The Picture Behind the Picture

Good morning. Good morning. Yesterday on
Facebook Messenger, actually it’s been a couple days.
There’s this woman who is not a student, and she messaged me and I went back and
forth with her for a couple days, and she was arguing to stay sick. She had some
illness and she was asking, “Help me, help me.” And I was making suggestions but
she kept going to, “Oh that’s not gonna work.” So I’m reading
this and it was fascinating, usually I would just drop a conversation like that
and not keep engaging. I wanted to see how far she would go for arguing and
she went a few days going back and forth with me. As I kept reading
this energy I kept seeing there’s something else behind her pattern of
arguing. In a lot of ways we termed that picture behind the
picture. This is a great concept to understand because a lot of times you
have a belief that X is the truth, or X is the cause, or X is my plight in life.
And one of the great parts about all the tools in Mastering Alchemy, particularly
when you start playing with that eighth Ray concept, and you start to recognize a
whole series of words, for example. My word is resentment, or jealousy, or
disappointment, and that’s my belief. That’s what happened, I was
disappointed and the relationship did this when. But.
There’s always a picture behind the picture. You mentioned that woman
in that conversation to me and even though it was fascinating, because you’d
say, here’s a tool, have you tried this? I’m sure that won’t work because my
circumstance is. And particularly right now in these times, these huge
waves of change. You can focus on them as disruptive and how dare they, and
democracy is at risk, and all the things externally. Or you could begin to
look at them like wow. If everybody is in agreement but
you, with this course of action, kind of changing the flow of the river is pretty
challenging under those circumstances. When you get to a situation like we
are right now, where you have so much transition and turmoil. If you can begin
to recognize that maybe my circumstance isn’t about this belief that I have, is
it possible that there is a picture behind the picture? When
I was looking at her, I saw a picture, like I said, it was fascinating
how it was unfolding. And when I looked at it, the picture behind her arguing
was that growing up she was never listened to.
She would have an opinion as a little kid, and poopoo you know, she was not
given any validation or credibility. So you have to argue,
this is my situation and it can’t change. That’s a tough one.
So many, so many of you, so many of the people that listen to
this, have those same kind of opinions. Some of them are glaring and some of them are
as simple as I just don’t deserve because I got a C on
my geometry test. As illogical, irrational is that is, now that you’re 40 years old,
and you’re not 14 years old. It still is the driver. One of the other
aspects of all this work is present time. Does that belief support me right now? Is
this still real? It’s hard to get an answer for that because it’s like right
there in your face. This is my truth. If you can step back and start to look
at it like, again so many people playing in Mastering Alchemy have that opportunity
to perceive a reality different than the reality. You start to see a picture
behind the picture and quite often the picture is not even yours.
It’s somebody saying you don’t deserve, you can’t have, you’re not worth anything
and we agree to it and then we begin to proceed accordingly. When you get to
that place you start to realize that what you’re really resentful for, like in
this lady, is I had opinions, I had excitement, I had dreams, I had creativity
and nobody listened to me so therefore, I’m not worth anything. Nobody
listened to me, therefore I have to push really hard, I have to argue and go
against. She wasn’t even considering other possibilities.
She was just arguing for her limitations. I get it, you know,
when you’re a kid you’re vulnerable, you don’t know. Sure you believe
the grown-ups because they’re grown-ups. And little kids they don’t
know, they just believe it. And then that becomes our reality.
We should do another one of these conversations about, “What is Your
Reality,” sometime soon. We just assume, we’ve
lived in this house for 40 years, this is my life. Really, is it?
Have you considered another option. A net falls into the picture behind
the picture too. This is my truth and this is all I am.
We should also do another one on arguing for your limitations. In fact,
let’s do that next week because I think that’s important. This whole issue of
the picture behind the picture, if you can just pause, get into present time and
ask the question, “I know this is my truth and is there something else that goes on
with this?” And just for a piece of information, one of the things, if you can
get to that place, just ask that question. Then take pencil or pen
and say, “What other words are similar to this?” Jealousy, resentment,
disappointment, what else goes along with this? What are the other words that I
have been aware of in my life and just start writing them down. What
happens is you get a word and you realize this isn’t the issue,. This is the issue. And amazingly, unraveling this, in that point of
awareness, is actually pretty simple. Because you’re no longer arguing for all
the charged belief that this is the cause. And doing that exercise, when I’ve
done it, I get a physical sensation when I hit on the right word.
It’s a ahh, uh-huh, kind of feeling. There’s an opportunity here to recognize it and
then some people will go, oh no, this is what’s been going on. And then they’ll
start building a story around that. The opportunity is to recognize this isn’t
the story, and this isn’t the story either. I can begin to let go. Another session we should do in the context of what is your
truth? What is it you want? When we ask that question it’s
amazing. People don’t know. People don’t know. Because I’ve been so
consumed with my… I don’t know what I want anymore. That’s
a good one I could say more about that one but let’s save it for another
morning. What’s the
picture behind your picture? One more thing about the picture behind the
picture. I have kind of a trick where I don’t
necessarily say, what’s the picture behind the picture, I ask myself, when has
this happened to me before? So I’m looking for the
pattern. Okay, I just noticed I do this odd thing. When have I done that in the
past and when have I done it again and again. I’m looking for a thread.
There’s a kind of double-edged sword in a way because without some skills,
without some knowledge, you look at where else have I failed, and when did I
do it before, and when did they do it before. You’re not looking for the
blame or the guilt, you’re looking for hmm, isn’t this an interesting pattern.
And when you really begin to look at it that way, very little truth is held in
the old stories. You just keep accumulating,
this happened and obviously that was true. Well no, obviously it was not
necessarily true. And that’s where the Mastering Alchemy tools are just so, so
valuable because once we, I, find that picture, I have a tool to de-charge it.
And when you bring it in to a point where you’re looking at it, it’s simply
not a truth and so it doesn’t sustain itself. We never examine or never
even pause to look, we just move right through the whole process. A good
suggestion. Play with that and you might find some really valuable
opportunity in these times particularly because this is going to get more
challenging and more opportunistic. Depending on if you look at it from is
the glass half-full or half-empty. We’ll talk about that too. What
would you like to do now? Breakfast! Breakfast, okay.

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