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  1. Timestamps:
    2:32 – How do I standout in an interview process?
    16:19 – I have interests in entertainment, but am currently pursuing a legal career. How can get more involved in the entertainment business?
    22:45 – There’s no right way, only your way
    25:55 – How do I work on my side hustle when I get scrutinized at work for it?
    31:05 – I work with my dad, how do I make sure we maintain a positive relationship?
    42:17 – How do you streamline to make yourself more efficient?
    44:37 – How to deal with being told as a child that ‘you’re special’, but now realizing that they’re just average.
    48:19 – How do maximize resting to hit the ground running after?
    49:10 – How do you bounce back from adversity?

  2. Definitely more ask garyvee. Q and A are super insightful and great for playing in the background while doing other things.

  3. Here is what I was told is a Mark Twain quote. … "The two most important days in your life: The day you were born and the day you find out why". This resonated with me and I wanted to share.

  4. I would love to see you do another video with your dad Sasha again. It’s been a long time. We need to see some father son love.. plus it’s a really good look. Please make it happen if you can Gary.

  5. Someone on your video team exported this video wrong man export in 24fps plz so the video doesn’t look so amateur

  6. Gary I’m 18yo freshman in college. I love posting covers (singing, playing guitar) on gram, YT, tiktok, etc., writing songs and things like that. I’m trying to gain a following on the internet and social media and want to know how to take that next step as an artist while still managing my time at school wisely. Any advice (from anyone in the comments, really 😂) would be GREATLY appreciated. Love your content 💪🏻

  7. Hi Gary, love it!! God this video had all the questions I was going to ask and answered them . Thank you so much !

  8. I'm only just beyond Jackie, caller number three. She was awesome though. No excuse making, open to advice. Jackie is going places for sure.

  9. Dana White is a super nice guy. He paid for a pair of jeans for someone at a boutique I worked for. The persons CC was declined and White just paid for it like it was nothing (2009)

  10. 50:47 I needed this. I've been beating myself up over getting burnt out and not getting shit done in the time frame I had given myself.
    I had forgotten the 4th pillar of success, and because of that I stopped enjoying the process.
    Thank you so much Gary you really are a legend!

  11. Loveee this!! Thanks Gary!!!

    If there's anybody looking for a video editor, I'd be more than happy to take on the task!!!

  12. Don’t you ever dare change you arrogance, attitude & sugar coat anything. Without it, nothing will resonate or make the impact it does. Feed my soul Mr.G!

  13. ask gary vee show is the best!!! Just because I can see your passion when you answer! great vibes from Brazil to you and #teamgaryvee too!!!

  14. Wow that polish dude totally blew it. He should have finished that live rap and proved he is chill enough to take shit. Wasted opportunity!!

  15. Gary,

    Love the positive Vibes and Advice.

    First Generation American.
    Family from DR

    Sadly take it granted.


    How do I appreciate the opportunity and hustle more ?

    One parent supportive doing different things . the other hardcore, get any job period.

    28 y/o


  16. You went from frick to heck maybe I can get you to fuck. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 even the team in the room are laughing when he said that. 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Gary the family business topic around @30:00 is so deep. It felt like it couldnt be more right. The fact that Gary was able to successfully LEAD his family to (what many would call) victory IN BUSINESS is incredible. Resourceful rating – 99
    Gary V leading the pack.. 👹

  18. GARY! I am a yoga instructor. During your show, i observed a few times you reacting to aches and pains in your body. With my guidance we will have you feeling more flexible, energized, and younger.

    For your longevity, please make health and fitness a top value of yours.

  19. Garyvee,You are my Mahnn…I really love what You do on your YouTube channel, Please help me get more subscribers for my youtube channel


    To my fellow amazing seekers of a better life…

    After coming from a life of crime and glorified street life in london uk.. I started listening to and watching motivational speakers and there is no limit to the gratitude I have for these people that literally helped me create a beautiful mindset and give me the tools needed to change mine and my families life around

    I then made the decision to do the same for others and have now set up my own channel in order to do so

    Please subscribe

  21. This is one of my first times watching you Gary. So many people have talked about you and the last time I watched you were on this interrupting frenzy with your guest. You seemed to perform far, far, far better in this format than having a person in front of you. Your profanity does not resonate well with me but to be fair I think if I were a Jets fan for as long as you have been I might be into cursing as much as you are too. I can't imagine what it has been like watching the Patriots win so often as a Jets fan. I really enjoyed this style show than a single guest etc.

  22. I agree with you Gary, this format is my favorite style of content you dish out. Tik Tok always reminds me to go get my daily dose, but this improve is where I get some of the best ideas and answers. I would put the interviews a close 2nd depending on the person you are interviewing.

  23. I loved your advice to Hannah on inefficiency. This is something I’ve struggled with for a long time and have only recently found ways to improve. Similar to your advice on the calendar, I put things on a project board for a 2 week time frame. I knock out every task I can in 2 weeks then regroup. I’ve never completed every task I wanted to but looking back, I’m usually much more efficient than I would give myself credit for. You’re right though, the second you start worrying about inefficiency, you’re inefficient at a macro level. Thank you for that.

  24. I love Gary narrates all those thoughts in his head and say how much of the shit he is and but also be so palpable….love you Gary!

  25. i have that a similar characteristic attribute that everytime i help people which i can do very good just by talking ways out of their problems .
    dont know what i what i m gonna do im 22 too many options and pressure is killing me

  26. rude to be TALKING TO OTHERS, INSTEAD IF GIVING PRIORITY to your guest!!?…how would you feel? Twice, for over 6 minutes?…

  27. Hey guys! Love the show, Way too much thumping on the desk, and rustling may want to consider using a different mic! its all love ❤️

  28. Man… Talikin sooooo fast – I'd like you to relate your usual bullshit to the restaurant industry…. like… I need to get real…. There's perspectives….. But man.. I need help… Fkinnpofcast this shit to something — if you can help fix this? Seriously, this ain't flippin my little ponies in Walmart. This is hardcore sales.. bringnit on

  29. I'll buy a lot of bottles as gifts with the website link in the gift packaging for my future clients who like or sell wine in their business

  30. This is my favourite type of GaryVee content!!! Really hope you guys keep this coming in or put it in the new weeklyVee, thanks so much

  31. Anyone answer this: Why did Gary switch from DailyVee to WeeklyVee anyone has a video where he explains why he switched?

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