The Russo Brothers Love Star Wars 3,000

The Russo Brothers Love Star Wars 3,000

[MUSIC PLAYING] – This week, we’re talking
about the second season of Star Wars Resistance. – Plus, I sit down
with the Russo brothers to talk about Star Wars and
Star Wars related things. – Do your thing, Yoda fountain. [WHOOSH] – This is the Star Wars Show. From the Lucasfilm
headquarters in San Francisco, here’s your hosts,
Andi and Anthony. – Uh-uh, it’s me this week. – Oh, it’s you this week!
– Yeah. – Go! – Hello and welcome
to The Star Wars Show, the only Star Wars show on the
internet that for one week only takes the Star Wars you love
and tosses a little bit of MCU in the middle. – Think of it like
a synergy sandwich. – A corporate croissant. – A business burrito. – A Disney dagwood. – Man, I miss when A.J.
was writing the show. – Me too. – Hopefully the news will
be better than the opening. [WHOOSH] – Star Wars Resistance. Just released a trailer
for its second and final season this morning. – The story for season two finds
the residents of the Colossus lost in space being pursued
by Agent Tierny and Commander Pyre, all while Kaz and crew
face a myriad of new dangers like bounty hunters,
General Hux, and Kylo Ren. – The second season of
the Emmy nominated series will begin on Sunday, October
6 at 10:00 PM on the Disney Channel and Disney Now. – For more details
about the second season as well as the full
season two trailer, check out – And speaking of, they’ve just unveiled an excerpt
from the new book Black Spire by Delilah Dawson. – The excerpt follows Vi Moradi
as she receives a new mission from General Leia
Organa to establish a base for the
resistance at Black Spire Outpost on the
mysterious planet of Batuu. They have good snacks there. – Also revealed was
a new map of Batuu that will be included
in the book exclusively at Barnes and Noble. – You can read the full
excerpt and look at the map on right now. Or if you don’t
want it spoiled, you can read Black Spire
yourself when it hits store shelves on August 27. – And because we’re talking
about Black Spire and Batuu, let’s take a look at how
the artists and imagineers at Lucasfilm and Walt
Disney Imagineering came up with the look and feel
of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. – That was a very
clean segue, family. – Thank you. [WHOOSH] [MUSIC PLAYING] – One of our truths that we
have built this whole project on is the idea of authenticity. When you walk into Star
Wars Galaxy’s Edge, you need to feel
like you have walked into Black Spire outpost that
has been there for 1,000 years. It has to feel that
weight of history. It has to feel that
weight of layers of story. – We wanted to
kind of understand all of the locations,
from the Coruscant, to Geonosis, to Tatooine. But it wanted to be unique. So in order to establish
that framework, we went back to the
origins of Star Wars. That ended up being Ralph
Macquarie, Joe Johnston– and look at their aesthetic. – We started giving this
place descriptions, right. Like, well, we want
it to be mysterious. We want it to be romantic. We want it to be colorful. And as we started to
look around the world, and we started talking about
places that were like that, we quickly started to
center around places like the Middle East. – We went on vacation. We went to Marrakesh. We went to Istanbul
to find, you know– well, what is it
about these locations that make it feel real? What is it that really informs
the viewer that there’s layers and layers of history? And it’s really important,
because it sort of grounds the design in a layer
of reality that you would not have otherwise. – We looked a lot to
ancient civilizations in terms of how things were
built with primitive materials, with stone, and mud, and brick. And we won’t necessarily
replicate those things. But it just gives us a
good sense of inspiration of the logistics of building. One of the biggest
challenges we have is because it’s
such a large site, and there’s so many
different intricate details, is making sure all those
details work together. – We’ve tried to push the
materials really to the limit. We’re using different
techniques just to really make sure that
the surface, the texture, and the color looks aged. And the way to achieve
that, we just layer things on top of each other. We really do a thorough
job to make sure that what we deliver
to the guests are as believable and
as correct as possible. – We can’t think of music
as an independent element like they do in a feature film. We are creating a three
dimensional soundscape that people will walk through. And we did that with smaller
ensembles and a variety of different artists
and a variety of different
compositional styles that felt true and
native to the place. It had to feel
organic to the design and the look of the world. – The compositional
possibilities are endless. There’s so much more
that you can experience on a sculptural
level, where you’re literally visiting a new place. And so that kind of
intensity envelops you after a while, where literally
you’ll get into a zone where you’re just
exploring and exploring. [WHOOSH] [BEEP] [SCREECH] [BEEP] – Absolutely thrilled
to have with me in the studio today,
Joe and Anthony Russo. Welcome. Avengers Endgame. The literal biggest
movie in human history. What is that like
to walk around with? [LAUGHTER] – I don’t know. – That’s got to be wild.
– You can’t– – It’s hard to process it. – You can’t really
carry that around. – Yeah. – It’s too much, right. At the end of the day,
we’re happy the movie was well received. And we’re proud of the film. – People were excited. And that’s the reward for us. – We know Peter Parker
has watched Star Wars. And he’s hanging out with Mace
Windu and Lando Calrissian. Dryden– how does this work? – They just look like
those characters. – They– yes. The– Nick Fury happens
to look a lot like– – Is it tough to be a spy–
– Mace Windu. – –when you look like an
Oscar award winning actor? [LAUGHTER] – I would assume. – That’s how good Nick Fury is. – That’s how good– yeah. Were you all big Star
Wars fans growing up? – Huge.
I mean, I think– – Enormous. – –probably the singular
greatest influence on us is Empire Strikes Back. And we’ve been pretty
vocal about that. – Do you want to look
directly into camera and just say that again?
[LAUGHTER] – Empire Strikes– – So we have that. – –Back. We’ve told the story that
we went to the theater and sat there from
first screening to the last screening. Probably watched it four
or five times in a row. And just couldn’t
leave the theater. It’s just so emotionally
impactful for us. I think it’s the– – And challenging for a kid too. You know, the tension and
darkness in that story really grabs you in a way. And we’ve always
liked things that don’t speak to you as a kid,
but have a little bit more of elevated sensibilities in
terms of your emotional sort of wherewithal.
– Treat you like an adult. – Yeah. – You know, that’s what we loved
about the movie and respected. – Growing up together, Star
Wars was played at home. Who got to be who? Who lost the argument
to be the character that they wanted to be? [LAUGHS] – I’m trying to think. – Lost argument. – Han Solo it was the
biggest influence on me as far as a role model. – Mine was Boba Fett. So we didn’t– there was
no competition there. – So you were a Han Solo guy. You were a Boba Fett guy. Were there any other characters
that really spoke to you when you were growing up? – You know, I think
Luke Skywalker– the most quintessential hero
and the most identifiable hero. – And certainly Darth Vader. We love complicated
villains and complicated relationships between
protagonists and antagonists. And it’s good as it
gets with Darth Vader. – Yeah, it’s definitely
something that you see a lot in your characters. You got Thanos, who is, like,
literal family of your heroes. And so you definitely kind
of see those parallels there. – And Winter Soldier too. I mean, look, we sat down
with Marvel the first time we met with them about it and
talked about the relationship between Cap and Bucky. And we said, it’s a
Star Wars relationship. You have a villain that
is related to the hero. Although they’re not– – Actual relations,
they’re like brothers. – –actual relations,
they grew up together. They’re like brothers. That creates the richest, most
profound kind of storytelling when you have that
close of a relationship between your hero and villain. – One of the things
that I particularly love about the movies that
you’ve been making with the MCU is it seems like
you don’t really look at superhero as a genre. What films did you love? What kind of stuff do you
like to bring into the MCU? – I mean, we had a really
interesting upbringing. We were pop culture junkies. But then in our teen years
we became really obsessed with foreign film, and
the French New Wave, and the Italian neorealists. So we had a very
complicated background. And I think that
hodgepodge of influences reflected in our work that
we’ve done for Marvel. We don’t perceive genre as
sort of a singular experience. That tends for us to be a
boring interpretation of it. We try to look for
ways to subvert the genre, to create
something different or some new and unique element. And that’s what excites us
about making these films. – One of the things that
sort of Star Wars and the MCU have in common is there’s
constantly multiple projects being worked on, multiple
directors, different types of media going on. I mean, this is a
huge universe to keep running smoothly, right? – A big part of the picture
is the interconnectivity. However, you can’t
get lost in that. So there’s a real
structure in place to allow each movie to sort of
become what it wants to become, have its own space. We’re sort of aware of
everything that’s happening. But everybody’s really
respectful in the sense of you don’t want to cramp what
anybody else is trying to do. You find that sort of
minimum connection point. – Well, Joe, Anthony, thank
you so much for coming by. We really appreciate it.
– Thank you. – It was a pleasure.
– It’s awesome to be here. This is, by the way, the
incredible collection. You can’t see it. – Yeah. – But out in this
office here it is a collection to
rival Kevin Feige’s collection of Star Wars toys.
– We’re very proud. Wow.
I like hearing that. – Ask him about his party barge. How big it is.
– I definitely will! Oh, yeah. – He ended up buying, like– – The Hasbro one, yeah. – –half of them just
so they would make it. [LAUGHTER] So he could have
one of them himself. – Oh my– really? He’s got– he’s got, like,
20 of them sitting in the– – Oh, yeah.
Somewhere. Just so it could happen. – I love that. I love that.
[BEEP] – You’re watching–
– –the– – –Star–
– –Wars– – –Show.
[BEEP] – Man, there were so many
important questions I wanted to ask the Russo brothers. And I just didn’t have the time. – Yeah, super
important ones, right? I’m sure. – Yeah, like– well, a lot
of them are continuations of my Spider-Man theories. – Uh-huh. – Like, so Ben
Mendelsohn is Talos. And Talos is Shapeshifter. So does that mean Director
Krennic is a Skrull? – Hmm. – These are the
important questions. – Yeah. – And I can’t
believe they wrapped me before I got to ask that. – Cool. It’s really rough for you. Sorry. Well, last week,
we asked you what your favorite unknown
cameos in Star Wars were. And boy, did you
have a lot of them. – UselessR5Unit was
a fan of the R2-KT cameo in the Force Awakens. And Tyler was amped
to see the 501st logo hidden at Maz’s castle. – William is a fan of all the
hidden Indiana Jones Easter eggs in the Clone Wars and Solo. And BlackDiamondLT1 loved
the Ralph Macquarie cameo in The Empire Strikes Back. – But clearly, the best unknown
cameo is Senator Grebleips from the Phantom Menace. – Nothing but respect
for my senator. – Thank you to
everybody who responded. And thank you for
watching this week. As always, remember
to like the video, subscribe to the channel,
and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. – Thanks for watching, and
may the force be with you. – These are the things
that keep me up at night. [WHOOSH] [BEEP] – If Stan Lee was reading this
script for Mallrats on the bus, [BEEP] that means he’s
Stan Lee, the guy who made all those Marvel comics.
[BEEP] – Bro, he’s a Watcher. [BEEP] [WHIRRING]

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  22. If Guardians of The Galaxy in star wars universe what will hapen.If ruso brothers direct stars wars movie what kind of things will happen.🤔so cool
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  23. If Guardians of The Galaxy in star wars universe what will hapen.If ruso brothers direct stars wars movie what kind of things will happen.🤔so cool
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