The Shattering | Thriller Movie | Suspense Film | HD | Free To Watch

The Shattering | Thriller Movie | Suspense Film | HD | Free To Watch

– Okay come on, time’s up,
where you taking us to man? – Danny’s taking us to see
a wizard, isn’t that right? – He’s not a wizard. – All right then, well remind me why I’m doing you this favor. – Because of me. – I gotta say this is bullshit. Lucy, you should be having chemo, not running around a forest
looking for a healer. – Blair, you’re such a jerk. – Chemo’s done shit for her, okay? Trust me, after tonight her life will never be the same again. – I’m not following. – Donovan believes there’s an
alternative way to cure me. – Donny, alternative? Are you joking? Even Blair’s right, man, she should be getting treatment. – Did you not hear what I said? It’s not working. – So let me get this right
just, for the record, you’ve roped us out here
looking for a healer. – Told you it’d be good. (ominous music) (gun cocking) (leaves rustling) – What the hell? – Gomez wants one of us here. – I thought we were hunting wolves. What the hell are we doing here? – We just take a position. (soft rock music) – You never talk about your dad. – He would have loved you. – Hey, I’m sorry. – The night my father died, the doctors told me to get some sleep, that he would last the night. I spent the whole night trying to think of what to say to him
by way of last goodbye. The next morning they told
he had died during the night. I watched it happen once, I
will not watch it happen again. I will not do this again. – Will you put that thing
away and get over here? – Whatever, as long as we get paid. – Yeah, made a mint last year. – Yeah, if we make it back out. – Doesn’t pay this wall because it’s easy. (rock music) – Hey baby, you’re awake. (suspenseful music) – Jeremiah, you there? Yo Jeremiah. – I told you to stay off this channel, just wait at the cabin. – Hey relax, it’s all set up. You set the trap? – Yeah we did our part,
now we just wait for Gomez. – Am I gonna meet him this time? – Just get to the goddamn cabin. Everybody else is where they should be. – What about my money? (gun cocking) – Next time you’re told
to do something, do it. – Gomez. What the fuck is this? – Payment. – You’re fucking kidding, right? – Hey, here we go. (exploding sound) – [Alex] Shit! – What was that? – Flat tire. – Where’s Gomez? Are we supposed to go get him? – We wait, remember? – I don’t like this, we haven’t seen anyone for miles, have we? – We’re gonna be there in no time, it’s right around the corner. – Yeah that’s what you
said an hour ago Donny. – Don’t you think you’ve had enough? – Donny, you sound like my fucking dad. – Why don’t you go help Alex? – Yeah Blair, why don’t you go help Alex? – Yeah what a good idea,
why don’t you help Alex? (animal noise) – What was that? – There’s something out here. (screaming) (ominous music) – What the hell was that? – Wolves. – Lucy, what are you doing? – We can’t just leave them here. – We gotta move now. – [Man] Over here, nice trying. Come out, come out wherever you are. (suspenseful music) (growling sounds) – Okay, send. – We gotta move, come on. – Please, please don’t hurt me. (door squeaking open) – Run, it can’t be far. – Trinity, who are these people? – Sarah, we have to go. (exasperated screaming) – I don’t know, just
keep running, come on. – And our next contestants are. (knocking sounds) – Open the goddamn door. – Oh my god, why? What was that? Alex was standing there and the next thing I know he was gone. – We’re safe now, we’re safe. – Where’s Sarah and Trinity? – They’re not here. – I know they’re not fucking here. – Blair, cool it okay? – Cool it? Jesus, Donny our friend are dead. – It’s gonna be alright, okay? – Donny, is Fred worse? – I don’t know, this is his
place, he’s supposed to be here. – You ever notice he ain’t fucking here? (foreboding music) – Run, hurry. (gun firing) – Shit. – Keep to your positions. (screaming) (gun firing) – What the fuck was that? Holy shit. – I’ve been shot. – It’s gonna be alright,
it’s gonna be okay. – No no no, it’s not gonna be all right. – Who’s out there? – Shut the fuck up. Jesus fucking shut up. How you doing? Shh fucking A. – [Lucy] What’s out there? – Oh my god, they are there. – Who’s out there?
– They’re watching us. – [Donny] There they go. – Who the fuck are these guys? – I don’t know. – This is your fucking
deal man, you should know. – The basement is where? (growling noises) (howling sounds) (ominous music) – How long? – Not long. They’re hungry tonight. – Has anybody got a phone? – Left mine in the car. – Fuck, me too. Gotta be kidding me, this is
bad, it’s real fucking bad. – No car, no phone, no guns. – Bill? Take Dimitry, go rattle the cage. – Is that what it takes to
get your attention, Blair? A bullet? – What? – Sarah, everyone just calm down, okay? – Listen, you got something
you want to say Blair, huh? I mean have you got something you want to get off your chest? What? This was your idea, you
come up with something now. – What do you want me to say? You want to bounce off the
walls a little bit, Blair? Be my guest. Be my guest, you’re still gonna be right here, right now, fucked. – One of us has got to go back out there. – Are you volunteering? – I gotta do something. – You can leave us out
there to die again, Blair. – What did you say? – Just lock the doors, stay quiet, wait for the cavalry to come. – Right, the cavalry. – And if they come back? – Just hope that they don’t. – Joe, what’s going on in there? Can you see anything? – [Joe] Nothing here. – Okay, you sit this one out. – Someone out there must
have heard something. – We’re pretty isolated out here. (banging noise) – I’m getting tired of asking, why are there people
outside trying to kill us? – How would I know that? – Because you brought us here. – Actually, I don’t
remember you being invited. – What’s wrong with you? – Nothing. – Then why are you acting
like such an asshole? – Still no eyes on the pack, hold tight. The blood’s in the air, he’ll come around He’ll come around. (suspenseful music) (knocking noise) – Trin, you okay? Can I come in? (fabric tearing) (dramatic music) Give me your arm. – She knows. – No she doesn’t, I
wouldn’t be here if she did. I just want to make it out of here alive. – Tommy, you there? What’d I miss? – Gone quiet here. – [Man] Copy that, am I
still waiting for Gomez? – Yeah. – Where’s Trinity? – She’s coming. – Are you okay? – Yeah, as good as someone can
be with a hole in their arm. – That’s funny, that’s really funny. – You okay, Sarah? – This guy you’re meeting,
how do you know him? – Does it matter right now? – Yeah it matters, it could be
one of those fucks out there. Do you even know his name? – No, all I know is he was
supposed to meet us here. – You gonna save us all with that? Mmm tough guy. I do love a tough guy. what about you, Trinity? – What? – You heard me. (howling noise) What was that? – What was what? (gun firing) (wolves howling) – What is that? Joe, Dimitry? – We have to do something. They’re gonna come back. (gun firing) – Who is that? Call in dammit. Charlie, pick up Charlie. Charlie, dammit Charlie pick up. (suspenseful music) – Christ. – So that’s it? Is she all that you care about? – Alright, get a grip. – Get a grip? Get a grip. Get a grip (laughing). Oh, oh I’ll just get a grip. I’ll just get a grip, huh? Hey everybody, I got an idea (laughing), why don’t we just all
get a fucking grip, huh? – Please be quiet. – Jesus. – Thought you heard me coming. – What the hell were those things? – Things, what things? – The things that ate that kid back there. – Get your head out of
your ass, pay attention. – Trinity, I know it’s you, and I know what you two have been doing. – What are you talking about? – The bathroom, I thought
you were my friend. – Grow up. – Don’t touch me. – What the fuck is going
on between you two, right now you gotta keep it together. – Oh, keep it together,
keep what together? What’s the fucking point? – Are you kidding me? – Been doing it for years. – That’s a lot of money
for one little vial of. – Wolf spit? Well they’re not paying for wolf spit. – You just told me that one
vial of that stuff goes for. – They’re paying for
what the wolf spit does. – Sarah. – I can make it to the car. – Oh you can? – Yeah.
– Yeah? You go outside, you’re gonna fucking die. If that’s what you want, be my guest. – Blair. – Stay out of this for once. Sarah, listen. – Shut up. – I’ll miss you. – Shut up, I hate you. God I hate you. – You’re so pathetic. – Trinity, you will be next. Don’t you get it? He gets bored so easily. – Shut the fuck up. – You left the both of us out there to die, you fucking coward. – Sarah, Sarah, what are you doing? Come here.
– Please, please. Blair, how could you do this to me? – Don’t be stupid. – You got what you came for. He’s all yours. – Sarah, no. (foreboding music) Sarah! – There she goes, she’s on the run. Follow her, keep your distance. – Sarah, come back. – Where’d they go? Where’d they go? – What’s going on? Does anybody have them in their sights? (leaves rustling) – Stay here. (Sarah crying) – Sarah, Sarah I’m sorry. Sarah. – Just leave me alone. – Hey, what are you doing? Sarah! (screaming) – Please no, please. – Dimitry. Dimitry. Charlie’s dead, what’s
your position, over? – [Dimitry] I’m behind
the cabin at the campsite. Should I come to you? – Campsite, if they brought tents out here, they’re dead already. – Come on, you don’t know that. – Course I do, you want to stay alive, you got to keep moving, you know that. These fucking amateurs
ruined my fucking hunt. Hey fuckhead, move it, you got it? Move it or I’ll shoot you myself. – Blair, did you see anything? – I should have gotten to her. – Blair, what did you see, huh? – What, she was standing there and the next second she’s gone. There was this man out there. – What? What, what man?
– It’s all over. – What did you see? – I don’t know, it’s this
fucking man out there. – What man, what man? – It was so fucking fast, it was so fast. – Okay, what did you see though? – I didn’t, I, so fucking fast. – It wasn’t your fault, she– – Don’t you say anything. You don’t get to say anything. – Blair! – Fine, I give up. – This is all your fault. Now I’m gonna ask you one last time, what’s going on out there? – And I keep telling
you I don’t know, okay? He was supposed to be here, how many times do I have to tell you? – Get out of my face. – Come on you fuck, I’m here, what are you waiting for?
– Get back inside, you’re gonna get us all killed. What are you doing there? – You’re hiding something, I know it. – Look, whoever’s out there, okay, hasn’t come in here, right? Right, man? So we stay in here, it’s not like they’re coming through, right? – And then what? – It’s 2:00 a.m., we wait
until morning, then we run. What? – You hear this? That’s your plan? That’s your plan? – Yeah.
– Oh we got a man with a plan. You think they care whether it’s light? We’re in the middle nowhere. – Blair, we have no choice. – Yes we do ’cause I’m
not staying here, I’m not. – Listen, we’re staying. – Well that’s it? – Yeah. – That’s it? Fuck you Donny. You don’t get to tell me what to do. – Well go on, hotshot. What are you waiting for, huh? Go on. Yeah, I thought not. – Cures diseases, makes you younger? – No, you live longer. – Wolfsbane? – Werewolf saliva. – Can you even hear yourself right now? – All I know is that’s what Gomez said. – It is a lot of money. Let’s just see how it turns out. Charlie. Charlie. Hey, this thing’s dead. How long did you charge it for? – I don’t know. Look, the campsite should just be. – Just follow me. – Where the fuck are you guys? – I told you to keep quiet. Go ahead. – Are we gonna flush him out? – He’ll come out soon enough. It’s a shitstorm in there right
now and they’re just kids. (water dripping) (vomiting noises) (knocking sounds) – Lucy, you all right in there? Lucy? – You know what frightens me most is being alone when I die. What if it doesn’t work? – It will. – How do you know? – Trust me, can you do that? – Just promise me one thing. – Anything. – If the time comes, I
don’t want to be alone. – You won’t be, it’ll be fine. – Donny, just promise me. – Okay, I promise. – She all right? – She will be. (suspenseful music) – You’re a fucking dick. – What I said before, I didn’t mean it. – Yeah you did. Shouldn’t be surprised, I was just a piece of ass to you, huh? – No, no. – What?
– That’s not it. – What is it? – I can’t explain. I can’t. – Convenient, probably won’t have to now. We’re all gonna die, right? – Trin, listen, you were never just a piece of ass for me, you know that. (foreboding music) – Jesus. – What do you think? – You know what happened to them. – Let’s just look for the
wolf spit and get out of here. Silver bullets? Must’ve thought this would
take the damn thing out. – Or a whole pack of ’em. – How come we didn’t get any of these? Holy shit. How many of these we got left? – We got three after what’s loaded, let’s hope that’s enough
to get us out of here. – What are they waiting for? Doesn’t make any sense. – I think I know who these people are. Wolf hunters. There’s some people who believe
that this region is sacred. – Sacred? – There’s a local legend that werewolves live on this mountain, the first settlers lived peacefully here for many years. One night a small child went missing, the settlers blamed a nearby Indian tribe, the Nadonay, and they slaughtered them. The survivors were the
Nadonay’s elite hunters known as Wolfsbane,
scattered through the woods, they became obsessed with
revenge and one night, under a full, moon they took it. (wolf howling) A ferocious pack of wolves
carried out that revenge. It’s not only the settlers,
there was so much blood it stained the earth forever. The local wolves are supposed to be direct descendants of the Wolfsbane. They’re worth a fortune
on the black market. – Why? – Because there are
some people who believe that the wolf’s saliva is an elixir, that it has the power to
provide everlasting life and supernatural strength and power. – Supernatural strength
and power, are you serious? – You son of a bitch. I knew you were hiding something. – So that’s why you brought us
out here, to drink wolf spit? – And this friend of yours, he was gonna sell you some right? – Donny, is that– – You brought us to a
fucking hunting ground, this fuck signed our death warrants. – Blair, you didn’t have to come. – Yeah, why did you come huh? Was Sarah worth it? – You watch your mouth. (leaves rustling) – Hey retard, it’s just a fox. Time to introduce ourselves. (dramatic music) (thumping noises) – [Man] Okay Gomez, we’re clear. – Pay attention, you need to
understand what’s at stake. This is gonna get much worse. – What the fuck? – Where is that coming from? – [Gomez] There’s nowhere to run. There’s nowhere to go. If you don’t want to end
up like your friends, your only option is to do exactly as I say or else I send you out as
lambs among the wolves. – It’s coming from outside, listen. – Keep the walkie close. – What are you doing? – What does it look like I’m doing? (door closing) – Motherfucker, how do I work it? – Look, I know who you are. We have a lot of money,
we can figure this out. – Well listen you fucks, you’re gonna pay for what you’ve done. – Hey, what are you doing? – Nobody’s coming for us. – Hey, think about this. – Yeah, and what are you gonna do exactly? – The car is less than a mile away, okay? I’m gonna circle round then I’m gonna call for help. – We don’t know how many there are. – I thought you were for charging out there and taking them on mano a mano. – Things have changed. – Yeah they have, you heard him. They’re gonna string this
out all night and then. – Checkmate. – Stay put. Let him go. (suspenseful music) (growling noise) (howling sounds) – Is there anyone out there? You said that we shouldn’t
be afraid of you. There was something else out there. – You believe in the devil? – Why is this funny? – ‘Cause everybody reacts the same way. – Everybody? – You didn’t think you were the first to be used as bait, did you? (ominous music) (knocking sound) – It’s hollow. – It’s just the wood, it’s old. Trin, what are you doing? Trin, what are you doing? – I can’t see, do you have a light? (wood shredding) There’s something in here. I need a key. – So let’s find one. – Trinity, we’re wasting time. – We’re all worried about Donny, okay? But if I have to sit here
and do absolutely nothing, I’m gonna fucking lose my mind. All you have to do is help me find the key that goes with that lock, okay? Come on. (coughing) (dramatic music) – Hey boss, shouldn’t
we go back to the cabin? I mean you said it yourself, it ain’t smart being out here. Boss? – Shut it, you’re gonna blow our cover. – I know you can hear me. You know what these things do to you? – If you hurt Donny, I will kill you. – You think we hurt your friends? – You’re lying. – No I’m not, that’s not why I’m here. – You’re just a man with a big gun hunting a bunch of wolves and you thought that you could bag a couple
of people along the way. – Wolves, they’re a
little more than wolves. You have any idea what lives here? – Fucking astonish us. (leaves rustling) – Blair. – Hey guys, I think I found something. – Someone’s diary. – Let me see that. Oh my god, this is from 15 years ago. Today was my birthday, when I woke up I heard the sound again,
this time there were so many of them I couldn’t hear anything else. – It’s the wolves. – It has been five nights
since they took my mother. I heard them shouting
and then they were gone. Every night I hear the horrible sound of the wolves returning. When I hear them I hide, I’ve
waited inside now for so long and I’m so hungry now, I’m so hungry. I pray everyday for God to save me and for him to take away
the terrible screams. – Here’s a tape. (foreboding music) (wolves howling) – We should have heard from Donny by now. – How, Lucy? We don’t have a phone, remember? – That’s not his fault. – Whose fault? – Donny’s. – Lucy, it is. – He just wants to save me. – What are you talking about? – I wasn’t completely honest
about how bad things are. – Why didn’t you say? – Because Donny told me
that he could cure me, and that I shouldn’t worry you. He had to watch his father
die from cancer and now. – I don’t know what to say. – Got it. (eerie music) – That’s here, it’s this cabin. – Wait, there. – Who are these people? – There’s one way to find out. (door opening) – Let’s go, Gomez, we can’t do this. – You want to go, go, I’m staying. – You’ve only got one clip left, what are you gonna do when you run out? – I’m staying. – Shit. We’re all gonna die out
here, is that what you want? Okay, I’m done. So I sure hope it’s worth it. – It came for us at night, the moon was full and
they were everywhere. They were like savages, beasts endowed with incredible strength
and they were relentless. We didn’t have a chance. The screaming of my parents
will haunt my dreams forever. The screams. After they killed my mother, I saw the face of the
beast soaked in her blood and then I saw something
that I still cannot believe, the transformation from beast into man. And then they were gone. Intense, huh? – What are we talking about here? – [Lucy] Werewolves? – That makes no sense. – They’ve been waiting
out there this whole time, they could have come in. What do you think they’re waiting for? – I don’t know. – Can’t believe we’re
having this conversation. – We run and we die, we stay and we die. – Hey, I know you can hear me. Tonight we can all survive. Now how this all plays out depends on you. – What should we do? – So I need you all to come out of there, lure him out, make a run for
it, I’ll take care of the rest. – You’re fucking crazy, we don’t stand a chance out there. – I’ll give you one chance in five. – If we stay in here? – Then you will die tonight. – What about Donny? – Your boyfriend? He’s already dead. Daybreak is two hours away
and they will come for you. – You’re gonna have to give us a minute. – Take all the time you want. – What was the date on that tape? – Doesn’t say, why? – Doesn’t look that old. So Donny said he’s never
been here before, right? – No no. – I don’t follow. – It’s the same age. – Not necessarily, that
could have been anyone. – How did his parents die, Lucy? – His father died from cancer and his mother in a car
wreck, you both know that. – Do we? – Why did he go outside? He said it was too dangerous and now all of a sudden he’s
running around by himself? – He’s responsible for
this, he said so himself. Now he’s left us out here to die. – No, he brought me out here to heal me. – Oh listen to yourself, if he knows what this place is,
he’s fucked in the head. – Don’t say that. – That could be his folks in that video. Who knows what’s been going on here, he could be a werewolf all we know. – What’s happening? (suspenseful music) She’s burning up. – We gotta go. – No.
– Yes. We gotta go. We’ll hide her somewhere, go get help. Look at her, she’s dying. – We’re not leaving her alone. – She’s gonna die either way. If we don’t do anything, so will we. – Do you really trust him outside? – He says we don’t have a choice. – I’m so sorry. I’m coming back for you. – Trin, I won’t be here. – Okay, we’re doing this. There’s only two of us,
one is staying behind. – Then she’ll die. – Yeah we know, okay? – I guess it gives you two a better shot. – What do you want us to do? – Run. – What, that’s it? – And when they come
for you, I’ll smoke ’em. – How the fuck are you gonna kill it? – [Gomez] Leave that to me. (ominous music) (leaves rustling) (tearing sound) – It’s time to go. – Okay, what’s the plan? – We gotta run for it. – Okay.
– Yeah? – Makes sense. – We’re ready. – [Gomez] I want you to run
straight out into the woods, stay away from the roads, got it? – Yeah. – [Gomez] Good. – Wait, do we need to
keep in contact with you? – [Gomez] You’re not gonna have time to chitchat while you’re running. – How do we knew if we made it? – [Gomez] You’re still alive
in five minutes, you made it. – I’m scared. I’m scared. – I’m not gonna leave you. – I know. Why’d I have to fell in
love with such a jackass? (dramatic music) – Come on. – Which way? – Back to the car, now come on. – No, no, he said not to go back there. (screaming) Oh my god, he’s dead. – Well the keys gotta be
around here somewhere, come on. They gotta be around here somewhere. – Why did we come on this trip? – Can you just shut up? If you just help me find the keys, we can still make it out of here. – Don’t tell me to shut up. (foreboding music) – We can still get out of here. I think you know where the keys are. – Help me. – I think the pockets. (screaming) (keys jingling) (growling sounds) (suspenseful music) Come on. Stop Trinity. Trinity, just come on, get in the car. Get down, it’s fine. Trinity it won’t fucking
start, fucking start. Why the fuck won’t it start? – Get out of the car. Get out of the car, get out. Get out, get out of the car. (growling sounds) Go, go, get out! Go, go! – Lucy, Lucy where are you? – Is it over? – You have to go. – You need to drink this. – What is it? – This is why we’re here, okay? This is what we came for. – What are you doing? – Listen to me, listen to me. – Go, Donny go. You have to go.
– Listen Lucy. – You have to go before they come. – Lucy, you have to listen to me. – Don’t worry about
them, just keep running. Trinity, Trinity. Come on. (growling sounds) (screaming) – Your family was killed by this thing. – What are you talking about? I don’t know what you’re talking about. – I saw the film. It’s you, it’s your family. Your family was killed by this thing. – I never lied to you. I told you you were coming here to meet someone who could cure you. – Where is he? – I don’t know, I keep telling you he was supposed to meet us here. – You’re lying. – I just wanted to see you live, Lucy. (eerie music) – Everybody’s dead, Donny. – I love you, Lucy. – Do you even know what’s out there? – It’s just a bunch of
guys fucking around. – No it’s not, Donovan. You really have no idea, do you? I need to get out of here. What happened to you? – When? – After they killed your parents. (screaming) – After they were taken? – Run. Run! – Everything will be okay. (screaming) – Donny, run! Run! (growling sounds) (tearing sounds) – [Donny] They came for us at night. The moon was full and
they were everywhere. They were like savages, beasts endowed with incredible strength
and they were relentless. We did not have a chance. The screaming of my mother
will haunt my dreams forever. The screams. After they killed my mom,
I saw the face of the beast soaked in her blood, something
I still can’t believe. A transformation from beast into man. And then they were gone. I stayed inside for as long as I can bear and finally, after three
days, my hunger forced me out. I found my mom in our
backyard by the garden. All she could say was don’t
leave me, I am so hungry. What could I do? (dramatic music) She had been my mother. I promised the thing that
I would return every year to make sure that she would
never go hungry again. And I ran. I ran. (sorrowful rock music) ♪ Your shadows come to meet you ♪ ♪ From the other side ♪ ♪ No one else would greet you ♪ ♪ With such a wicked smile ♪ ♪ Uninvited ♪ ♪ Long forgotten ♪ ♪ Your shadows come to meet you ♪ ♪ Stranger things would save you ♪ ♪ From a world out there ♪ ♪ Deceit under the season ♪ ♪ A blacker flag to bear ♪ ♪ Underneath it ♪ ♪ We’ll live on ♪ ♪ Stranger things could save you ♪ ♪ Oh there’s no way home ♪ ♪ Once you know ♪ ♪ The emptiness within ♪ ♪ The one who took you in ♪ ♪ Your shadows come to meet you ♪ ♪ From the other side ♪ ♪ No one else would greet you ♪ ♪ With such a wicked smile ♪ ♪ Uninvited ♪ ♪ Long forgotten ♪ ♪ Your shadows come to meet you ♪ (dramatic music)

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  1. Your friends are being eaten by werewolfs, and getting shot by psycopaths with guns. You manage to run and find a house. Do you:
    A. keep away from the windows?
    B. be quiet and vigilant?
    C. search the house for weapons?
    D. search the house for a first aid kit?
    E. search the house for supplies?
    F. search the house for the safest room to lock yourself into?
    G. all of the above?

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