The One Catfish Reveal NO ONE Saw Coming 五 Catfish: The TV Show

The One Catfish Reveal NO ONE Saw Coming 五 Catfish: The TV Show

– Yeah, that’s the house. All right, this is it,
there’s no turning back. – All right. – So, I think we should do it. – Let’s do it. – Let’s go. (suspenseful music) (exhales) – This is crazy, man. – You guys wait
here in the shade, I’ll knock on the door. (exhales) (knocking sounds) – How you feelin? – I’m feeling like, this
is like so weird, bro. This is like killing me
right now, like for real. (suspenseful music) – Hello. – [Rosa] Hello. – Hey.
– [Rosa] Hey. – I’ma stick my head
in for a second. – What’s he doing? – I’m sure you must
be pretty nervous. – [Rosa] I just didn’t know that he was standing
right there. (crying) – [Nev] It’s all
right, it’s okay. (crying) Take it easy, just. I’m assuming, you’re Rosa. – [Rosa] Yup. (exhales) – This is like so weird, bro. – [Nev] Just be
yourself, be honest, say whatever it is that you
feel comfortable saying. Okay? (exhales) – [Rosa] I’m ready. (suspenseful music) – Oh my God, bro. – Say something. I can, I’ll start
the conversation. (dramatic music) This is Jose. As I understand,
Jose has been Rosa. – Yup. – This is just crazy, man. What are you doing man? – I didn’t mean for this
to happen like this. – Aren’t you ashamed
of yourself, bro? – I am ashamed of myself. – [Danny] Yeah. – I am and I’m not gonna lie. – What is this man? Why would you do
something like that? – I never meant to
hurt nobody else. I was trying to hurt the
person in the picture. – The girl in the picture? Why do you know her? – Yup. Natalie. – [Nev] So you know Natalie? – [Jose] I went to
school with her. – In Florida? – I was trying to get her to
feel the pain that I felt. I used to be bullied
in school, you know? By her and obviously a
group of other people. – So you created the account
to take revenge on her? – Basically, yeah. – [Max] You made that
account in high school? – I was in high school,
I was in Ninth Grade. – And how old are you now? – [Jose] Now, I’m 26 now. – [Nev] That was
a long time ago. – That was a long time ago. – Whatever you have
against this girl, bro. What does that
have to do with me? (dramatic music) You don’t play with
people like that, you don’t do that to people. I’m over here making plans,
I’m like all into this girl, what were you actually planning
on getting out of this? Eventually we’re gonna find
out the truth, you know? This is just crazy man, this embarrassing
actually, you know? – It is embarrassing. You know, like I’m sorry. Like, I am. – You need some help. You need to go to church,
you need to get involved, you need to speak to someone, you can’t just lock
yourself in there and make believe you’re a woman. If you like men, holla
at a dude that likes men. It’s as simple as that, man. – I’m sorry. – What you did was wrong. – And I admit it, right there. – And I have nothing
to say to you, man. This is an
embarrassment for real. I’m done here. (dramatic music) (exhaling) (dramatic music) This dude is sick, bro. – For him it might
not seem that I care, but I really do. Like, I really do and
I feel bad about myself every single day that I wake up. ♪ So I’m not a forest even if
I thought I was one with you ♪ (exhales) This is (beep) crazy, bro. ♪ ‘Cause you’re not an
angel even if you’re close ♪ This is so embarrassing,
it’s not even funny. – I didn’t mean to hurt him, but I was going
through so much at home and the only reason that I
did continue talking to Danny, like I wanted to stop at first, you know but he was
the type of person that he sat there
and he listened. He listened and
actually gave me advice and never tried to judge me. Obviously he was a
good person, you know, very religious, you know, and those words of inspiration that he used to
tell me, you know, really helped too. (dramatic music) Everything that I said that
Rosa was going through, I really went through it, you
know as me, as Jose, you know? I told Danny that Rosa was sexually abused,
I mean it happened to me. I was in pain. To this day, I’m still in pain. I just tried to find an escape. I tried to find an
escape through drugs, I used to do drugs heavy. The only way that I stopped
doing drugs, I got locked up. And that was the only
thing that was helping me. I felt like being somebody else, being somebody that you’re not, being somebody you can
actually talk to somebody and they can’t judge
you on your past because they don’t know
nothin about your past. – All right, well look. This is a distinctive
moment for you. ‘Cause right now, when you
look back at your life, a lot of it’s the stuff
that wasn’t great. It’s getting bullied
in high school, it’s getting addicted to
drugs, it’s going to jail, it’s not the best past, and while that’s
not gonna go away, starting now, you can do
it a little differently. Tomorrow, if you’re up for it, and hopefully help you,
start that process of healing and turn that page and leave
volume one of the life of Jose somewhere else and
start volume two. – Okay. Thank you. – [Max] It’s nice to meet you. – It’s nice to meet you guys. Like thank you guys, for real. – All right. We’ll check in with you later. – Mhm. (sad music) – Ooh. Oh man. Well that was probably more
than you bargained for. – Bro, yeah. I just kind of like wanna
disappear from the world for a couple of days. – Yeah, I mean I
know it’s not fair because this is just as much
your experience as it is his, but I think it’s pretty obvious that this guy’s had
it pretty rough. – You have every right to be mad and to not want to do
anything more for this guy, but if you really
wanted to be a hero, and go beyond, the one thing that
you could give him is to let him know
this is not something you’re gonna hold against him
for the rest of your life, and that might lighten
his burden a little more. (exhales) (dramatic music)

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  1. This is the dark side of social media! People are in pain, isolated, lonely, and have trauma. We are all seeking human connection and relief from our pain. People hide behind social media as trolls and/or catfish in order to connect as someone else. The real SOLUTION is to seek connection IN REAL LIFE. A Therapist, church, a meetup group where you can have REAL social support, human connection. Social media is really ANTI-SOCIAL! Bless everyone who is reading this. Please connect with others in real life!

  2. Wow, everybody being understanding and supportive of the catfisher, but he is creepy and potentially a budding sexual predator, bullied or not.

  3. For everyone saying they feel bad for him and that he seems remorseful, hes not. Hes sorry he got caught. He ends up on the show again for literally doing the same stuff and he makes fun of the whole thing

  4. Dear school bullies- FUCK YOU. Its been 10 years since I graduated and the bullying STILL affects me. Im so sorry for your piece of shit parents who didnt raise you right.

  5. I've been watching YouTube too much, this guy is also on Judge Judy: Judge Judy Full Episode 956 Judge Judy 2020 Amazing Cases

  6. Hope this clears his minds and emotions and he seeks helps and socializes in a healthy way .. to not lie and hurt other people

  7. The guy who got catfished was pretty chill and not rude about it. He was a class act toward Jose and gave him some solid advice. Much respect to him.

  8. I feel sad is just sad people made have low self esteem and create a fantasy is hurtful u can tell the guy f礙lt embarrased but he cant be playing WITH people feeling thats why when i meet people on line i speak to them on the phone if they have excuses to chat on the phone red flags go up DONT EVER MEET SOMEONE ONLINE THROUGH JUST TEXTING…..HEAR TH PERSON ON THE PHONE .

  9. Not every catfish feels bad for catfishing, so hes not that bad
    What he did was bad, but its a good thing he felt bad for doing it
    He seems like a nice guy

  10. Yeah its fucked what he did but lets face it that guy wouldnt talk to him for a second if he knew who was really behind the computer we all know that.

  11. This is messed up, but the guy who was catfished was straight to the point and he let the steam roll off but in the most polite way possible. It seems like he genuinely wanted Jose to get right in the head. Kudos to the catfished guy, that was well played!

  12. Id be interested to see what happens in Volume #2 of Joses life. They show do an update with him.

  13. Catfish should be more than a tv show were people get exposed. Some of these people need real HELP! They should do little mini follow up episodes were they see how well the people are doing and if they are getting the help they need. The man in this video needs professional help!

  14. It is incredibly impressive to see a young dude express himself and exercise self control when he could legitimately be enraged. He has been embarrassed by a broken, dishonest chubster on national TV.

  15. Poor guy. You can tell hes not a bad person. This world treats people so poorly sometimes and makes them do things they wouldnt normally do. Hes hurting. God bless him. I hope he finds peace.

  16. DAMN, if you're going to find someone online … FREAKIN' FACE TIME/VIDEO CHAT w/ THEM! If they say NO, it's a NO GO!

  17. I feel desperately bad for this guy. I hope he eventually finds someone to care for him. Some people just endure such miserable lives… Hurting another person isn't the cure. Good luck Jose.

  18. Damn the dude in the green is gentlemen it's so sad to see ppl out here hurting from their past you will never understand what ppl are going through

  19. Man i wish i can give jose a hug like he looks like he's going through a lot of stuff behind closed doors but don't ever judge nobody bc you never know what that person go through. Words really do hurt and those words that you called them follows them forever and it won't ever go away. I have a big heart so i would want to hold jose and talk to him like I'm a good listener .

  20. Damn imagine being that big of a loser you catfish ppl instead of using that same energy to find yourself a person who likes you for you

  21. Dude has a real sad life if he is holding on to some negative bullshit that happened in his freshmen year of high school. In he is 26. Smh.

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