THE SECRET OF MAGIC GOURD || Hindi Dubbed Full Animation Hollywood Movie || HD BlueRay 2017 EngCapt.

spacecraft is under repair. United Nations Space Center. Mission Control,
our first phase is accomplished. We’re now starting phase two. Copy that. Mission Control unidentified objects are closing on us. Mission Control, Mission Control! We’ve got a problem! We’ve been hit by meteorites! I can’t control the spacecraft! We’re losing altitude! Please send help right away! …3, 2, 1. Liftoff! I’m Wang Bao from the rescue mission. I’m here to rescue you. I’m attaching the rescue shaft
to your hatch. Get in my shuttle quickly! We have 15 seconds to explosion. I’ll stabilize the shuttle from the meteorites. Please hurry! Mission accomplished. We’re coming home. Wang Bao, good work. Thank you, Sir! Bao… Bao… Bao… Just how old are you? Why are you here? Why are you bundled-up like this? Grandma I just returned from space. Wake up, brother! Wake up!
Brother, wake up! Bao, wake up! Mommy can’t wait for you,
she’s late for her flight. He can’t stop dreaming. Mommy tried to wake you twice. Mom! Bye! Have a good trip! Bao, you haven’t
clipped your nails in two weeks. I’ll do it when I get home. Mom!
Wait! Mommy, come home soon. Remember to do your homework. Okay. Listen to Grandma, alright? Bao, you’ll be late again…
off to school now Okay. Be a good boy. Bye now Morning Deng! Jun! Did you watch that TV show last night? I sure did. So did I. It was great. It was incredible! Simply awesome.
Simply awesome… There’s another episode tonight. Really? – Hi guys!
– Hi, Wang Bao! Xiao-deng, I had a dream last night. About what? Did you dream of aliens again? It’s… Wang Bao, did you prepare
for the geometry test? What? What test? Oh no! Not again! Ms. Liu will test us in class. Don’t worry, Ms. Liu won’t pick on me. Wang Bao. Come out and write the answer. Such a simple question…
You can’t even solve it? Su Ming-feng Did your group study together? Wang Bao said his mom was on a trip. So he went home to study by himself. Miss Liu, Wang Bao hates math. He says numbers make him dizzy. Wang Bao just loves to fish. But he never catches anything. Quiet down, children. You’re all smart kids, including Wang Bao. He couldn’t answer because he didn’t study hard. Right, Wang Bao? I’m sure your parents have told you: “Nothing falls from heaven. You have to work hard at it. ” I hope you will all do better next time. Can you do it? Yes! Let me see… I did okay. Wang Bao still only has one star. That’s it! He slumped
our team grade again. That’s right! What’s up, guys? Take a look. See for yourself, Wang Bao. A star is still a star.
One is better than none! Why isn’t Wang Bao here yet? What’s he up to anyway? Here he is. Hi, Wang Bao. Hey, check out my spaceship design. You can play ping-pong here… Put a telescope over there… And here is the main control deck. Wang Bao, your design is too sketchy. And there’re no dimensions.
How can we build it? It’s almost done. Don’t worry, I’ll finish it tonight. Oh yeah,
we can’t wait to see your masterpiece. Yeah! What a friend you are, Yao Jun. Teasing me like this! But I’m not teasing you. Where’re you going? Hey! You’ve screwed it up! What’s wrong with you? What have you done? You’re messing up everything! I… I didn’t do it on purpose! Wang Bao… What friends they are, making fun of me! Just wait till I show you! Can the Magic Gourd
grant me anything I want? Of course! Can the Magic Gourd
grant me a pretty doll? Oh yes. You can get lots and lots of dolls. Really? Brother, Grandma is telling
the Magic Gourd story. That all-wishes-come-true
fantasy story again? I’ve heard it a hundred times. Bao, you used to love that story. What is there to love about? It’s not real. The Magic Gourd can carry the child up to the sky. You can get close enough
to touch the fluffy clouds. And they feel just like cotton candy… If you become the Gourd’s master, It can grant you anything you wish for. Say you can’t finish your homework…
or you perform poorly at sports. The Magic Gourd can come to your rescue. “No Entry” Is this the way to the pond? I’ll get you! This is so pretty. I’ll fish right here. This is it!
I can’t let them tease me again. I will get ahead. I’ll get full score in math. I’ll beat them hands down. Without lifting a finger! Nice shot! What… What the devil are you? Devil? I’m a treasure! My name is Bao, Bao Hulu. Didn’t you hear about me
from your grandma? Hulu? Bao Hulu? You’re the
Magic Gourd in the story? Right you are! You’re today’s lucky winner. I’m here to help you. Why would you help me? Because you dislike work so much. I’m here to do all the work for you. With my help you will be matchless without lifting a finger. If you’re really the Magic Gourd, then I can get anything I wish for? Correct! Whatever you wish for in your mind,
I can make it happen. Go on, try me! What is it? I want fish. That’s a piece of cake! Where’s the fish? Liar! Wait, you can’t hurry magic. We haven’t formalized our relationship yet. Formalize what? What’re you talking about? If you wish to keep me… You must promise to keep a secret.
You can’t tell anyone about me. You’re the only one
to know of my existence. If word gets out, I’m as good as liquidated. But keep a secret and I’m yours. If you can’t,
I’ll look for another master. I can do it. I’ll keep your secret. Good! From now on, you’re my master!
Don’t blink a wink. Bao Hulu, Hulu Bao.
I’ll do magic just for you! Goldfish, carp; tails and fins. I’ll bring! I’ll bring! I’ll bring! Master, they’re all here. Isn’t this cool, Master? King-size seafood platter is served! I want this one! OK. And this one. Sure. I want this one! No problem. You can have any fish you like. Incredible! Let me take a look. Hulu, I’m a bit… Got it. You’re hungry, right? I can hear the bongos in your stomach. I’ll bring! Dumplings,
burgers, cakes and pies. Crackers, ice cream, corn, and fries! You’re a treasure indeed! Line up to be eaten! Wow, fries! Master, corn, I know you love corn! More goodies coming, save some space! Careful, it’s hot! Eat all you want. No bills to pay. Save some space for ramen.
Ramen is served. Here it comes You chomped it all! Must be pretty tasty. I’m so full! Hulu I’ve never been on a plane. I wonder how it feels to fly. Never flew before? That’s easy peasy! Where’re you going? Come here, Master! Check this out. Wow, a plane! What do you think? Can I ride on it? Certainly, Master. Get on. Really? Of course! Get ready for liftoff, Master. Control, we have reached an altitude of
300 feet. We’re on the scheduled airway. Wind speed is 30 kph. Sunny skies. Here come all my fans.
They’re our host geese. Roast geese? Are they tasty? It’s host geese. Not roast geese! Hulu! I want to show off these
fish to my classmates. Roger! I live to deliver. Sit tight, Master. Prepare for landing. Where is everybody? Guess who? You’re… Xiao-deng? Did you catch all these? Yes. Goldfish? Where did you catch it? By the river. That’s odd! Goldfish in the river? That’s right. What’re you two looking at? Good timing, Yang Xuan! Come check out Wang Bao’s fish. What fish? Nothing. It’s just ordinary fish.
There’s really nothing special… Goldfish? This is something special! Do you know the origin of goldfish? No. It’s genetically mutated from crucian carp. Only carp can be found in the river. What if the carp mutated again in the river? One day, it just turned into a goldfish! That can’t happen. Wang Bao… It’s getting late.
Let’s go play at the park. Hold on. Let’s solve this goldfish mystery first. This might be the discovery of the century! Miss Liu… Miss Liu… Why are you still here? Miss Liu, Wang Bao caught some goldfish. Really? How pretty! Miss Liu, Wang Bao said
he caught them in the river. But how can goldfish live in the river? Yeah, how can this happen? When a problem comes up, you should
learn to look for the answer on your own. Perhaps you’ll find it
in a marine biology book. Marine biology book? That’s right! I’ll go to the library
tomorrow and check it out. Bye! Oh, my fish! Let’s go home now. Hulu Why did you embarrass me
with the goldfish? I only conjured the fish,
but you picked the goldfish yourself. Goldfish, oh goldfish!
What a nuisance you are. That’s right.
Why can’t it live in the river? It’s just a fish after all.
What difference does it make? Don’t you agree? And those nosy classmates of yours.
Especially that guy called Yang Xuan. He thinks he’s a detective
and just won’t stop digging. Why can’t he just mind his own business! Brother, who are you talking to? Nobody. What is that? Sis, come out! Sis… Sis, don’t go there! There’s nothing moving down there. Don’t go there! Don’t go! Come out, Sis… Sis, come out! It’s nothing there, Sis… Come out, Sis… Come out! I’ve got it… Oh, sweetie!
What are you doing down there? There’s something moving under the bed. Time for your bath now.
Your brother has to finish his homework. There’s something under his bed.
There’s really something under his bed. Alright, alright. Let’s go! Hulu, where are you? Hulu… I didn’t know being chased by a girl is so exhausting. I’m glad I don’t have a sister! Hong, I want to borrow
the marine biology book. I think it’s just been returned today. Found it. Let me have it. No way, Xiao Min-sheng has reserved it. You will be next in line. Please, let me borrow it first. Sheng! Hong! Here’s your marine biology book. Thanks! You’re so caring! And you’re such a gentleman! I can’t stand this anymore! Sheng’s a gentleman?
He gives me goose bumps! I’m leaving. See you later. Wait, where’s my book? The book is gone? Hong, did you give me the book? I just did! But it’s gone! Hong, take another look. I didn’t do it… I didn’t do it! Xiao-deng!
You scare the daylight out of me. You’re up next for the chess game.
Come quickly! I know! I’m coming, I’m coming! We’re gonna lose. Hurry up! In a minute. Where’re you going? Hulu, get it out of here. What?… Didn’t you want the book? No! You’ve made a thief out of me! Make it go away. Go away? It’s got no legs. Shall I make it fly? I don’t care! Wang Bao, where are you? Coming! Fly away book. Fly! Oh, he’s finally here. I’m here, guys. Wang Bao, you’re always late. What’s the rush?
You’ll be out before you know it. What kind of game are they playing? Better watch out now. You’re dead as a duck! Wang Bao, take his Horse. I will gobble up your horse! Gobble it? Just as you wish! Where’s my Horse?
Where did my Horse go? Take the Cannon… Take it, take it… Like a second helping? Wang Bao? Take the Pawn! Go ahead, quick. Relax, eat slowly. Have it one by one. Are you OK, Wang Bao? Seems like he enjoyed them. Come on! Wang Bao, where are you going? Master, wait! You haven’t
gobbled them all yet. Master, did you enjoy them? Do you know how to play chess?
You don’t eat the pieces! What? They’re not edible? But you said you wanted to gobble them. Hey, why is that book flying around? Go get it! You ordered it to fly away, remember? Hey Mr. Book, it’s the wrong way. You belong to the library, not the pool. Hulu, go catch it, quick! Ok! Aye aye Sir!
Ready, Go! One, two, three! One, two, three! One, two, three! One, two, three! Not bad at all, Wang Bao. Come join the school swimming team. Join our relay race. We’re one man short. Master, let’s join!
This is our chance to show them. Alright, count me in! Are you sure I’ll win at the gala? Don’t worry, it’s easy peasy! With me around…
You’ll always be a winner. Master, you must be exhausted.
Go to sleep. Let me do a little dance for you. Work is tough! Time to get up, Master! Oh… Shut up! Hey, Towel! Hurry up! Rise and shine, Master. You can brush with your eyes closed? Go wake your brother up. Wakey wakey… Grandma, he’s gone! Grandma, I’m off to school. Cool. Who can tell me 6.509 divided by 0.27… Miss Liu, it’s 24.11. 0.89 times 3.07 is equal to… Miss Liu, it’s 2.7323! Miss Liu, it’s 14.62! Miss Liu, it’s 23.5! Miss Liu, it’s 71.35! Correct. Start the engine! Full speed ahead. Did Wang Bao get a transplantation? Coach! Wang Bao, that’s incredible! Practice more and you’ll be super. Come on up. You’re fantastic. Way to go, Wang Bao. Hey, what’s that? It’s cold. I need to go change. Mommy will be pleased when she sees this. Brother, what’s this? Sis, take a look at this poster. Wow, you’re awesome! The inter-school swimming gala?
That’s excellent, Bao! I’m so proud of you. Come on, time for dinner. Yummy yummy! Bao, You need energy. Eat more. This design is way too hard. What is it, Master? Allow me! With four pencils… Super ultra processor,
a billion bytes per day. Total tech transformer
will work so you can play! What do you think?
Is this what’s on your mind? But… this design is too complicated.
I’m sure our team can’t build it. I see… allow me, Master. Hulu Bao, Bao Hulu.
Master wants a robot now. Arms and legs and look.
How cool the robot stands. Robot, stand! You’ve pressed the laser cannon! Hush! It’s Mom. Hello? Yes. Don’t worry. I can trick Grandma. Bao has really grown up.
He can clip his own nails now. Master, I’ve saved your neck again. I can call this good service. Hulu, from now on,
I’ll handle some things by myself. Like what? Interesting and fun stuff. How do you define “interesting”? Like playing chess or video game,
understand? Got it! You take all the fun…
And I take all the pain. Is that right, Master? Are you teasing me? I dare not. I was born to do the hard work!
You play, I work. Is it fixed? Wang Bao, don’t come near it again! Wang Bao, what do you have here? Awesome! Wang Bao,
how did you find time to do this? You thought I was a slacker.
Now you see the real me. You’re incredible, Wang Bao! Go!Go!Go! I bet you bought this robot. I built it myself. Let me through. I’m sorry. Why did you build such a crappy robot? It’s state-of-the-art.
It shouldn’t break so easily. You fix it for me.
You always make a fool out of me. But you came up with that design. I did what you had in your mind. Make it more durable next time,
understand? Understood. Look – a toy store! Let’s see if they have any robot. I’m sure they do. Radio-controlled copters! Robots! Which one do you like? All of them! Got it. Yang Xuan? Are you following me? Why should I? You’re not a criminal. I came straight from school and saw you. Wang Bao,
you sure pulled a neat trick on us. What… do you mean? That robot you brought to class today. I think I’ve seen it in the magazine. They’re not on sale yet,
but you have one already. I don’t have time for you. I’m going to
a movie. Stop following me, will you? I’ll buy my own ticket, can’t I? If Master likes all the toys… Hulu Bao, Bao Hulu. I’ll do magic just for you! Master says he wants to play.
Toys come home with us today! Let’s go! Move it! Mister, are you all sold out? What? Where are my toys? Hey, hold it! Come back… Don’t go! My heli… copter! Don’t go! “The Dino Strikes Back”. Full house? Yang Xuan, I’m going to see this one.
I’m sorry, but it’s full house. What about you? You’ve got a ticket? Sure I do! Master, that was a train ticket I gave you. Train ticket? I want a movie ticket. But the movie’s full.
Where can I find another ticket? You’re the Magic Gourd! Get me in! Master, it’s impossible! It’s… I don’t care! I want to get in that movie! OK… Get in! Get in!
Don’t forget your popcorn too. Where am I? Hey, Master’s not a bad actor! This boy sure looks like Wang Bao. He does look like Wang Bao. When did Wang Bao go to Hollywood? This doesn’t look good. Hulu to the rescue!
Bad Dino! Eat my ammo! Have a dynamo! Master, grab my hand… I won’t let you hurt my master again. Master, I’ve saved you again. Hulu, it’s all your doing again! Here, clean your face. Hey kid, what are you doing here?
Get out of here! Do you understand human language? I told you to get me in the cinema,
not the movie! What’s the difference? Where is Wang Bao’s home? Wang Bao, your daddy is coming home. Hulu! Where are you? Hulu… I’m here! Awaiting orders, Chief! What are you up to again? You told me you liked all the toys at
the shop. I delivered them here for you. Send everything back right away! Send them back? Now! Yes sir. Hurry up! Evacuation flight is now boarding. Hurry, we’ll leave soon! Mr. Dino… No more space for you.
Why don’t you take the “hangar”? Let’s go! Hurry! Don’t turn back! Bao… Bao… What’re you doing? I’m just changing. Come down. Bao… This is for you joining the gala. This is so cool! Dad, how did you know I want a bike? I’m your dad. Of course I know! Will you come to the gala? I’ll be there if I don’t work overtime. I’ll go too! Dad, is Mom coming too? I called her and she’ll be back in time. Master has another math exam tomorrow. How can this school have so many exams? I’ll figure it out tomorrow… But what I don’t get is… How come Dad gets so much
credit for a bike? And I get the yelling for all the new toys? It’s time! What a miracle! You’re up already? Good morning, Master! Morning. I want to get the best
grade at today’s math test. I’ll give Mom and Dad a big surprise. Understand? I’m counting on you, Hulu. You’re counting on me, sure! You may begin. That gourd is so unreliable. Master wants the highest score.
I have to figure out something. This one could get 80. Not good enough. This one’s not bad. But I should find a higher score. Ha! This dummy will get a big zero for sure. Oops, it’s Master! Hurry! Give me the answers. Can’t you see – it’s blank! Do something! Not yet. Time’s almost up. Okay, time’s up. Still not yet. Bye, Miss Liu. Bye. This one is at least 95.
Let her be the one! Hulu Bao, Bao Hulu. I’ll do magic just for you. Number’s perfect, number’s neat. Fly to Master’s empty sheet! Miss Liu. Su Ming-feng.
Why did you turn in a blank paper? For you, Miss. But I didn’t. Wang Bao, come back. Is this your paper? Yes… It’s mine. But Su’s name is on it.
How can it be yours? Wang Bao, what’s going on? Why did you take Su’s paper
and claim it as your own? How can Wang Bao do this? Fine. Come with me to the office. Wang Bao… Master’s math is top of class, His grade no one will surpass. No one will surpass! Hurray…
Feeling good, Master? It’s all your doing! It’s all your doing! It’s all your doing! You made me gobble chess pieces!
You made me a fool in front of everyone! You made me steal a book,
and then Su’s answers! They all take me for a thief And now Miss Liu won’t trust me again! But these were all your wishes! My wishes? I’m gonna split you in two! Allow me. You’ve got no brains! Which is my best side? Left right half half ok? Don’t you think it’s cool, Master? I can even do better than this! Come and get me! Come back here! Peek-a-boo! I’m gonna cook you for soup. I’ll start the fire! Never fear. The fireman is here!
Hulu to the rescue! Master, are you alright? You’re not a treasure at all! You’re nothing but a monster in disguise! A monster? You said I’m a monster? I’m just doing everything you tell me to. I simply reflect your heart’s desire. Think bad thoughts and I become bad.
What have I done wrong? Master, don’t go! Let me go… From now on, I’ll do everything myself! Go away! I don’t want you anymore! Master, what have I done wrong? From the beginning, it was understood.
I give you whatever you desire, right? Leave! Wang Bao… Wang Bao… Miss Liu, Wang Bao is over there! Wang Bao… What are you doing here? What happened to your hand?
Wang Bao, are you alright? Miss Liu, I’m sorry. Let’s go, children. Come. Does it hurt? A little. Wang Bao…
Do you realize what you’ve done? You should have known better.
Everything must be earned with hard work. You will be penalized for your misconduct. I hope you’ve learnt your lesson. And be a good student from now on. Can you see
how your friends care about you? Don’t let them down anymore, okay? Wang Bao… Su, I’m sorry. It’s alright. I’ll help you. We’re all here for you. Master doesn’t want me anymore. He says he’ll do everything by himself. The swimming gala next month
is crucial to him. He can’t disappoint
his parents and classmates. I really wanna go help him. I’ve told you.
If you would just study harder… You could be the best in your class. Now look at you! Bao has really improved a lot recently. He gets up on his own.
And tidies up his room. Brother even clips his own nails now. Mom and Dad have been too busy
these days. We weren’t here for you. But Bao surely has learnt his lesson. Work hard and prove it
to us from now on, okay? Master works really hard for this. He’s trained for almost a month. He can really run now! The 10th Inter-school
Swimming Gala will begin! On your mark. Ready… Go… Go… Yang Xuan, go get them! They’re too fast for us! We’re going to lose. I wonder how the gala is going on. I’m really worried. Do your best, Master! How are we doing? We’ve done our best,
but we’re still a bit behind. It’s up to Wang Bao now. Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… Go… The 10th Inter-school Swimming
Gala champion is… 3rd lane – Sunny Primary School! Bao Hulu… Are you there? I just want to tell you… We won! Master, what did you say? Bao Hulu, is that you? What did you say? You said… you won? You really didn’t know? You weren’t at the gala? No, I didn’t go. So that means… I’ve won it myself?
Without your help? I didn’t help, Master.
You won it yourself. I really won this myself? Yes, Master. You can win without my help. Master… Master… You really don’t need me anymore. It’s time for me to go. Where are you going? Winning on your own…
made you so happy. I’ve got a lot to learn from this. I finally understand that. Granting your every wish only
hurts you and those around you. Master, let’s shake hands for goodbye. By the way, Master… Would you continue to keep my secret? Bao Hulu, goodbye! Googbye, Master! Bao Hulu Master, I’ll call you sometime! Have you memorized the value of O? It’s 3.16. No, 3.15! Hold it! It’s 3.1415926. That’s right! Su, let’s go get an “apple pie” then! Great! Let’s go! THE MAGIC GOURD Nice shot… Nice shot… OK, let’s do it. Nice shot… Mark! I’m as good as liquidated How come I’m not liquidated? Is it like this? Like this? Like this? Like this? Sorry, director. Mark! I’m gonna split you in two… Like this? Like this? Like this? This? Master, I… Stop… Director, stop! Cut it! What’s so funny? Hey, where’re you going? Wrong way! This is not on the map.
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