Every achievement in our life will fetch us good name and fame. Among them, a few achievements will decide who we are. I have worked a lot to earn that identity. But all my efforts have ended only in failure. But now I have achieved something nobody would have ever thought of I have earned such an identity that the entire society has come together, Happily to remind me again and again. My name is Radhika and I’m a Rape Victim. If you had told me even once that you are going, I would have stopped you at any cost. Before going, did you think about your mother for a moment? Think clearly before writing. All the numbers in the questions will be shuffled You must not write the answers immediately on seeing the question, understood? Hi Dear, How is the preparation going? It’s going good Aunty. There are only 2 weeks left for the quarterly exam He studies only here, and doesn’t revise at home It will be better if you can take classes in morning too. Sorry Aunty, It’s not possible. I am going for Teacher’s training program in the morning, And come to tuition centre only by evening No problem Aunty, I will take care. Okay Dear! I am leaving him under you, please take care. Sure Aunty. Ashwin, I have told you many times not to follow me. No Radhika, actually… Please Ashwin, this is not going to happen. Why do you want me to repeat this again and again? I am concerned about my job and my career right now. My father passed away long back. I must take care of my mother I have many responsibilities, please understand. Dude, as I already told you It’s highly difficult to convince her. You have been following her for four months But she doesn’t even care. For our purpose, girls who believe and love us immediately will be the perfect pick This girl will not even come out of her house. No, she will come She will come directly to our house tomorrow. I think you are little over confident about this, this won’t happen. Hey! You think I can’t? You all have been trying this hardly for a year Did any one of you manage to bring more than two girls? Idiots, have come to talk now I managed to bring 21 girls till date You think I can’t? It was her fault to fall under my glance, When I went to the tuition centre to drop Ravi’s brother She will come She will! Ashwin, why can’t you understand what I’m trying to tell? If you come here too often, my name will be spoiled. Radhika, please listen to me for a second Please Ashwin, don’t start again from the beginning Radhika, please listen to me once After that I will never disturb you. My mother is a cancer patient I share everything with her, like a friend. For the first time I fell in love with a girl, She will be the girl who can bring goodness to our family, But as she doesn’t want to have any distractions in her life, She said no to me, that’s what I told her. On hearing that my mother felt happy, For coming across a girl with such responsibility at this age. She wishes to see you personally at least once After that, I won’t disturb you Radhika Please? Please Radhika? Come in Radhika. My mother will be here in five minutes, meanwhile I’ll get something to eat No, it’s okay That’s not fair. For the first time you have come to my house, Two minutes, I’ll get something. Oh no! Hey! I told you all to lock that room before leaving See, now my darling is scared. Radhika? You were waiting for my mom,right? But we have no one like that Apart from us, no one will ever come here. But I knew you will come Because you are not the first person to come this way We have similarly brought 26 girls here to abuse. We just take videos Call them whenever needed and demand money, Our source of income you know Sadly, they can’t say no at all. But when I told I love them, they followed me like dogs And that’s why I left them without humiliating But you have troubled me a lot Radhika You must feel bad for this throughout your life I have a different plan for you. Hey! Take nude videos of her and spread it everywhere using fake accounts After this, she must never think of coming out of her house. As a teacher, I wished to teach lessons to everyone But now my life has become a big lesson. Careful Radhika! We have brought 26 girls here to abuse You must feel bad for this throughout your life After this, she must never think of coming out of her house What dear?? Dear?? What happened? It’s ok dear, it’s nothing… The Breeze that blows constantly, has stopped now. A Heart that falls, fades out without sprouting again. The haunting memories that follow, brings pain and suffering. The shattered dreams keep us in a state of constant worry. Oh Pain! Pain and injury become the curse of life. Everything the girl searches for becomes a mirage. Is this fate? Radhika, where are you? Come here and keep these vegetables inside. The time we see a solution, glides away! The Rise of evil will be seen soon! No sorrows and misfortune have an end here! The crown of victory can be worn only at the end of life! Hey! You didn’t attend a single call, didn’t reply to a single message, Do you know how much I tried to meet you? You avoided me isn’t it? I feel so bad. I don’t even have the courage to face you I feel disgusted to live. Why should you feel bad? The guys who did this to you are wandering happily right? We should make them regret. What can I do about that? No one likes to look at me, I am completely isolated Who will come and stand with me? Get up! Why? Won’t we friends come for you? If four maniacal dogs do this, you think everything is over? Look how many of us are here for you. Be brave Aunty. Since her father left, I brought her up so carefully just to see this? Aunty please, be calm. Did none of you know about them? I wished you could have prevented this from happening. We can understand your pain aunty We will do whatever we can to get justice for Radhika. Hello Uncle? Are you at the station? No Dear, I am at home, tell me. Uncle, I need to meet you urgently. Is the girl conscious? Uncle, their intention wasn’t to just rape her but to insult her That’s why they didn’t attempt to kill her and wanted to die through humiliation. We must not spare them at any cost! We too have that same feeling uncle But we don’t know what to do, whom to approach Our only hope is you uncle, we need your help. Yes! Write a complaint with the girl’s name and details Once we get the medical board report and confession We will start the investigation immediately. Ok Uncle. What is your name? Radhika What is your age? 23 What is your qualification? I have completed B.Ed. Mm, can you explain what happened to you in detail? I didn’t know him personally… Sir, here is the medical board report and 161 Statement, it is confirmed as rape. Madam, we have sketched the face cut with the details you gave Can you confirm if he looks like this? Yes Sir, this is how he looks! Yes Suresh Sir, we tried to match everything with the details you gave, His name is not Ashwin sir, it’s Ajay! Oh… After enquiry, that’s what we found Sir. Mm, have you sent it for tracking? Yes Sir, we are using CCTV face tracking If we get more than 90% match, we will surround him Sir. Mm… Good! It’s not for me Priya, it’s my mother’s wish to see you… Ajay? Yes, tell me Sir How many of you stay here? Sir, myself and three of my friends. Mm…where are you working? No Sir, we are searching for a job. Well. Okay Tell me Ajay, I mean Ashwin, Why did you do this to Radhika? Sir, I don’t understand what you are talking about. Sir, I really don’t know who that is. Diwakar! SIR! Call Forensic Department analysts immediately! YES SIR! From her tuition centre till the end of your road, CCTV cameras show she has followed you We have all proofs for that. Sir, I am repeating what I told you yesterday, I don’t know who that is. Maybe by chance she could have taken the road which I took. Oh! But forensic test has found her hair samples under your bed sheet How is that? You mean it came into your place on its own? How bold you brats are! Muthu, drag those three brats inside! We must record their confession and produce them in the court tomorrow! Ajay, Anand, Naveen and Nirmal The Police Department have filed a Rape case against you Hereby I order you all to be reminded in jail custody for 15 days. What is the use in crying now? How many times I have told you that you will be charged someday for your mistakes No one is ready to help you for the things you have done No lawyer is ready to take your case. Visitor has brought spare clothes, ask those boys to change. Is there any way to come out?? Of course, there is! The girl should admit that this is not rape and happened only on her consent! Everything is over! A charge sheet has been filed against you I am now transferring this case to the District Sessions Court. Based on the case proceedings till now, all the charges filed against you, Have been proved clearly through witnesses, The documents submitted by the police department, And through medical doctor expert opinion. Henceforth, under Section 376 IPC, this court decides you to be the real accused. Do you wish to say anything about the punishment? Your Honour! Sorry for interrupting You asked the accused about the punishment, But, won’t you ask that to the victim? Whatever you wish to say, you can say it from the witness stand. Yes Please. I request you to grant permission to the victim, For deciding the punishment to be given. But the law doesn’t allow that, and we don’t have that authority also The law just supports killing a person for self-defence. But when four people surround me, what can I do for self-defence your honour? I am not talking for myself here, no one knows about this Before me these people have cheated 26 girls and raped them. Only those who suffered through this pain know what punishment is to be given Will your law allow us to do that? The final verdict of this case has been postponed to a later date The court is adjourned. What she asked for is very valid But to amend a law that doesn’t exist, it shouldn’t just be a single girl’s problem It must turn into people’s problem. We need people support for that Try to get more support for this through social media. Oh my god, The forward messages sent by this manager is enough to hang any phone! Hey! How come this kind of video is posted in our office group?? Open it. Please, please don’t close this video! We know you would have opened this video just by looking at the thumbnail We didn’t know any other way to get your attention. Recently, a gang rape video is getting spread virally right? That Geetha (whose name has been changed) is our friend Please spend two minutes to watch this video. Four boys lay their hands on a girl, take videos and post it, No one comes to question them, but the entire society is sharing it Also, memes are being posted in many social media pages By saying the person who sees the video will understand This brings curiosity to the people who haven’t watched it Once they watch, they start sharing the video with others. When we contacted a social media page admin to remove that meme, His question was ‘Who asked her to trust an unknown boy and go with him?’ So, if a girl trusts a boy and goes with him, he has all the rights to do anything to her, right? I will tell you something you wouldn’t have heard Before this incident, these boys had taken videos of 26 more girls in a similar way and threatened them Among them, 7 girls have already committed suicide We will do one thing, the boys are currently under police custody, I will get all the other 26 videos from them; will you share that and enjoy like this? It’s not their fault alone Making them rape these many girls so boldly is your fault too, this society’s fault. Out of these 26 girls, no one came out to tell the truth, why? Because if they tell this out, we will isolate them and kill them And they considered remaining silent was much better than this This made the boys become bold enough to move to the next girl. If they hadn’t leaked the video of our friend and only threatened her, Even she wouldn’t have told anything, and they would have moved to the girl number 28 The biggest mistake they ever did unknowingly was leaking this video. Rape isn’t a girl’s identity, it’s an accident By not suppressing her anymore, why can’t you stand with her and motivate her for the rest of her life? Today, we are standing with our friend We are struggling to bring a law which allows the victim to give the punishment to the accused To do this, we need people support. Delete that video and start sharing this Submit a petition to the Central Government, only then can we speak out in the court Please consider this as a help you’re doing for your sisters. Hey! That video must get out of everyone’s phone, delete it now. Hey Dude, I have sent a video and a link along with it, share it in all our groups. From there take a left and then a right, once you come to the corner inform me, I will tell you the route. Preethi and Swetha are coming right? All people are ready to support this judgement But many aren’t aware of how to submit the petition To spread awareness regarding that, we are going to start a campaign You ask all our friends to assemble now. Greetings, today’s headlines. Geetha (name changed) has brought forward a petition Where victims must be allowed to give judgement to the accused Following this, the hashtag #Justice_for_Geetha has been spreading virally on all social media platforms The video that was shared by Geetha’s friends has made a huge impact among people. How dare you guys are? The verdict of this case must be a big lesson to every one of you! Don’t you guys have sisters at your house? Better go and take videos of them! These people must not be let free easily We must leave the decision to that girl Let the girl decide whether to kill them, or pardon them or to give life sentence. On seeing things like these, it’s scary to think of how to bring up a girl child in this society! A petition was asked to be signed, we are sharing the link to everyone. I can see some heavy protests everywhere Hey, ask our political party to support this, it might help us during elections. Sure Leader! Section 100 IPC, self-defence Though it can help a girl to an extent, As that girl said, if four people corner her, how can that girl manage Sir? Now it has become people’s protest If we don’t amend this in Parliament, it will become a big social issue. After few days Prabhu, bring that file from the right-side rack. Come in Radhika! Are you fine? Did you notice how many people are fighting for your cause? Uncle, please don’t mistake me for what I am going to tell now. Tell me Dear I am not coming to the court tomorrow uncle. Why Dear? I am not sure if we will get the verdict in our favour If it doesn’t, I will stay at home, you can put him in jail If the judgement is in our favour, then I will come out to give the sentence. But how is it possible if you don’t come? It is not necessary to produce the victim during judgement We will take you to the court with a verdict favourable to you. It is to be mentioned that in support of the victim in this case, Lakhs of people have submitted petitions, And by considering this as a social problem, many protests have risen. This petition is accepted by the Central Government and amended in the Indian Criminal Law, Stating that the victim can decide the sentence to be given to the accused. Under Section 376 IPC, “A Victim can decide the punishment to be given for the rapist” This court considers the prosecutor’s request for not producing the accused due to security reasons. The Prosecutor can take the victim to the Central Jail. Yes, Your Honour! Until the search ends, Until the evil dies, Until the times change, Until the solution is found, Forget the life you considered as fate! Wake up to break the barriers! Fly upwards stretching your wings! Rise up as if the whole world is yours! People have demanded justice for the girls who died unjustly in Rape incidents But ignored us who are alive and dying internally each and every day Because of my friends’ efforts, people are standing beside me today If you had given this support earlier, We could have prevented them from touching the very first girl. If there are 27 girls trapped under a single Ashwin, Then there must be 27 thousand girls trapped under thousand Ashwins I wished to amend this law specifically because I wanted to get justice to every one of them From now on, the girls who are victimised and hiding in their houses for fear of society, will come out boldly They will give back the pain to such people, more than what they faced in their lives. When we state the punishment for them can be anything, The fear we get to see in their eyes, That will be a victory moment to the girls like us who lost their peaceful lives! This film is dedicated to our sisters, who have been trapped by the monsters and crushed by this society

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