The Puppy Bowl Takes Over ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

– But first, y’all know I’m
not a huge Sportsball fan. It’s not that I’m not a big fan, I just don’t know a lot about it but I love the camaraderie,
but I am a huge puppy fan, and they always, this Sunday
is the 16th annual Puppy Bowl. They always do it on
Animal Planet and I love it because puppies are better than humans. And to give us a sneak peek, we’ve got puppies playing here today. So you’re welcome in
advance. It’s adorable. (audience cheering) Let’s meet the man who will be
making all of the ruff calls, get it, ruff? We got jokes, it’s great. His name is Dan Schachner, and he has been the puppy
bowl referee for nine years. That’s amazing. What’s up Ref Dan? – What’s up? (audience cheers) For those who haven’t
seen it, that’s crazy, but tell us what the puppy bowl is about. – Yes, for the uninitiated, it’s a miniaturized football game, played on a field that
looks just like this, on the day of that other
human football game. – Yeah. The one with the half time show. – That’s right! And all the puppies, we have 96 this year from
rescues all across the country, international too,
– [Kelly] Wow. – They’re all up for
adoption, by the time we air they all get adopted.
– Wow! Really? – Yeah they all get adopted
– That’s so cool So it’s like a telethon for dogs. We try to get them all
adopted, to get them a home and we try to have a
football game and keep score. Which is the craziest part. – That’s so cool and
funny. That’s so cool. Well come on up here and
let’s get this game started – Sure, all right. (audience cheers) All the puppy players are
available for adoption at Paw Works in Camarillo, California. We hope you may want to recruit
one for your own home team, I love animals y’all, we
have so many at our house, so I’m gonna try and
not take one home today. Bring them out! – All right, let’s do it! (audience cheering) – [Announcer] Now, right here
in sunny Southern California, welcome Team Fluff! We have Team Captain Luna! We have Dante! Agnes and Ezekiel! Also from Southern
California, we have Team Ruff! We have chi siblings Michael and Lana, and Team Captain Panno. – That’s so awesome!
– C’mon guys, go play. – I’m actually in heaven. I
love my job. I love my job. You are so cute. I have the
greatest job in the world. This is the greatest show on the planet. Okay, so Dan’s going to
keep us posted on the action throughout the show. Before I bring out my
first two legged guests, let’s get this game started.
Here we go, Dan, take it away. – All right. Well, the first annual Kelly
Clarkson Show Puppy Bowl kicks off right now. (whistle blows) – Oh there’s already poop!
There’s already poop! We’re in the second
quarter of our puppy bowl, that’s right, I know about quarters, So what’s the latest? Dan? – Yeah, it’s hard to keep score, but we’ve managed to get
a score on this side. Team fluff scored a field goal. – Oh yeah! (audience cheers) – So it’s three nothing Fluff right now. – Okay. I like it. I like it.

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