Thirst | צמא (LGBT gay short film)

Thirst | צמא (LGBT gay short film)

Well? Are you making that
sour coffee again? Did Yael already nag you today? There’s no reception around here. I was thinking, maybe we could
stay here for a few more days. A day or two. What does she have
to do with it? I don’t know, you need
her permission, don’t you? What are you doing? Are you asleep? Idiot… Stop. I was on a hike with
some guys from the army, I doubt you know any of them, maybe you know Yotam…
– Get on with it! Never mind. I was saying… We were
hiking these hills, each of us on a different one, and you know, those hills that are… The broadest, right in the middle? Diamond-shaped like?
– Yeah, exactly. So I was hiking one of those, and I’m, like… Sitting high up there, thinking
about life till I got too bored, and then I realize none
of the guys are around anymore, and I… I want to climb down, but I can’t. Climbing down means dying. What a loser… Or I would have broken a leg,
fell flat on my face, cracked a rib. How high was it? I don’t know, I have no
idea how I managed to get up there. Anyway, I… I’m sitting on the edge
and stones start falling down And I’m telling you, I’ve never felt like this before. I was completely aware that this is it. I’m going to die. Where are we? I don’t know. You don’t say… What’s up with you? What? What is it? You tell me. Spilling our water, getting us lost. What do you want? For you to stop fucking around. Go fuck yourself, okay? Sure. Do you want to get us dehydrated? Do you want us to die? Stop. Four days just aren’t enough, okay? I don’t even know who’s
more miserable because of you. Me or her. Hey. What’s up? Did I wake you? Should I call later? Hi!
– Hi. Hey. I have to pee, be right back. Are you alright? What? Were you asleep? I’m good. Stop it… I’m driving.

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  1. utter rubbish … the makers of this questionable piece didn´t even care for a message … why put time, money and effort into something that vague???

  2. So beautiful
    It was like the one guy (in the backseat) was not even real. He was the other guy’s inner demons and desires. Was it only one person hiking literally and two people hiking figuratively? Like the main guy tried to punish himself for being gay which is why he tried to choke himself at the end, spill out all the water, get lost, and put dirt in the coffee. Was it all the internal thoughts of one guy thinking about death because he hates who he is which is gay so he hikes to try and walk away from who he is but he can’t. He can’t get down the mountain.
    What A beautiful display of love and hate for who we are and the inner pain of accepting ourselves.

  3. totally unbelievable story. The Fillming was really good. They don't act like friends: one is insulting and distant, the other is more open about his sexuality and feelings for his buddy. Then all of a sudden they have reception to use a Mobile phone…too strange

  4. the other guy is crazy, in reality, if one moves on, the other has to move on. enjoy the moment of being together. if the straightist guy is wanting to fool around with the gay one, i dare say just enjoy it.

  5. I swear to god he trying to murder the other guy at the last but the girl doesn’t even give a shit. 😂 It was a bit funny but anyway beautiful story.

  6. It makes me think how in some way those crushes or loves are a kind of substitute for some of the boundaries trial relationships like you would normally have in high school under your parents watchful eye. Not saying it is a good substitute but just recognizing the ability to serve a similar scaffolding role in some cases.

  7. Straight or gay, why can’t film makers portray gay or bisexual men as happy, normal, making good relationships, just getting on with life? Instead of constantly portraying gay men as tragic figures, who are doomed by their sexuality, and guaranteed never to be happy, find love, or be content?
    It’s an unrepresentative obsession. It’s a boring classic stereotype. And disappointedly formulaic.

  8. 💥👊💥👊👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍❤💯Kudos to yourself & Everyone involved👏👏👏👋🌊🌟🌊✌

  9. I’m sorry but that’s one psycho bitch in the making. Gets lost on purpose in an area where there’s no cellular reception, gets rid of the water no by drinking it but by spilling it, finally gets what he wants then can’t handle the rejection. Tries to choke the breeder right next to his girlfriend. PSYCHO BITCH IN THE MAKING! Bye!

  10. A hard friendship!!!!Walking in a mountain area desert sand with heat…On a walk through the desert. And his friend wanted him. Wanted him badly..So, the water was taken away to weaken and dehydrate his cute friend. He wants him in the tent but his friend says stop…So, his friend be dehydrated and weak somewhat is taken down. He lets is friend suck his dick to satisfy and to give him part of what his friend wants…But after getting his dick sucked he won't kiss him his friend..Then in the end the girl friend says stop kissing her. Both ways of this friendship… Friendship and love is sometimes very hard to maintain….Thank you for this good movie…Good actors for this movie….Again thanks…..

  11. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  12. The absolute bitterness of so many posts, they are all sucking on bitter herbs. Given this bitterness, rage, resentement, animosity towards any stright wroter of gay clips, HTF would you all expect to happy with anyone or anything….just look inthe mirror and you will see your unhappiness. Seeking that who, or what, that is unavailable seems to justify your bitterness…and u refuse to change tacks, because you might just have to drop the bitterness…but it seems to provide such good, steady, available companionship…act the same way and get the same results everytime.

  13. I think the gay guy wanted to choke the straight guy out in the end because he wanted to show him /make him feel how hurt he is. The straight guy ended up breaking free ( breaking away from the pain) leaving him unaffected and the gay guy suffering all by himself…

  14. Is everyone going to ignore how psychotic the gay guy was acting? Throwing away precious water in a desert-like location like that, and “fake” choking the guy in the car? If someone who liked me, but I couldn’t reciprocate was doing those things to me, I’d leave them in a second. I don’t do crazy. Though to be fair, I also would never lead them on like the straight guy did, so maybe he has some fault in the gay guy’s behavior. Even so, craziness will come and bite you in the ass if you dance with it long enough. Best to steer clear when you sense it.

  15. I always fall for hot guy n they fuck me few times n leave me. Now i stopped getying used bcoz my heart gets broken each time

  16. Wow. Just. Wow.

    No English translation needed. I know EXACTLY what that's like.

    This is incredibly well made. In the words of Diana Prince, "You should be proud!".

  17. This scenario is nothing new and many times when a gay man pursues it many hetro men will jump at the offer. While most hetro men were simply content with the release, a good percentage of gay men are well on their way to falling in love. This friendship is toast – stick a fork in it.

  18. Lindos , gostosos. Beijos, 🔷 🔺 ♥ 🔺 💋💕💕💜😍💜👉👌😍💋💕💕🔺🔷👉👌💋💕💕🔷🔺🔷😚💋💕💕🎬💜💋💕🔷🔺

  19. Parabéns, e muitos beijos. ,🔺🔷💜💘💋💕🔷🔺🎬😚💕💋💕🎬😚👉👌😍🎬💜💘😉💕💕💕💋💕🔷🔺

  20. Mas, não sei ficar sem você, beeeeeiiiiiijos. 🔷 ♥ 🔺 🔵 🔷 🔺 💋💕😉💜💘🔵💘😉🔴😙💕💕💕🔷🔺😚💕💕🔷🔺

  21. Beijos, são os princípios de razão para ter alguém no coração, felicidades. 🔷 🔺 ♥ 🔷 🔴 🔺 ♥ 🔷 🔵 🔺 ♥ 🔷

  22. Vem, comigo vem bailar nesta bela noite de luar e ser feliz por amor e ser amados. , felicidades. 🔷 ♥ 🔺 🔵 🔺 ♥ 🔺 🔵 🔺 ♥ 🔺 🔵 🔺 ♥ 🔺 🔵 🔷

  23. Amazing movie. he should accept to die together in a mountain the place that they love. but he mad so the other one choose her. sad but deep down i know what is feel like

  24. i dont hate being a gay person. But what happened here just made me feel that no matter how much gay guys try to find relationship, they will not get it. But if they would, they will suffer first. Harsh reality

  25. Por que esse idiota jogou a água fora,quer morrer de sede no deserto, só pode,seu idiota,ta raivinha ta querendo dar o cuzinho,há estrupa ele,come ele a força.

  26. It was a scene. It told no story, it went nowhere, there was no conclusion. It wasn't a film, it wasn't a short, it was a scene.

  27. kinda hits close to home, both cause i'm closeted bi and because i'm from Israel too, i appreciate this short film a whole bunch, it shows me that i'm not alone out here, thank you

  28. Imagine that the government ordered that everyone had to get married. Then when the singles were left they put 100 people in a room – 50 men 50 women. The gay population is only about 6% – this means in this room of 100 people 6 are gay. – but let's say there there are 4 gay men and 4 gay woman (8%) – that means the straight people have 46 people each to chose from. The gay people have only 3 other to choose from. This is why so many gay people fall in love with straight people. In our growing up days we are surrounded by straight people.

  29. Same themes appearing lately. Two guys go off, come onto each other, end it and that's it. Just different locations.

  30. That's quite a toxic friendship, obsession and desire isn't love and trying to force it onto someone won't work.

  31. Who need that lie? Everyone knows what inside struggle is. If you are not sure in yourself are you real gay or not if you are not sure inside yourself who damn are you WHY do have to humiliate the feelings of the other person?! Why?!

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