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  1. Why are the oil companies so afraid of green energy. Could it be that they stand to lose Billions of dollars in profits? They don't care about you or the planet, only about their money. FOX "news" now there's an oxymoron. Speak of morons, take off the tin foil hats and change the station away from FOX.

  2. I dont know about global warming I do know we are screwing the planet the forests are disappearing along with all the birds mammals and insects and just go to a beach and look at the crap .. that I have seen with my own eyes

  3. Global warming is the biggest scam out there. It has nothing to do with human changing the weather. How vain of us to think so. Did we cause the ice age also, millions of years ago? I'll bet the Democrats would say yes. Lol.. It just the earth changing and going through phases.. How bout that global warming in Montana that just got like 4 ft of snow.

  4. Climate Change: The fallacious convincing tool used to manipulate the gullible into accepting Globalism, and its "solutions".
    The useful idiots represent the majority; they will surrender what's left of our freedom willingly… and will eventually realize their mistake, but it'll be too late.

  5. How on earth can we know of the degree of temperature change in the early 20th century? Shackleton was stuck at the north pole back then . We hadn't even discovered let alone recorded temperature changes of these areas.

  6. What caused the Ice Age to end ? All the Dinosaurs farted at the same time. Therefore I believe we need to tax beans.

  7. Enjoy listening to Mark. But use common sense. Russia wants to be the next capitalistic power. They want socialism here. Climate change has been happening for 463916395294739373years.

  8. Hey remember when Patrick Michaels totally lied about James Hansen's research, and faked a graph, to the point where even the vice president of Cato Institute called him a fraud?

  9. Like a banker would grope for more money, a conservative bible thumping republican would say its not us, lets exploit nature more for our wallets and not really look at the big picture.

  10. Trump is a genius, He works for the people, Democrats hate that. Trump is cooking their goose, that's why they want him out. Don't believe me? Who gains most with Trump gone? Think about,
    it, certainly not the American public.

  11. Tell the people on Tangier Island in Virginia that global warming is fake. They will be happy to give you a tour of their sinking island.

  12. Global warming is evolution of the earth. AOC donkey head needs to go back to elementary and redo her 1-2-3-4 grades I will stop there cause she will be totally lost. I just wonder how millennium would react to ice age? We had ice age before…… bizarre here again we are in October and winter is around the corner and we will see again SNOW, SNOW STORM and Santa Claus with his slay. So are they going to cry about climat change? If it’s too cold they have a tantrum and if it’s too warm they have another tantrum…..they just lack of education information fact on the weather, the earth. So if it’s too HOT get naked and if it’s too COLD get your polar bear outfit stupid millennium

  13. I’d love to know the carbon footprint of the useless mass climate protest recently. I was stuck idling in traffic for near an hour, the resources used and waste left to clean up. Total idiots believe with such certainty, yet are so unaware of their own irony and hypocrisy.

  14. The climate change idea was simply a scam invented by the U.S to keep everyone occupied in lieu of the now-defunct Iron Curtain (which previously kept everyone occupied).

    The Iron Curtain went down in 1989, and the Global Warming idea came in the same year.

    If the Iron Curtain hadn't gone down, the Global Warming idea would not exist.


  15. These climatetologist get billions of dollars a to tell us that we are causing all of the climate change and adverse weather and sea level rises

  16. I just tried to share this to Facebook and there was a fact check article fb attached to it. They were splitting hairs at the numbers used in the equation. Total bias from the climate warming, cooling experts

  17. If the consequences of global warming are real, how come the banks keep loaning money for seaside real estate?
    An 11 meter rise in ocean levels-and they are saying well upwards of that- swallows London and half the planet, yet not 1 single financial institution is worried about it and continues to loan money for those areas that apparently are about to be inundated. That right there speaks volumes.
    You want to know if G.W is real or not?? SIMPLE, JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY.

  18. If you listen to the Globalist Gov't Politicians everyone except for them should be reconstructing their lives or jumping off cliffs.

  19. This Global warming thing it’s another scam to make money .. like al gore made 500million for selling those life time life save energy light bulb.. new co2 tax and green energy lobbies ( those I think green energy is good) are pushing this agenda

  20. I just got a cerebral erection :
    ''History didn't begin the day I was born :
    The climate has been 'changing' for millions
    of years – long before there ever was, a 405 freeway. . .''

  21. So this is the one guy who disagrees with 99% of all climate and environmental scientists. I guess he heard Trump said it was a Chinese hoax.

  22. We wont die to global warming but eh… volcanic activity ocean are the top one of global warming… so its not our fault and we cant controll thw weather

  23. There is no one in denial the ice is going away so it can come back like a lion .stop driving vehicles no electricity no farting eat your garbage and make what you need to wear and start walking .Then you can save the world that don’t need saving it just needs to get rid of us.

  24. The globe has been warming since the ice age, nothing we can do about it. Let’s talk about clean air and water instead!

  25. The Russian model has the lowest impact of fossil fuels on the environment because Russia only has one export. Anyone know what it is? Fox found the only "Scientist" who doesn't know why earth is warming. I understand why the world industrial complex wants us to believe that they can keep burning coal and we shouldn't worry about the last 200 years of choking pollution they've been producing and pumping into the wafer thin atmosphere surrounding and supporting life on this planet, What I just don't understand is why so many people want to believe them. Want to defend them. Ignore every sign of our rapidly warming climate, or, think that it's a naturally occurring cycle. How can anyone believe that all the centuries of pollution don't matter, and that trying to clean up the atmosphere won't matter. Do you really think it isn't us? It isn't our fault, and our problem to fix? I just don't understand. Can someone explain why they think it's better to not do anything? I just can't wrap my head around why there are so many that think it's a made up problem.

  26. I remember some years back when the environmentalists were telling us that our pollution was bringing on a worldwide Ice Age. The whole earth was gonna freeze over.

  27. I asked myself if I love the nature. The answer was yes. Then I started to finde ways to help the nature and live with "her" and not against it. I've informed myself about the effects which my behavor have to the nature, some of them where pretty clear whitout research. So I changed a lot. Important is, I do not do it because the GOV tell me so, I do not do it because other ppl tell me so. I do it because I want to do it.

  28. A total idiot who is turning a global existential threat agreed upon by 97% of active research scientists and ignoring all the existing evidence to feed into its stupid political agenda. He has a history of getting it wrong. Just one lone idiot.

  29. Poor little Greta Thunberg…for someone living in this age of technology she unfortunately missed this interview.. or did she? maybe she is just a self serving little s#*t after her 15 minutes of fame, or maybe she is being used by government to lead the young generation astray, if she grows up one day and looks at the actual facts she might realise the damage she has caused by crying wolf. how disappointing for this new generation that they are happy to be blown about by misinformation, they will ultimately get what they are campaigning for …total enslavement by the new world order, Im glad I won't be here to see it!

  30. climate change is undeniable.
    the lay person does not have to understand the science or the models.
    the climate changes are starting to be large enough to be noticeable.
    the 100 year floods in the midwest every 5 years.
    the droughts and wildfires in California and west coast.
    the large rain totals in the Carolinas.
    Alaskan temperatures are way above historical levels.
    arctic sea ice extent is shrinking.
    the start of spring or fall are moving.
    why do certain nations deny climate change ?
    they are large oil producers, like the USA and Russia.
    the USA is the global laggard in climate change acceptance.

  31. One country stands to benefit from global warming in the short term. If you think that Putin cares what happens after he is dead you are more stupid than the average Trump supporter.

  32. Most important part of the whole interview starts at around 7:08. It is the scientists (and, politicians, lobbyists, and money beneficiary/benefactors), not the science determining the change/results…I am paraphrasing of course.

  33. I see Google has placed a typically half-baked "wiki" article under this video in a typically sophomoric attempt to contradict Levin's guest. Google's propaganda efforts are simply relentless.

  34. That according to Trump is fake news, and he insults little girls who stand up for what they believe in, and is right :)!!!!! Yet It's right in front of us and can be seen around us. Boy I tell you, if Trump swore up and down that the wall color was green and everyone can see its red, people would leap up and down screaming its green just cause he said it!

  35. Here's one scientist' perspective on global warming yet most all other scientists are saying otherwise. Would you believe the study of one person or that of a group of others. For instance, accepting the perspective or opinion of one person is not a wise decision. Anyone who limits themselves in accepting the opinion of one person is truly a fool….

  36. This video should be shown to that little sixteen-year-old kid from Sweden you can show this video to them they still wouldn't believe it

  37. It won't work and the host's extensive citing of the credentials of this guy is an obvious ploy to mask the fact that 99.9 % of his colleagues' have saId that climate change is real and largely caused by human activity.

  38. I rarely hear people point out that obvious FACT that the planet goes through naturally occurring climate changes.
    There have been Ice-Ages around every 12K yrs or so for a long time.

  39. Dear old man with zero interest in the truth because you'll be dead when effects are hitting your progeny: You've never studied under and with leading scientists who have first-hand quantifiable hard science from ice cores from both poles (e.g., all continents); You obviously think record acidification of oceans is within these "acceptable deviations from norms," that algal blooms of nearly unknowable proportion are shaking the very base of the food chain for all life on spaceship Earth; That shark and insect migration further north/south than they've ever been in recorded homo sapien records is a cyclical norm; And on, and on. You are a mouthpiece for organizations that give not one fvck for the fact we are on the other side of our own self-imposed bell curve where the tipping point was a chance to self-correct, that we ignored, because the current dominant species values consumption more than health of the biome it requires to survive. What a sad fossil record we'll leave. Party on!

  40. What causes global warming ? the same thing that causes cooling. It's big yellow/orange thing call the sun. Are we humans so arrogant and stupid to think that we have more power and control over the earth than the sun.

  41. The ABSOLUTE rebuttal to all things 'Climate Change' revolves not in science, but in finance. Keep in mind, the one 'guaranteed' effect of 'Climate Change' we always hear is 'near-immediate sea level rise'. Well, if Climate Change were REAL, then seas will rise…however, since global banks invest BILLIONS in risk analysis each year, if 'Climate Change' were real, then sea level rise would be guaranteed…yet no GLOBAL BANK in the WORLD has ceased lending 30-year mortgages on real estate in coastal regions. You can still get a 30-year note on property in LA, Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Miami, Seattle, Tokyo, etc. Now, if Climate Change were real, sea level rise would be guaranteed, which would make ANY real estate loan on coastal property AN ABSOLUTE FOOL'S VENTURE! Banks have ZERO THREAT on this…thus, Climate Change is A FRAUD, and every bank in the world SAYS SO!!! You want to prove Climate Change? Start with NO BANK LENDING TO REAL ESTATE IN ANY AREA with a coastal altitude below 100-ft.!

  42. Dr. Michaels narrative was what I had researched myself individually. Everything he said was what other (non-climatologists) were saying all over the world. "Drive fear into money for your pocketbook!" Increase fear of climate change = increased grants (money) for yourself and your field. No other excuse than professional greed. Cherry-picked numbers (date ranges) with tweaked algorithms that provide you with slide shows that can give you money? Easy money for those who preach the new gospel. And an easy diversion to divert attention from pollution, over-fishing, and taxing people for carbon.

  43. Climate change is a political SCAM that’s almost entirely about redistributing wealth away from First World countries…period!

  44. The Russian model? Come on. Give us a break. Most of what this guy says can be refuted. Climate science is complex, without a doubt, it can be like a Rorschach test where people see what they want to see. The oil company’s own scientists admit climate change is real, and they have been engaged in misinformation for decades.

  45. I could give a crap what this ego and his credentials have to say. They are the very ones destroying the planet.

  46. We have learned in school that there were many glacial and warming cycles took place on earth 100K or millions years ago! My question is what was the reason for previous warming periods? I hope not because oils producer counties or Mr Trump!

  47. I’m embarrassed and disappointed in everyone in this comment section denying global warming & the extremely harmful effects we’re having on the environment

  48. Here we go trusting the Russians instead of the US scientists. Another US government conspiracy. Fudging numbers? Nonsense.

  49. I don't deny that global warming is a thing, bit I strongly believe that it is heavily blown out of proportion for the sake of political gain. The Earth does in fact have cooling and heating periods that may make things seem better or worse at a given point in time and the temperature increase caused by humans does seem to be much smaller than what many would try to have you believe. So I won't deny global warming, but I don't think it should warrant a fearful reaction either.

  50. Should we be happy to know this? If sea level is not rising, glaciers are not melting, the permafrost is not breaking down, and arctic sea ice is not breaking up, what is happening to give credence to these fears — a failure to properly model world climate? If these changes are occurring, what can we do to address them before human populations are displaced and millions of damage is done?

  51. I went to share this to Facebook and it wanted me to instead believe his information was misleading because of some .org website. Laughable. Not even a scholarly source.

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