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  1. I have always put my faith in the lord and my children are all grown up and have to thank the lord their children have a better life then my children had growing up . I had always blamed myself for the struggle’s in their lives when they were children. Now I thank the lord for everything I went through in my past and my children’s past. They are stronger . Because , of their child hood and so am I . Lord works in mysterious ways we were poor and someone always helped I have to say I had good friends back then. I did not pick very good men in my life my last husband wanted a divorce and I tried for yeas and they say you can not make them love you so after three years gave him what he wanted and I failed all three times. So I have one man in my life is the good lord above. God blessed me and God bless you all . Thank you and your family. Amen

  2. There is no such thing as Luck, but instead there are blessings or lack of blessings. If you live right and obey the Lord, you receive blessings. If you live in disobedience, you do not receive blessings, and your life is hell on Earth.

  3. I really Respect this Family they are real deal they don’t wear God on there sleeves, They hold him and Love God in their Hearts

  4. I am over 50, let's just say that, and ever since I can remember, I have wanted our family to be like the Walton's. Needless to say, that never happened. Not even close. I have searched and searched for a place to get fellowship and feel like I belong. Being raised Catholic, I never got into the 'stand up, sit down, kneel, recite this recite that, wear a veil, don't eat before mass, then go home and still we aren't like the Walton's. Emotional, hungry, insecure, alone, I had no authority guidance. Not from those who were supposed to love me. I wanted answers to simple things and given either nothing of substance or disregarded as a nuisance. Who are God and this Jesus Christ person? Why do we go to church and how do you pray? Even simple things like what to expect when you start to physically mature, opposite sexual attractions, what do I want to be when I grow up? What can I be? I am still searching for where I can get what I need spiritually. I do a lot of research online and I have tried different churches and prayer groups.

  5. You just keep waiting for that one single nugget of wisdom, or even a coherent sentence would be satisfying at times, but it never seems to come. Yet somehow, you get and respect what Phil's all about. I mean who isn't down with the simple life, regardless of net worth? The constant failed attempts at deep wisdom appear to be part of his (dare I say) charm…

  6. "We're just some good ole country folks from Louisiana…" …Who happen to have signed up to be reality TV stars, and never shy away from a camera, so we make up for our self-centeredness by quoting god as much as possible.

  7. Good afternoon you guys Sam I used to watch you guys are so so muchAtlantic tell you that show is nothing compared to the way you guys are speaking now it really touches the fan and reaches out more people than you guys ever have any clue off I mean truly inspirational is not even the correct word that's like an understatement Puerto Rican male 47 years old been through all types of surgeries and whatnot Iand they wanted me to sign visitation papers I said no I said of God made me. Or text me whenever he's ready and glory to him and God bless you guys I'm still here keep up the great work guys seriously keep up the great work that you guys are really reaching out beyond words thank you

  8. Guys are doing awesome man the inspirational encouragement you guys GIF peopleif somebody says it is not God sent and got done I don't know what it is but thanks a lot guys I don't know how to repay you thank you stay for my heart Samuel Sanchez from Lorain Ohio



  11. My 27 year old son shot himself in the head ,5 years ago. Ive tried to pull out of this overwelming grief. I am a different person today. I am totally nonfunctional at times. Traded my car which was my only asset for a shuttle bus. Trying to tag it, so i can live in it. I cant function enough to pay bills and I'm trying not to be homeless. Would you all please pray for me. Im scared of being homeless whitch is about to happen. If i dont get the bus tagged i will be.

  12. My stepdad told me you can't be down the middle.If you're going to be good be really good if you're going to be bad be really bad…one side or the other…Mustard seed…Thanks be My GOD…Blessed…

  13. That is just the power of Jesus The power of prayer is very powerful I was away from god for a lot of years and my friend Steve brought me back to him!! I pray every night and well keep doing so!!! What a wonderful video this is!! If you do not have Jesus in you you're missing out please ask him into your life!! And thank you, Steve, for showing me and waking me up to Jesus!!

  14. Brother, first of all, thank you for your video. I am gonna get right to the point. I have 3 Bibles, my mom got them all. I was 2yrs, 10yrs, and then again when I was 42 with a index. Growing up we had been to Penecostal Churches. My whole family was involved. Too much to text, sorry. I am 51, my wife and I had 3 girls, and a baby boy finally. Well our boy was murdered in March of 2014. My days were consumed to help prosecute the man/kid who killed my son. I can rattle on all day. I was off work one weekend and wanted to go back to my church I went to as a kid, which I did. Come to find out I couldnt even keep up with the chapters, much less the verses. Felt so ashamed. Just a note, my wife and daughters have never questioned the good lord. I believe and my family are whole hardedly in belief of the good lord. I need to be closer, and by me being closer I believe my 3 girls and 6 grand babies will too. Give me any advice you can. Thank yall so much. Glad you stood up on your beliefs and cancelled your show. Miss you all though.

  15. Thank you Phil and your beautiful family for your videos. This is the best video I have ever seen and listened to in my life. You have changed my life forever. I love Jesus. And I believe prayers to Jesus is the most powerful thing in life. I love the feeling of Jesus at my side guiding me on the path of life to heaven. Thank y'all again for the video. And God bless you and your family. Y'all are what the world needs to hear from. Thank you from a country boy raised in Florida in the 1950s from my heart to yalls.

  16. So phil would give up on Jep but ms Kay never gave up on Phil shouldn’t give up on anything especially a disease like addiction

  17. Please in search type… FILE0014-Eclipse-2017. Read it, Compare the numbers in the video and be patient I Know its not a good video production. This is my only video, at this time. It is a little cumbersome but worth the inspection, it will make you think. Enjoy. Shalom… PS: Yashua/Jesus—–A Rose by any other name (or language) is still a Rose… and smells just as sweet! LINK

  18. For all who have sinned to the point of wanting to hide under a rock or to the point of wanting to commit suicide. We (I) have tried, but God would not allow me to. Drugs, alcohol anything to have me die or someone kill me. At 7 dad fools around on my mom and yes I walk in on them. He 40 something she 17. Dad goes history. Mom does all she can for two boys and one girl, Bartender now always drunk. Boyfriend after boyfriend. Mom signs my sister over to a 21year old man to get married to. Me 15 she flies me and brother to P.R Moms last boyfriend makes mom sell everything she worked for and one day brother gone and my heart broke. Boyfriend slowly gets rid of all of us. Last time I saw my mom was when it was my 16 bday. Story goes, " Hey it's your 16 bday, we have present for you but it will take 3 hours to get to where we have it, do you want to go"? We get to a town that has one church one store. She stops the car and tells me to go down to the little house at the bottom of a muddy cow manure filled sidewalk and go knock on the door. I do and guess what my present was????My long lost dad and three kids and the woman his neice who I had caught in the bedroom. Well I'll be. What are you doing here he asked, I say I guess you are my present today is my bday and I am 16. He says, Tell your mother to come here. So I go back up that muddy manure "Slip and slide" and go talk to my mom. Boyfriend steps on the gas. I was brushing my hair and she he were stopping. I hawl back threw the brush at the back window and it just bounced off,as gravel, dust, and dirt was all over my plaid pants and satin shirt. Never did see her again, only a picture. Dear dad, finally saw him on a hospital bed. I came to see him with third wife and new baby boy. My brother, his wife and one son my wife and my son took a picture. My brother took him home and took care of him until he passed. I never had chance to tell him I forgave him that day at the hospital. Although my heart was hurting I believe his was hurting more. Now my brother, mother, father are gone and for my sister she lives in New York withe two of her children all are Loving Jesus except one. But I will begin to pray for him and let God take care of the rest. Family let me tell you, there is nothing better then being Loved by God. It is a New Man talking to you. And you know that God loves you when he sends someone to talk to you about Jesus. How do you know that God chose you, because he has your name written in the book of Creation and when he places his finger on your name, this person he has sent was told to come to by God. Yes God still speaks to us, if we stay still, be quite and quite your mind and you will hear Jesus speaking to you and asking you to tell him everything as he gently listens and forgives you. I love you all

  19. Listening to this as I am fighting 4th stage cancer, and this is a great story! I don’t believe in god the way you guys do, but I believe in a great power that looks after us all, and our belief in ourselves makes it work. I may not make it till Christmas, but I didn’t figure I would make Xmas of 2018. Lost my brother to cancer on Easter 2019, miss him!!! Good job guys!

  20. Just like your show, great job guys! I have thought of ending it because of the pain, and not being able to spend anytime with the ones I love.

  21. I love Phil! I don’t like the preaching, but I love Phil. Thanks for making what’s left of my life a little better!

  22. Amazing that some people find it easier to believer people were a fish that changed into what we are but no longer change Than a god.

  23. Yeshua said that are some here among US that will not see DEATH until the kingdom come. . . surely he wasn't talking about 2000 plus YEARS was he. .. do you know that he conquered DEATH at the cross. . . many christians don't realize his coming is so soon that many will live LONGER than a life span of 70 years as is the curse of Noah but Christ died and took that curse and took it to hell and rose from the dead to seal it as the Second Adam the first fruits of a whole new human RACE !

  24. Non-believers want to hear from you. Please call into one of our live shows and tell us what you believe.

    512 686 0279

  25. I am glad jase told him suicide is selfish, it is. Tired of the media thinking suicide is ok. I lost a close friend to it and it’s time it gets called what it is. I named my youngest son after Jase

  26. Thank you for your honesty. I pray that ALL who listen will come to JESUS for HE IS THE TRUTH AND LIGHT . HE loves you he died for you chew on that for a spell , in JESUS CHRIST NAME !!! AMEN

  27. GOD Is First, WE Are Second! Live For GOD's Kingdom? I Leave My Body Far Behind, I Live in SPIRIT and SOUL, They "Say" I'm Out of My Mind! I Smile 😄 And "Say" Why Yes That How I Leave My Body Far Behind! Wes White, Phil

  28. Thank you for sharing you testimonies, it reset my heart on the political aspect. I am 61 and been a member of the family of Gd for over 50yrs but fell down many times and Jesus was there to pick me up and wipe the dirt off my knees and apply the balm of Gilliad to them if they were cut up. Our Heavenly Father was my dad and He took loving care of me even though I was a runt and a fearful sheep you see, wolves had attacked me more than a few times in my short life so Jesus called me and took me to places I had never been and had other sheep provide for me which built up my courage. Jesus our Shepard knows exactly what we need and when we need it.
    May Jesus guide and direct you in all that you put your hands to do. God bless.

  29. Love this family and what the stand for and make time to sit down for …… And I totally say ‘Secont’ and didnt even realize it til Mr. Phil enlightened me. 😉 I am Kelsey Alise and I am also secont .

  30. I'm not sure if you read all of these posts and I hope you do. I'm spiritually in a bad spot and my foundation of faith has been shaken. I need some words of wisdom and guidance. Mr.Phil would you have a conversation with me? If not then I understand, cause you're a busy person. Thanks for reading this.

  31. Love your way of living and yes we are all sinners I try to remember to repent every day thanks for being real and putting God first makes me want to be more like your family God Bless hope to meet you all someday at the big supper 🙏🇺🇸🦅❤️

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