The Walking Dead (Fan Film)

The Walking Dead (Fan Film)

I don’t think he’s out here… What are you suggesting, Taylor? That we give up, and head back to camp? We can’t do that, man. this is the spot where Justin said he was headed. This is where he was going to be, man. But he’s not here. We can’t go! Taylor, we can’t go! If he dies, that’s on us man… If he’s dead, then we are the one’s to blame because we were responsible for him. Now look, He was headed this way We just gotta split up We gotta cover more ground that way. Okay? You gotta keep quiet! You make any noise…. There might be a whole group of them on us one more time. We can’t do that anymore. Got it? (Pause) Taylor? We cannot lose another. We cannot lose another person. So what was Justin doing out here anyways? Before we left to gather supplies yesterday he talked about hearing a radio signal So why’d he decide to go alone? Couldn’t he have waited for one of us?
He’s been talking about this signal for days now… nobody wanted to waste their time. Now just like always, Nico’s taking the blame on himself. What happened?
He was too close! I had to use my gun! He was about to get Taylor! We need to find Justin! Justin!? We need to go! Don’t use your guns on them. It’s only going to attract more. Can we use our guns yet?! There’s too many Nico! We need to shoot!
….Justin! (Whispers)

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  1. that was BAD ASS,, GREAT MUSIC AND SOUND plus the arrows in head looked like a real movie,,,my son does these but there just on his iPhone and it's kids and low budget,, ,,,it calbags54 ,,, but that looked like real a movie, ,,very well done

  2. bonne vidéo ! venez regardez notre chaîne et notre court métrage fan série TWD et donnez nous vos avis !! check our channel with The walking dead fan serie (HD)

  3. bonne vidéo ! venez regardez notre chaîne et notre court métrage fan série TWD et donnez nous vos avis !! check our channel with The walking dead fan serie (HD)

  4. so he wants to save one person who may be already dead by splitin and getting more people in danger ?

  5. who ever did the editing and the visual effects that looks amazing should send me a email sometime. I would love to talk to you guys because Im trying to start my very own web series show

  6. The movie is awesome!! How did you do the special effects like the Arrow through the head of the zombie? Which programm did you use, how long did it take you to film and cut it? It is really impressive!!

  7. if only I had this many friends willing to be in a film and not be like "I'm busy" or "I got stuff to do" every single time I ask.😢

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  9. +SoKrispyMedia I would've found the gun shots more believable if there wasn't that bright light at the muzzle of the weapon and instead there was smoke coming out of it like how a real weapon would look like when being shot. Look up videos on YouTube on shooting tutorials for weapons or people just shooting at a range. The light makes it look too fake and Hollywood. Other than that great acting. Work on the camera angles a bit more. A lot of the time the camera is moving when watching the zombies come toward you in exaggeration. Look at walking dead and see how most of the time it's just angled camera shots from one position to see that they're coming. The only time I think it would be necessary to move the camera like that is for slow side panel moving camera to follow you walking in a left or right directions or a slow motion shot when the zombie is getting ready to bite you and you didn't expect it to make it more exaggerated and like a OMG moment.

  10. “There’s to many, Niko, we need to shoot!”
    Or, you could just run out of the circle of zombies with giant gaps in it, get them all in a conga line, and just start clipping them off. Don’t need to waste ammo.

  11. Come on guys whynot make a movies to watch every single video uploaded..we are from India requesting you to make a movie..


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  14. Spot on film making here. The pace, the acting, the effects, the audio, maybe a bit more variation on the zombie sounds but that can be fixed in re-edit. Fantastic.

  15. I wouldve done whats called a pro gamer move, and smoked dudes with the AK and pistol and went about my business 👀

  16. We made an amateur zombie film, for the zombies we dosed the old folks in the nursing home up on Jack and valium, threw jam on them and told them bingo was on in the next room. The shot turned out great

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