The Pickup Artist | Official Trailer | New Movie 2019 | Roar Picture Company | Rohit Arora | Hindi

The Pickup Artist | Official Trailer | New Movie 2019 | Roar Picture Company | Rohit Arora | Hindi

Mankind’s Fascination with Stories is Fascinating,
isn’t it? So is it like a short film? Feature Film! What’s it about? Found it in the movies, found it in books;
Searched for it exclusively in humans, but never found it there.. If we keep inviting new stories, then escaping
the vicious circle of Incomplete stories, becomes impossible. Chaanv Chaanv Chaanv Chaanv Chaanv,
there came an eagle, snatched the eye and flew away. Government is a scam! Not just our government but all governments!! What if the story you are into isn’t good
enough? Would you still try to finish it for the sake
of completion? Only the ones who could not get girls will
think of creating a system to get girls. All men are dogs, they bloody taste you and
say their tastes are different. You are already drowned, shores are for those
who know how to swim.. Boom! Had Ravana won, he would have been the hero
of Ramayana. He lost so everyone calls him a villian now. This way you questioned the formation of whole
society! Proof is subject to 5 senses. Slowly it is eating-up my brain. The girl has already been teleported to Niburu.. What is the 5th dimension? What is 4th? Go demolish another Tesla Tower! I don’t like incomplete stories either, but
who knows if any story has an end to it?

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  1. fantastic…..all the best all actors and team ..thanks Rohit bhai.. for this lovely opportunity..cheers..👍

  2. This trailer is amazing. Great to see India progressing towards quality cinema. Will definitely go and watch this. The cast also seems pretty promising.

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