The Prototype Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2013) – Andrew Will Sci-Fi Movie HD

The Prototype Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2013) – Andrew Will Sci-Fi Movie HD

Now, we discovered that while you were at MIT, you wrote a thesis called “Lazarus”, Almost a precursor to the current scientific movement known as “singularity.” Given that 15 years later, you are creating a humanoid robot, Do you still believe like Dr. Kerswile and many others that mankind will someday evolve into… Well, machines? Mr. Maxwell, something wrong? *Metallic panting* *Indistinct police chatter* He’s here somewhere. I can feel it. Hey. You okay? Nada. This has to be my focus. And right now, nothing else matters. Dog 3, what do you got? A nationwide manhunt underway for the experimental military drone that escaped from an FBI evidence storage facility in Nevada 73 hours ago. Hailed as the “next generation of unmanned drone technology”. The project was shut down after the robotic soldier malfunctioned. A mistake that resulted in the deaths of all 18 employees of Accelerated Dynamics, Including genius inventor Alex Maxwell. (Broadcast fades) *Metallic panting* And how are we doing this evening? Hey! Go go go go go!

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  1. Still waiting in 2019, i hope the will made this movie… OR at least people / another producer made a remake for this movie

  2. I really think this movie contains some kind of sensitive information that's why they didn't publish it . Look call me crazy but I really believe it is something sketchy on this film maybe technology or something don't worry I am not using my real name I really hope I am wrong

  3. Hollywood sometimes produces movie trailers just to test new possibilities. This is one of those situations. Too bad it was never actually filmed, because it sure looked like a great movie!

  4. This is a Mandela effect this movie isn’t part of our reality look up Neal McDonough or Joseph Mawle on IMDB and they’re not even credited in their filmography as even being a part of this project this movie doesn’t exist

  5. Character design of the prototype looks like Abe and Kronen from Hellboy mixed together….Unfortunately no originality.

  6. Будем ждать так же как и Джиперс Криперс 3,а в итоге будет полный кал

  7. Movie never relased film nikad nije pusten niti nakon cekanja ovolikih godina mora da vise nisu imali financijskih sredstava neznam zato ga nisu onda prodali

  8. sigh
    I remember being so excited as a kid for this movei
    After all these years i still come back
    to check if it came out

  9. Dear Netflix
    Please take hold of this project. This movie is sitting in a vault or computer somewhere. Give the creators and actors thier respect . Be thier voice. Be their hero.
    Thank you

  10. I'm surprised nobody's picked up this movie and ran with it. The evolved creator could team up with him create their own army and take over.

  11. I usually start thinking about this movie once every 1-2 years, and always forget what its called so i have to google 'robot movie not released'. Fortunately this trailer is always one of the top results 😉

  12. I think I've watched this movie somehow , I'm gettng Deja Vu while watching this trailer. Which was the movie that has a same suit like this movie and in which a boy gets magnetic power and a scene in which his that boy's blood heals in metal ? Anyone watched that movie or I'm from another parallel universe ?

  13. Make scenario, find actors, made contracts, find sponsors, create customes, find credit from banks, rent decors, record film, pay fees, made marketing business….but dont publish movie. Really weird !!!

  14. The trailer was the entire project, like a student/amateur thing. If someone had driven a van full of cash up to them, it might have become more, but that apparently never happened.

  15. Been waiting for this so long, was just some months ago I remembered it again and was thinking now it must have been released but to my disappointment, nope….

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