The Sonic Movie Looks Great !

The Sonic Movie Looks Great !

– [Dunk] People who make video game movies have no souls and should burn in fucking hell! Hey, guys!
It’s me, Dunkey. After watching this new Sonic trailer the first thought that went through my mind was: “How much money did they spend on this?” $10 dollars? $15 dollars? Well, assuming that this is on par with G-Force. They’ve spent a minimum of a $150 million dollars on this Sonic here that you are seeing. That-
That’s the one! $150 million dolla-! Now… Think about all the things you could achieve with a $150 million dollars. You could feed a village of starving children, 15 generations over. You could build and fund schools, hospitals… You could — even make a movie where the Sonic doesn’t look like my created character, from Sonic Forces. Remember back when people were angry that they made Sonic’s arms blue? Can we return to that time period? Tha-
I would even take this one, at this point! Man, I would even take this-! In video games, the person who sets the bar for everyone else is Mario. In the case of video game movies he set the bar very, very low. You kids are out here thinking that Sonic looks bad? – [Clay Davis] “Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-”
(The Wire) – [Dunk] Look at this Mario! Just the default Mario that everyone knows, right? Here he is in the movie! Here’s Yoshi! Here’s Bowser! Here’s a fuckin’ Goomba! Not a Koopa, because that’s too similar! No, that thing is a Goomba! Watching these Out-of-Touch Hollywood executives try to understand video games is like watching Tommy Wiseau try to play Dark Souls. – [Tommy] “And we wanna open the door.” “Can we?” “Is it-?” “Ohhhh!”
(frustrated) – [Dunk] Remember in the “40-Year-Old Virgin”, where Steve Carell was playing Tony Hawk in this sweet gaming chair with these giant fight sticks on each side? – [Steve] “Get some road burn, come on!” “Come on, sucka!”
(Dunkey saying it with him) – [Dunk] Shut da fuck up, Steve Carell!!! You can’t control a video game with a chair, you goddamn fucker!!! Now look at this stupid-ass Ant-Man playing Xbox with a Nintendo 64 controller. You moron! That’s the wrong one!!! Why does the Sonic from Wreck-It Ralph looks more like Sonic than the Sonic from Sonic? Ever think about that? My only theory on this is that they don’t actually have the rights to Sonic. You know?
Like they just made this entire movie without Sega’s permission and the producer had some dirt on Jim Carrey, like he killed someone in the 90s, so they blackmailed him to be Robotnik. It seems like I’m the only person on the internet who is actually disappointed with this new Sonic trailer. The people on Twitter are making all this great fan art where he looks more like the original design. There’s one where he’s the kid from Jumanji. Here’s one that teases a possible Tails spin-off.
(Laughing) They got Big Knuckles on this one for the poster. (Laughs) The Genie from Aladdin. (Laughs) So yeah, this movie looks great. Very excited to see where they go with the sequel. Maybe, uh, they’ll swap out Jim Carrey with Steve Carell, like in Evan Almighty. That would be great! [OUTRO]
♪ “Unknown from M.E. (Theme of Knuckles)” – Sonic Adventure OST ♪

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  1. Ur so not alone dunkey. we video game aficionados r literally with u, hand in hand on this. thank you for another great vid.

  2. That genie from aladdin sonic moment; the contagious laughter; that's art right there. Impossible not to laugh at that moment.

  3. Incredible YouTube as always Dounkey! I love you so much when you do the funny face!!! Do the funny voice more Dounkey!

  4. 2:27 Dude, dunkey, you can't do that to me, bro. I just got off a 13 hour night shift and seeing that abomination of tails made me laugh so long I almost passed out, good lord.

  5. every video game movie I've watched was complete trash except for one and one only that wasn't THAT bad with was dead rising.

  6. This movie reeks of a studio not letting anyone actually make a movie that SHOULD be a love letter to the games be that exact thing

  7. 1:45 " you cant control a video game with a chair "

    Basically homeless enters the chat: you wanna bet

  8. yo dunkey, even though its on netfilx. they just released the witcher trailer (not sure if you like the series or not, but thought u should know)

  9. You go dunkey, rip the movie industry a new one!! They need it, the current one’s shittin’ sideways!

    PS I do think about that when a movie’s really bad or is just literally propaganda, and people say: “it’s just a movie”… you mean that thing that they poured 150 MILLION DOLLARS into just to waste everyone’s time?? 🤔😀🤦‍♂️

  10. man whenever i want to laugh i can just load this video and go to 2:25 and see that possible tails spin-off's godamn taxidermy nightmare face.

  11. 20 million dollars were spent by nations across the globe to help the amazon rainforest, producer of 20% of the worlds oxygen.

    150 million dollars were spent by a single company to make a giant blue hedgehog that looks like he’s addicted to crack

  12. Fun fact:that I had a dream I was tails and I had to fight off all those fucking real tails with rabies it was scary but also fun also have you ever thrown a punch that did a lot of damage in a dream and think you can punch way harder I do that all the time

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