The Truman Show Deleted Scene – Growing Suspicious (1998) – Jim Carrey Movie HD

The Truman Show Deleted Scene – Growing Suspicious (1998) – Jim Carrey Movie HD

Hey Merlin Yea? Do you really think this could have fallen of an airliner? Oh Yeah, Sure. It’s Halogen. Too bad it didn’t hit ya, Could of sued. Hey, You coming for a drink? No, I can’t Tonight. Alright See you tomorrow Hello How do How’s it going truman? *sighs* not bad I just won the state lottery Good, good. Tyronne What would you do if i said i didnt want meatball today? Id ask for identification *chuckles* See ya tomorrw Truman. Probably Thanks *suspicious music* *suspicious music intensifies* *stares intently* Everybody just stay focused remember who you are Woman: I love Paris Man: Its Pretty Cool Both: Yeah Vamos señorita Beunos! *chatting indistinctly* Hey! It’s You isn’t it?? Excuse me? Remember me?? 2 days ago I gave you my meatball sandwich in the park! you were in a wheelchair you said “ggrrunghughyea” same shoes Jogging partner: You got the wrong guy buddy its a miracle!!

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  1. What if Truman show takes place in the matrix. Truman first realizes his life on the Truman show is fake. Then he escapes, Morpheus finds him and tells him that even the outside world is fake. Then Truman wakes up in the real world and becomes the one.

  2. This movie was a documentary, a great eye opener for those who are ready to do research and now in our modern time of information it clearly makes sense. The earth is flat and we've been lied to.

  3. In order for Baphomet's evil spell to continue to work on humanity's mind & soul, our owners MUST tell us in plain english about the true nature of our "modern slavery" in movies like The Matrix and The Truman Show.

  4. I find it kinda sad how many people start taking this film as proof or suggest that we are all simultaneously in a similar situation, it's a film, calm down, the film exists in your so called Truman fantasy land, why would people let the film exist if it's just a description of your own situation ffs

  5. Leave out wedding ring cams & TS gets EVERYTHING right. Too bad they deleted the cripple scene as too edgy bc in the 90’s I was in Borough Hall Park in Bklyn with beggars guilting ppl out of their food. No joggers in wheelchairs. I’ve been saying “It’s a miracle” when getting visually waterboarded on streets & subways. When Truman says it no1 notice. Today’s animatronics are also programmed not to notice. And too many passively aggressively seem to know me. Say that & the DSM crew named Gold at Bellevue go crazy. Even writing books ab’t “Truman Delusion Syndrome.” Good for biz.

  6. Mmmkkkkay 😂 ah.. like to toot your own horn when youuuuu REALLY ain't that smart. I said years ago about the cameras. I'm sure when I was asked to leave my backpack at the "day labor" place y'all put a bug or tracking device on it. Binoculars from the high rise buildings Lord knows what else.

  7. Although the film was pretty good over all. The reality is, that people wouldn’t be doing the same routine day in day out. That eventually Truman would cotton on that somethings not night.

  8. What do you think the budget would be on a real Truman show? It would have be $1 million per day, easily. How much was that show making to keep profitable?!

  9. As we watch you living in abject bliss, you’re often oblivious to what your eyes miss. You may think fakes like nasa are correct but that’s just because you haven’t researched the effect. We tried to show you by editing the script, the problem is only a few of you noticed the glitch. As time passes, the truth will reveal itself, most are just too stupid to see beyond the felt. Don’t fear memories or ignore how you feel, you’ll soon realise the illusion is very real. Gl

  10. Just came into mind that he and Marlon always sit on an unfinished bridge that goes across the water……

    A subtle hint on "no escaping" xD

  11. Notice how Marlon was more comfortable lying to Truman by telling him a certain truth? He wasn't lying about the type of light, but he was lying about the source of it.

  12. The truman show was before jim carrey got politicized. He was great back then. Wtf happened to the respect theactor should show to his fans.

  13. My favorite thing about this movie is all the conspiracy nuts who treat it like the word of god. What with red-pill this, Matrix that and crisis actors that. As if the powers that be/NWO/Illuminati have enough power to stage an event the size of the Newtown massacre, but couldn't possibly stop a movie made by PARAMOUNT PICTURES from existing and sending "secret" massages to the enlightened.

  14. Which parts of this scene were deleted? While I don't recall the first 3 mins of this scene, the last bit where he stops the bus is definitely included in the movie, I remember that very well.

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