The Sky is Pink | Bollywood Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Farhan Akhtar

The Sky is Pink | Bollywood Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Farhan Akhtar

In the iconic 1975 film Sholay, the only son of an elderly blind man
is murdered by the dacoit Gabbar Singh. After absorbing the shock,
weeping softly and listening to the villagers
debate on what is to be done, Imaam Saab says “Jaante ho duniya ka
sabse bada bojh kya hota hai? Baap ke kandhon par bete ka janaza. Isse bhari bojh koi nahi hai.” The last 40 minutes or so of The Sky Is Pink
capture this crushing weight of death. The finality of losing someone, the rage and helplessness at being unable to prevent it, the emptiness of loss and
those morbid practical questions “what do you do with the clothes?
where do photographs go?” What this film asks us to consider
is the right way to grieve. When Aisha, only 18 and played by
the endearing Zaira Wasim, dies, you feel that burden. But you also come away admiring the tenacity
and will of her parents – Niren and Aditi. They deal with the death of
not one but two children and in the process,
become champions of life. These, my friends, are not spoilers. The Sky Is Pink is based on the true story of
Aisha Chaudhary who was born with SCID, a rare genetic disorder. She eventually died of Pulmonary Fibrosis, which was a side-effect
of her treatment for SCID. Aisha’s parents valiantly sacrificed their lives
to help their daughter live longer. Niren and Aditi spent years living apart, they worked tirelessly to
raise the money for treatment. At one point, Niren even begged
for donations on the radio. Aditi researched every possible
cure and doctor and robotically disinfected surfaces that Aisha
touched to prevent her from getting an infection because even a common cold
could prove fatal. They tried not just to keep her alive,
but also to keep her happy. At one point, Aditi was micromanaging
her daughter’s crush on a schoolmate. To keep her daughter
breathing and smiling, she essentially became
the helicopter parent from hell. Rather than death, director and co-writer Shonali Bose focuses on the couple and their courage. Which is wise because Niren and Aditi’s relationship endures unimaginable pressures. In interviews, Shonali said that
everything we see in the film is true, that it’s based on hours of interviews
with the parents, especially Aditi. The film was made with the support
and approval of the Chaudharys. And that perhaps is what has
blunted its edges. The Sky Is Pink is sincere and heartfelt,
but it never gets raw or messy. Until that final stretch, it doesn’t pierce
your heart the way the subject should. Shonali’s superpower as a director
is an unsentimental gaze that enables us to view
uncomfortable situations with empathy. Her last film, Margarita With A Straw was also
about a family dealing with the debilitating situation. The elder daughter Laila has cerebral palsy. The film grappled with that,
with cancer, Laila being bisexual and a heartbreaking bond
with her dying mother. There’s this wonderful scene on the terrace when Laila is trying to tell her mother
that she’s bisexual but she’s having trouble saying
the word, so she only manages bi and her mother comes back with
“main kya kam bai hoon?” and starts ranting about how
badly behaved Hindustani men are. It’s hilarious and touching. In The Sky Is Pink,
this lightness of being is replaced by an all-pervasive cuteness. The film frantically jumps timelines
over three decades, even going back to Niren and
Aditi’s romance and marriage. To make sense of this back and forth,
we get a posthumous narrator. Aisha herself, who in death,
like she was in life, remains perky, irreverent,
and determinedly cheering. She calls Aditi Moose and Niren Panda, which becomes cloying very quickly. Aisha talks, a lot. The VO is by co-writer Nilesh Maniyar. We get lines like: Kaunse aise germs hain
jo Moose se panga lete or Moose ki Poonch thi Panda. She frequently comments on her
parents’ sex life and gives us ‘fun facts’. In many scenes, Shonali builds up
to an emotion, which is then undercut by Aisha
explaining what has happened or cuing in the next scene. The VO just becomes a distraction. Until now, Shonali’s storytelling
has had naturalistic textures which served her tough subjects well. The Sky Is Pink opts
for a glossy aesthetic There are speedboats, swanky homes, sweeping top shots of London
and the Andamans. Mother and daughter bond over
mischievous shopping expeditions. And no matter what the
characters are grappling with, they are impeccably styled. Aditi goes to hell and back, but her hair, makeup and
clothes stay on point. Apart from the changing hairstyles,
there’s little to suggest her age. And in one scene,
she’s supposed to be 50. Niren becomes weathered by the trauma, but Aditi’s anguish is
barely reflected in her demeanor. This varnish undermines
the authenticity of the emotions. The background music by
Mikey McCleary is purposefully jaunty and counterintuitive to some
of the situations on screen, but this strategy works
in only fits and starts. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, here on
double duty as actor and co-producer, is fierce and dazzling as the mother
who will do whatever it takes to outrun death. But, Farhan Akhtar as
the father has more impact because he allows us to see his
vulnerability and exhaustion. Rohit Suresh Saraf as Aisha’s brother
Ishaan also does well. The Sky Is Pink deals
with extreme anguish, but it feels too sanitized. Still, at the end, when you see photos of
the real Aisha, Ishaan, Niren and Aditi, the weight of their tragedy and the force of
their indomitable spirit hits home. I just wish I had felt that through the film.

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  1. Unfair review! Film Companion's quality is going down because of this lady's prejudice and lack of research.

  2. I don't agree with you mam when you said the character of the mother was very well kept and her make up is always on point. People who look and feel strong are mostly more vulnerable, here she might try to look normal to give her daughter the impression that everything is fine.

  3. Ms Anupama has PC's make up and hair in this gem of a movie and she had enough praises for Kalank and its "wardrobe goals". And remember her befikre 3.5 stars. This woman is just UGH

  4. The two children dying comment was surely unnecessary. Even though technically it was'nt a spoiler, it's a shame you deemed it vital to include in your review. Tad disappointed. 😞

  5. Confused herself.. firstly praised and then criticised… In kalank review firstly criticised and then praised… She is trying her level best to prove not a credible reviewer by giving such movies bad reviews..

  6. Hey woman, don't mix bribery with your work. I'm sure you must be paid well by these nepotic kids. When you speak this kind of shit in media, you are literally ruining the career of a number of rising talents in the country. Moreover, discouraging many people to watch this wonderful movie. It's a request.🙌
    If you keep posting these kinds of review I'll report it for damn sure.

  7. Film companion gives out too many spoilers.. I feel scared to watch your review.. Because I don't want to know all the dialogues and the cause of death and what not.. Kindly look into that the next time.

  8. Can’t beleive anupama is so baised, this movie is compelety different than other action movies or bollywood movies! No comparison. Real life based story has different story line! I don’t know whats wrong with her! This movie deserves a very good rating! Well, but none of your review matters now! Unsubscribed ! Thanks 🙏

  9. The actor and director ALREADY said that the REAL ADITI BELEIVED IN LOOKING HER BEST EVEN AT THE WORST TIMES…if u did ur fucking job/research Anupama, you would’ve known that, or maybe you did and just chose to ignore that! And each scene is verbatum from their lives, NO creative LIBERTIES WERE TAKEN. So the parents did make their lives and Aisha’s life as cheery as it seems. Geez…it’s so frustrating to see people finding faults with the TRUTH when it’s a truth-based story. Just because you might not react in the same manner in that situation doesn’t means others won’t.

  10. Critics like u appreciate the trash Salman Khan/Karan Johar produces and pull down a product like this.. and eventually go on to complain – ki achchi pictures chalti kyo nahi hai?
    Like really !

  11. Your review is so nonsense.. The movie was really good.. And the performance of all the actors are outstanding.. Please if you are getting paid for it then do it correctly otherwise don't do it..

  12. How warmly presented the sense of movie without spoiling the ethos and the spirit of the movie. Remarkable word selection and truely amazing life like presentation of emotions involved in movie. Extraordinary sculpt

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  21. Use "in my opinion" in everything you say because how a movie makes one feel is completely subjective, you can't say "it doesn't pierce your heart" just because you didn't feel it because thousands of other people did. Not every movie dealing with grief has to be dreary and sad because Aisha was all about celebrating life and this movie truly captured her essence.

  22. No one was ready to move in the PVR even after ending people were crying and there were happy tears too.u can’t move your eyes away from Priyanka she is so perfect in every fucking scene.this lady she is biased .do not listen to her go n watch sky is pink.

  23. Dear anupama… I am an early subscriber of your channel. I have seen its growth. I have to tell you this time you are hopelessly wrong. I have lost my father recently after a long battle with cancer and I felt the connection. This movie is a beautiful tribute to the family.

  24. Guys, if you want an honest review please redirect yourselves to "our stupid reactions" by Rick and Korbin. Don't waste your time here!

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  27. "If my film does not do well, it really hurts me. But by God's grace, even if some of my films may not have done well, people have still liked my work in it. "

    -Priyanka Chopra

  28. Wow, u clearly saw the part where priyanka tells the real aditi always made a point to look good in any situation. U just say negative things without knowing facts.

  29. I very reluctantly decided to watch this review coz I was expecting bullshit like that. U proved me right again.. Never watching your reviews ever..

  30. worst movie rather showing parents struggle it shows romance suhag. priyanka overacting. showing how change of religion going on. useless movie.

  31. Ye hindi movie hai to . Review bhi hindi dena chahiye . Hindi movie ke english review isse ghatiya chiz koi ho nahi sakti . Aisa nahi hame english nahi aati . Hindi movie ke review hindi me dena chahiye . Wo bhi ghatiya 😣😣😣

  32. Guys! Stop saying she’s biased just because she has a different opinion than you. I felt the same way about the film. It was highly overrated even prior to the film releasing. Perhaps that built high expectations, and the film was underwhelming to say at the least. Grow up and realize that not everyone thinks the same. That’s what makes life interesting!

  33. Look at the comments, everybody loved the movie, ha ha Anupama, you also look too good for your age, you should show your actual age, while acting to be a crtic.

  34. If Anupama can become a movie critic anybody with zero IQ can also become one. She lost her credibility with her reviews of Kalank and Befikre

  35. Isn't it strange , movie which is loved by audience is getting such negative reviews by so called critics . Well u seriously lost Ur creditibility in my eye.

  36. I just saw the movie, and I wish I had not seen this review. I could feel the pain of parents and son in the movie. Nothing in movie is over the top or glossy. I live in London and yes it does look very much same from top view. I am very disappointed in Anupama for sending wrong message. Please watch the movie . It shows the reality of life .

  37. Even after watching ur review, I went to watch the movie in the theatre today.and u know what the movie is amazing!!! It's a gem. So Anupama ji app bhadme jaa sakte ho with ur review. I am unsubscribing ur channel and also never gonna see ur biased reviews ever!!

  38. Itni ghatiya or librandu type kj movie he kon maa ke lode ise acchi bata rahe he..bhosdike movie ke subject pe to concentration hi nai..madatchod conversation ko hi badha chadha ke dikha rahe he. Ek no.bhadvi movie.

  39. We don’t need such a detailed review specially those who haven’t seen it .. reviews are personal for everyone maybe you’re not a soft hearted person

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  42. I feel she is reviewing for audiences understanding english only., If you are reviewing a movie for Indian audience make it in hindi, Don't show us your English proficiency., Komal nahta reviews in much better way.,

  43. Unlike.Sucharita,'s superficial reviews , your reviews dig dip…u.r.right…it's a Bollywoodized version with exotic locales instead of.focusing on the angst of a dying child…request u to b less diplomatic with regards to.Priyanka…Unlike the brilliant Kangana, .she average actress made to sound brilliant through PR machinery….

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    Aleast watch it even tho if don't wanna make a review..ty

  45. Are you only about storytelling??? Can you for a change review the film and not just and just and just tell us the story. We will watch it. Trust us, we will understand the story without someone spoonfeeding us.

  46. Also to add, iam sure even you are close to 50, so are you not enough stylish. Your skin is glowing and not a single white strand of hair. Then why complain if Priyanka is not shown as old and aging

  47. फ़िल्म हिंदी में लेकिन रिव्यु इंग्लिश में, क्यों ??

  48. I am a fan of your love for cinema @film companion. But I feel like Anupama watched this movie through a distorted lens. I have observed that most common film goers (Indian and non-Indian) have enjoyed the film immensely but 'old-timey' critics such as yourself (again both Indian and non-Indian) are not pleased with it. While some of your points did make me think, I think the pros of this movie so far outweigh the cons that this review felt seriously biased. Here is a review that I watched that really celebrates the positives of this movie : Please watch. May be it will give you a different perspective. This is brave cinema.

  49. This is a heart felt movie by an extremely talented group of people (Priyanka, Farhan, Zaira, Sonali to name a few). This movie deals with lots of pertinent topics such as right to life, right to death, organ donation, carer's fatigue when looking after a terminally ill patient, mental health and the impact of prolonged illness and death on family members including siblings. This movie stays with you long after you have left the theatre. Its really unfortunate that a Film Critic like Anupama is dissing it for choice of wardrobe! People JUST GO AND SEE IT!

  50. You know Anupama why you couldn't feel the weight of the tragedy of the Chaudhary family through the film like you did when you saw the picture? Let me tell you why, cause you are just heartless.There's no other reason.Your reviews are trash.I personally think that all the actors did a great job and well as for your stupid review…TO HELL WITH IT AND TO HELL WITH YOU!!! You can just fuck off!! (Oh and don't think I said all these because I'm a fan of PCJ or Farhan.No I'm not but I sure understand the difference between a good movie, a great movie and a bad one.)

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