[The Tayo Movie] Mission: Ace 🎥 (English closed caption included)

( engine zips ) [♪♪♪] [ ♪♪♪] [ ♪♪♪] [wind gusting] [Ace grunts] [Ace grunts] ACE: Fire! Engine! [Ace grunts, chuckles] [Ace grunts] ACE: Here I go! [Ace chuckles, grunts] DURI: Hap!
[imitates screeching brakes] Hey Duri, what’s that you have? Ah, tada!
It’s the protector of the Earth! Super car, Ace! Wow! It’s really cool! [giggles] Oh yeah! Hey, Tayo! I’ll show you something
even cooler. [♪♪♪]
[metallic clanging] Wow! That’s totally awesome! Isn’t it? [giggles] It’s my most favorite toy car
in the whole wide world. [chuckles] Here’s your stop, Duri. DURI: Thanks a lot, Tayo.
[Tayo giggles] Goodbye! CHILDREN: Duri!
DURI: Huh? -Oh, hi guys What’s up?
-Hi! We’re on our way to play ball.
Do you wanna come? Okay! Hey! The last one there
is a dirty rotten egg! Oh! Hey! That’s my ball! I wasn’t ready. [children laughing] DURI: Wait for me! KID 2: I’m gonna beat you! DURI: Come on, this isn’t fair! [Robbie humming] DURI: Hey come on! Wait up! ROBBIE:
Why would someone throw this away? EE… Okay! [♪♪♪] Tayo, thank you so much
for coming with me today to get maintenance supplies. [Tayo laughs] TAYO: I’m always happy to help. [crying] TAYO: Isn’t that Duri? DURI:
Where in the world could he be? Hey Duri! Why are you crying? DURI: Tayo… My Ace has gone missing.
[Duri continues crying] Ace? Ace is Duri’s toy car. It’s his most favorite toy. Ohh… Hey Duri,
try and think real hard. Do you remember
where you had it last? [sniffles]
I got out at this stop and then I’m sure I put Ace
inside my backpack. It might’ve just fell out
of your bag? [Robbie humming melody] – Ah! Hello, Tayo.
– Oh! Hey Robbie! – Hold on a second.
– Why? Did you by chance
see a toy car around here while you were cleaning? It’s a cool red sports car that
has a star-shaped sticker on it. Oh yeah! Of course. I saw it! Oh! Really? Well, that’s a relief! Actually, I just came
from throwing it away at the garbage dump. ALL: You what? I had to,
it was just laying there on the side of the road. [Tayo grunts]
TAYO: Come on, let’s hurry! Hey? What’s the big deal? [computer beeping] SECURITY:
A toy car has been detected!Dispatch immediately!FORKLIFT 1: Copy that! Whoa! [♪♪♪] [Forklift grunts] It’s over there! You take that side. FORKLIFT 2: It looks really heavy. [both forklifts grunt] FORKLIFT 1: Let’s go! Huh? DURI: This place is huge.
Do think we can find him? [forklifts gasp]
FORKLIFT 1: It sounds like humans! Let’s get out of here! FORKLIFT 1: Hurry, hurry!
FORKLIFT 2: Slow down, will ya? FORKLIFT 1: Be careful!
[both gasp] [all scream] [forklifts mumble confusedly] FORKLIFT 2: I’m so dizzy… FORKLIFT 1:
Hey you! Wake up, buddy! You’ve made it through! ACE: Oh… Huh? Where’s this? [all groan slightly] TAYO: Could he be over here? HANA: Maybe… Oh Ace! Where are you hiding? Huh? What is that? [breathing heavily] Wow! [screaming] Hana, help me! HANA: Oh no! [all straining, screaming] Hana, pull harder! Duri! [all screaming] [all screaming] Everything’s spinning. Hana, Duri, are you okay? I think we’re all right. But Hana?
Where are we right now? BOTH: Huh! DURI: Wow! [♪♪♪] DURI: They all look like toys! Wow! You’re right. [cranking] – Thanks for your help!
– Goodbye! ALL: Wow! You know what?
I think they really are all toys. No way, they can’t be. Huh? This is Ace’s
transforming button! But Duri, that’s way too big,
isn’t it? Here look! It even has
the sticker that I put on! Mmm…I have a strong feeling… that somehow we’ve entered
the land of toys. Ace must be somewhere here,
I know it! Uh, what is this place? How did I get here?
[gasps] This land is where toy cars
come to live together. Where toy cars come to live? That’s right. Every single toy car
that’s lucky enough to come here
gets the gift of life. FORKLIFT 2:
Yep! When I first came here I was pretty astonished
by myself. FORKLIFT 1: I guess you can
call it a ‘paradise’ for toys. – Come on, let’s go!
– Okay. You’ll learn everything
you need to know when you meet the Queen.
[chuckles] The Queen? She’s the one
who governs this land. All new toy cars are required to pay their respects
to the Queen first. Wow! TAYO: Where do you think
Ace could be right now? Ah! Why don’t we ask those cars
if they’ve seen Ace? I’ll go and ask them. Hello? [duck screams] I was just wondering… [Duri screams] [duck screams frantically] Why did he run off? I have a bad feeling in my gut. -Oh my goodness! Look at them.
-Are they humans? [indistinct murmurs] I’m so scared! Come on, let’s go. The toys seem upset
that we’re here. [police siren wailing] CHIEF POLICE: Make way!
What’s the problem here? Oh! Look over there! – Jeepers! Those are…
– Those are humans! The police are here!
[Duri laughs] Have you by a chance– Don’t move!
[all gasp] How did you guys get in here? Let’s put these trespassers
in jail! Yes, sir! But we didn’t do anything wrong. I have to do something! Ah! I know! [police gasp] Take this! Tayo lights! [police scream, groan] Now’s our chance! Hurry, get on! [both gasp]
Ace’s button! No, wait! [gasps] – They’re getting away!
– Hurry, after them! [police siren wails] [forklift hums] FORKLIFT 1: Here we are. You must be on
your best behavior in front of the Queen. Don’t do anything rude. Oh? That thingy?
Was it always like that? What do you mean? FORKLIFT 2: That hole. It looks
like something fell off. Oh! My transforming button! Have you seen the button
that used to be on my hood? Sorry, I haven’t seen it. This is bad.
It’s very important. My good friend Duri
put a sticker on it, so it’s really special to me. We don’t have time
for this now. We have to go inside. I’ll go and look for it! Don’t worry
and just leave it to me. FORKLIFT 1:
Hey! Where are you going? [Forklift 1 groans] SECURITY:
Your majesty. The newcomer
is here to pay his respects. [♪♪♪] QUEEN: I welcome you warmly
to the Land of Toy Cars. Thank you. What hardships you endured! It must have been difficult
for you after being discarded by humans. But now, all that’s in the past. [Forklift 1 laughs]
But I wasn’t thrown away. QUEEN: That’s what
everyone says at first. ACE:
But I really wasn’t thrown away. I’m sure that Duri is out
looking for me as we speak. [laughs menacingly]
How naïve you are right now. I bet your owner just got tired
of playing with you. No, that’s not true! Duri and I have a special friendship! Friendship? [laughs] Humans only think of us
as something to abuse, and then throw away
when they get bored. Duri’s not like that! QUEEN:
That child is no different. [Ace groans] How dare you talk badly
of my friend! I’m leaving! GUARDS: Halt! QUEEN: A toy car
that defends humans, I’m sorry,
but I can’t let you go. What? Guardsmen! Lock that car
behind bars this instant! MAIN GUARD: Yes, my Queen!
GUARD 1: Come on! ACE: Let me go!
What’s the meaning of this? [Tayo screams] POLICE: Stop right there! [Ken doll hums melody] [Tayo screams]
TAYO: Sorry! [police sirens wail]
[Ken doll screams confusedly] KEN: My hair! [Tayo screams] [Tayo screams]
[tires screech] [Turtles grunt] I’m really sorry, but can you go
a little faster, please? TURTLE: Well, I’m going
as fast as I can, sonny. [Tayo shrieks anxiously] Huh? There he is! Finally! CHIEF POLICE: Catch him! [Tayo shrieks nervously] Hold on tight, everyone! Hee…ya! [both shriek] CHIEF POLICE:
You’re not getting away! Huh? [Tayo shrieks] [♪♪♪] Hee-ya! [Tayo shrieks] [Tayo screams] [Tayo pants] [police grunt]
POLICE 1: Jump! Don’t push! CHIEF POLICE:
Stop, in the name of the law! Oh no!
They’re gaining up on us! What do we do? [groans] [gasps] Tayo! Stop the bus! What are you going to do? We got them!
[laughs menacingly] Ha! Huh? [Hana and Duri laugh]
HANA: Bye! [police scream, groan] – We did it!
– Yay! – That was great, Duri!
– Yahoo! Ah, let me out! Be quiet in there! Let’s go! ACE: You mark my words!
I’ll find a way back to Duri! [birds chirping] [gasping, grunting] TORI: There’s a rumor
going around the square that some humans
got into the village. BLO: Humans?
[groans] Humans give me the weebie-jeebies. [Tori clicks tongue] Who would guess
a truck your size was such a scaredy-cat? Ha! Humans… Don’t worry! If we run into them,
I’ll show them who’s boss! [Blo groans]
[Tori laughs] That tire
was our one and only spare. [Tori groans]
Jeez… TORI: Wait for me! BLO: Don’t hit it so hard.
TORI: I’m sorry. [footsteps]
[sighs] DURI:
I think we’ll be safe over here. But how are we going
to find Ace? I don’t know.
[both groan] I’m so sorry
for getting you both into this. No, Duri.
I understand how you feel. You do, Hana? Of course! I actually lost
my favorite toy car when I was about your age, too. Really?
What kind of car was it, Hana? It was a special toy car
that I called Bella… [child giggles] HANA:I loved her so much.We were inseparable.Bella was very dear to me.
She was my friend.
TAYO:So how did you lose her?HANA:Well, it was all my fault.Some flashy car caught my eye
for a moment
and I ended up scratching Bella.So I rushed off
to buy paint to fix her.
But when I got back,
Bella was gone.
CHILD: Bella! Bella! [child weeps]Ever since then…Well, I haven’t been able
to find her. That’s terrible…
You must’ve been very sad. [Hana laughs]
But don’t worry, Duri. I’ll do everything I can
to help you find Ace again! Wow! Really, Hana? [Tayo giggles]
I’ll help you too, Duri! Uh…Oh! What’s this tire doing here? Oh… Huh? [shivering] Uh, hello there? [screaming]
TORI/BLO: Scary Humans! Oh? [all groan] Hey! Are you guys okay? Don’t come any closer!
If you do, you’ll be sorry! But look at you guys,
you’re all messed up. Stay away from us! This is my final warning,
you humans! [Hana giggles]
You’re really cute Tada! Now just relax. I’ll have you all fixed up in a jiffy. Hey! Don’t touch me, human! [Tori laughs] Wow! Wow! You’re as good as new now! I guess I look ok. [Blo giggles]
Thanks for fixing us. My name is Blo. And this here is our friend,
Melo. [Melo squeaks] Melo uses sounds
instead of words. Ah! [Tori sighs]
And my name is Tori. I can’t stand it
when anyone calls me ‘cute,’ so don’t ever call me that! Anyway, what are you doing
in the Land of Toy Cars? Oh, we were looking
for a lost toy car and somehow ended up here. Yeah.
We’re looking for Ace, a super cool
red-colored sportscar. Have you guys seen him? [Blo groans]
[Melo squeaks] Sorry. I haven’t either. We haven’t seen him.
But I bet he’s at the palace. Palace? All new toy cars that have
come here for the first time have to go meet with the Queen
first. Then let’s hurry
and go to the palace! I wouldn’t do that! Huh? The Queen absolutely despises
all humans! He’s right.
When she sees you, she’ll throw you
right into jail. But why does the Queen
hate humans so much? Yeah, why?
Even the cars in the village seemed to hate us. This land is where all
the abandoned toy cars come to live. All of us here have been abused
by humans and then thrown away. How awful. But still, I’m not leaving here
without Ace! I promised that we would
never ever be apart. He’s my most precious friend
on Earth! [groans, squeaks] I’m going to find Ace. And we’re going home together! [Blo sobs]
I’m so moved. Duri, you must really love Ace
with all your heart. Oh Duri. Hey guys! What do you say we help
these nice people out? [Melo squeaks] No way! We can’t go around
helping humans! Tori… These people
seem really different. You can tell that they sincerely
care about toy cars. Do you want all of us
to go to jail? Aw, come on. It’s not because you’re scared
now, is it, hm? Who said I was scared!
Fine! Let’s go! I’ll show you
just how courageous I am! DURI: Yay! Oh, thank you. [Tori sighs]
Why do I feel duped? That’s the spirit, Tori! [all laugh] Come on, let’s hurry
and go rescue Ace! TORI: Hold on! You can’t go like that. You’re gonna get chased
by police cars again. Ah, right! Well then, what are we gonna do? [Blo clears throat] HANA: Oh brother. DURI: I’m so uncomfortable. [Tayo mumbles] Do you really think
this is necessary? We do! Oh, all right. [police siren] [Tayo shrieks] [police grunt] [Duri sighs]
I thought we were goners. Told you.
The disguises work like a charm. Heads up! There are more
police cars than usual. We have to be careful. [♪♪♪] ALL: Wow! TORI: That’s the Queen’s palace. [all laugh]
HANA: It’s gorgeous. Oh? Now where on Earth
did that dingbat go? BLO: Hey, buddy!
How have you been? Oh? Hey, hello Blo! Anything interesting going on? Like maybe a new toy car in town? Ah! Actually, a new toy car
did come to town today. Really? What kind of car was it? Well, it was a red sportscar,
a pretty big one. And he had a star-shaped button. Oh yeah, he said he lost it
or something. That’s Ace, I’m sure of it! So then, do you know
where he is right now? Poor guy, as soon as he came,
he got thrown right into prison! What? Ace is in prison? Shh! [stammering]
Why did that happen to him? He defended humans and made
the Queen really angry. Oh, I see. Well, I should get going. BLO: Okay, later! Phew!
That was too close for comfort. Is my Ace
really locked up in prison? You know? This makes things
more complicated. TAYO: Why? Well you see,
the prison is inside the palace, and ordinary toy cars like us
aren’t usually allowed to even set a wheel in it. [Duri sighs] [Melo honks] [Melo squeaks] TAYO: A festival? It’s a special event that happens
once a year for us toys. Ah! That’s it! That’s exactly it! Ah, I’m sorry. But we don’t have time
to enjoy a festival now. [Tori laughs excitedly]
Now that’s where you’re wrong! This festival is our ticket
inside the palace! Huh? What? DURI: What? You want us to sing?
TORI: Mm-hm. How are we supposed
to rescue Ace if we’re performing? Come here, I’ll show you.If we sign up to perform,we can get on
the palace stage.
You see, the stage is connected
to the palace.
While we perform on stage,you guys can sneak off
into the building.
BLO:But won’t there be
a lot of security guards
inside the palace?TORI:I bet
all the security guards
will be busy
watching the festival.
While they’re distracted,
you’ll go rescue Ace! How’s that?
Pretty impressive, huh? Wow! It’s a really great plan! Ace, I’m coming for you,
just hold on! DURI: Tada! Do you like it, Ace? Doesn’t it look like this star? This star shape will always
keep us connected. Oh Ace, It’s you and me forever. [Ace sighs]
Oh, Duri. [♪♪♪] [indistinct cheers from toys] [indistinct cheers from toys] HANA: Mmm, there sure are
a lot of toy cars here! Of course there are! Today’s the day when
every toy car in town all gather together! BLO: Oh? The festival’s starting. [cheers from crowd] I’m so happy you all
could join me today. Welcome to the Toy Car Festival! [cheers from crowd] Look Tayo.
That’s the Queen up there. Ah! QUEEN: Today, my friends,
is a special day for us toy cars, one that commemorates
our freedom! We had to endure many hardships
and heartbreaks before coming to this land. At the hands of careless humans, our wheels fell off
and our bodies were smashed into walls countless of times. But now all that pain
is in the past, my friends! In this great paradise of ours,
let’s enjoy our freedom and celebrate the day
all together! [cheers from crowd] Wow! Come on, guys! Let’s get ready
for the performance. Okay! ANNOUNCER:
Now! Let’s begin the show![cheers from crowd] [quacking to
‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’] [quacking melody continues] [awes from audience] [turtle grunts] [audience mumbles confusedly] [turtles hold note]
[audience grumbles] ♪ BoomChaka, boomChaka
BoomChaka ♪ ♪ Boom-boo-roo-boomboom! ♪ ♪ BoomChaka, boomChaka!
Come on, let’s dance! ♪ ♪ BoomChaka, boomChaka
BoomChaka ♪ ♪ Boom-boo-roo-boomboom! ♪ ♪ BoomChaka, come
Let’s have fun and dance! ♪ ♪ BoomChaka boom! ♪ ♪ BoomChaka, boomChaka
BoomChaka ♪ ♪ Boom-boo-roo-boomboom! ♪ ♪ BoomChaka, boomChaka!
Come on, let’s dance! ♪ ♪ BoomChaka, boomChaka
BoomChaka ♪ ♪ Boom-boo-roo-boomboom! ♪ ♪ BoomChaka, come
Let’s have fun and dance! ♪ BoomChaka boom! ♪ BoomChaka boom! ♪ [cheers from audience] I think it’s our turn now. Let’s give it our best shot.
Okay, guys? Okay! [cheers, laughter] [♪♪♪] [laughter] [clapping in rhythm] TORI:
♪ Let’s shake it side to side! ♪ ♪ Sing with us, sing out loud! ♪ ♪ Come on and stomp your feet! ♪ – Hey check this out!
– What is it? ♪ The first moment
I ever saw you, friend ♪ ♪ We just clicked
Like peas in a pod ♪ [giggles] ♪ With just one look ♪ ♪ We know what we are thinking ♪ ♪ A magic bond that is ours ♪ ♪ Out of this world! ♪ ♪ We are so special ♪ ♪ You and me! ♪ Ah! She’s just my type! ♪ We are best friends
Through and through! ♪ ♪ Twinkle, twinkle
Shining bright ♪ ♪ Our most precious
Friendship! ♪ ♪ We are best friends
Through and through! ♪ ♪ I like you so
Oh so much! I miss you! ♪ ♪ I’ll come running to you ♪ [cheers from audience] [giggles] HANA: Thanks, you guys! TAYO: Hurry, hurry! DURI: Let’s go find him! ♪ Let’s shake it side to side! ♪ ♪ Sing with us, sing out loud! ♪ I can’t remember the lyrics. ♪ Get up and dance with us! ♪ [music continues] Blo! What’s wrong? Come on! I can’t remember
any of the words. [confused murmurs] TAYO: Oh no!
They stopped singing! I wonder what’s wrong! GUARD 1: Aw, come on. GUARD 2:
Well that was pretty lame. [both sigh] Let’s just finish doing our rounds. [all panting] TORI: Blo! Snap out of it! What should I do? Oh, I really don’t wanna do this. But here goes nothing! [all gasp] They’d better sing
or we’re gonna get caught! AUDIENCE: Come on, sing! Coochie, coochie! AUDIENCE: He’s so cute! Coochie, coochie! Let’s all stomp to the rhythm
of the beat, and sing the song together! Ready? Go! [♪♪♪] Tori, you… Just sing the song already! ♪ We are best friends
Through and through! ♪ GUARD 1:
Hey! They started singing again. GUARD 2:
Oh, they have? Really? ALL: Phew! [guards hum along with melody] ♪ I’m not scared of anything
Nothing! ♪ ♪ If it’s for you, my friend ♪ ♪ We are best friends
Through and through! ♪ HANA: It must be that way! GUARD 3:
What? These are humans! [Tayo gasps] Ya! [guards groan] ♪ My friend! ♪ [♪♪♪] [audience cheers] [all pant]
DURI: Ace! Duri! Ace! I missed you so much. I looked everywhere
to find you! ACE: Thank you so much, Duri. I knew you would be
looking for me! HANA: There! Come on, let’s go! I’m so happy
we were able to find Ace. Yeah! [siren wails]
SECURITY:Trespasser alert![both gasp] Oh no, Tayo!
They must know we’re here! Duri, Hana, come on!
Hurry and hop on! Okay! [audience cheers] AUDIENCE:
Encore! Encore! Encore! [indistinct shouting] Oh no!
They must’ve gotten caught! How did that traitor get out? – Guardsman!
– Yes, my queen! Hurry and close the gate.
And go after those brats! Don’t let them get away! Ma’am! [frantic screaming] TORI:
Tayo! We’re right behind you. BLO: Wait for us! TAYO:
Stay away, it’s dangerous! [all shriek] [Tayo shrieks] GUARD 1: We almost have him!
[evil laughter] [guards groan] [guard screams] To the gate! Everyone full speed ahead! [all shout] ALL: Phew! Nice to meet you, Ace! Hi, my name is Tori. [Melo honks] A pleasure. But we’re not safe here either! We have to keep moving! [helicopters whir]
Oh? [all shriek] [evil laughter] [shouts] [Tayo shrieks]
What do we do? Let’s go! [all shriek]
ALL: Run for your lives! MAIN GUARD:
There they are! Get them! GUARDS: Yes, sir! [all groan nervously] BLO: We’re trapped!
This is bad! MAIN GUARD:
I suggest you surrender now! [all shout nervously]
TAYO: What do we do now? [all shiver nervously] FORKLIFT 2:
Excuse me! Pardon me! Beep, beep, beep, beep!
Coming through! TANK 1: What’s going on?
TANK 2: Who is this guy? [chuckles]
Oh, here you are. Oh, you’re that…? Oh… FORKLIFT 2:
I have something for you! Here. Huh! That’s my– This is Ace’s
transforming button! Okay, Well, I’m off! Bye now! I’ll just squeeze through!
Pardon me! Come on, let me pass! Ace! Transform! Ya! [♪♪♪] Turbo Ace! Set on! [♪♪♪]
[metal clanging] ACE: Missile! Blast! [screams from helicopters] [screams from tanks] [tank growls]
I’m gonna get you for this! [Ace shouts] [tank groans, grunts] [Ace laughs triumphantly] [tank groans, grunts] TAYO: You annihilated them! ALL: That was awesome, Ace! Thanks, guys DURI: Come on, let’s go! [gasps] QUEEN:
Where do you think you’re going! Yikes! What on Earth is that? BLO: The Queen? I see that the miscreants
who need to be banished from our Land of Toy Cars
are all here! The brutes who carelessly abuse
toy cars, humans! [gasps] QUEEN: And the toy cars
who defend those humans! [gasps, groans] I’ll get rid of you all! [gunfire] [all scream] [all pant]
Duri! That’s enough!
Leave my friends alone! [gunfire] [Queen laughs menacingly] You’re going to have to do
better than that! Take this! [Ace grunts] [Duri whimpers] I’m not going to back down! [gunfire] I can’t believe
you’d sacrifice yourself to protect a human! How naïve! You must be punished! Take this! Ha! Oh no!
[Ace screams] [both gasp]
Ace! [Queen chuckles menacingly]
It’s time to finally say goodbye. DURI: Stop! I won’t let you hurt my friend! – Duri!
– No, don’t! It’s dangerous! You human! How dare you! No, Duri. It’s too dangerous! Just leave me
and get out of here! I can’t leave without you,
Ace! We promised to never be apart,
remember? Ha! If that’s the case, then I’ll make sure
you live together forever! In a prison deep underground,
that is! QUEEN: Ahh!
ACE: Duri! [Ace grunts] [Queen shrieks] [hissing]
[all gasp] Uh? What in the world? Why you disrespectful! [Hana gasps] I know that face… Just you wait! I’ll make you sorry for this! Bella! [stammers] What? HANA: You’re Bella! Aren’t you? [stammering]
How do you know that name? It’s me! Hana! Your friend! Hana! My friend Hana? [all gasp] So then Bella,
the toy car you told us about… is the Queen? That’s right.
Do you remember me? How could I forget!
The one that abandoned me! Bella.
What are you talking about? I have relived that moment
every single day!You were dazzled by some
flashy car passing by.
And when I got scratched…you threw me aside
without a second thought!
[thunder roars]From that moment on,I lived every day
full of hatred for you! No, no, Bella!
You’ve got it all wrong! I would never throw you away,
Bella. After I lost you,
I looked for you everywhere. No, I don’t want to hear it! Do you think I’ll fall
for your evil lies! [all gasp]
Hana! [Queen yelps] [gunfire] [Queen groans] We have to get out of here! Duri, Hana, hurry!
Come on! Get on! Oh? Tayo! Come on.
Let’s go this way! Okay! They’ll pay!
They’re not going to get away! [all scream] QUEEN: Come back here! Over this way! You’re not getting away
from me! [all scream]
[gunfire] [stammers confusedly] Where did they go? [gunfire] What do we do now? QUEEN: Do you think
you can hide from me? Come on out! Bella… Is there any way to defeat her? Let’s try targeting
the Queen’s legs! If we could disable her
by aiming at her knees, we might have a chance
of defeating her! I have one missile left,
we could use that. But Ace! You’re hurt right now,
so you can’t move by yourself. Someone has to bring her out
into the open or we don’t stand a chance! Now it’s our turn to step up! What? It’s your turn? If it’s to help people like you
who really love and care about toys,
then we can do anything! – Come on guys, Let’s go!
– Okay! HANA: Wait a minute! DURI: Be careful. Uh? What’s this? We’ve had enough of you! We’re not gonna take it anymore! [♪♪♪] For we are the invincible
toy cars, the three musketeers! Whoa! [laughs]
Don’t make me laugh. Do you really think you have
a chance of defeating me? [all groan, whimper]
Be careful! [gunfire] [all groan, whimper] We have to lure her
to the square! QUEEN: Stop right there!
BLO: Make us! TAYO: Huh? Tayo? I need a clear view
of the Queen. Take me to a good spot! Yeah! Okay, Ace. [Blo and Tori whimper] QUEEN: Stop! Come on!
Show us what you’ve got! You’re gonna make
her more angry. [whispers] Don’t worry!
This is all part of the plan! [Queen laughs menacingly] Now I’ll show you what happens
to double crossing toy cars that defend humans! Ace! She’s over there! [♪♪♪] [all scream] ACE: Now’s our chance! [Ace shouts] [explosion]
[all scream] [building cracks] [all groan, whimper] TORI: Tayo! Ace!
That was really awesome! Come on, Hana!
Let’s go home now. [rumbling] [gasps] [Queen strains] [Hana gasps]
Oh no! Bella! Hana, no! It’s too dangerous! HANA: Bella! Bella? Are you okay?
Please let me help you! Stay away!
I don’t need your help! I can’t leave you like this,
Bella! [Hana strains] Get away! Just leave me alone! HANA: I won’t leave you! Bella, you’re my dearest friend
in the whole world! I don’t want to lose you
all over again. [weeping]When I lost you, you don’t know
how much I cried.
None of the other toys
could make me happy.
I swore
that if I ever found you,
I would fix you up myself.I can’t imagine
what you’ve been through. [crying]
I’m so sorry. Oh, Hana… [rumbling] Hana, you have to move! Come on,
let’s get you out from here. [Hana strains] [both gasp] [both shout frantically] Hana… [Tayo strains]
I’ll get you out! Tayo! [rumbling] [Tayo strains] [coughing] DURI: Hana! TORI/BLO: Tayo! [♪♪♪] – Yahoo! They’re okay!
– Yahoo! All right! [cheering] [giggles] Bella, are you sure
you don’t want to come with us? There are still so many
toy cars in this land that have been mistreated
by humans. I want to stay here
and comfort and console them. Remind them how it feels
to be loved again. I understand! That’s your choice
and I must respect it. Thank you for understanding. Hey you guys. Without you guys, we would have
never been able to find Ace. So thank you. [Blo sobs] No, Duri It’s us three
that should be thanking you. To be honest, you’ve been
nothing but trouble! Good riddance! [Tori cries] I’m really gonna miss you guys! We’re really going
to miss you too. [all laugh]
HANA: Take care, you guys. ALL: Be safe. ALL: Goodbye. [♪♪♪] Fast like lightning! A blur of flames! Fire engine! [♪♪♪] [imitates screeching brakes] [Duri laughs]
There’s no sportscar like Ace! [Tayo laughs] Here’s your stop, Duri. DURI: Thanks, Tayo! Duri! Let’s go play ball
at the park! – Okay!
– Yay! Ace! Let’s play again later. [giggles] DURI: Wait for me! TAYO: Welcome aboard! DURI: It’s not gonna be me! [♪♪♪] [♪♪♪]

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