The Right Moment | Short Film

The Right Moment | Short Film

Girl: What do you want? Player: Well, if you’re not an angel, then I don’t know what you are. Girl: Back off! Player: But I wanna have your number. Girl: Just back off! Lena: Seriously, why didn’t you talk to her? David: I didn’t want to seem weird and some asshole hit on her but she rejected him. Lena: You should have talked to her. Lena: You know, we always get hit on by those assholes. And if we have to be interesed in you, then only if you take the intiative! David: Yeah, but why is it like that? Why does society tell us that we have to approach girls first? It tells us that we HAVE to do it but not how! Lena: And when would you approach a girl then? David: I would wait for the right moment. Lena: And that would be? David: When it is easy enough to talk to her. Lena: What exactly do you mean by “easy”? David: So, when she’s with a group of friends, that wouldn’t be good. Lena: And what about her? David: She has a boyfriend. Lena: Um, he is obviously gay! David: No, don’t think so. Lena: Whatever you say. Lena: But how do you guys want to approach girls, if you always see those problems? David: Yeah, you could make it easier for us. Lena: Do you want to say that we should be ‘easy to get’? David: No! No… Yes… Maybe for like the first five *seconds. As kind of a sign. Lena: Okay… Player: Sorry, to interrrupt but you have got to be an angel. Lena: Thanks. Player: And you definitely want to give me your number. Lena: No. Player: And you’re sure about that? Lena: Yes. Player: 100 percent? Lena: Yes. David: There is the girl that I was talking about! Lena: Really? David: Yeah! Lena: She just smiled at you! Come on! Go talk to her!

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  1. Super Film! Hat mir gut gefallen. Cool, dass du auch eine eigene Rolle im Film übernommen hast 😄 Beste Stelle: "ähm… der ist obviously schwul" 😂😂

  2. Hi Brandon, erst mal vorweg: Ganz am Ende hatte ich eine ziemlich unerwartete Gänsehaut… ein klarer Indikator, wie gut dein Film gelungen ist! Die Länge passt und die Message kommt gut rüber, und ich weiß, auf welche Hindernisse ihr gestoßen seid, und daher: Echt gut gemacht, mir gefällt der sehr gut und gerade wüsste ich nicht, was ich daran auszusetzen zu haben sollte (so wie beim letzten). xD Weiter so! :)))

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