The Survivors (Short Film 2018) (also known as The Survivors: Sins of the Father)

The Survivors (Short Film 2018) (also known as The Survivors: Sins of the Father)

It’s time, …you’re final lesson. This is the order of things These people and their land of laws, They’re the enemy Boy. Sheep to be drained of their resources, and discard what is left. That’s it, discard of the carcus. Go on. Go On. You don’t have to be what he makes you. No. NO!! (Radio Static) …as the death toll rises…(Static) (Static)…yet as the first act in his new position as the Supreme World Chancellor, Ronald Dickens orders the public execution of the United States President. Chancellor Dickens was quoted as saying,” ” Today we set a precedence as we mark the end of the old world and usher in a new world where dissidence, government corruption and public complacency will no longer be tolerated.” This is the second large movement we have seen marking the new government take-over of the world… In other news the rampant marauder problem is still stacking up the body count. More victims were found piled at the edge of three major cities over the past weeks. Law enforcement officials say it’s just the latest savagery intended to warn all civilized nations to stay out of the Lawless zones…. You’re not gonna learn this from me. What are you gonna do? I’M OUT!!! Back up….JUST BACK UP! Stay in the truck Brenda! No Todd!!! BACK UP!! What are ya gonna do SON!!? What are ya gonna do SON!!? I need you help. Can you help me? Please..

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  1. Great desert short film ! Traumatized young man saves a lady who then walks away in the middle of the night, and then the next day he finds her on the road and saves her again by leaving her a working truck to get back to safety. He's learning to survive on his own in the desert and has decided to keep his distance from other people, while trying to make friends with those he meets.

  2. you lost me at firing a whole magazine at the truck and not hitting it once. A blind person could have hit that truck it least once.

  3. If you were trying to save her life you probably should’ve drove her to safety she’s not capable of taking care of her self

  4. Really good movie about a boy having to decide between good and bad. It would have made it better if they join each other. Too bad they chose to make both women, poor helpless victims. In wars, it is usually the women who survive while caring for the children and really old people. Just watch videos about refugee camps, after huge disasters and war. Good luck finding many men. They ended up dead.

  5. Good use of light, terrain and a limited budget. Refreshingly avoids at least some post-holocaust cliches (no cannibals for once). Well done!

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