The Proud Rebel (Alan Ladd, Olivia de Havilland) // Full Western Movie // 1958

The Proud Rebel (Alan Ladd, Olivia de Havilland) // Full Western Movie // 1958

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] morning sir you talk about the next town is aberdeen aberdeen not Scotland Illinois it’s got settlers that’s how I come and got the name there’s two miles over that rise they’re pretty big town now like enough to have a good doctor I hope to tell you man or animal doc Davis is the best got his office right across the street from the barbershop can’t miss it thank you sir just a minute that Bridal if my eyes are as sharp as I think they are you’re a southerner that’s right well now ain’t that funny Here I am headed south and here you are headed north kind of evens things up what I hear you’re going in the wrong direction mister here’s a lot of money to be made down there I don’t know anything about scavenging scavenging you’re pretty heavy for a gray bag ain’t you the war’s over mister [Music] there we are come on baby [Music] setbacks life your lives [Music] come on dr. Davis yesterday something I can do funny oh I don’t know then what is it they want from me you both look good and healthy I’d like you to examine my boy he’s a fine-looking dad what’s the name son David David Chandler V tell me son doctor he can’t talk oh but the mind if I had a look at the son oh don’t like doctors I take it hmm I’m not the first this bento I can see that I suppose he’s tired of having a lot of Snoopy old men looking down I float it come on I’m not going to hurt it come along now yes again and open their mouth wider some wider that’s better [Music] how long is you getting this way yeah how did it happen you got a shock wait outside son what the other doctors say what do you say doctor can you help him this isn’t as simple as a broken arm or a broken leg this is different come to the point doctor the point is that this is something none of us know much about some doctors claim it isn’t in the throat at all but up here mr. Chandler sometimes I wish I were a minister instead of a doctor the minister could give the hope the doctor can only give the facts you mean a surplus no no no there’s always hope and faith does he have faith mr. Chandler some cuz they need a lot of it or they’re grow awfully bitter and bitterness can become a bad habit same as war and of course there’s an outside chance that he can be helped have any of the other doctors suggested any kind of treatment no an operation might help an operation by the right man by you doctor no no no no I I I wouldn’t try that kind of surgery I was thinking of an old colleague of mine but you think he can maybe with this no you’re thinking about it is a Minnesota with a doctor Mayo whereabouts in Minnesota Rochester what’s his name Strauss dr. Eli Strauss stress stress well hold on he’s not going off just on my say-so wouldn’t you I don’t know but I think the word mr. Chandler take my advice make the best to what he has will you write and tell him we’re coming of course I can see it’s no good talking to thee he’s a stubborn man I I can’t tell you now like know what I owe his money the only way to pay for something the gates of heaven on open wide to a poor man I I’d have no trouble yet the end thank you dr. George thank you know the me want the damn may after the gets there got a got a Minnesota table there’s a doctor there I know how you feel son but we got to keep trying he may be the one we’re looking for [Music] I know you’d understand come on come on lads [Music] [Applause] [Applause] chief locking away get the moving Lance [Applause] look at a boy [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that’s what I mean by a sheepdog come on Lance down boy be with you in a minute now candy this time David will need food good food I know Thank You mr. show Martha good ASA what can I do for you my boy and I were just passing through it I need a few things all right go George dad in the judge solar styling $30 worth nothing you more than ain’t maybe before the war a lot of silver coming up north lately it’s worth more novel and what arguing it all about it for well say $10 what 20 split the difference with you how’s that $15 will buy a lot of groceries the whole case of candy that’s the best you can do the best and to leave myself a little room for profit I got what you need and we’ll tote it all up leave that dog alone well we seen the dog running loose in the alley and we figured he’s a stray well it’s not our mistake I guess shut up tongue come on babe just a minute you don’t think we’re trying to steal him do you that’s strong talk and cheap country I don’t think anything I just don’t want any trouble you were in grey bags we’re sure he is look there wellington boots I don’t like to talk people’s backs I ask you something yes yes what do you mean yes the names Burley Jeb Burley alright mr. Burley I’m from the South that’s what you want to know come on David wait a minute I’d like a little respect I told you before I don’t like people I’m talking to to walk away from me look a pain did you look at me when I talk to you I’m looking but I don’t see anything come on David come on Jeff let’s get out of here not so fast you just don’t go around accusing people of stealing how do I know is your dog maybe you stole him yourself whose dog is he boy I told you he was mine how are the boy to tell me whose is he talk up boy [Music] [Music] [Music] are you alright are you alright that’s what what is it what what is it [Applause] my name is David Chandler of Atlanta Georgia I cannot speak I don’t expect much from your brother but I certainly do from you how many times have I got what do you already do just stand there let that Grayback scum insult me is that what you are you’re sure what do you mean stop it stop it he started it pop maybe he didn’t maybe it didn’t did you mean drink I think he needs one more new do [Applause] what happened here Gus looks like the rabid been picking on my boys he smells drunk doesn’t he I don’t mean he is we better let the judge figure this one out you come along too your father come on boy let’s see what this is all about I hope you’ll in it now I’ve been meaning to come over and have a little talk with you where I used to with your father your sheep were over yesterday oh I’m sorry to hear about that see you Linda that’s that’s one of the things I wanted to talk to you about I just don’t have room enough for my sheep anymore that little turkey farm that you run you got me all boxed in there I’m gonna be needing a lot more space excuse me Harry you’re in my way now I’d say it’s the other way around [Applause] are you sobered up enough to testify I wasn’t drinking your honor all right drop the drunk charges for now you say they were stealing your dog yeah yes sir hmm how about a Jim the RAM here said you were stealing his dog he’s a liar it’s just the same to you your honor my name is Chandler all right mr. Chandra mm-hmm how do you explain the fact that nobody ever saw Tom reject with your dog the marshal here says your boy had him all the time are you questioning the marshal if he says your boy had the dog your boy had the dog thank you your honor huh now we’re going to the next charge that’s assault now did you Bernie strike the first blow what did you what’s hard to say I don’t give us a hard about it seems simple enough to me either yet brilliant struck the first blow you did that’s a simple lot of wars begin for the shooting starts Chandler did you or did you not attack this man and throw him to the ground yes sir all right any witnesses Gus well you can step down there on your feet Chandler and hear the verdict and the fact that you’re a red bag nothing to do with my decision the court has weighed your story against another man’s that’s all any court in the land can do and the way things are now I got to find you guilty of assault and battery and disturbing the peace 30 days of $30 30 days are you done I haven’t got $30 all right in 30 days there are I have a boy look after that has nothing to do with it most everybody has sentences you got children if you give you a little time I’ll work I’ll do anything but I can’t leave the boy I’m sorry Chandra you should’ve thought about your boy boy who started drinking clothes take it easy friend just a minute judge Morley what is it minute I’ll pay his fine what he said it worked well you can work it out of my place well rag this if that’s the way you wanted yes sir alright minute turning loose linen see me in my chambers trouble yep it’s always sad to see what little boy trying to grow up too fast hmm are you sure that you into doing this just to get back to Beverly’s they give me big earners around here now I don’t think that you know nobody else can stop them I don’t want to hold anybody back but I don’t want anybody to hold me back either the burly’s or anybody else I’m just doing this for the boy if you’re so concerned about the boy why don’t you just take him it wouldn’t work that’s what I thought at first but after watching him no you can’t separate them well I hope you know what you’re doing I tell you I know people especially Rebs you drunks they’re troublemakers it doesn’t look like any troublemaker to me besides the boys have it your own way give me the fine give me the $30 judge I haven’t got the money either what’s that what’s that you saying I’m saying I’m got the money but I think I might be able to pay you $10 a month when my prop comes in do you mean you deliberately lied to me out there in the courtroom I mean I just couldn’t let you separate them oh I said I’d pay you the money and I will and besides with somebody to help out the finally begin to pay no whole that farm noise he’d be a gun sack better off you got rid of their place move to town and do what be absurd for a waitress or an overworked hired girl no I’ll stay with a farm Lee you are still a mighty handsome woman and I won’t stay young forever this is no laughing matter people are beginning to talk about you and they ain’t gonna quit talking under your respectably married people don’t tell me about people what am I supposed to do fly riding the arms the first man off of me lawful marriage just to please them poor Linnet more all alone on that big fun as though it were a crime to live alone because I’m a woman and not a man I’m not a man star dole may judge morally now about the money Leonard you know that before the war your father and your brother we were very good friends you wouldn’t be doing what you were doing if they were alive today you know I could throw you in jail over this from strucked injustice and taking advantage of my position but you won’t that’s not a nice place for a respectable lady there is it judge then I swear to you that I have put I go on get out of here you know get out get up and take your rep with you and maybe that’s the worst punishment I can give both of you thank you judge moil II won’t get out [Music] [Applause] [Music] were you done I said I was I didn’t ask them I wasn’t better at I yank you justice let’s say I’m grateful for your Yankee charity [Music] oh well here it is you can see it for yourself [Music] I don’t want to seem to you what I’m not Chandler I can get you out of jail out of any sentiment or charity I’m on a 200 acre farm here all by myself I raised mostly barley I know it doesn’t look like much but it’s good land where did you find any where you take care of you if you take care of it the farms hard to keep up with you take care of one thing and before you know it to other things needs taken care of like that old barn for instance my brother and I always meant to tear it down put up a new one if my dad talked about it somehow something more important always seemed to come up one day they’ll just fall down well as you can see there’s a lot of work to be done around here just fences to be repaired livestock to take care of Northfield needs plowing sea beds needs sewing not needs me to stay alive Chandler I know about farming man then you know what I mean come on boy come on [Music] I show you your place finish them up later my last hope I didn’t scare you Chandler as just trying to give you a rundown on the place don’t worry ma’am you’ll get your money’s worth [Music] well this is it nothing fancy but it’s got two beds in it you can put your belongings wherever you want this dresser used to be mine everything just seems to collect dust I’ve been meaning clean up in this place well watch the windows tomorrow and hang up some curtains ought to take some water to everything come on boy there you go let’s spread out this blanket for you it’s cold around these parts at night y’all can stay here and get a piece big step for him outside well that’s it I guess yes what did he say he wanted know if this is our home well you must be starved before you eat you could help me finish on harnessing horses how’s that ma’am yes part of the bargain if there’s any work to do I’ll do it no I said no David now you go outside look around [Music] that was a lot of fuss about nothing that’s the way you want a chatter it’s alright with me that’s the way ma’am [Music] where were you in the boy headin Minnesota any reason I’ve been wait a month look Chandler you don’t have to stay if it’s important you made a bargain and let’s both keep it proud [Music] yes I never thank you [Music] he’s got a mind of his own [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] goodbye David you were born for farming I don’t know I ever got along without you would you like to take the cows to pasture [Music] you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah it’s busy it feels useful it’s strange but when you’re random you never think about as being the way he is he’s happy enough how’s the work coming fine in the field should be ready for seeding in a few days it’s hard to make a cloud again with the ground so dry it’s funny how different a furrow looks when you’re siting it over somebody else’s plow even if it doesn’t belong to you it’s a great satisfaction to have a straight furrow feels good you didn’t come in to dinner it’s still on stove guess I wasn’t hungry look Chandler I know I said there was a lot of work to do but you don’t have to do it all well I want to do as much as I can before they far we leaving them of course well if you change your mind about eating you know where to find it [Music] yeah [Music] [Applause] [Applause] franzine is worse neighbors I had to fence them off there to run me right off my land if I hand that’s Donna [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] don’t be a fool guns won’t stop em either they’re not gonna get my land wait let’s try without guns come on David get on your horse [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Hey [Applause] don’t look anymore [Applause] [Applause] [Music] go jab [Music] good why do it fine work okay get Lance a drink [Music] [Applause] I put that away for a while you didn’t have to Chandler the birdies weren’t part of the arrangement I guess it’s my turn to thank you now jelly mister I’ve seen a lot of dogs in my time but that’s the best show I’ve ever seen I’ve seen quite a few yes he’s a good dog dog he ain’t just any ol dog mister he’s a sheepdog I’ve been raising them all my life and no one want to see one what kennels he from my own my boy raised me while I was gone when you got a purebred dog mister who sired him Lancelot oh yes that the Georgia came home you and me are gonna talk us a deal my friend what do you take for him oh he’s not for sale now wait a minute mister you don’t have to play hard to get with me I’m talking money right on the Barrelhead anything’s for sale if the price is right afraid you’re wrong this time mr. Bates is the name I buy a sheep and I raise dogs I don’t mind telling you you’ve got a champion excuse me but I’ve got some work to do give you $150 for him close the deal right now that’s more than I paid for Berkshire Queen last year no thank you $200 all the dog is not for sale goodbye mr. Bates what’s matter with him do you think I was talking through my hat who is he anyway lady’s name is Chandler that’s all I know about him Reb mmm-hmm stubborn like all the rest I’m a knee now I made him a fair deal more than fair he’s either a rich man or a fool oh he’s not rich brown red 200 dollars is a lot of money Chandler two dollars if you need a badly enough [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I rejoice to hear what you say however I rejoice to hear it but as the Sun is beginning to turn to or the afternoon sky had we not better strike the trail again and make forward that we may get an opportunity of seeing these wonderful sisters hairy March giving a cheerful ascent the remnants of the meal was soon collected then the travelers shouldered their packs resumed their arms and quitting the little area of light they again plunged into the deep shadows of the forest [Music] that’s the end of chapter 1 well reads more tomorrow night iDate [Music] you’re good with evening you’re working pretty late I kept it’s too hot for you it’s still on the stove thank you is that a wonderful day [Music] he’s gonna mess this you I’ll miss him sit down Chandler ma’am yes I don’t mean to seem ungrateful but it’s not good for the boy to get attached to something it just makes it that much harder for him to leave Minnesota yes well he’s your boy and I guess you know what’s good for him but one day you will have to grow roots again we will when he get this voice back you know you’re a strange woman ma’am Am I that’s not any woman’s idea of a compliment oh not strange exactly it’s just I’m so good with kids I don’t know there’s something about David I guess he’s just somebody very special I didn’t mean that oh oh why haven’t I ever married is that what you’re trying to say sorry I didn’t need to be Preston are you beginning to wonder about be too gentle touch why I never married because well if the right man never asked me that I asked you a question yes a lot more than I was gonna ask Chandler what were you before the war oh nothing rich man that’s too far back to remember you don’t want to sometimes you can’t help him how’d it happen hmm I mean David I wasn’t there when it happened I wish she’d tell me we had a big house just outside of Atlanta the shelter there’s big fires mother was killed and well david sought that’s how it happened when i came back everything was burned to the ground well Union soldiers it round up all the children sent him up north I finally found David in an orphanage in Pennsylvania in Atlanta since then we’ve seen a lot of doctors it’s claw country what would she like David’s mother like David said the lion good wife wonderful mother [Music] everything a man could ever ask not good to remember that either you better eat there’s nothing his own appetizing as cold stew is all right now [Music] yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] easy on the downstroke David the pay to run careful now just a little mistake and you make a be out of it that’s fine now the Ian you’re all done over hot bride you got on that son got something cool to drink water aside cider nothing better than the juice of the ever and this is the juice of that berry [Music] well friend I’ve been wondering when they’ll be coming in to see me must be three weeks I’ve been working I’ve been all about the injector Lee of course I can’t condone life fighting but if they had to give someone a black dye I’m glad it was his how does it like working for Lily she’s been good to us ah come on in doctor he’s a fine one I’ve known ever since she was that high photos because I boy how is he doing fine how is he getting along with limit fine doctor you didn’t matter just ask questions what is it candolyn I have something they may consider good news but I don’t know I’m always tempted to withhold from me Oh what do you mean thank you villain I mean this letter in all cultures I ought to read it early it’s and dr. Strauss what does it say it’s been exciting working out here Reverend well you always call me nezzie and the boys case interests me enormous Lee the symptoms you described sound like hysterical paralysis I have treated six cases just like it and never had good results with three of them so you see there is a 50/50 chance I might be able to help the boy got it don’t take a chance there’s more to the letter Chandler however I plan to leave here on the 30th for San Francisco if your patient gets here before then I will be glad to see him tell mr. Chandler to Allah Himself three weeks for traveling time testing and exploded the operation and treatment assure the boy’s father that there will be no fee for my services fraternity Eli Strauss well tell him I’ll go sure he wants to I’m sure is the operation dangerous no no no nothing like that the operation is surf is simple I still play it for travel and expenses the cost the $300 for the end the boy Chandler so you take a little time to raise definitely it doesn’t have time Jan they’re less than a week that’s in a week I never figure than this as the No Child and I’m not a man of money but I’ll end there fifty dollars if it’ll help it’s all I have thank you doctor but no and I’ve done my duty when you dissolve is painful but if this should change the mind Chandler let me know goodbye Denis goodbye doctor [Music] most iconography a fellers $50 $50 you’re not serious 10 is easy to sell a horse is you think till you sell them you’ve got to keep mine freedom and that takes money I know your problem sir but I have paid $200 for the horse and $100 for the saddle that’s had a lot of wear it’s still a lot left in it give you a $75 for the lot take it or leave it thank you sir [Music] here on your mind if you can [Applause] [Music] [Applause] whiskey excuse me excuse me you might a nice picture I’ll go ahead I’m not like this Chandler we’re never gonna get anywhere either one of us we don’t start being civil to each other you buy your drink that’s always a good start what’s up to you channa you know we can be friends or well I don’t have the drink good good now first off I want to apologize for my son’s for a little visited agent grown-up thing apologize for themselves no no Thomas Tom’s nut man left yet Jeb is a little hard to control but you know they’re not a bad boys really either one of them a little headstrong you know the way kids are right wait Jamie now yeah I can’t really blame you for having the hard feelings no plus what what the kids did I play dirty turn back there in the alley I admit it but you can’t blame a father for taking care of his own sons not Kenya you know what I mean being a father yourself yes I think I do now I worked hard all my life I started off with 100 head of sheep kept getting bigger and bigger now I got a chance to to really a month or so you know I could I could add 2,000 hit easy why don’t you well then it’s got me got me all boxed in got Hills on one side Timberland on the other then limits on the other what did she want with it rundown farm she wants it that’s reason enough maybe you could talk to her huh might be some money in it for you quite a lot of money say five hundred what’s on your mind how would you like to come over and work for me I’ve got a job I’m offering you a better one just stay where I am I don’t think I made myself clear Chen Lee I never make empty threats but I’m telling you that I’ll stop at nothing and nothing will stop me to get what I want young kid I’ll buy my own sure what’s your name [Music] before you come in David don’t forget to bring in the cows [Music] no luck no would you like some coffee no thanks I wish there was something I could say I know Chandler I’d like to help I know you’re gonna misunderstand this but I could get alone on the farm no thank you anyway it must be something to do there is what I’ve got to sell a dog oh no you can’t I don’t want to I know how much she means to the boy but there’s no other way well there must be another way right now last means more to the boy than his voice that’s right now what about 10 years now 20 years from there no you see I remember him as he was I remember the last day my company was riding off and David came yelling down the road Johnny Johnny what his mother used to call me it’s the last thing I’m saying suppose he never speaks you’ve got to be prepared for it he’ll speak I hope so as much as you do but you can’t sell the dog not on a fifty-fifty chance you know how I feel about David I’d give anything to hear him speak that’s why I’m telling you these things I’m only thinking of what’s good for him I’m thinking of David too only him then why didn’t you ask him because it’s not his decision to make it’s mine well there’s nothing more for me to say wait don’t go not like this don’t make it any worse try to understand I do understand no no you don’t you know how it is to grow them down the country doctor after doctor hearing the same thing paralyzed you’ll never be able to speak it’s the first time I’ve been given any hope I can’t quit now but if it fails what did you do then start roaming and looking all over again just pick up roots whenever you hear of a new doctor who might help when does it stop when does it end and the boy speaks well as you say he’s your boy and it’s your decision to make when you want to leave anytime now tomorrow is as good a time as any the sooner you go the better you hitch the horses in the morning and I’ll Drive you to the depot nights get cold in Minnesota I’ll pack some food and an extra blanket for the boy thank you there’s nothing to thank me for you did a good job but fences are up fields are plowed barns repaired I got more than my money’s worth gentler much more Oh light it light it yeah [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] take it easy son what is it what do you want what is it what’s wrong what is it I don’t know what you want it only tell me Chandler [Music] dawai coming [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s alright son must forget it it was a long time ago [Music] [Applause] [Music] is he alright he finally went to sleep a month’s work up in smoke maybe you should see your friend the sheriff what can he do you can’t go into court without evidence you should know that yes I should maybe I just give up and sell out to them don’t do it I don’t think I’ve got my choice some things you learn to do without but you can’t farm without a barn I’ll need it to store the window feed I’ll bail you another I thought you were leaving is that what you want no and I’d like to stay if it’s all right with you you see I think you’re right about the boy and the dog there must be some other way there has to be I hope so can I fix you some coffee no thanks you better get some sleep well you ought to – oh I don’t think the coffee never could sleep during the daytime [Music] [Music] you know we got to repair this harness only get time you catch em here that’s better wrap around the break come on let’s wonder what’s keeping her you better go tell her we’re ready [Music] What did he say he says you’re beautiful thank you David it’s a lovely gown you like it it’s beautiful thank you I’d forgotten what it felt like to dress up you should do it more often well I didn’t know whether I should or not my bonnet is hopelessly out of date hats can never stay in stab but my father always said that a woman without a hat is only half dressed I agree with your father thank you [Music] David in the back [Music] so let it finally found yourself a man [Music] it’s strong mrs. Ainslie take a strong winter break this one good Farina shot oh it’s you got some several viewers $15 worth mm-hmm where’s the stock of trousers though they have accounted thank you come on Devin minute I almost didn’t recognize it such a pretty dress even if I didn’t sell it to you okay I’ll be with you in a minute don’t have any without tassels they’re making them all with tassels mrs. Ainslie if you don’t like them you can cut them off I suppose so you think about it Gorman oh who knows all right Sonny are you buying a looking huh what’ll be sunny chocolate hot candy we’ll make up your mind Sonny the chocolate is short and sweet there’s a lot can you last longer in a minute you’ll be sorry I didn’t listen to me but I was just saying when I was a little boy these look good and strong they all look strong to me linen you never called me that before matter of fact I was getting tired of all that man talk you made me sound 10 years older than I am and no gentleman would do that do you mind no no I just mentioned it come here David try these on very hangers captain why let it it’s been ages nobody ever sees you anymore just the other day at the Union League social everybody was talking about you and nobody knew what to say what you’ve been doing with yourself out of that far your package mrs. Ainslie oh excuse me could a new picture takers why don’t you have a picture taken Leonard with your pretty dress and bonnet what would I do with it look at it now and then in ten years from now you know what you look like today go on take a picture while I fit a voice trousers let’s see these pants folks and I’ll take a miraculous likeness of you and your loved ones I like this that will rival all the office of Europe step up folks go ahead limit nervous well don’t be nervous little lady sit right down here and do as I tell you and you’ll have a memento that will last you for a lifetime now get comfortable and and sit back you put your head against this my dear now will you step in and then take off your hat please it’s better with your head off and just hold that [Music] your smile a little please lady as fine you smile – thank you very much oh that’s very good yes I believe it is now are we ready all right your name’s Jim you live in a limit my father says you ain’t got no time that right that’s him that’s what I was talking about when it says in alright open your mouth alright Johnny Oh your mouth he won’t open his mouth pinching that’ll make him open it alive you don’t even know when you pinch him what [Applause] [Applause] [Music] are you alright David take him in and clean him up get him another pair of trousers I’ll be right back it’s place oh it’s you Delia I want to talk to you about the dog you’re still in a bind mmm-hmm maybe yes maybe no how much more for him so you had it 300 that’s a little high tell you what I’ll give you a hundred and fifty I’m not bargaining mr. Bates it’s 300 your money more don’t you 200 now wait a minute you are the hardest man I ever dealt with all right you got yourself a deal where is he I’ll bring him tomorrow I have to know it’s all right with you sure and I’d like to have my money now what kind of a deal is this you trying to pull you want the money now but I don’t get the dog down that’s the deal you just have to trust me all right I’ll be waiting thank you deal me in [Music] are you going to tell it no now it’s not the time when it’s all over I’ll tell him he’ll understand better than I hope so [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] let up yes about the operation I was wondering that wouldn’t be better for you to go to Minnesota with David why oh I just think you’d feel better with you and I might never come back but you will besides I gotta get the barn up the we needs harvesting and you never know what the brothers are gonna do will you let me if that’s the way you want it guess it is Leonard [Music] well David you’ll be leaving in the middle so goodbye the Lance [Music] you’ll be alright [Music] you can’t take him with you now you you might be gone a long time wait a minute you’re not gonna spoil everything I [Music] it’s best this way David we can’t take him with us [Music] [Applause] okay he’s not going to back out now not after all the trouble we went through they wouldn’t do that to us with this Sun look I brought the bag of family for the tip this care David this is the fire ladder next time I see thee they won’t be shaking my head do you tell me David son I don’t know what’s gonna happen nobody does sometimes we have to do things that we don’t want to do gotta be a good boy come on you go let it take care yourself you too it’ll be all right David well I want to say that David bye [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I’ve been waiting for you as being – thank you spelling my leg didn’t know if he’s joking or not I see it wasn’t tell me how come you change your mind about selling him I guess the price is right now you’re talking my language I always said there was a price on anything there’s a dog remember what go on let’s go do it come on boy we’re gonna make a champion out of you come on now get over here come on yeah [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] tomorrow dr. Strauss operates the more I see the doctor the more I like him he and David are the best of friends and the doctor is teaching him to play chess the game is beyond me yesterday one of the parents brought a puppy after one of the children and David saw them together it was one of the worst moments of the whole trip I pray we’ve done the right thing [Music] [Applause] [Music] I’ve got another body I was in the government and he told me he had an ephah volley it’s a Minnesota read it to me doctor the operation is over they’ve just started treatment it’s too early to tell anything yet but dr. Strauss says that everything went exactly as he expected he says that we should know in a day or two I hope I’m not reading anything into how he said it but he sounded very optimistic it says that we will be able to leave here in three days on the afternoon coach I hope this letter reaches you before we do David is anxious to get back and I am too no Lilith [Applause] how do you feel [Music] [Applause] I’m sorry Jenna does he know about Lance I couldn’t tell him I I left him home we’ll we’ll stay here till it clears [Music] [Applause] [Music] you want me to tell him it might be easier no I’ll do it [Music] Lance is gone David I I saw me I had to Davis there was no other way didn’t work out it was the chance I had to take well if you had known about the Lancers you just wouldn’t have gone through it I know I know I lied to you you can hate me and it’s all right you see I know what Lance meant to you it meant a great deal to me David David just trying to stand I had to I had to David David I had to honest honest I did [Music] mr. Bates Oh what do you want Chandler about the dog Lance I sold you dog mongrels more like it well he ain’t worth a plug copper is a dog well he’s a one-man dog and I should have known better it’s the way these mongrels are mr. Bates I don’t know har but I got something for you but I have to have the dog back I’d be glad to give him back believe me but I ain’t got him anymore where is he I got rid of him he wouldn’t work the Sheep wouldn’t work a single command all he do is crawl around his belly and why first time I ever judge wrong where is he Bates told you I got rid of him ha lost him in a poker game go to Harry Burley lost him as a good hand to full house three aces up I don’t know why but Burley always want that dog since I first got in here well we had us this game Thank You Bates whoa no son he won’t work for Burley either well look you can see be yourself [Applause] they’re gonna tell you [Applause] [Music] [Music] I lied to David about his talk I’m gonna get her back with a guy probably Scotty so I think he understands it’s a gun I know Harry Berta John he never does anything without a reason I’m gonna find out what his reason is you’re his reason ever since you came here you’ve been in his way without you I might have given up the farm and now he’d have it all he does want Lance he wants you please listen to me John what could it be to the boy dead give him the gun John there’s nothing to do with you yes it goes I’m part of this now you made me part of it you can’t just come into my life and go right out of it I won’t let you let me go John what is it is it pride then I’ll go to the birdies because I have no pride anymore I don’t care about the farm you wouldn’t David are all I care about and that’s got to mean something to you means a great deal in it there’s not that way John [Music] David David away [Music] David look at me I made a mistake and I’m sorry I’ll get your dog back [Music] no I’m not lying you stay here understand I’m getting your dog back [Music] never David stay here [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] he’s coming here it’s like pop said he would [Music] [Applause] [Music] good company coming back company was expected [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] he said this way pop let him come don’t you touch other Revlon hospitality this ain’t no time for talking pop let’s do what we’ve got to do and get it all there’s no time to be losing your head either just leave me alone with him you boys waiting there start when they’re gone come in come in doors open Wow shanlee come in come on in make yourself at home sit down how about drink no thank you don’t mind if I do hmm port for me hey jugs are kind of hard to handle with a script wing line where’s my dog your dog you ain’t accusing that’s to steal me Marya did I once before a dog thief is just as bad as a horse thief and cheap country you know that don’t you all right yours Burley I’m running back I’ll pay it somewhere how I got a deal with you but I’ve got to have that dog well yeah I see you’re ready to talk sense how about Linnet too bad about her barn burning let’s talk about the dog that’s all I came to talk about sure sure sure my boys really took a liking to him he’s just like one of the family you can’t touchy about the girl ain’t you I hear a lot of talking town about you – what kind of talk I know what kind would you expect handsome fella like yourself pretty girl like Linnet living way out there away from everybody and everything no you can’t stop people from talking can’t you Cheerilee not if they’ve got dirty minds [Applause] you know I I don’t figure you Charlie you’ve given me nothing but trouble from the very first now you’re asking for favors then it was getting ready to see this whole thing my way she’s just about ready to give up her place when it’s nothing to do with her I came here asking a favor oh sure I know you know this got nothing at all do with her this this is for your kid the dummy and that right channle that’s right yeah I know how you feel I got boys myself remember cuz I heard you won with a howl like that beats name because he’s nothing but a one-man door he’s like bait said no good your work for me well take him take him he’s yours you mean it I know you can get out of here Chandler your dogs down in the tool shed take him get out of here [Music] you look so surprised it’s the moment you ever did for me or my son’s gone get out a chair before I change my mind thank you [Applause] [Music] you might be out of your mind but I’m not so fast we’re gonna shoot a dog thief how’d you like that no Jim you go down by the Sheep pen Tom I want you to get out of the haystack don’t shoot till he comes out of the shed and remember what I told you we’re killing a dog thief you got that straight both okay we got it are you sitting there for come on get out of here [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] David [Music] [Applause] watch them over here they break it down [Music] [Applause] [Music] johnny say ‘then you said it said again yeah say it say it you said it second you can do it kill y’all listen to me Popjustice what you gotta listen to me get away get away you’re coward I’m gonna kill you Chandler don’t come any closer pearly I’m warning you you turd ease [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Long time no see this one still a classic in my eyes. 2 top stars of that era Ladd never made a bad film.bit cheesy but nothing perfect I also like the quality of colour just so50"s easy to follow story line goodies V badies pick your side 🐑🐮🕶

  2. Great film to escape reality for an hour or so, brought a tear to the eye at the end… Yes, reminded me of Shane.
    There's another oldie (that I accidentally taped over years ago) "Rachel and the Stranger". Has anyone seen it for free on youtube or anywhere else? Starring William Holden, Loretta Young and Robert Mitchum. Made in 1948.
    Thanks in advance

  3. Frontier….

    "Border" is what the dictionary says.
    "Reality of down to earth" is what this film says.

    Bullets of the heart,
    where you "can't stop people from talkin". "Yeah, not when they've got Dirty Minds."

    The sun shines for everybody, not just for the criminals. 🌞

  4. I have the same dog so I'm emotionally involved. you better gear up folks this great old movie (made when I was 8 years old) is all about family. the lefty Marxists communistglobalist arseholes have controlled Hollywood for a while now and in the last 6 years they, lefty Hollywood, have noticeably set about belittling the white man and denergrating him to the lowest level , even wiping him out of the picture like we never existed. destroying the family unit and preparing us through deliberate lefty propaganda, for white genocide. the left want to wipe us completely out of the picture, totally out of existence. The jewcommunist globalists have deliberately mass murdered 200 million innocent people in bolshevik then soviet Russia and communist china in the last 100 years.       GET FIT    GEAR UP WHITEY ITS COMING…..     WELCOME TO CAMP WESTERN FREEDOM        TRAIN HARD FIGHT EASY

  5. The real star is the pooch. Olivia de Havilland will celebrate her 103rd birthday in July. God bless her.

  6. No apaches or sioux or whatever killed, just a beautiful picture. As beautiful as Olivia, that woman gone with the wind.

  7. Alan Ladd was a tremendous actor & so was Olivia De Haviland. There natural God given ways shone thru in this film. The old Scottish Dr was also very good. Wish that my personality had more of his nature in me. A gr8 film. Have watched it a few times over the yrs. How was the "Coveting" of the sheep dog Lance by the fat old farmer. Thou shall not covet thy neighbors property. Plenty of lessons to be learnt by watching this movie. Enjoyed it.

  8. Sheep dogs are wonderful! The father and the kid must have had sheep down south. Lance is a fine dog!🐶🐶🐶

  9. Never thought much of Alan Ladd. He was a swimmer. I think Chester on Gunsmoke was a swimmer too.

  10. Despite the brutality that characterize Western societies but there are people who make the exception that they equate God in life ….

  11. Irrational story line Allan Ladd could have offered his dog for a stud fee to achieve his quest to fund the cure of his child
    His adversity could have provided his Bitches on heat to be serviced
    Every one would be happy!
    Much too complicated for the author to grasp and a very short movie now very dated

  12. It was hard watching this, you see I had neighbors like those 3 men who terrorized my husband & I for over 10yrs, vandalizing, burglarizing, killing our animals, threatening to kill me, threatening to take our land, here in Calaveras county CA while the dirty pigs and corrupt lawyers did nothing and laughed about it until they came one day "we did what we did that day because we knew donna wasn't there to stop us", after my husband suffered strokes, heart attacks and side affects from the trauma of terrorizing us. They came on the day I was not there to stop them, my husband was sick and on heavy medications, they threatened him with chainsaws and pepperspray on our own ranch and told my husband our ranch was theirs and to get the F off as the wives upon their thug husbands left them there to steal 4 cord of wood off our ranch; whereupon my husband shot the 2 female terrorist thug neighbors dead. Pure white trash all of them but we paid the price. Calaveras County is a manure hole of corrupt sleazy lawyers and dirty pigs who support white trash good ole boys. They even killed our cow dog laughing and bragging about it too.

  13. Is this the same "Cousin Melanie" ? (Gone With the Wind) (rhetorical question)
    Hollywood's greatness is gone (with the wind).




  15. Really enjoy these old classics takes me back to a time with me and my dad watching these old movies he has passed on now but the memories live on thanks you tube.

  16. Very seldomly in this cruel harsh world you ever get to see anything so precious and beautiful God bless Jamie X hang glider pilot extraordinaire Jesus Freak hippie United States Air Force everybody have a good day bye

  17. How come we never see tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, bad climate change, and tons of rain?
    I guess they’re lucky not to have Donald Trump.

  18. It was funny that the dad thought he will be able to speak and just made the odd sound like always. like it was almost like speaking for him in some foolish way.

  19. they just dont make movies like this anymore – its all about toilet humour and the F words nowadays.

  20. No man should ever sell a kids dog for any reason!'s cruel for the kid and cruel for the dog old man gave away mine when I was a kid and it still haunts me 60 years later! ..the sonofabitch.

  21. En español 🙏🙏🙏por favor .A los países de habla hispana nos gustan mucho estas películas .tendria muchos suscriptores.cariños de Linares Chile.

  22. Great family style Western. Olivia de Havilland was a true artist who was not hung up on being glamorous. By doing that, she showed how a real woman not only looked but acted. I fell in love with her as a boy in the 50s and 60s, seeing all the Errol Flynn films where she played his leading lady. I had to grow up to find out what she did later on, but "Snake Pit" was her real break-out role and worth seeing.

  23. ….. Australian Kelpies are top sheep dogs and the dog has the look of a Kelpie…
    ….. I can't watch the end bit when the boy discovers he no longer has him.

  24. Otimo filme,só q a legenda sai depois ,muito atrasada mais gostei deu pra entender, obg por postar 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  25. Love these old movies , its a pleasure to view movies without all the phony computer generated imaging thats in most movies today.

  26. Olá povo de Deus como vai tudo bem graças a Deus venho aqui pra deixá uma palavra do coração de Deus pra vocês qui Jesus eu caminho a verdade ea vida ninguém vai ao pai se não for por ele amém meu irmão Jesus te abençoi e te guarde

  27. No not a bad movie but for one the way they go on about not being able to understand what the little impaired boy is communicating to them…what excuses…why…it's already been stated that the boy has a speech impediment.

  28. The lighting and photography in this film is outstanding and the score by Jerome moross is excellent he also did the score for the big country and valley of gwangi and the cardinal also and early screen appearance of harry Dean Stanton good as one of the evil sons

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