THE PACKAGE Official Trailer (2018) Teen Comedy Netflix Movie HD

THE PACKAGE Official Trailer (2018) Teen Comedy Netflix Movie HD

Show me ID. So military ID Jack Jess. So if we’re porting for booze, you don’t look like this guy This guy looks like a soldier. Oh I’m really excited to go camping with you guys why this would be bad stop going through my shit Sarah? Wait, did you not tell them that we were coming? I was I’m telling them now like they’re learning of it right now Jeremy said we’re gonna make six miles into the droids Don’t you something dude, the fun? You can condom this might be your chance to be with Becky. She’s always happening for you I’m slow playing it. Okay, you are know playing it guys spring break and I’m ready to rage let the games begin If you want we can make down I don’t know I’m not gonna take the long way down I’m gonna take the Shawn way down Obviously didn’t hear it that much it’s actually really fun This knife is so sharp She doing Did you just oh no No, no what I have a medical emergency. I need a medevac pronto I’ll get their attention The fireball was all me did your fucking idiot That was insane Wow the fun King you wanted to use it at the hospital Suppose we can’t wait Sean okay. Yeah Where’s your problem? Trying to you footballer what I’m a bony Did you just fart? No, it’s a seat. Oh my god. Do you have the farts and a boner? I don’t have the farts or a boner. One of those is definitely alive. You’re being cock-blocked literally by your own cock

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  1. So the entire premise is a condom and screaming? Sounds like a decent movie to watch with my friends to see if we can actually make it through such a piece of trash.

  2. 1:06 Jajaja Cómo tener alto para la espalda y le pega y le duele Bueno no leído Sólo un poco de golpe a la espalda pero cuando lo tocó el doctor que tocó grita como loco

  3. My brother can’t wait for this movie to come out! He’ll be so happy when I tell him it comes out on his birthday

  4. They could've done something even remotely interesting and made the Third Act a horror. It would be surprising if they didn't spoil it in the trailers

  5. I watched this awhile ago and I didn’t know what it was about so let’s just say I was so weirded out by like 10 mins in

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