The Picture of Dorian Gray – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

The Picture of Dorian Gray – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

What it do gangstas? This week we
gettin hedonistic with The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.
Up in nineteenth century London, an artist named Basil just finished his masterpiece-
a portrait of some fine-lookin stud named Dorian Gray. His boy Lord Henry be all like
“Damn! That boy is fine!” When Dorian rolls in to peep game at his painting,
Lord Henry start preachin to Dorian bout how a pretty boy like
him ain’t gonna stay pretty forever. So he gotta drop bein all virtuous and chase
dem pleasures of the flesh while he still got it. Dorian seems like he dig, so he takes
his portrait home and start chillin with Lord Henry on the reg.
A month later Dorian tells Lord H that he got himself a new dame- some actress
named Sybil. And like THAT, Dorian wanna put a ring on it.
S’all good til one night Dorian takes his boys to see Sybil shake it on stage.
But she be straight trippin. Sybil so bad that Dorian be all like “the fu** girl?”
Sybil say she so in love with his fine self that she don’t care bout acting anymore.
But Dorian ain’t dealin with no has-beens and dumps her ass right then and there.
Dorian comes home and notices that his portrait changed somehow and now it got
a nasty sneer all up on his mug. When word comes that Sybil dun iced herself, Dorian
decide he don’t give a fu** no mo and gonna lock that portrait upstairs and devote himself
to lusty livin. Years pass and word on the street
is that even though Dorian still young and fine, he been up to some scandalous sh**.
One day he runs in to Basil who say that a lotta hoods be talkin mess bout his rep. Basil
say “is it for real?” Then Dorian take Basil back to his
crib where lets the painting do the talking. And dat thing ALL jacked up now. Dorian gets
so riled up at the thought of his ruined image that he grabs a knife and shanks Basil! That
fool dead. Later, Dorian hits up Lord Henry
and tell him that he done with all that hedonistic garb and wanna be good again. But Lord Henry
just think he playin and don’t pay him no mind.
Then Dorian goes up to the portrait to see if it’s changed now that he wanna
be righteous, but that ugly ass mug is nastier than ever.
After hearing a big ass thump, Dorian’s servants run upstairs
where they see a wrinkly-ass corpse, and a portrait of young Dorian look all fine. Ain’t
that a bitch? Now back before this story dropped in 1890s, Wilde was beefin with his tight-ass
publishers who weren’t diggin all the steamy bro-on-bro action. It wasn’t until 2011
that the uncensored typescript hit the streets. But why these haters gotta hate? Cuz on the
real, most homies say Wilde JUST layin down a morality
tale. See, Dorian’s mind always warring
between two philosophies: of either livin the moral life or sayin “man fu** dat mess”
and chase all dem human temptations. Since Basil’s always gettin his
tighties all bunched up over Dorian’s purity, he reppin the moral side. Whereas Harry’s dirty self reppin
the wild side of humanity that only care about intensity of feeling. To Harry, Dorian ain’t
nothin more than a choice piece of meat. As Dorian keep sinkin in to Henry’s
whack ass hedonism, the portrait gets fuglier and fuglier, like it’s his soul telling
him he dun fu**ed up and chose the wrong path. That’s one of the reasons his
hiding spot bothers him so much. Sparky reads quote: “Every moment of his
lonely childhood came back to him, as he looked round. He remembered the stainless purity
of his boyish life, and it seemed horrible to him that it was here that the fatal portrait
was to be hidden away.” But what Dorian don’t see is that
nothing simple as good and evil. It ain’t just his vices that he trying to hide from
the world- it’s also a part of himself. Like Wilde himself said: “All
excess, as well as all renunciation, brings its own punishment.”
Truth is, if you tryin to say that life is ALL ABOUT purity or sin or the body
and the soul, then you straight trippin. Cuz what’s really fu**in up Dorian’s game
is that he thinks he gotta chose one or the other. Fool needs to realize that a real playa
embraces all those things. Like Dorian say “Each of us has
Heaven and Hell in him.” Hey thanks for checkin me out. Make
sure you embrace your inner thug and subscribe. Peace.

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  1. i read somwhere that oscar wilde said that the characters in the book represent the image of himself in three different ways dorian is who he wishes he was basil is who he really is and henry is who society thinks he is or something like that (maybe i mixed them up haha) (sorry for bad ennglish its not my first language)

  2. We were doing Shakespeare in English and our teacher put one of these on for Romeo and Juliet, I love this.

  3. Hood Renaissance. Lol. Wonderful! How come I haven't seen you on here before!!! Gasps!!! I AM SHOCKED AT MYSELF!! You just gotta another subscriber. I need a read Dorian Gray one day. Peaceeee!!!

  4. Thank you Mr Thug you have encouraged my teenage son to look at literature again…you made it cooool for him

  5. I came to this because I got to chapter 6 and I am absolutely dreading this book. I know it's a classic but it's so slow. Thank you so much for helping me with this I have a book report due 🙏🏼♥️

  6. I think Dorian in either heterosexual or bi. He truly loved Sibyl, and his homosexual experiences were either because 1) he's obviously sexually adventurous or 2) he's also attracted to men.

  7. I had hoped you would talk more about why Dorian killed Basil. He wasn´worried about his image, he was sure no one were to believe Basil if he told anyone about the portrait.
    Dorian killed Basil for some other reason, but I´m not sure what is was exactly. He blamed him for everything bad the portrait brought with it (somehow), and also he was angry at Basil trying to make him own up to everything and be a better person, and also also he just wanted to kill some fools (i think). And mabey he was ashamed too?
    I don`t know man.

  8. Face theorist explains Dorian Gray allegory is that after 50 years you can read faces like book, every sin are painted as wrinkle into face and body (Harvey, Kate Richards, Fredy Mercurry) sex, drugs and rock and roll will make your face like dry prune Kate Richards or swollen pig like Harvey Weinstein. Stay in school kids :)))

  9. 🎅🏻🎁There’s a company called Dorian Gray Skincare, and their body butters are fantastic. Definitely worth the price, if you’re a fan of the book🎁🎅🏻

  10. I don't think that hedonism has to be a foil to piety. Why can't we both enjoy life to its fullest and love God? We are only going to have extremism in life. It won't exist in heaven. So let's experience that over-stimulating joy now, so we can appreciate real joy in the after life

  11. I wonder how this story would sound if Dorian were a girl? In the book, male Dorian used and discarded women, often causing their ruin and sometimes causing their death. What if a woman did that to men? I doubt in the end there would be gentle head-shaking over female Dorian's wasted life. She'd be despised as the most evil, irredeemable character in all of literature.

  12. I'm not sure what you mean by embracing the heaven and hell within each of us? The concept of heaven and hell are destinations though I do understand and agree that the potential for either is in all of us.

    I would encourage you to look at "The Great Divorce" by C.S. Lewis which I think provides a fascinating illustration of the nature heaven and hell and how we do naturally pursue both but ultimately must choose for ourselves.

  13. It is the problem of the pervasive false dichotomy once again . There is not just the choice of black or white . There is the third way, the middle way, that we are part sinner and part good, which makes us even more humane to ourselves and others . Joining the politically correct or joining the donald trumps of the world is not a choice at all .

  14. After watching your videos , I feel that I want to read more and more books 📚. You make any thing look cool and funny 😂.

  15. I had no idea a "new" version of the text had come out in 2011. Dangitall… now I need to find a copy and reread it. Thanks for the heads up!

  16. Thank you for this video, it really helped with an assignment I had because I understood the book a little better than just reading it. Thanks!

  17. What i learn from the movie is Pleasure & happiness are 2 diferent things is true i had so many s3x partner when i lo0se them i don't feel n0thing but when i loose some one i want love the pain is just too real i like how they make sex look like a drug in this movie cause in a way it is

  18. If you're not careful this book will weigh you down, perilously.
    Moral fallacies are explicit; moral worth is merely implicit or disguised beneath the fallacies themselves.
    A Christian may see through it, albeit at a great cost.
    But if you're one of those who stumble around right and wrong or between truth and falsehood, this book
    is bound to leave you in greater darkness than before.

    Of course the centre point of the story is the progressive marrying of the moral character one goes through
    as one passes from infancy to youth to adulthood and into old age.
    The purpose is to awaken the reader into looking for a way out of this seemingly inevitable cursed course
    (even Dorian's last few moments recreate our own).
    Instead, if you're not a Christian or not very intelligent, you may be caught in a sticky web of cynicism,
    dark passions, unsound reasoning, wrong motives, superficiality, materialism, selfishness, intrigue & despair
    which may have a horrid impact or influence in your state of mind.

    A secondary theme, of course, is aging.
    The choice here is to age either gracefully or ungracefully.
    Again, this will depend on more than just one's genetic make-up, it will depend chiefly on what one's character
    is like.
    Basically, you look what you think, at any age.

  19. My favourite book. Wildes dialogue is what drives the story. I love the
    characters. So vain, so materialistic, so shallow, so unbothered about
    appearing politically correct. Lord Henry Wotton constantly infecting
    his friends with his emotionless philosophy, representing the upper
    class of London and how that lifstyle can affect and corrupt a persons
    youth. Aswell as how art and literature can also affect the soul and
    ones youth. Really on how you are never really yourself as others
    influence become apart of you. So many quotable lines and such relatable
    content in todays world. If you haven't read this book, be careful. It
    will either make you hate the vanity of the characters and despise them,
    or it's poetic shallowness will just fill you with admiration for that
    lifestyle and psychopathic way of viewing the ugliness of the world.
    Either way, it's truly a masterpiece.

  20. Oscar Wilde, The Eternal Dandy

    Oscar Wilde will always be what he was, the most diabolical and Luciferian manipulator of human puppets around him and in all his writings. His characters are the mirrors into which he wants his readers to plunge and dive and become the auxiliaries he needs in his research and search for perversion, twisted appeal, and tortured victims.

    Of course, it is literature. So, we have the privilege of falling into the trap and then closing the book and stepping out of the trap unarmed.

    Unarmed, you said, or rather wrote? What an illusion, what vanity, what an imbecile view of what literature is. When you read a book and penetrate it, you will never be able to get it out of your nature, mind, being, and even behavior. So many people become dandies after reading Oscar Wilde, and there are so many ways of being a dandy.

    So follow the book, and later on, I will provide you with other film adaptations. It is about the deep destructive forces that are in man and that can be ignited in a second by one sentence from the right perverter or perverse mental cannibal.

    Publication Date: 2019

    Publication Name:

    Literature * Cinema * Beauty * dandyistic vanity * perverse mind * Mental cannibalism

  21. I think this book was the basis for Yukio Mishima's Japanese Novel "Forbidden colors." In that book, an elderly writer finds that his girlfriend is cheating on him with a very attractive young man who is gay but has not come out. So he hires him to take revenge on the women he feels have wronged him, while encouraging him to spend his free time being as gay as he wants to be. He goes around ruining the lives of both women and men. But in the end, he triumphs. There is no punishment. Mishima seems to be saying that form really does trump everything else.

  22. “I sent my Soul through the Invisible,
    Some letter of that After-life to spell:
    And by and by my Soul return'd to me,
    And answer'd: 'I Myself am Heav'n and Hell.'”

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