The Sea Is Blue: A Stop Motion Short Film | Field Day Presents Vincent Peone

The Sea Is Blue: A Stop Motion Short Film | Field Day Presents Vincent Peone

There are many myths as to
how the ocean got it’s color. It’s rich, admiral complexion, it’s sapphire
crests. It’s ever-changing cobalt wonder. The answer came
from deep within. And it all began with a little girl named “Bean”… Bean felt a great weight upon her.
Pulling her, deeper and deeper down into the unknown. Stranded at the bottom of the great
abyss, in complete darkness, Bean began to cry. And then, a most peculiar thing happened. Suddenly, Bean no longer felt the weight
which pulled her to the bottom of the abyss. In her heart, Bean knew it was time
to go.>From this day on, the sea would
forever be blue. Subtitles by the community

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  1. People who don't get it:
    It is about being in a coma, just read the description.
    I really love this animation.

  2. Lovely animation. Though I thought the story could've benefited from doing away with the narration. It was pretty self-explanatory. And it's nice to let the audience discover things for themselves, without the help of so much exposition.
    Still loved it anyway! <3

  3. "Ever wonder why the sea is blue?"
    Well, sometimes, but right now, I'm wondering what a knife fish was doing in the ocean instead of the Amazon at 3:19.

  4. This is so beautiful. I think the visuals would stand on their own without most of the narration though–showing is always better than telling! Your work is wonderful–trust your audience 🙂

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