THE QUIET ZONE | Scary Short Horror Film | Screamfest

THE QUIET ZONE | Scary Short Horror Film | Screamfest

can I call you tonight? I miss you. X not tonight have a report to finish. Sorry (whistle) (Loud whistle) For gods sake, will you be quiet? The next station is Basel (horn) (whistle) (whistle) (Phone ringing) (train) For gods sake, be quiet (Phone ringing) Be quiet Be quiet BE QUIET ADAM! Can I call you tonight?I miss you. X Yes darling Ill call when I… (Whistle) The next station is Basel (whistle) (Whistle)

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  1. Lesson to learn: always keep your phone charged, never use public transportation late at night, speak to your loved ones, do not run into the dark, avoid any engagement with thugs and armed yourself.

  2. She makes me a nervous wreck just watching her. And was the antagonist and the other blond the same person? One more thing , those were the cleanest freakin' subway cars I've ever seen.

  3. I'm confused as to how she transported locations after going under the barrier….Also, why is "the main character trips and falls" always used to build tension? Also, this woman is useless.

  4. Как заказала бабка из мультфильма "Три богатыря "
    "Не свисти денег не будет"

  5. Always Sceamfest delight and amaze me with topknot acting and direction. It is wonderful the quality that come out for such a short time.

  6. You think her annoying her boyfriend was annoying because she didn’t call her in the first place?

    Well watch this , it’s even more annoying and will drive you crazy 1:51

  7. U see here in America why we carry? Turn and blown the clown away! Hahahahaha! (Enter Music 🎼 )… good slasher flick! And something to sleep 💤 to….

  8. Moral of the story:If you are on a train in the quiet zone then hear random whistling just whistle back
    It will save your ass

  9. That dudes whistling was good, it was helping me concentrate on the stuff I was doing. I liked it. Weirdly soothing. Anyone else agree?

  10. the blonde second actress it's from greece!Věry sexy! ελλαδαρα με τις κουκλαρες σου!

  11. Hears Creepy Man Whistling,

    Lady: Yells at Man and Contunies her Work

    Me: Grabs Machine gun outta pocket and starts Shooting

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