked You’re kidding What that’s a toy Well, so is Chucky? Doesn’t matter. Well, does it work? No, I put it out for decoration Yes, it works Okay, so if anything happens use this It’s a pentagram sometimes it scares her away most times it’ll just piss her off Sister Katherine, Anna and I are here to apologize. I Am NOT a threat and I want to leave No, no, no no no no, no, no, please take me say that’s normal. It’s normal. She’s no stubborn Stay Protect what What Sister you don’t want me No, I won’t What you see KK KK I Should have done something it was your own fault She was always so scared of relapse. There’s nothing you could have done What about Claire better She’s your daughter Doesn’t feel like it I haven’t seen her since the split Yeah, I kept her away from you with that restraining, you know, and I resented her for that. I Don’t blame you. He was dangerous. So Are you I Didn’t do anything to you and why are you so guilty? You never could get master You still love me Do you still love him like Everything he did to you Mike, please Get away from me Stay Do And your ghost Oh, no, of course not no, why did you let me there? You never came to the new home Found you in the hole That’s the ghosts are real he’s wrong She wants you to go You take you to heaven who me an angel mr. Catherine With me mama Hey, hey, where are you? I’m coming I’m up here So, how did you get up here? I don’t know I just woke up here after you use the pentagram It’s part of the it’s part of the job. Hmm Are you okay? Oh, I’ll be fine. Just Shoot up my leg a little bit What happened? I have no idea. I had another one of those like hallucinations. I think I saw my mom Can you hear My god, hey don’t listen to her Lee and right here Okay, I’m coming don’t you’re gonna get yourself killed and I can see her Okay, just just keep pressure, okay Okay, or do that, okay Just hold that there keep pressure on it. Okay keep pressure on it Yes, you are just keep holding it down Hey, hey keep talking to me keep talking to me McInnis I didn’t think I’m gonna go here to make it through this Sorry, you didn’t get your proof we’re walking proof Holy shit Let’s go stop it Donna don’t open the door Donna you tricked over the door? What don’t you get about that door time for this Rollie chance is she actually opens the door? Anna come on. Come on. Stay with me Anna what? Come on stay up anatoly’s come on You better not be screwing that goth chick Okay You’re gonna be okay I love you. Anna. Always well Hi Sleep okay. Hmm first good sleep in a while Clear still if you sleep over I go somewhere I’ll do it then. Okay How’s it looking better still hurt Still don’t remember anything No, I think the last thing that I remember is I guess picking up the moving truck Wow Though I don’t think I want to remember that You know that other guy Kate Kate and doesn’t remember anything either I still think he could be suspect Dr. Palmer gave you these. Yeah, but there Does he think that’s safe Well, all the other medicines made me sick But I think I’ll be fine as long as we keep an eye on it. As long as you feel safe. I do I Can handle it though This has really changed you. Yeah, most near-death experiences do true It’s not a bad change is it no not at all you just feel Peaceful That’s a good word Peaceful I don’t even know hot shop. I Wear like the same 10 black t-shirts. That’s mommy’s easy. You just pick any It’s different Good while we’re back. Oh good. Wow, this look amazing Thanks, honestly, I am surprised at how much I like it. I think this is the first time I’ve seen you wearing not black I Hope you’re not doing this because you think I like it. No, I want to I’m shocked frankly. I Want to move on we leave the old me behind Proud of you I’m not touching the attitude though. I wouldn’t want you to One sec Hey Ana Lex call me Have you and Mike finally moved out of dad’s house? Thinking about stopping by later Getting cleaned up Hey Mike, we should get one of these for Claire You still thinking about going out for basketball next year? Yeah Exciting from my old school. Mm-hmm. Nobody should be excited for middle school. Yeah, that’s true Hey 21:09 Yeah, good night Hey wait 21:09 you gave me 2106 It’s three cents I don’t have three cents I’m sorry. That’s all I got Yes, thank you per slice only if you hold it I’m gonna go get plates What these your view weight pizza in the moving truck that’s probably what it is Hey, Mike Did I take my pills earlier in the car You sure It was at the cold earlier It was the doctor everything okay. Yeah. Yeah. No, he was just Good You forgot this No, he didn’t it took one in the bathroom when I was in there Yeah, I asked you know, you didn’t I swear I did and if not that I definitely took one in the car I’ll take it just in case I’ll take it you’re single. I think you should take it now Anna take it Michael never talked to me like this take it now Oh Are you okay? Touch of any of those pills I screwed up didn’t you forgive me? Can you talk about this in the morning? Sure Here this will help me feel her medicine from when I had my stomach flu Like that’s mine, I don’t know what you’re what are we talking about get that away from me I Wouldn’t do that, I’m not taking it I said No Let’s Um, I was just about to leave Don’t tell maybe we can talk you I Don’t think that’s a good idea I just want to talk to you one more time. I really gotta go Quick please. Yeah, I Need to tell you something you’re breaking the restraining order I Still love you I’m calling the cops and I know that you still love me too. I mean it stay with me Go do it don’t do it Huh Jesus, correct. Alright, alright Nothing nothing no flashes or anything The only thing I remember is the main sister Catherine Okay, well Does this ring a bell That’s mine, yeah, and I remember You telling me to use that in case of an emergency and putting it in my pocket. I bought this on a ghost hunting project ghost hunt Um, it’s a hobby of mine. Okay. Well, we must have been messing with it in that rental house Doubt it and I think some pipes there once and I thought there might be something paranormal going on, but that was really it Okay, then how does he end up with this? Does it matter? Look strange stuff has been happening at my house. Okay, and I think that it has something to do with what happened that day Oh, you’re crazy No, I and I really don’t have time for this. Okay? We need to find out what happened that day. It’s over Anna You gotta move on What the hell is this I Am medication. Yeah, why are they all gone? I haven’t touched them. Don’t bullshit me You’re hooked Mike I swear to God I haven’t taken one since I got sick. How could you do this? You want a repeat of what happened with Lex? I didn’t take ya lying where you gonna die Everything okay get away from me Go away, I can’t trust you Sister Catherine is What did you do to Mike Mike is gone. Yep. Thank you you or your daughter You don’t want this life it’s trouble the past will never leave you it’s Beautiful, you know all come You’ve seen it first and It’s you Where am I you’re in the bathroom you got hurt in the Attic? my mistake yeah, yeah, but we’re Okay in the rental house, this is the rental house No No, I was out what are you talking about? What do you know I was Talking about that was okay And I I was in the new house And I saw her her face and she looked She’s losing she’s losing her physical form Yeah, she listens dance, huh, maybe maybe that’s where she gets the visions I Think I know what to do, uh, follow my lead, okay Well, we need to get out of here No, there’s no way We’ll go through the attic The fan in the Attic we could pop it out and get out from there. Yes, exactly. Oh, Yeah What God they’re Not actually an exit up there well Lure her up there and they made me in the kitchen. Okay? Also on bait now Trust me, okay But Okay It is June 17th, I’m here with Anna Wintour attempting to speak to sister Catherine Sister Catherine, we surrender Anna has agreed to stay. So as long as you spare my life Isn’t that right Anna? Yeah Follow me Come on Kiki, let’s go I’m sorry gonna don’t be come on Take a bow Anna – check for three years Jump me in this house. She won’t let me we would tell a children replacement. I Tried to save us both if we got rid of her. We’d be free Can’t beat her. She’s too powerful thought we could I was wrong Yeah Anna Mike Anna I’m here Oh My god Anna Boch sorry, sorry. Oh shit. Read the room. Sorry. Sorry, sweetie Yeah Yeah Hey, hey, I saw some spooky shit, too I guess I’m kind of spooky as well. Mm-hmm. Hey, but you know what? That means? Mates were losing their physical form, huh? Hey you want to know how to Peter Mic mic Shit Right Hey How are you? I’m Kenneth a friend of Donna’s I’m looking for my wife and I went to her house supposed to meet her two hours ago and I asked Well, if you want to you know, I come inside and call her look for her or something. Yeah Please don’t move Get away from there. Don’t come here No, okay for all right, dude, please just please If we get back in the truck I’m sorry, Anna It’s gonna happen to you KK heaven, hopefully, I mean feted screw up too much about Catherine well, we turned out like bursts into flames so It usually means hell I’m so ready for dinner Brains after all yeah, I don’t know about that Still want to go out for track next year? Yeah. Hang on the cokes. No. Mm-hmm Gosh, I still can’t believe they let you skip fifth grade. I don’t think I’m ready for middle school No one is ready for middle school. Yeah, that’s the truth Who keeps up I’ll give it yeah Hey 21:09 Yeah, have a good one Wait Nevermind my bad You Oh My god You

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  9. this is total clickbait. this is a crap movie pretending to be horror. Its all foggy and out of focus!!! IT'S A COMEDY! not at all scary. At first i thought it was some self produced vine video. Then had to scan thru the whole thing to make sure its was a b-movie and not just some 5 mins of footage followed by1hr and 15mins of a still image. YEAH THAT HAPPENS!

  10. it's 2019 this was released in 2018 so its not the current "THE NUN – New Latest Hollywood movie – Horror+Thrill…" anymore. Wrong movie too

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