The Return Address  (Short Film)

The Return Address (Short Film)

POLAROID MAIN TITLE Aaron. Aaron, more 4-by-5s. Now. Gently. Gently, gently. You have to be careful. Just leave it. I’ll do it. This one is beautiful. ROBIN: This one?
WOMAN: Mm-hm. The kid took that. I love it. Between you and me… …he can hardly handle the broom. Oh, Aaron. Now, how many times
do I have to tell you? Come on. Now, that’s 10 cents you owe me. Oh, where’s today’s posts? Look, just go home.
Just finish it from home. ROBIN’S PHOTOGRAPHY AARON:
What’s this? It’s my watch from the railroad. Your name’s not on it, Pop. But that’s our address. That’s not your name. Where’s your grandmother? She’s at the grocery. I was a 4A man then. But they didn’t draft me
because I had a family. [LAUGHING] So Joe and me, well, we went down
to the coal mines to get a job… …and you know what
the foreman tells me? He says, “If I were you,
I would move into the big city.” So that’s what I did. I moved to…. [STAMMERS] To…. Brooklyn. Brooklyn. Brooklyn, that’s right. We moved to Brooklyn.
Yup, we sure did. And then I got a job with the railroad… …and I was a railroad man. You know, the railroad’s gonna send me
my watch any day now. I know, Pop. I know. Wait, son. Where’s your grandmother? She’s sleeping at Aunt Janey’s. Oh, she’s not coming home tonight? You should get some sleep, Pop. [INAUDIBLE DIALOGUE] [DOOR OPENS] Dad… …it’s not there. Sir. MAN:
We’re looking for this picture. Oh. Yes. Well, I no longer have that particular
composition… …but I’ve got plenty of others. Please, come this way. But I wanted that one. My, my. You’ve got the most beautiful eyes
I’ve ever seen. I wanna take your picture, darling. Come on. Lower the light three inches. Lower the light three inches, Aaron. Aaron, would you lower the light
three inches, please? You with me or against me? Thank you. Nice. And…. Wonderful. ROBIN’S PHOTOGRAPHY I knew this wouldn’t work. Grubbing punk like you. Just get out. Just get out. POST AVE ROBIN’S PHOTOGRAPHY -It’s mine.
-I already told you, it’s not yours. It’s my watch, I know it. Pop, your watch is in your pocket. I’m taking this back. This was sent to the wrong address. I’m just gonna leave it here.

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  1. That is because you are looking at the outside story. Think about it and break it down and you will realize why most of us do not think it is boring.

  2. i dont understand the meaning or the message to this :/ but im a newbie i literally JUST started watching short films today. someone help? (:

  3. Symbolic of chance meetings by era and random circumstance that end in fulfillment. It is okay I thought, but something is missing..light and energy leaves me shrugging my shoulders. Yet, talent is seen in the creative process, potential. Keep going.This is not your best. It will happen though.

  4. Cute movie, but damn I'm tired of all these cute, quirky, touchy feely movies. Is there any good suspense, or horror movies here.

  5. Pure Awesomness….!!! With the Heart ans Soul This movie can even make a Stone Melt.!

    Great Piece.!

  6. Simply superb.. cinematography is awesome.. i like the ending (shot) too. but sorry to say backgroundscore is not up to the quality of the film; should have been much better. anyways awesome work guys.. keep it up.. go on….

  7. I thought the score was fine. It had a very strong Thomas Newman feel, not strictly original, but suited the visuals.

  8. I really liked this short film! They should make this actually a movie so people can see it in theaters! Make what happens afterwords and stuff.

  9. I agree with MrOhjok but what captured me was how the majority of this film was spoken through actions rather than dialogue. You truly took "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" to a whole new level and it led the audience to think and absorb what was happening throughout the story. I profoundly admire how Aaron faced numerous obstacles and growth was evident. The protagonist underwent a change and that's what a story/film is meant to show through the art of cinema. Keep it up filmmaker! 😉

  10. wow I thought this would make it to the final..

    the two short films from your Region that made it are The drought and 88:88.

    actually I had to watch your film a second time to appreciate it because the first time I didn't really get what was going on, maybe other people had the same impression. it was one of the best works but not a perfect flaw, looked like it was put together in a rush. 88:88 is crap any ways.

  11. Still great two years later. See the young star in Win Win, Christmas Story 2, Blue Ruin and upcoming Green Room.

  12. അബി(i guess you can read malayalm)…നിങ്ങൾ വളരെ വളരെ ഒരു അണ്ടർറേറ്റഡ് ഡയറക്ടറാണ്…brown nation കുറിച്ചല്ല..ആ മൺസൂൺ മംഗോസ് നിങ്ങൾ അതിൽ കാഫ്കസക്യു, നിഷിസമോ…ആ ഒരു nothingness of life…ക്യാമസിന്റെ സിഫസായോ..പി.നരേന്ദ്രന്റെ "നാരായണത് ഭ്രാന്തന്റെ" ചേഷ്ഠകളൊക്കെ ഇടകലർന്ന ഫഹദിന്റെ ആ കഥാപാത്രം…. Beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder, i am so sad to notice that keralalites are yet not ready for this type of topics മൺസൂൺ മംഗോസ് ഒരു പരാചയമലായിരുന്നു..ആരും ശ്രെദ്ധിക്കാതെ പോയ ഒരു ഇതിഹാസമായിരുന്നു !

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