The Sacred Riana Spooked Jay Park – Results Show | Asia’s Got Talent 2017

The Sacred Riana Spooked Jay Park – Results Show | Asia’s Got Talent 2017

Come to the stage. Come to the stage. Three of you, come to the stage. (spooky ehhhhh>wwww

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  1. Many magicians and illusionists say that even though it is not their cup of tea as far as her style of magic she is a very good performer on the stage and knows how to command an audience. It is possible I think she may have gone through some trauma when she was younger and perhaps explains her twitching and her withdrawal from human interaction except for brief moments but it is also possible that she is just very good at acting but in any case what she is doing is working.

  2. She is such a idiot sick girl.. I mean I guess how can she all the time behave in such a ugly manner.. Just throw her out of the show.. She always irritate people

  3. watching this became my everyday routine lol 😂 Its because of 1:22 and 4:50 ughh my park jaebum is so precious 😍 (i have probably memorized riana's lines lol)

  4. Soy la unica v:…?
    Que… =w= habla español ?.. nah mentira :v
    Que encuentra wapo al tipo :> del jurado que fue a "jugar" a la cosa esa xD se me olvido el nombre

  5. 3:37 she call the demons with javanese languae "Yen siro teko wene ono tondo",the meaning is "if he doesn't come,give a signal"
    And,the table is move

  6. Why was she so happy that Jay got picked?😂😂 I'm done. I'm just SO done. She was so happy she could not contain herself. Yep. She was just like, "it's all on you, buddy. Go to her." I would've died bc Jay thought he was safe but, really, he was the chosen one. Edit: And "unhappiness" Jay? Let's be REAL! At that moment, your biggest fear was HER!!!! Tell the truth bc we all already know

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