Thegidi (தேகிடி) 2014 Tamil Full Movie W/ ENG SUB  – Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer

Thegidi (தேகிடி) 2014 Tamil Full Movie W/ ENG SUB – Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer

Tanjore. I’ll see who’s that. Why don’t you come along? I never feel isolated here. You’ve just got the Job. Anyway
Chennai is not new to us. Stay at our house. That house is too big
for me to stay alone. Where else are you gonna stay? I’ll stay with Namhi. You’ve decided not to listen to me. – Why don’t you buy a cellphone?
– If I need, I’ll get one. – Hello.
– It’s Nambi. – Yeah
– What are you gonna buy? Buy one for me too. What’s your plan? When
are you coming to Chennai? It’s all set, Just have to leave. Life is a game of dice, What keeps you rolling? Desire is a serpenfs touch. We live bewildered. Vetri, Observation
class is happening here. You observed nothing, right? Tell me what you observed? The girl in the front
bench is on her phone. Someone in the last bench
is having fish curry. One is sleeping here. The pen in your pocket is missing. The’t’ in Observation
is left incomplete. – Nice observation, Vetri.
– Thank you sir. It’s common for Criminology students to
either select Cyber crime or forensic science. You try for a Detective job,your
observation will help you. – Whom are you looking for?
– I came to meet Govardhanan sir. – So you didn’t come to meet us.
– Not so, even you all sir. I got an offer, so thought
of meeting him about it. It’s been 3 months since he resigned. – Why?
– He never discloses his personal thoughts. This work was never
satisfactory for him. It’s his personal decision. We
could do nothing about it. You were his last batch students, So he has an emotional
bonding with you all. Why don’t you meet him in person? – Thank you sir.
– Sit down. It was shocking to know
about your resignation. I’m getting old and also have
to take care of my mother. I was waiting for the right time. Now I’m a consultant,working
on my own time, own pace. What about you’! – I’ve got an offer.
– Very good. Congrats, on your first offer. Being a Detective is no easy job. It’s quite challenging You
got to be like a shadow. The client you work for,will
never know how much you suffer. – You’ll never get recognition.
– Satisfaction at work is enough. – When are you joining?
– Tomorrow. Radical detective service,We
are a developing organisation. We have customers from various sectors
– Individuals, Insurance, Banking sectors, Apart from these, We would also do a
background checks for brides and grooms. Company finance misuses or
fraud suspect details collection. Collecting details about an individual. Each Investigation differs. Our core concentration is
Shadowing and surveillance. Why are you interested in this job? I like the challenges in this Job, Also every moment which gives
me an interesting experience. Trust is the base of our job. When we collect personal details,We
would have lo break the law. Those details would turn out
to be vital for our clients. Clients will believe on what we give
and we have to protect their identity. The details about the
subject should be 100% true. You should never get
close to the subject. Sometime you would
never gather any details. They should never know your Identity. He’ll guide you with
your initial assignments. What do you think is
important for Shadowing? Patience is important. Ram, keep an eye on it. I’ll be back Sir, you wanted to meet me’! You can place your
order and get it served. – Sit down. It’s paining! How was your day at work’! Just joined, got the first
assignment, got to work on it. What else’! I came all the way to keep you informed. We are gonna meet in the room anyway. – You’ve come up here not just to
inform me, as well get your lunch done. – Don’t insult me. Hey CID, have a coffee and go. – Sir, bill.
– Give that to him. Is he your friend? – Rs. 1,1
– I didn’t know about that. But he eats well. You aren’t a drop in an ocean, But you are an ingenious flame, Each day of life is a war,
conquer it with your power. No one to question your line of sight. No impediments should change your path. When you race over time” Even
the sky is under your feet! You aren’t a drop in an ocean, But you are an ingenious flame, Each day of life is a war,
conquer it with your power. No one to question your line of sight. No impediments should change your path. When you race over time” Even
the sky is under your feet! I need Call details, you can you
can get it for any number right? We can get details of any
number but not VIP numbers. His name is Vimal I need his details. – I’ll call you once it’s ready. I’ll
transfer the amount to your account. You are the Shadow of Truth. The budding grains at dawn. The shining sun is your house. Live the dream every
moment to realize it. Being silent, destroys your identity. Can ever lotus blossom in a land’! Be an ingenious flame. Look into this for a
minute, I’ll be back. How many times have I told you not to
contact me in this number’! don’t torture me. I’ve just got one answer
for you, I can’t do it now. I told then, But now I can’t do it. Madhavan’s native is Thiruthuraipoondi,
he has no properties in Chennai. I think this is your
letter,they delivered it to 61. Come in. We just have financial verification
left,very good job Vetri. You should meet our consultant, Vallab We were discussing about you yesterday. – I was trying to reach you this weekend’!
– Nlalto. We’ve got Kamalakannafis Bank details. We just have to get the
audio source from his house. He has gone out on official work. – If its urgent”
– Can you do something? At times like this, We should
never look into their eyes. If we do, Our face will get
registered in their minds. Uncle, one minute. What happened? Where? There is no one here. He tried to open this door
and then went that side. There is no one here. – Did you see?
– I saw him. Should he a thief. Vetri, Wake up! It’s hard to reach you. Why
don’t you have a cell phone’! A cellphone won’t suite my job. And I don’t need one. Hey, What happened’! I was monitoring a guy
Kamalakannan for his company. – So, We fixed an audio
device in his house. Okay Yesterday, I went to his apartment to bring
the device back knowing no one was there. – When I was trying to open the lock..
– Did he come? 0k, continue. When I was about to open it,
suddenly a crazy girl came over. She was shocked looking
at me, I left immediately. She was telling others
that I was a thief. That was on my mind the whole night. That’s how you look
from her perspective. You were doing what was assigned
to you? This happens in your job. Never repeat anything
against your conscience. Whether it’s Good or bad
you’ll get used to it. Think, how else you can handle this. We’ll get the audio device fixed
at Kamalakannafis house in 2 days. Like the earlier projects, do
work in detail for this one too. – She’s’!
– Do you know her’! She is Miss. Nladhushree, you can
find the address details in the file. Sadagopan and myself
are going out officially. If you want anything regarding
this project contact my mobile. Who created this sonnet, just for me. Am I your beginning or
a new verse or the end, ls there a spark when our eyes
meet Is it an answer or a question. I flew as if the world never existed. What a surprise! You
are home, let’s eat. What a surprise! You
are home, let’s eat. Whats that you’re hiding’! – Official information?
– What’s a big deal’! I did care for your official
papers, when they were scattered. Hey, new project? For which client? – I don’t about that.
– So now you got to roam around girls. Who’s that? She’s the one who saw
me the other night. – Her personality?
– She’s good. I thought she would be different. I thought some day, I could change
the bad impression she has on me. – I don’t think it would happen.
– Why not? Meet her tomorrow and tell that you are
no thief but a CID, make up something. I am not supposed to talk or get close
to the subject as per office rules. You are acting as if
you work for the RAW. You know, this job is my passion. The passion is for your job
not with your company right? Will meeting her trigger
an alarm in your office? – Hey, Let it go. 30. 30. You want to talk to her, Do that first. Do you say so? What if they know about it’! What’s wrong? – It’s hard to find a good
girl these days. That’s right. We have thousands of companies. You’re talking as if I
am in love with that girl. Should I say that, I can
see that in your face itself. – Why does strange things happen to me’!
– It does happen for your good. Go, talk to her. As the snow merges with the rain drops, our eyes mixed with each other. Who is it mom? Is support from home enough’! Madhu, your friend has come to meet
you I’ve asked him to wait in the hall. Friend’! I’ll talk to you later. Who are you’! What do you want’! I need to talk to you. – Just 2 minutes.
– No, leave now. Please, just 2 minutes. Are you leaving or not. Madhu, what’s it? Just 2 minutes. I’m Kamalakannafis friend.. Actually that night. That night you saw me in
front of my friends flat. He works at Technomark. I didn’t pay the rent for the
past3months So he kicked me out. Now I am staying with another friend, But
my things are at Kamalakannan’s apartment. That was when… I didn’t do anything else. Don’t you believe me’! I’ll find who you are. Vidhya, can you answer
me without any questions? What happened? Anyone named Kamalakannan who works
at Technomark lives in your apartment? Yes, there is.. That night you said you saw
someone, that’s the flat. Does he have a room mate? Yeah, why do you ask’! 10. 70. – How does he look?
Haven’t noticed much. A useless guy. 5’11’ height, a lean body with
a short hair cut and a crazy look. On the whole he’s okay. You haven’t noticed much,
yet describe him clearly’! I’ll call you later, bye. That night seeing you… Really sorry for being harsh on you. It’s my mistake. This is my friend’s
house I am a guest here. Seeing you here, Didn’t
know how to react. You could think why am I telling this. That day I saw you getting
scared on seeing me. I know the first impression
would never change. Still I wanted to
talk about this to you. I didn’t know a better place,
so I came to your home itself. You should have courage
to accept your mistakes. How was the coffee? Sorry, forgot about it’! Thanks for your time. You should have courage
to accept your mistakes. You’re good at narrating stories. I met her just because you said. I didn’t know what to say. You could tell the truth instead
of thinking to make up a lie. Next time, do speak with confidence. Let your attitude speak for itself. I’ll get a water bottle. Where can I find books related to 18th
century paintings? -it’s in the first floor. – Hi.
– What book? – What book? I was searching for
books with such content. Are you interested in Art’! No, but I read all hooks. Don’t ask me something
specific, I might not know. – Are you from Chennai?
– I studied at Chennai. After mom’s death, my dad settled
in my native. I’m here for my job. I grew up in an orphanage in Bangalore. Just
moved to Chennai for the new job. I’m staying at my friend’s place
The place where you came down. Sorry, did aunty question you? What’s the name of the guy
who left without having coffee? – Sorry, I’m Vetri.
– Nladhu. We can’t keep walking,Shall
we have coffee? The food tastes great,Do
you come here frequently? – You..
– Call me, Madhu. Madhu, I am gonna introduce an
important person to you -Who? He would have told a lot
about me. Don’t believe that. I was gonna, but you. jumped
in just before that. He’s Nambi, my best friend. The one who cooked all these dishes. She is Madhu. – How was the food’!
– Simply superb! There is nothing much to tell about me. I know to cook well and that’s it. Next time we’ll plan something big. Sir, one more thing. Don’t forget to pay the bill. You continue” His simplicity and the way he
carried himself is impressive. Do you appreciate even
these small things’! Life is very short, So we have
to appreciate small things. I sprouted as a Moon
From the seeds of Stars! I lost myself. Within
the eyes of Beautyl. Sway your head. To the
music of the Rain!. Your babbles is a music in the heart” If we unite. Love will just he about usl. I sprouted as a Moon
From the seeds of Stars! I lost myself. Within
the eyes of Beautyl. Sway your head. To the
music of the Rain!. Your babbles is a music in the heart” If we unite. Love will just he about usl. I sprouted as a Moon
From the seeds of Stars! I lost myself. Within
the eyes of Beautyl. I told dad about you. He said
he’ll meet you when he comes here. I do cook everyday, your girl
is here so you do it today – It would he horrible
– I’ll tolerate whatever you cook All my unspoken silences. Are filled
by the Language of your eyesl. The times that I miss
you. The clock questions mei. You reachedmyheart.. Like the rain
droplets seeped through the sand” You are the first woman of
my life.. You are the only one! Within myself” I accept that.. If we unite in Life,Love
will just be about us! She is short tempered, But will
believe what her loved ones says Vetri, Professor. If you are free come home
I need to talk to you. Surely, when will you be home. Come anytime, I’ll he there. Tell me. He’s an important person in
my career, can you come along? – My friend Prushotaman is here too.
– Oh ok. My mom would be happy seeing you all. As a woman, My desire
for you grew immensely! Every moment I lay my eyes
on you,I become Speechless! Why am I expecting you? I ask myself every day. From now on, we are one! I’ll always walk by you. If we unite” Love will just he about us! I sprouted as a Moon
From the seeds of Stars! I lost myself.. Within
the eyes of Beauty! Sway your head” To
the music of the Rain! Your babble is a music in the heart” If we unite.. Love
will just he about us! I sprouted as a Moon
From the seeds of Stars! I lost myself.. Within
the eyes of Beauty! Our core concentration is
Shadowing and Surveillance. You should never get
close to the subject. Why, you don’t love her’! Tell everything to Madhu. Later think about quitting the job. Have to find the client who
is looking for her detail. That’s next, first talk to her. Tell about your Job and
how you got to know her. – I’m afraid
– First talk to her, there is nothing to be afraid off. – Madhu”
– Hmm I want to talk to you
about an important thing. Yeah, tell Not like this, would like
spend some time and get relaxed. Why are you smiling? Tell it now or you can only tomorrow. Please, It’s my friends
wedding reception cant miss it. We’ll go to the parlor.. Then show our presence at the function
and we can directly go to the restaurant. It’s your friends reception, right?
What have you got at the parlour? I don’t want to look gloomy. I’ll be back in 15 minutes. Sir, please wait outside, She’ll come. What happened? – Any problem’!
– I feel a hit uneasy. – Shall we go to the doctor’!
– I think taking rest will do – 0k lets go.
– You finish this first. Let’s go. You attend the reception and call
llambi’s number, then we’ll decide. 0k, you take rest I’ll call you. – Sir, This is Vetri.
– What’s it Vetri’! – My 2nd assignment, Vimal an IT professional.
– Yeah. Just got to know his
death from a newspaper. Is it so’! They asked about
his attitude in his company. We gave all his details to the client. What’s the news, Vetri?
Is it an unnatural death? The newspaper says it is an accident. We’ll discuss about
this with the client. We can’t go looking into every case. What about Madhu’s details? Too much of pressure from the
client, When will it get ready? It’s ready sir. You Forward her report to
my mail, I’ll follow it. Sir! Sankaran sir! Who’s that? Whom do you want? Is there anyone named
Sankaran in this house. He’s dead. – How’!
– He fell of from the construction site. – When’!
– Hey, are you from the police department? Hasn’t the enquiry finished yet? It’s been 4 days I had an enquiry. I’m his friend Just came to meet him. It’s strange you are his friend,
don’t even know he’s alive or dead. No one turns up when he is alive. Now he calls himself as his friend. Yesterday evening at work he
fell off from the 7th floor. – He hasn’t called me yet.
– Tell him I reached home. – Tell him to call once he reaches.
– Surely I’ll let him know. Professor called 4 times and
Madhu 10 times repeatedly. You’ve told her you were sick. Cant you call her,
Look, how worried she is. What happened? These were my first assignments
that I collected details off. Did you talk to someone
from your office? Spoke to Sailesh, he said that their
company asked for the information. He said he’ll talk
about this to the client. Companies do collect details, right? There is no reason for
their company to doubt them. Vimal has just got a promotion, It’s just been 6 months Sankaran
joined in this construction company. It’s just an accident Why do you worry? Where he lives, what he does,
and when he leaves from work. Who his friends are, when he
goes on a long drive, his hobbies. These were the information
I collected for the client. I’ve given it all. Don’t know for sure! Their hack to back deaths confuses me. Hope nothing happens to others. I am afraid, I’ve taken a wrong path. Nothing like that Did
you go look for others? Kamalakannan, Madhavan Both
their houses were locked. Madhu? She just spoke to me over the phone. Give me your phone. – Hello Technomark.
– Can I speak to Kamalakannan in Finance department. He’s on an official trip
to Bangalore. You are? I’m his friend Vetri. It’s urgent I couldn’t
reach his mobile number. If he calls, tell him to
call me on this number. Name; Vetri Yeah, tell me. – I’m Vetri, I need to meet you.
– Vetri? – I am traveling now.
– It’s very important sir. – 0k tell.
– Not on the phone. It’s better if we meet in person,
You tell the place, I’ll be there. I am going to Thiruthuraipoondi
for my personal work. – Which place over there?
– There is an agraharam… That won’t workout,
I’ll be back tomorrow, However important it is,
We’ll discuss it tomorrow. Sir, anyone named Madhavan from chennai. He’s gone to the river hank
for his father’s funeral rites. Wait for sometime he’ll be hack.Sh’I spoke to you over the phone yesterday. Sit down, Let him finish his rites. Go and dissolve this in the river. Wait, I’ll he hack. Don’t keep thinking about it. It happened before my eyes
and I could do nothing. I am a reason too for his death. Stop saying such things. Did you know this was gonna happen’! Let it be your mistake, We’ll never get
a solution if you keep talking about that. Think what to do next. Did you call your office? Haven’t spoken to anyone. How about informing the police? – Nambi, they are looking for you.
– I’ll come. We have to do something,
before this happens again. – Hello I am Kamalakannan.
– One minute. Are you the one trying to reach me’! I’ve been trying to talk
to you for the past 2 days. I wasn’t in town, I got your
message from the receptionist. Don’t talk from your mobile. Just a minute. – Can you call me from an alternate number?
– Why should I? It’s very important. – Please.
– 0k tell me. My name is Vetri. – I want to tell you an important thing.
– But you haven’t spoken anything about it. This is about your life I
have to meet you in person. “Iv life? There are people following you. Your phone calls are being tapped,
you are in some sort of danger. You don’t worry, I want
to talk to you about that. Talk to you about that. Hello, Who are you? You
call and blabber nonsense. Please believe me. I don’t know who you are? I’ve
got nothing to know from you. I’ve got nothing to know from you. – It’s a waste of time.
– Kamalakannan, 5’5′ inches. 81 kgs, Pudhukottai district Natrajan,
your father is a Bank employee. Vasanthi, your mom is a
house wife. Both are dead. Past 2 years you live in Kilpauk. You work for Technomark,
Last month salary is Rs 96,5 Your last month mobile bill is Rs. 3,5 You work in the finance
division for the past 2 years. KamalaKannan SIT! Vetri, where are you’! Madhu’s phone is switched off. You’ve got my phone. Did Madhu call you? Hey what happened? Did
you meet Kamalakannan? Nambi, We’ve got only Madhu to save. What happened? Delete all the details
about Madhu in my laptop. It’s not safe to stay there, Shift
all our things to Nehru Nagar house. I’m gonna see Madhu now. – Madhu?
– How do I know’! Why aren’t you answering? Hey, Where were you these 2 days? Why do you look so tired? What happened? – Who is that’!
– Vetri is here, let’s get him a coffee. What happened Vetri? I kept calling Nambi,
Didn’t he tell you? What happened to your phone?
Why is it switched off’! “O! I’ve been trying to
reach it for a while. The battery is dead I didn’t notice it. Madhu, we are shifting to our new home. – Why?
– Dad’s coming. Oh! Anything special? He wants to meet you too. You have to help us in
setting up the house. Seems like you’ve got plans on your own. “I Nimbl- Surprising to see you
both come separately. Nambi, is dad coming’! Yes my dad is coming
– Even your dad is coming’! He’s joking Madhu. – You spoil sport.
– Hey, how do I know? Added more sugar for Namhi. Aunty I got to arrange things
can I pick Madhu tomorrow morning. She’s leaving to Vidhya’s house
You can drop her when it’s all done. Where were you these 2 days’! She missed you
a lot, at least you could’ve made a call. Forget the problems Looking at
all this, you are very gifted. Hey, after arranging things
call Vidhya, She’ll pick you up. – Aunty, Will give you a call once I reach there.
– Okay. Tell Vidhya that we’ll
come for the function. We’ll try to make it tomorrow morning. – What happened to our car?
– Nambi’s arrangements. I’ll ask Vidhya to call you. Play that footage from the beginning. The name of the person
who died is Kamalakannan. Koovam ring road signal, This is the vehicle
that passes the signal at the time of accident. – At nights, they do drive rash.
– Looks like a hit and run case. Enquire with the vehicle
registration number. Try to trace the drivers face. And track the mobile of the
victim to gather information. Do call me anytime if
you get any information. Let’s track the vehicle
in other signals. Do you know what you’ve done? We’ve been very careful
in all our moves. Now the police
investigation is in upswing. You shouldn’t have dealt with
Kamalakannan in such a haste. You should’ve been patient. Till when? Till he knows about us. He doesn’t have to shout it
out, his whispers are enough. Don’t I know about that? I think over everything thousand times. Instead of thinking it over
thousand times, try doing it once. It’s not necessary for a
daring act to be right always. You should learn to be prudent. Hereafter even a small
mistake, we can’t answer Vallab You are yet to get a job, Why
do you need such a big house? Look at the questions
she is asking already? You’ve got a bright future. The kitchen is spacious too. For bachelors this house is big. When is dad coming? He will come anytime by tomorrow. Do you think I am lying? “O! Not even a small doubt’! When you believe in something,
It’ll last till the end. More than myself, I believe in you. Sailesh, don’t he in a
haste in Madhu’s case. We’ve to he defensive
and save ourselves. – Why’!
– Listen to me. Go out only if needed. You get all comforts in here. If Vetri comes looking for us? – Hey, still you don’t understand?
– That’s what I mean too. Even before we think to do
something, he thinks ahead. Don’t you understand? He’ll surely come looking for us. – Hi
– Hi, when are you coming? I’ve got guests here,
I’ll pick you up later. Where is Aparna? This is not Aparna’s house. Hey, I’ll be back. What happened to Madhu’s phone’!
She was searching for it.. I left it at Rukmani aunties home
to avoid her from being traced. – Okay, I gotta go.
– Wait! Why are you going out now? We should know what’s happening outside. Do you think you can solve all this? How long can you make Madhu stay here’! She’ll leave when Vidhya comes. – What do you want me to do’!
– We did nothing wrong. Let’s go to the police. Will that solve all this’! You are afraid Madhu will
leave by knowing the truth. Madhu shouldn’t get into
trouble because of me. Hey, I’ve an important thing to say. – Whats it?
– You asked about Kamalakannan that day. Suddenly, he died in a road accident. His room mate Satish, about whom I
was giving information the other day. He’s been taken for the police enquiry. So there are lots of police out here. Why did you ask about
him? Do you know him?Iamb“!Vetri, Why have you
come to my house itself? Sorry, I need important
information. Just an emergency. These numbers. – These are VIP numbers.
– No they are just fancy numbers. I need the address
and3month statements. 0k, let you know once it’s ready. Why are you all silent’! Madhu, Is she your
friend? When did she come? Hey, Sit down So you are not Kamalakannafis room mate Nothing you told me was true, right’! Just answer this question. When I first saw you, What were you
doing that night at the apartment? I’ve got thousand questions. Things happening now is confusing. Give me some time I’ll
tell you everything. Please listen to me, Staying here is safe for you. Madhu, nothing should happen to you. Nothing more can happen to
me, You have hurt me enough. Do Believe me! Listen to me, please. Respect my feelings too Vetri. You played your role so aptly. You are my vision! What
can I see without you! And so in my every song
You are the First word! I am you! And you are me. Walk with me,mycompany! You farther from me.. Makes my heart heavy! In the corner of my eyes. I see you at times that I most need to! Tell me, Madhu. What happened? You both are silent. 0k let’s leave it for now. Do ensure she is safe here. This is an army officer’s house. Me and my daughter have been alone
all these days. I’ll lake care. Hey, what she said haunts me a lot. The victim Kamalakannan had last
spoken to someone over his cellphone. He told his colleagues he
was going to meet that person. The same number is registered
in the office register, While tracing that number. A guy named Nambi has shifted
from that address to this house. Hey, come here. I work for Easy Go packers and movers. They said they needed to shift urgently. As they didn’t have much
things we did it in an hour. Are they in this house now’! I don’t know that, but
we delivered it here. He has spoken in the name of Vetri
but the number is owned by Namhi. Is there anyone named Vetri? CID, he’s inside. I need to talk to him. Whatever it is, you can tell me. Are you his security? Military! Is Military’s name Nambi? There is no vehicle on
that registration number. I doubt that short fellow..
Let’s interrogate him. It doesn’t look so. Will he be boozing at home
after committing an accident. They are drunk, enquire
them in the morning. Let’s see.Who is lamb?!?That’s me sir
– You are the one.. What was the last thing
you spoke to Kamalakannan? Sir, which Kamalakannan? He doesn’t know anything” I
am the one who spoke to him. If you’ve got any questions, do ask me? The Sub-inspector has
asked to bring them both. Both of you come. You could have said
that before he hit me. – Come sign it
– Sign in this Madhu is outside Midhll! Don’t convince me with your lies. I shouldn’t have kept it for so long. Should have told it earlier. You decide whether
it’s a truth or a lie. I love you. You are the first accused, So
you shouldn’t leave the city. – I don’t know who Kamalakannan is..
– The phone is yours right’! What is the name of the
inspector who arrested us’! Inspector Raghuram. Why’! Where can we meet him sir? What has brought the military here’! Sir we need your help. I think you could help us with the
information we have about the case. Why should I believe you’! You can find out if its true or
not in the investigation itself. After completing my course in criminology,
I joined in a detective agency. Where is that office? Now you can’t find anyone there. I asked where the office is? So this is the Detective
agency you were talking about. This side is closed The
entrance is on the other side. The painting is completed
Go inside and see. Do you know about the
company that was here’! They have moved it to some other place. Ask the complex manager. Babu do you know about the company that was here?
– No! No idea sir, Ask the manager. Shall we go inside? We’ll get nothing inside Vetri. This is nothing new for
fraud agency to change places. In Mumhai and Pune there are more than
100 cases on Fraud detective agencies. Here there are no license and strict
measures to start a Detective agency. But few agencies serves us well. But most of them use
it for wrong purpose. Like Money extortion,
Black mailing etc.. But nothing such in this case. Here there is no camera monitoring. No parking ledger. No proper evidence about the company. So we have a lot more
to learn in this case. Sometimes even the small
things we miss out”. Could be an important
lead for that case. Very small thing” Which you
may have felt not important. Which you wouldn’t have informed me. Shall we have tea’! – Have you seen him?
– At times he comes here. – Where’!
– To the company that was here. Who else would come? Two of them would come daily. There is an other person too. I never saw him after he came. Any problem sir? Just wanted to know about those two. Tell, what you know’! They would have told you something. Think! You’ve to meet our consultant Mr. Vallah They would have talked among themselves. – I was trying to reach you this weekend’!
– Nlalto. Malta!– How much hr the (e
– Rs. ‘W
– You can go now.
– Okay sir. We’ll know more if we
enquire about this office. Vetri, get a cellphone for yourself. Think well If anything
comes up, give me a call. Sir I can remember, I was supposed
to meet someone named Vallah. But I only know his
name I didn’t meet him. As the boy said, He could
have come before I joined. But I’m not clear
about the other details. Don’t confuse about the unclear things. Let’s sketch their faces. Matching it with our records,
will fetch us more information. Meet me tomorrow morning. – Hello
– I got a call from this number. Dilipan this is Vetri. I couldn’t find any details
for the numbers you gave. Look in for other sources instead
of waiting for me, I’ll keep trying. Heart and the mind never gets along. Heart goes with hope,
Whereas mind relies on facts. Don’t know if Sailesh would come here.. Sometimes we do as our heart
says, which need not be reasoned. Hey! Who is that’! – What’s it?
– I saw something flashing inside the car – Hello
– Sailesh, where are you? – Malto
– I just spoke to Vallah He asks us to be silent for 2 weeks. So be patient, then
everything will fall in place. You listening? There was something
flashing inside the car. Why are you silent? Don’t know if what you said would
happen, but what I said has happened. He has come looking for us. He can do nothing to us,
Destroy the papers first. Did you list out the
number of cases for today? – Sir, I am vetri
– Whats it’ Sailesh’s house is in Anna nagar Where in Anna nagar? Just a minute. How did you get these details? Wait there, I’ll come. Put the knife down. Put it down. – Follow all the formalities.
– Okay sir. Look what happened’! You could have waited for me. – Sin.
– This case is getting complicated We can’t keep losing
without knowing their motive. I didn’t do anything wrong. Go and have your first aid. Leave now. Chakrapani, try to avoid press and media See that no information gets leaked out. – I’ll talk to the superiors.
– Okay sir. Who knew it would turn out like this? Before going into his house
I informed Raghuram sir. You could’ve waited for him. Can’t you both keep quiet! In a short while Sailesh came there. Okay, We’ll discuss later. He went into a room
as soon as he came in. I was watching from a nearby room. Why did he go into that room’! He knew I was in the house. Hey, Keep quiet for a while. I heard a sound from that room. Nambi, we should go there. I can’t come home, Please listen to me Won’t your dad go by bus Do something, we need
to get into the house. You keep quiet let me handle this. You cut the call, I’ll call you back. – What’s it?
– Just came to get the car hack Go ahead. You wouldn’t have had dinner
Have some Biriyani sir. You guys care for us. His purse fell inside please help us. Till the forensic report
comes no one should go inside He has his prints all over the
house else you do check for us. You should come hack soon, go now. Hey, I didn’t mean you. Would I say so’! Would you like your pro-paid mobile to
be converted lo a post-paid connection? It’s a policy number – Policy number?
– Yes How do you say’! 9 digits, Health insurance
or accident policy number. As the first 2 letters are
PN it could be a PNGC policy. And its also has PNGC
water-marked on it. I thought it would be a bank
detail or a locker number. Why are you silent sir? I’m informing you everything, ain’t it’! What’s that? Crime scene evidence How did an individual get it’! Do you think you are acting smart’! The confidence to face any questions
without fear is what I like about you Mr. Madhivaanan? He got transferred, I’m in charge now. An important thing, can
we talk for few minutes? Wait in my cabin I’ll come. Police department, It’s an enquiry. Whatever it is, wait I’ll come. – Urgent sir!
– I’m in an urgency too. I have to go and see the manager,
Won’t he get angry if I don’t meet him? He comes once in a while, don’! know when
he’ll come next, allow me to do my job? Go meet him.. I thought only
my job filled with tension. – My system is slow.
– That’s ok. This is an accident insurance policy. The value of this policy
is 1 crore coverage. This is insured for a person
named Mr. Kamalakannan. This was taken 6 months back. The policy holder is dead, $0.. The nominee or relatives will get
the cheque from the head office. Once the claim is approved. Can we find other person’s policy
details by their name and date of birth? Let’s see. Can you give the details about who
took the policy and the nominee? I need the last six months
accident death reports immediately. I’m at PNGO insurance office. Sir asked for Kamalakannafis
policy details, Do call him. Fax me all the details
I’ll give you the number. Do collect everything and send it to me. Did he say anything else? Got any details about Sadagopan? – We have found Sadagopan itself, sir!
– What? I’m Vetri I’m hereto
meet the branch manager. – Can you inform him that I’ve come.
– Sure sir, please wait. – Hello.
– Sir, person by name Vetri has come to meet you. I’m busy, don’t let anyone
in, Cancel all my appointments Hi, I’m Velri. – Have I come at a wrong time’!
– No! No! I was thinking something else. I’m Poornachadran. Sadagopan (a) Pooranachandran. Madhu, Did you take any insurance
policy in the last6months? Policy? No! Accident insurance policy. Anyone at your office or
in your Bangalore home’! I am sure I’ve got no insurance
policy Why do you ask now’! Nothing to worry, will call you back. All the policy numbers you gave
are accident insurance policies. All are worth 1 crore, and everything
is claimed except for Madhushree. One is sanctioned and another is pending.
Like this every one is in different stages. 1 crore.. can he
approve such big claims? He can approve up to 1 crore but it
has to he sanctioned by the head office. That’s why he has come
down to office today. Can we take a policy without the
knowledge of the policy holder? Yes, we can” there are
lot of loop holes here. There are certain criteria
for 1 crore policy. Based on that we would randomly select
a person and take a policy on their name. Even they wouldn’t know about it. Before the insurance company
pay out a huge claim amount, They would verify it
through a detective agency. I and Sailesh set up a
fake Detective agency. We ensured that the policy holder
never knew about the policy details. A phone call to the policy holder about
their new policy itself is a big deal. The manager can stop that easily All those who have died have no
connections, How do you select them’! Every company takes
insurance for their employees. We took the policy details
from the last year database. We randomly selected the ones
who have no parents and relatives. Among that we selected the
ones with very high income. I plan. Sailesh will execute. How did Vetri come into this? We had to monitor the everyday
activity of those selected? We needed lots of information to make
every murder look like an accident. That’s when we selected
a fresher like Vetri. Vimal’s dad William
Mathew has claimed 1 crore. Vimal’s parents are dead. How do you get that claimed money? As the dead persons have no
relatives we claim with their details. When we get the money from the
company, we share it among ourselves. Even an animal will hunt
only when it’s hungry. Will you do anything for money? Who else is in this’! Shank-man’s policy
too has been approved. His father by the name of
Vaidiyanathan has applied for the claim. If we find him, this case is over. And finally.. Who is Vallaba? Sir we are calling from PNGC
insurance Is this Vaidiyanathan? Your sons death insurance
claim has been approved. We’ll deliver the cheque in person. Just wanted to confirm the address. Tell me sir. Take him away. He is telling only what we know. There is a 3rd person Vallab This case will he a new
experience for you, Do as I say. Check if there is anyone in the
house Don’t stay more than 5 minutes – Sir!
– The door is open, come in. Mr. Vaidiyanathan! Good job Vetri, Sit down. Needs determine our lives! That’s
what brought me and Sadagopan together. That’s what brought you here. I was the one who wanted
you in this company. I had many students, but I believed
you will be with me at any situation. That’s why I selected you. You try for a Detective job, I’ve got an offer. What made you think I
would be lnhuman too? Humanity? No one has that anymore. We don’t even react to the
evil things happening around us. We just see it as a news. I wanted to discuss this
So I invited you home. But you brought your friends, I
couldn’t discuss anything then. At the earliest, I thought
I could convince you. When you spoke to Sailesh after
Vimal’s death, I tried contacting you. But you started enquiring. Vimal an IT professional. – Sankaran’!
– He’s dead. Professor called 4 times. It’s out of our hands. You could’ve ended it then? More mistakes are done to cover up. If we had let them go You
would have gone to the police. Just to keep you away from
the police I bailed you out. – Still you cornered me.
– If not me someone else would’ve. You didn’t have to do this. Are you Vallaba? What do you know about me?
I completed my studies at I couldn’t study anymore. I never got parental guidance, education,
relationships, marriage, at the right time. Why? Here nothing is right Vetri.. I was not satisfied with my life. I wanted to give my mom the
best treatment in this world. Here no one cares about anyone. Intellectual minds are
enslaved by the cunning clever. As a professor I’ve done
a lot for the society. But this society has
done nothing for me. Sadagopan came to me. I never worried joining with him. You never knew the solitary pain. Why sir? Why are you self-centered’! You’ve got a wrong perception. Sir don’t do this! We can
get you out of this trouble.. Accept your mistake sir! Do listen to me! Don’t
get it wrong again! Think about your mother
before you do anything wrong Headlines. The Manager of PNGC Sadagopan (a)
Pooranachandran has been arrested. For the series of murders relating
to accidental insurance policy. The Police commissioner
has informed that, Measures have been taken
to reduce crime in the city. Certain incidents will
change our beliefs. Let this be a fresh beginning. Don’t let out your passion. Madhu, when are they coming’! They’ve already started. Hello Vetri, How are you? – How was your trip’!
– Why are you making me a driver. Nambi, Do taste and give your
comments on the dishes I cooked” Does she think I only know to cook’! You were the one, who said so. My friend Prushotaman, too is here. There is an other person too. I never saw him after he came. Are you Vallaba? What do you know about me? Intellectual minds are
enslaved by the cunning clever.

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