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  1. at 1:00 you can kinda hear a demonic voice talking to him then at 1:10 you can hear the same screams that we hear when those people are getting killed in the elevator

  2. Visually, lyrically, and musically he is hands down one of (if not) THE best artists out there. As eerie and sad as this video might be I think (and this is just my opinion, this all might not be that deep) but if you read the lyrics of each song on top of this video it almost seems as if he is trying to depict how lonely and sad being famous truly can be. It is obviously a very invasive lifestyle and it can make having a relationship 100 times harder than it needs to be and clearly he misses the one girl that could help keep him grounded amid all of the chaos that also comes with fame, who knows him inside and out good and bad and who he truly loves. It’s definitely a smile on the outside to hide the demons I face on the inside type of a vibe. Either way he is just one of the most talented artists around and I am super stoked for this new album!

  3. The sad thing about this video is that everyone is waiting for the album and no one is thinking about the artist now a days

  4. That’s shows us another side of the weekend he’s not only extraordinary singer but also an outstanding actor but is he really acting? i can feel his vibes speaks levels no words needed idea delivered and the sacrifice is already done.

  5. Like the fact that these are bounded. A sequel. Good idea. I'm so into these "series". The after hours are the hardest I guess.

  6. The most amazing person on this planet! We must protect Abel at all costs. I love you so much! XO TILL WE OVERDOSE BABY 🖤

  7. Baby, who you tryna fool
    Girl, I might be twenty-one but I got memories to prove
    That I've seen your kind before
    And I know exactly what you want

    You just want me 'cause I'm next

  8. I love this man, from day one. He has made me smile and dance. Almost to the point of getting him tattooed on me. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. By the way, rare beauty cosmetics is gonna be the very first makeup line made entirely out of Clorox bleach, just to warn any consumers out there.

  10. Anyone who passionately hates him here and vents out on the rest of the world the way they did even though we didn’t do nothing wrong is a goddamn motherfucking disgrace to women’s history month.

  11. Anyone who hates him here and worships artists who promote internalized racism through their actions is a disgrace to black history.

  12. He sold his soul to the devil in order to do what he loves but he have to pay the price that come along the favors. He being mentally and physically tortured. He's restless and scared. In order for him to keep doing what he does, he must sacrifice 2 people.

  13. Very good and creative promo bro! I admit I too was taken by the SNL appearance when the singing was spot-on. Took me another day to realize it was the best advertisement for the short film! Great video.

    I wanna see whats next when the elevator door opens!

  14. I think it's like "Heartless" was him escaping reality and then "Blinding Lights" he was doing the same but reality was catching up on him and him being in the limelight is taking a toll on him. That's why whenever the video showed him dancing in Los Angeles, he was all beat up because that was him in reality, Vegas was him escaping it. Now the short film shows how he puts on the happy face when he's on that tonight show but off camera though he is depressed and wrestling demons constantly. It's like a full time job for him not to lose control, and how it shows that plant (Which I'm almost positive it's a plant a drug comes from) is like his drug addiction. All throughout his videos before this, was like him making a deal with the devil (which is that one ugly looking motherfucker he has in so many videos) and in "After Hours (Short Film)" it flashes red before the devil starts dragging him away. Then when he was in the elevator it was like him losing control and letting his demons take control, and that's why he killed that couple. Maybe that symbolizes how much he hates relationships as well. We will never know exactly though, because he has said before that he will never tell the meaning behind his videos because he wants his fans to decide for themselves. I think it may be purposely ambiguous though. My take on the matter anyway.. I'm a lil disappointed because after looking at these videos more closely, I don't think "After Hours" is gonna be like I thought. It's not gonna be him making music about living the night life, getting women & doing drugs like I wanted lol I think it's gonna be more of what he's like off camera… It's gonna be a continuation of "My Dear Melancholy." Fucking A, I mean I like it, but I love his music when it's more upbeat or about doing drugs & getting countless women ha like his first 3 tapes or even like "Party Monster" or "Heartless" type music.. Bella or Selena, who ever he is talking about, please just take him back already lol

  15. Did anyone else see "After Hours" in the end of the elevator scene?
    I know I did. Also im not acting stupid or anything.

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