THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston Movie HD

THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston Movie HD

-You need to prove you’re looking for work -Yeah I’ve been looking, trust me -Three signatures by tomorrow
or you can tell it to the judge -Tell me about a time when you
worked hard to solve a problem -This morning, getting up -We’re gonna find you someone you like -Let me be your arms and your legs
– I love that -Alright -Penthouse -You need to wait your turn -Relax. It’s not a holdup.
Just sign this for me please. – How would I sign it?
– I don’t know. Slowly? – Don’t your arms work?
– They don’t. – You can move your mouth.
– As can you. – I need assistance.
– How much is the pay? -Hell yeah man! Hell yeah! -It’s my bad,
my bad, man -You are not qualified for this position -The buckle! Buckle – Have you ever changed a catheter?
– Nah -Pinch the head, insert. -I can’t feel it. -Well, I can. -You wanna feed your soul?
Then listen to what’s cool. “Think, think, think about
what you’re trying to do to me” -It’s amazing ain’t it?
I sound just like her. -Yeah, it’s uncanny. – You as rich is Jay-Z?
– No, richer. – Which car is yours?
– All of these to the right. – Oh my God.
– They’re not practical -Exactly! -Wooooooo! -You can have any girl you want.
What about this lady with all the botox? -You’ll be perfect for each other. You can’t move your body,
and she can’t move her face. -Surprise! -I specifically said nothing for my birthday. -I’m sorry you got to have a
surprise party in your huge mansion. Someone’s got real problems. – I’m fighting to see my son.
– And whose fault is it? Is it yours or is the world
out to get you? -Are you mad?
You wanna break this big-ass bottle of wine? -Yes! -What else you wanna do?
-The bull! -What– -Dell made a mess -Just relax! -I am relaxed!
This is me being relaxed!

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  1. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    how fucking uncreative, and bryan cranston agreeing on playing in it is just sad. totally lost a lot of respect for him now, hollywood is fucking lame and gay.
    edit: how about learning french you uneducated lazy ignorant dumbfucks from over the pond. so dumb !

  2. Why release a remake only 8years later the original which is a highly rated movie (on IMDBs top 250)

    Why remake good movies when you can remake bad films what had a good potential but poor execution

  3. Alright I don't give a shit about the original, who cares if it's better or it's French. Get over it people, other people make remakes and covers of the original, whatever it's still good.

  4. Sooooo…everybody came here to write the exact same comment 🤔 I guess I’ll go elsewhere for opinions, since I’ve never seen this original.

  5. Compared to the original, HELL NO. Do yourself a service and watch the French original, Intouchables. If you can't handle subtitles, then maybe you need to have a moving brain.

  6. trailer looking like been made in Windows Movie Maker, and the recording of it looks cheap af… (low-ass budget?)
    bro, I must agree with all those people, this is the most unnecessary remake of all time, just can't compare it with the Intouchables

  7. This movie was trash. A true slap to the face of cinema. You can never get to the level of art,cinematography and feel the french film had to offer. Sorry.

  8. If you watch this movie first and then the original you will ruin your experience. So everyone who wanna watch, go watch the Intouchables first and then this shite.

  9. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!! Untouchables was a GREAT movie but without Kevin Hart WHO CARES!! ONLY reason I even saw this movie was because he stars in it, SO WHY DOES EVERYONE ASSUME it's supposed to be the same movie?? Only French people have had this experience??? I THOUGHT NOT………BOOM! THIS IS A GREAT MOVIE, each of the 3 main stars compliment each others performance! IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN UNTOUCHABLES WATCH THIS STORY 1st THAT WAY YOU WON'T BE MISLEAD to believe Americans would be so desperate they'd steal from the French!!! 😂😂😂😂

  10. Copie coller "intouchable" film français ahahah mais bon pour tout se que les français ont copié sur les américains on dit rien ahhaah

  11. Why do the remake of a recent movie that has received 24 nominations and 16 international awards, the original is enough. It is as if a country remake a few years later the film The Revenant, it is completely useless. No country does this except the USA, I do not understand why.

  12. Everyone bitching and complaining that it's a rip off don't watch it then. Its a great movie with some brilliant actors in it

  13. Intouchable why the fuck would they remake it?! Oooooooh I remember. Money. 🙂 Such a good movie needs to come out in America as well. 😛

  14. I saw The Intouchables and loved it. I was reluctant to watch this, but I thought to myself I shouldn't judge it before I've seen it…

    Needless to say… What the actual fuck did they do to the story line. 20 minutes in I was like… Don't like it but I'll give it a chance. 40 minutes in I was like… they better not fk up the end scene.

    And what happens? I see the ending scene has been switched around and rewritten into some utter fucking garbage. I turned it off. Fucking disgrace to re-write one of the best scenes in the film.

    Not to mention Nicole's performance is shit. Kevin Hart isn't good enough to play an ex-con turned carer, no offence Kevin but stick to stand up. Brian Cranston's performance is hit and miss. Nowhere near enough sorrow, self pity, and cynicism in his performance, which is what it needed.

    All in all I would have given the movie 4/10 up to about 1 hour in, and then 0/10 for butchering a good film.

  15. Fucking worst remake of le untouchables I could imagine. Like come on man not everything is better when the muricans make it.

  16. Great movie I loved it. And it's better than the original due to the fact that I got a chance to enjoy the movie without reading it.

  17. Egods! The original of The Intouchables is so perfect, it's well . . . it should be Untouchable . . .. as in leave it alone!!!

  18. People need to stop crying. Its a remake of the French original “Intouchables”. Its an inspiring story and this way the actual story reaches more people. You can bet your ass the French movie isnt as famous internationally. Its not better than the original. But those crybaby haters are just pathetic and ridiculous. Dont consider it a copy of the Intouchables. Consider it a different interpretation of the actual story. People forget too easily that both movies are actually based on two very real people and the origin of their unlikely friendship.
    Im not a fan of most remakes but if you generalize anything and judge anything before even experiencing or seeing it yourself – you are simply ignorant, uneducated and thoroughly stupid. Watch it first and then give your opinion. Dont act like an idiot.

  19. Breaking bad led me to this trailer, and this trailer led me to the original movie.. just finished watching the original and i loved it.

  20. Why is everyone shitting on the American version of the movie?

    I'm watching both today and if both are good I hope karma gets you for being pretentious.

    Meanwhile everyone loved both versions of that unwatchable poor excuse for movies that was badically trying to make mimicking snuff more mainstream, made after a terrible book?

    Yes, I'm talking about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

    So humans made two versions of an incredibly heartwarming true story? Aw the horror. 😱

  21. It will be easy if you dubbing the intouchables to american accent
    I love American movies and respect thier point of view of making american version of movies
    But there are some movies are intouchable 😉

  22. Please after you watch this, go Google the actual original movie called “the Untouchables “ o f course it will be in French with subtitles in English.

  23. Our culture has reached a plateau. We are now remaking the past. Can you say disney? No more original thought. Thanks liberalism…

  24. This trailer made me feel bad. When a rich guy wants to play guitar, but he cannot. Even if he has money to buy a Fender.

  25. Would have been better without Nicole Kidman. Cant stand her shes annoying. Plus she played a real bitch in the film.

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