The perfect match – Hindi Short Film – hurdles a couple faces who is all set to marry

[DOOR BELL RINGING] [DOOR OPENS] Take me back. I cannot live without you. I have come to say sorry. sorry. sorry. You wanted to say sorry right? You did. Very good. And what are you apologising for? What was wrong about what you said to me? Do you even realise your mistake? [CUTTING NOISE] What did I even say to you? I am calling you since morning, you are not answering my call. Now I have personally come to apologise. Thats what! You felt the need to come, so you came. Harsh you always take me for granted. I take you for granted? Who keeps blocking me on whatsapp? One little fight and you unfollow me on social media. Do I say anything then? [BLENDER SOUND] I did unblock you after 2 hours. And I have blocked you for innumerable times in last three years. You could have called me ñ if you wanted to talk! Call you and say what? You were hell bent on breaking up with me. I did not want to stretch the fightÖ Anyway- how does it matter now? What do you mean? Umm So less sugarÖ There is no sugar! [CELL PHONE RINGING] Okay listenÖ I have apologised, what else you want me to do? [GHAZAL PLAYING] And itís not such a big dealÖ Seriously? We told them we want to get married to each other – And your mother went to get our horoscope matched? She belives in all this- horoscope and stuff And is it my fault that our horoscope doesnít matchÖ? itís not my fault eitherÖ But the problem is in your horoscope, I am safe… Means… Also I am her only son. My mother cares for me… What if I marry you and die? Oh! Give the cup. Let me finishÖ Give! Oh god… She gets on my nerves! So I shouldínt have told you right? I just informed you… You know this horoscope thing doesnít bother meÖ What you want me to do? I dont know… Probably be a man. Do what needs to be done! You know what the problem is… That you dont care enough. [CELL PHONE RINGING] Lets elope. Or letís have a court marriage…best option I have a friend who is lawyer. What? Why will we elope? Is there any logic to that? And i donít want a court marriage! I’ve planned everything for the wedding, themes for various functions My dressesÖI want a grand wedding. Harsh stop irritating me more! Ok So my parents wonít attend our wedding. yeah and my parents will be thrilled to know that, right? Oh god! I donít understand how is it my mistake? Harsh your parents are opposing our wedding because our horoscope doesnít match! Did my parents insist on horoscope match? No, and even if they had, I would have handled them. Unlike you! My mother believes in all these customs… All major events in our house happen according to auspicious timings. [CELL PHONE RINGING] Hello Yes, Riya speaking. Aunty? Yeah, he is here. Yes Aunty, I have told my parents about us! Yes Aunty, absolutely. Okay… Okay. Yeah… Yeah Aunty… bye. Bye Aunty. What happened? It was Auntyís call. My Mom? Yes! And she asked me whether I have told my parents about us. And she said do we want to get married this year… What! Yes Just today morning she told me to never see your face again. There is some catch here… One second. Oh god! What happened? I just got a text from my dad. The thing is, your horoscope is not faulty… The problem is in my horoscope… You are safe! OhÖok! So if I die because I married you, then your mother has no problem with it? Wow how convenient… Let it be! Now everything is sorted… So… No…No…No…Wait…Wait…Wait What if something happens to me after our marriage… Even I am the only child of my parents… No…No…No..No… No…No…No…No…No…No [CELL PHONE RINGING] Wait…Wait. Mom. Hello. Yes mom. Yeah the maid left. Why did you call? Birthdate? WhoseÖWhy? Ha? Mom I’ll call you later, bye! Bye…Bye. Now what? My MomÖ wants to get our horoscope matched Now tell me! Lets elope. Oh. Court marriageÖBest. Court marriage. You have a lawyer friend. Ha Yeah. But you yourself said you can handle it… SoÖ Now I’ll call your mom and tell her about my faulty horoscope… Letís see if she agrees for the match thenÖlet me call her… Haan No No… Listen… No… No

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