THE THINNING – Official Trailer

THE THINNING – Official Trailer

Hair flip. What’s up? My name is Logan Paul and I play Blake in
“The Thinning,” coming to YouTube Red
this October. Check out the official
trailer for my new movie, “The Thinning.” ♪♪ – How many sides does
a pentagon have?
– Five. – What causes disease?
– Bacteria. – How many letters
are in the alphabet?
– Twenty-six. ♪♪Take your time,
focus on the equation.
You’re going to do great. – I love you.
– I love you so much. ♪♪ WOMAN:What if only the
smartest boys and girls
got to live here?We are the number one
most educated population
in 196 countries. ♪♪You’ll have two hours
to complete the test.
♪♪ All grades are final. ♪♪ Here are the results. – No, no, no, no.
– No. No! No! No! Laina Michaels. What? Ellie Harper. [distant scream]
No! [yelling]
Ellie! We have to do something,
Dad. I’m sorry, son,
my hands are tied. ♪Dark as midnight♪ ♪Blue and red lights♪ ♪Come take you awayIf my dad wants
to stand by the system,
he’s gonna have to stand
by a system that put his own son
to death. Get the hell out
of here. [powering down] The system is down,
commence containment mode. [alarms sounding] AN:There is a story developing
at Vista Point High School.
GIRL:Something’s not right.There’s no way
I failed that test.
– Oh, my God, Laina.
– Kellan?Can you help me?You need to see this. We’re going live
right now. We need to find
where they keep the tests. MAN: Take her
to the thinning. ♪♪There are those that say
the thinning is barbaric.
Is it barbaric
to be the best?
[slow footsteps] [charging sound]If you don’t support
our great society,
then you are a parasite.We’re in this together.Do you know what
we do with parasites?
♪♪ We wash them out!Are we approved
to commence the thinning?
You are approved.♪♪

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  1. Just watched The Thinning 2 and i really enjoyed it. I hope there will be thrid part because the end was so confusing and such a big cliffhanger that i hope there will be third one

  2. sad that a girl kisses you 😏 and a moment later find the love of your life.
    Will you feel guilt?😅
    Good Movie

  3. They way to win against these sick demon possessed people .Is to be saved do what's right. This flesh may die but we do not .The spirit lives on for us saved. But these wicked ones will live in hell for eternity tortured .They have no clue the evil they sold their soul to.

  4. Just thin out the terminally sick and old people. Boom problem solved. This movie makes no sense. Why thin out the young and abled, soldiers of tomorrow? But not thin out the old and sickly

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