Thirunaal Tamil Full Movie | Jiiva | Nayantara | Srikanth Deva

Thirunaal Tamil Full Movie | Jiiva | Nayantara | Srikanth Deva

Bless me lord. Greetings sir. Good morning. Is it
something important? Yes, regarding blade’s judgment. The
request is to make it in his favour. They say they would compensate
with whatever you ask. It’s a murder case. Isn’t it enough that the
accused has been roaming free for 7 years? The witness is pretty strong. We should put an end to this. It didn’t work out. Yes Naga? The judge didn’t agree. Looks like Blade
will be convicted. Why did you stress yourself
to come here chief? We’ll take care of it. Murugan, who is he? 10 years ago… he was the one who murdered
judge Sadhashivam in the court. Please have a seat. Badhu, I wouldn’t
have thrashed her. But the old woman cursed me… and that made me furious. and so I ended up slapping her. The house belongs to a
military officer… and that’s why it
became a big issue. Hey Blade! Damn! We are unable to
sleep even if we want to. And this fellow here?
Sleeps all the time. Listen, do you think we’ll
snatch away your food? Now, go slow on the bun or
you’ll perish away with hiccups. Funny fellow! Blade… here give this to the chief. The minute our chief hit the
military officer with the chair… he went silent. Crime number 198/15 One moment please… As per Indian Penal
Code section 322, the public prosecutor has failed to produce
enough evidence against the accused. Hence, on the grounds of doubt, the
accused set free from the charges. – Blade.
– Here he is. Blade.. How have you been guys? You start. We’ll come. Brother, it’s to time get
sloshed so start pouring. Right away brother. It’s time to celebrate. Morning you were sitting
outside the court. I saw you from inside. How? I saw it in judge’s face. Listen to me brother… my dear brother… my dearest brother. So am I your dearest. There are lot of liquors
to get a high on. And so are there lot
of cops out there. So drinking spoils our
well being, brother. But sorry we just can’t help it. So drinking spoils our
well being, brother. But sorry we just can’t help it. Listen to me brother… my dear brother… my dearest brother. So am I your dearest. Dark is where the
knife shine brightly. That’s exactly how
we rule out here. Neither do we have parents
to make us responsible… nor does the Sun have
guts to wake us up. We are brutally honest and
that is what we believe in. We know the art of finishing
things off smoothly. We are the raging bulls… Now show us the bull ring…. The sharpened weapons
are our only wealth. Drinking spoils our
well being, brother. But sorry we just can’t help it. Our lives are lost
in law books…. Revenge is our only
way of paying back. We listen to absolutely nobody
because nobody controls us. We’ll be the headlines
once we are encountered. We are never short of money. There are no confusions
in our life. We are the crooked drivers
on the freeway… No rules and no limits. We
follow the path of our chief. Drinking spoils our
well being, brother. But sorry we just can’t help it. Listen to me brother… my dear brother… my dearest brother. So am I your dearest. There are lot of liquor
to get a high on. And so are there lot
of cops out there. So drinking spoils our
well being, brother. But sorry we just can’t help it. So drinking spoils our
well being, brother. But sorry we just can’t help it. Oh my god! What kind
of nightmare was that? Oh my god! It’s already 7:30… Mom, coffee.. Did I wear this Saree last week? Nope. So good. Dad, please iron it. Mom, where is my coffee? Isn’t it done yet? It’s getting late. Mom… Mom… Hey Padma. I’m calling you. Do you have any sense? Do you have any concern for me? Aren’t you living
off on my salary? Can’t you wake me up? Why should I? Why should I wake you
up and invite trouble? Your punches have already
hurt my nose real bad. Now get lost or else I’ll
pour the hot oil on you. Look at her ordering me! Brat! Fine. I need lemon
rice for lunch. Ok? Done. No one is responsible
around here. It’s wrong that you are already in
the bathroom when I wanted to bath. And over that the song! Now wait and watch. She is old and still
sings in the bathroom! One blow and…. Hold on…Hold on… Why are you creating a ruckus? You are woman and so am I. Come let’s bath together. Eww! Look at her and her costume! Who do you think you are?
A heroine? Now please get out. This costume was gifted to you. Yo weren’t using
it so I wore it. How does it look on me? Now leave. Please. Leave. I wasn’t done bathing
and she interrupted. Are you done with the ironing, Dad?
Thanks. Mom… Remember I want curd
rice for lunch. Come on now! Don’t you
dare mess with me. I know you would
manipulate like this… and that is why I made curd
rice instead of lemon rice. Now hows that? No one
can mess with me. Aren’t you guys done yet? – You rocked!
– Dad, is the driver here yet? Vidhya naan ready. Do you think she’ll let you
read your newspaper in peace? Chanceless! You are the best! What is she trying to say? There I quit reading newspaper! Oh my! She is a
pain in the head! Your daughter is 1st person in India
to have a driver for two wheeler! Over that she tortures me to
pack food for the fatso too. Ok that’s enough.
Start the vehicle. Hold on. Take your lunch box. – It’s already late.
– Move.There, I’ve kept your lunch box. – Take the flowers.
– Give it to me. Mom. it’s getting late. Hold on, let me set it. Don’t yell. Mom that’s enough. Now
leave me, I got to go. Now don’t drag, drive fast. This is the maximum speed. How is my driving? Hey Vidya, the flowers
have fallen off. Refrigerate it. I’ll collect it
on my way back in the evening. She is late again. The girl who just didn’t care about
the flowers is our boss’ daughter. The mess just she
created all over…. is not for a highly paid I.T job
or reasonably paid government job. She is a kindergarten teacher. Works for a monthly
salary of Rs 1320/- And all that mess was for this! – Leave him. Don’t worry I am there.
– He’s crying. Leave it. It’s ok. Stop crying. Come here. Here have this chocolate. Don’t cry ok. Aren’t you a good boy? Now come on. Here is your chocolate.
Come on dear. Ok now next you, here… Promise me you won’t cry.
Now come on give me a kiss. Next… Akash… come one give me a kiss.
Come on. Now go ahead, get
inside the class. Now you. Give me a kiss. Very good. Go ahead. Oh come on. I’ve never seen you cry.
Aren’t you very brave? Come on give me a kiss. Tie em properly. Please chief, spare me.
Please don’t. Place your hands… I said, place your hands. – Please don’t. Please chief.
– I said place your hands! Now ask them to get started
with the load vehicle Or else they’ll get
stranded half way. – Chief please.
– Now do what he says. Place your hands! Chief is here. Greetings chief. Oh my god! Take it. Never respect the money… only then it’ll pile up. Looks like Karur rice
mill guy was demanding? Heard that he has demanded
11 sacks of rice? Yes, he has called. There are no permanent enemies
or friends in business. We should just nod and move on. That’s fine but ensure that you
do not give any discounts. Sure… Here. Some issue at the
councilor’s house. I’ll go attend to
it and come back. One moment please. It’s been long since you
tallied the accounts. It would be nice if you
could check it once. Now come on. Do you remember? The last Mahamanam festival we
pooled in 20 lakhs each and… we started this business. Have I ever indulged
in the accounting? All I need is… a business for name sake. And you? You are working to earn a
name for yourself in the business. So everything is
right on the track. Well no. What I meant was… I trust you. You take care of it. Hey blade… Ok Naga. I’m too heading to Thanjavur to
collect some stocks of sack. The sacks used for Sugar, rice
and salt are of good quality. But the ones used for fertilizer
and paddy are not so good. – So bargain on those accordingly.
– Is it? Blade, chief is waiting. Yes, I’m coming. What did he do? He stole the motor
from the well. – Ok. Now leave him.
– I promise I won’t repeat it. Now go. Get lost. Mrs. Thiruvalluvar,
what are you up to? Welcome teacher… you are getting
naughtier day by day. I am tired of asking
you to call me Vasuki. Where is your driver? Listen, I’m learning to drive
without her knowledge. My dad was telling me. He said first I’ll have to learn
to push it and then learn driving. So I pushed it all the way. Oh my! So you pushed it all
the way from home till here? It’ll be long before
she learns driving. Chanceless! How is it that every time
the stolen mangoes are so tasty? Go ask the thief who stole it.
He’ll tell you. Fine then let’s ask. Remember I told you about the nightmare
that occurs to me regularly? That’s the fault with your age.
So shut up now. It’s the same dream. I am already frustrated looking for my
accounts dairy.Now be quite or else. This guys Blade who roams
around with Naga… What’s up with him? Well he…. is tying the knot at out
wedding, in my dream. What are you saying? Oh my sweet lord! He is a mad fellow! While he ties the knot, in the dream, you
are the one who is helping to tie it. Here… this is the orange saree
that you were wearing. I wear this only while attending
marriages or functions. My god why am I helping
him to marry you? Were you cooking something? Oh my god the milk is spoiled! When you are around I can’t
concentrate on anything. Is it? Ok I’m leaving then. You bloody! Get out. This is why I didn’t
suggest the house. Jyothi! Jyothi! Oh my dear! Jyothi! Didn’t I tell you not to get
her married to this murderer? Look at what he has
done to my daughter. You bloody! Look at how unresponsive he is. My curse will not spare you Jyothi, mom is here. Look at mom dear. Look at me dear. The cops are here. We haven’t registered
the case yet. You sinner! You never
spared the child too. What happened? Tell me, what happened? She was trying to have an
illegal relationship with him. I warned her and went to sleep. I heard some noise outside. I came out to take a look. She got scared of me and jumped
into the well along with the kid. You scoundrel. Are you trying
to tarnish my child’s name? You will rot to death. Don’t spare him.
Hit him to death. Let them kill each other. I didn’t know how to get
rid of this problem. Please forget it. Forget it. It’s just you. Master Wash the glass nicely And make a good tea for me. Here. Do you have a cigarette? – I just have this one.
– I am fine with it. What a jerk! Who will pay for
the tea and vada? I don’t have any cash brother. Auto fare? I don’t have any cash brother. I am not doing a service here. I’ll come back with my friends. I never paid for the bus travel. Sister. Appukutty is here. Don’t you dare step inside. Who gave you the address? I asked him to come. Why? I cannot cook for him. He normally has 25 dosas
and 4 half boils. You don’t know about him. – That’s an old story.
– Listen to me. Why do you do this? He must have changed now.
Keep quiet. Hey old lady. I am gonna
thrash this TV on your head. Where is the remote? Where have you kept it? Give it to me. Why are you snatching it? Why is she like this? Only you can make mutton gravy without
any change in taste for15 years. What do you say? Didn’t I warn you? A foodie freak. I wonder how long you
will stare at me. Go and carry on
with your cooking. You scoundrel. You are not ashamed at any cost. I don’t understand
why you are alive! Me? Valliamma Raja Raja Chola, who built the Big
Temple was made to stand outside. Forget about me! I am gonna punch you! Don’t you think you are too old
for this kind of modern music? You should have been
dead by last May. I spare you for that. Why is he like this? Don’t start again! – Give him 5000.
– Yes sir. You may leave. Blade, ask them
to come tomorrow. – Murthy brother, tomorrow
– Fine blade. Please sit down. Tell me sir. What’s the issue? I had an agreement with this Engineer
for 50 Lakhs to construct my house. This is the agreement copy. After completion, he is
not handing over the key. You please help me with this. What is this? It’s true that we
had an agreement. After that the price of the
raw materials went high. I had spent an extra
5 lakhs on it. Please help me recover it. Where have you
constructed the house? Its the fifth house
on the North street. What is it at this hour? Greetings. The train was late. Brother Don’t mistake me. I’ve been wanting to
ask this for long. How are you able to cope
up with his attitude? He might not be good to others. He is fine with me. Fine I’ll get the rest next week. Fine. I take leave. Dude Give the house key to blade. Give it I say! You go now and come
back at 10 am tomorrow. Blade, take care. Fine brother. Let’s go. Why is he leaving without
saying anything? Sir. Please sit down. He has asked me to discuss. Sir. Please sit down. Mani Get in the vehicle. Get in now. Generally, we are not interested in the
house that comes up for a discussion. – Would you like to smoke.
– No, I don’t. But if we like the house, we don’t
let it go out of our hands. He is ready to give 20 Lakhs. Take it Register the house to us. With respect to
Kumbakonam and Tanjavur, We are on top. Are you playing games in
the name of discussion? Scoundrels Does a house look petty for you? I’ve toiled hard to earn it. Use your tricks
with someone else. What are you doing here? Go and look out what’s
happening there. It’s 12 already. Wind
up after this song. Who are you? Stop there. Stop there. I am coming. My daughter’s dress. Hello. Who is it? This is Blade here. You were showing your
attitude yesterday. I am calling from your new
house with your daughter. Don’t do anything to her. If I spit this blade
on your daughter… There would be at least
30 stitches on her face. Give me my clothes She can never get
married after that. What do you want? Check if everything is correct. Salwar Kameez Here take this. It’s all fine. Listen… Your father is here. Let’s go. How can you be crying in the
house that we are gonna live? Please leave. Keep this See you chief. Don’t say anything. Just a moment. You are a cop Your crooked mind
will start working. Don’t be in a haste And take decisions. Whatever you do… We will overcome
it in six months. Then we will take a decision. You will never be able
to overcome it for life. You are educated. Think wisely. Get a transfer And get settled at
some other place. That is good for you. You come dear. How is it? Super You’ve got many a
tricks up your sleeve! Our lawyer wanted to
talk to the engineer. I’ve spoken already. Come Prema. What was the hurry? You wished for a house
like this, isn’t it? Yes I’ve bought this house. Go inside and take a look. Really? I’ve seen him somewhere. It is him! Who is this peacock? Same man with the same trumpet! What are you saying Vidhya? Two out of the three things
in my dream has come true. You already have the orange green saree
that you were wearing in the dream. The man with the
trumpet is also true. Then Will Blade tie the
mangal sutra for sure? You make people go mad! How did the Tahsildar know
about our sand mining? Tell me Please spare me. Brother Naga Trichy Durai here. Yes brother. You seem to have taken control of lands
on the Tanjavur – Kumbakonam road. Brother… One of the lands
belongs to my men. They were reluctant to ask
you and hence they told me. Send your men here I’ll sort it out soon. Fine. How is Blade? Talk Greetings! How are you? I am fine. How are you sir? Give the phone to Naga. Just a moment. Here. I am on my way to Samayapuram.
I’ll call you when am back. Nagaraj brother. Do we
have to work to eat? Answer me. Sure sure. Answer… Am I a Shakalakka baby? Uncle will rip you
if he gets to know. Get to learn the nuances
of the work properly. Shameful! I don’t have cigarettes. Shameful again! It’s the Trichy minister’s case. Chief asked us to surrender. He spoke to me. You carry on. Blade. Oh my God! My shirt. Are you not the brother
in law of Sundarasekar? How did you find out? Your face! Your brother in law told
me about your funny face. Embarrassment! He told you as well. Brother in law informed you
to teach me about the work. Sit down. Here? Sit down! I just asked if it is here. He asks me to sit as
though he is Yoga master! Look here. Listen Place this stick on your left knee
and bring it to your right ear. And then bring it back. Get trained with
this for a week. Fine? Learn it carefully. Here. Brother.. As though this is
a space station. And there seem to be
lot of gizmos here. Brother… Does one need training
to mend sacks? If the eye sees it, the
hands will start working. Take a look. Hand me the needle. Give it. Kidding me with a broom stick. From the left knee to
the right ear is it? Just take a look at how it goes. Why is it getting stuck? Look at this now. Call the ambulance. Only if you are severely
hurt will they take you. Shall I make it severe? It’s already severe enough. Is there a multi-speciality
hospital nearby? There was a compounder named
Appusamy at the street end. Thanks. He is no more. Wonderful. You are hindering my work.
Give me the needle. Why is it so dilute? Is your blood ‘O’ positive? What has the group got to do
with the dilution levels? I’ll stitch my ears
and get back to you. You bloody. Do you think we will spare you if you
leave Trichy and hide out at Kumbakonam? – Its not like that.
– Where is your husband? He has gone for his work. We will return the loan by
paying in small amounts. For how long? We didn’t leave the
place to cheat you. Who is it? Your husband? Please spare him. Wipe your tears, shut your
mouth and open the door. Sister. Check out this saree. Please spare her. I plead you. Please listen to me. Who is this? She is my husband’s
boss’ daughter. I’ll fall at your feet.
Please spare her. How do I get your husband
to listen to me? I’ll kill you. We’ve got what we came for. Shut your mouth and
get in the vehicle. If you make any
noise, I’ll kill you. Keep quiet till I leave. Or else, I’ll slit her throat. Shut up. Now move.Don’t even whisper. Get inside. Close the doors fast.
Get inside. Yes, tell me. It’s the gang from Sepannavari
in Trichy who have got her. I’ve got them. I am at their place. Take care. Be careful. Hello. Who is it? I am Naga from Kumbakonam. Tell me sir. Give the phone to Sekaran. Just a moment. The call is for you. I’ve got the guys who
kidnapped your daughter. She is safe. Don’t worry. Reach here safely. How much does he owe you? 3.5 Lakhs including
the interest. Blade Brother… Do you know why there is a blank
space in the currency notes? Life is not about money. Its about helping
and friendships. You are my brother. Now leave it. Is it ok? Everything is fine. You can go. Now tell me. Who kidnapped her? Who is it? What will you do? I will thrash you. I’ll thrash all eight of you. Are you insane? We are fifteen here. Hit him. I only count those who
stand till the end. Count now. There will only be eight people. Take all your weapons
and surround. Kill anyone who comes your way. Come now. You are trapped. Blade, we were about
to start our booze. Naga sir called and informed. Do you know who he is? We came here to get our
cash and it turned messy. Please don’t take
it to Durai sir. Give him the papers that
were signed by him. It’s been few years. Will search through
the night and give it in the morning. Let’s not stay long with
a girl by our side. I’ll get the papers and give
it to him in the morning. Inform Naga brother
that we reached here. Please ask her to come. You go along with him.
I’ll come. Vidhya There is a water bottle below the seat.
Please take that. Ya. That’s the one. Give. You don’t like it? Here – Why?
– Take it. Throw it yourself. Throw it. You see, I told you to throw
it since you disliked it. Because… You… I like you very much. Two garlands. Why is he getting garlands? Anything else? One Mangalsutra. Looks like my dream
will be true. I am caught! Come. No. I wont come. I’ll be here. You go. Come on. I am not coming. Why are you taking me? Come on Vidhya. Come. Come inside. I have to go home. I have to go home. It’s nothing Vidya. Come on. I won’t come. I have to go home. Vidhya. Look there. Look there, I say. Look. You saved my child dear God. Ellaiamman Very powerful God. If I bring you back safely I had prayed that I will make
you tie the mangal sutra. Even when enemies
tried to kill me, I’ve never prayed
God to save me. For the first time To save you I had prayed. Tie it. Even without your knowledge… Even without your knowledge I’ve been in love
with you for long. The taste of the
favourite food… The smell of the
food that tempts… The stolen food and
the fight over it… The sweet sound of music… A dip in the pool… Watching a favourite movie. The euphoric feeling
after few drinks…. The free flowing night breeze
during a train journey… The small treasured secrets… Just how all these are
a sweet feeling…. Love too is a similar
but unique feeling. Just how all these are a sweet feeling….
Love too is a similar but unique feeling. The taste of the
favourite food… The smell of the
food that tempts… Every time when you pass by…. It’s a treat for my eyes. The way you cheer
up your students… I love that. The way you get scared of your
own shadow and run away… I loved that cuteness in you. Your traditional way of dressing,
your shyness and the way you walk… Well I lost myself to you. Just how all these are a sweet feeling….
Love too is a similar but unique feeling. Just how all these are a sweet feeling….
Love too is a similar but unique feeling. The taste of the
favourite food… The smell of the
food that tempts… Why didn’t you tell
me all these years? I have a murder case charges
pressed against me. I was waiting for the
judgment to be in my favour. What if you were indicted? I wouldn’t have told you. Radha… Who is it? The great actor M R Radha. His villainous nature
is more heroic. I like him very much. The beauty of you fishing with
the kids on the river…. It’s a treat to watch. Your creativity and the way you
dedicate your creativity to god… I love that. The silly things you do like
counting the rain drops… I loved that cuteness in you. First time ever when
you spoke to me… it was magic… Well I lost myself to you. Just how all these are a sweet feeling….
Love too is a similar but unique feeling. Just how all these are a sweet feeling….
Love too is a similar but unique feeling. The taste of the
favourite food… The smell of the
food that tempts… You are a terrific villain You have been telling me
that I am getting smarter… And made me clean
the entire kitchen. Can I tolerate your brother,
if I am not like this? Tell me. There is a big problem here. Can you come to
school immediately? What? Come this side. Take a casual look that side. One… These guys? They have stones in their hand.
I’ll be dead, if they hit me. What’s your problem with them? I punished them for not
completing their Math homework. Hence the revenge! If you are afraid of them
then why did you punish them? Well, that, I did it in the heat
of the moment as a Teacher. How would I know that they’ll
take revenge for such things? I say retreat or else
I’ll thrash you guys! – Come on. Let’s escape.
– We’ll take care of her tomorrow. Fine you leave now.
I’ll make a move. Listen, hold on. Promise me that you won’t
reveal this to anyone. Or else it’ll damage my image in my
locality if people come to hear about it. And now this! Fine, promise I won’t tell
anybody about this. Now leave. Hey, let me also
come along with you? Why? What happened
to your vehicle? My vehicle? The back
tyre is punctured. Madhu… listen to the vehicle is… She said it was punctured
but look at her go. check the back tyre. Get down. What are you doing? I was at the gas
station to fill gas. The guys working there neither stop filling
the gas nor they stop drooling over me. Vidhya. you should have
checked out them ogling. Come on Vidhya, now why
are you ogling at me? Am I seriously look so
ravishingly beautiful today? Why are you driving the
punctured vehicle? And she talks about ogling. Now
leave the bike and get lost. – Punctured? The tyres are intact.
– I said leave! – Vidhya – Get lost! How dare you ask me to get lost. Let me tell you something now. I’ll pledge
my ornaments today and buy a new bike. This is a challenge! If I don’t
succeed, I’ll change my name. You forgot your bag. Thanks brother. I’ll be waiting to see you struggle
with the vehicle without a driver. – Now get lost.
– Yeah I’m leaving! You get lost! Chicken gravy is it? What are you doing? Dressed up like a joker. Earlier you scolded me for
not learning the business. But now I have got the trade and
tricks right on my fingertips. Listen you entrepreneur… first separate all these
sacks accordingly. Separate the sacks accordingly? He is a goner. – Now! – Yes I’ll do it. This one is for sugar. This one is for salt. This one is for paddy. Uncle… this one is for Surya… Not it’s for Arya You doofus, you just licked
urea sample from Urea sack! He normally doesn’t
drink during the day. Don’t know what happened Blade. Of late he drinks during
day and passes out. Go check the quantity
of rice sacks inside. We have to send it
to the Karur mill. Ok. Quite, Dad might hear us. Fine… Last night… you sent a message? What is it? Dumb! “Tomorrow is my birthday,
I’ll head to school only after seeing you so come soon.
I love you” – That’s what I sent – Is it?
Happy birthday. Hear apply this sacred ash I said for me. Here, buy something you like. So tell me when
is your birthday? What is it? I don’t know. Sorry. It’s ok. Henceforth… my birthday will be… yours too. This is my gift for
your birthday. Love you. Blade… Oh my god, Dad. Ok I’ll return
in the evening and we’ll talk. It’s getting late for school. You were about to start to school but how
come you are coming from the storeroom? Simply. Did you eat? Yeah I had. I also had. Lemon rice. They did announce in the news! Are you kidding me? Hey!! Don’t hit! I am caught! Get up! He has seen us. He is the principal’s friend. The one who looks
like a doughnut? That guy? Hey rose t-shirt. Come here. You idiot! You are deliberately
getting me caught. You only. Come here. Looks like my bad
time has started. The fact that you
have seen us here… I’ll not utter a word about it. If you utter a word… You will torch me! Fine. Go now. You are not even
blessed to do Yoga! I’ve been wanting
to ask for long. What with the name ‘Blade’? Blade Can we type, ‘Vidhya weds Blade’
in our wedding invitation? We’ll take care of it later. No. My grandma has advised not
procrastinate good things. Super! I’ve found an amazing
name for you. Your name will
henceforth be Ganesh. Lord Ganesha’s name. How is it? It’s good for him. Will that suit me? It will be fine. Hmm. Sounds fine. Just as you said. In the invitation we can have
it as ‘Blade alias Ganesh’ We can have it that way. Did I say something wrong? What? You! Blade is an awful name. I suggested a good name for you. You stick on to ‘Blade’ – Won’t you get rid of ‘Blade’
– Its hurting. Its hurting. Ganesh. Ganesh It looks like some
one else’s name. Ganesh Why is it not stopping! Let me remove the battery off. Come here. Strange. Why is calling me? Yes brother. What’s your name? He is asking this after
these many months. You don’t know? Father named me Appukutty. What did your mom name you? That is also Appukutty. As per customs, you can
marry Vidhya, isn’t it? Yes. Then… Why don’t you talk to her
parents and go ahead? Take your hand off. I will never do anything that will
stop me from getting my everyday meal. Dear. He is a perfect
match for Vidhya. I like him. Do you like him? My liking is not important. Did you ask about her liking? I showed her the picture. She was quiet. Won’t she like him. Whose son is he? He is related to the
late Palambi family. Is it? He works for a watch
company in Bangalore. They are coming to see
Vidhya in a week. Ok. They are indeed
a good family. Let the car pass. Stop! Stop! Show your papers. The papers are not in order. The insurance has expired. Durai sir is in the vehicle Who is Durai? Don’t you know Durai? There might be many Durais in Trichy.
How will I know all of them? Get your vehicle
documents first. Why do you talk like this? This is not fine. Park your vehicle and
get me the keys. Don’t you understand
what am saying? Don’t you dare argue with me. Sir…sir… Sir, please don’t. Sir please listen to me. Call the superior officer. Sir please calm down. We can discuss.
Please listen. I slippered you in
front of the public. I am Durai. How dare you stop my vehicle? He doesn’t know about you. Please come. Please. Can I get down at the toll gate? Why not? Get in please. Please do call me if you need any
help in the police department. Where do you hail
from, Pugazhendhi? Ramnad. It’s a place of drought. Dear… It’s a small life. For those who understand me
like you, its a king size life. As far as Trichy is concerned… Other than the famous
‘Uchi Pillayar Temple’ I will get you anything
that you want. Turn around. What are you up to Pugazhendhi? Stop it. Put down your
cellphone and flee. Please spare me. I
don’t know anything. We have caught Durai on the
by pass road off Trichy. Don’t let him escape. I’ll call you back
in five minutes. Yes sir. Pugazhendhi I have influence at every level
of the Police department. I know that you are
up to something. Think and decide. Sir Switch it off. Water The famous Gangster of Trichy, Durai has
been shot dead at Srirangam by pass road. A sudden decision
by ASP Pugazhendhi. We now have ASP Pugazhendhi over
a phone call. Let’s talk to him. Tell me. You have taken such a bold action
within days of your transfer to Trichy. Can we expect more
such brave actions? Definitely. This is a warning to all the gangsters
who were in touch with Durai. Such actions in
the delta area… I’ve grown looking up to Durai. The ASP… … is from Ramnad. This is his fifth encounter. Let me take this call. Hello Tell me Vidhya. Did you discuss regarding our
marriage with your brother? He is not in a good mood. I’ll call you in the morning.
You sleep now. Greetings. Brother Greetings. You failed yesterday too? Yes! Did you eat? Yes. I had. Brother.. He is also leaving
to the godown. Chief… Blade.. – Brother – Naga.. Please sit down. I’ll wait outside. It’s been long since
you came here. I can make out that you are here
to say something important. Yes. There is a good
proposal for Vidhya. The groom is working in a
watch company in Bangalore. They are coming to see Vidhya
and finalize things tomorrow. I wanted to keep you informed. Do it in a grand manner. I am there with you. Blade is there for us. The boys are with us. Let’s make the marriage
a grand affair. For two days take care of your works
instead of coming to the godown. Fine then. I’ll take leave. See you blade. We had seen Vidhya
when she was a child. I don’t take her out much as I
go around to most of the places. Vasuki, the sugar
is in the red box. Blade.. Blade… Wake up Drink this buttermilk. You will be fine. Here Drink this. Can you please
make a little way? The groom is a good boy. He
does not have any bad habits. My grand daughter is a gem. Where is she? It is wrong to have
come here at this time. They have just come to see you. There is nothing more to it. Just a moment. Please have the meal
before you leave. I didn’t get a good situation
to inform brother. If we inform him, all this
will be taken care of. First, you leave from here. We’ll get into trouble if
someone sees you here. Don’t keep thinking. Just leave. Vidhya is no where to be seen.
Don’t know where she went. What are you saying? Come everyone. The stack is falling.
Blade is caught underneath. What happened? Come everyone. What happened? The stack fell on
Blade it seems. Is this how you work? Take them away. Make it fast. Our daughter. Look what she has done! Is this how I brought you up? You have shamed the
entire family. We can no more keep
our head high. Why are you coming
from the storeroom? Simply. Why can’t you solve Blade’s issue
by talking to Vidhya’s father? Poor guy. What are you doing? I would’ve got him married
if it was some other girl. This is not like that. Blade will become my
partner in the godown. Rowdism ends at
thrashing people. To make it big in politics
one needs a rowdy. To make it big in rowdism,
one needs a political mind. When I send him for talks,
he thashes them all. That is not due to the
affection he has on me. He is an orphan. I know just where
to keep him. Chief Sekar is here. Please sit down. It is very embarassing. I gave it a lot of thought. I have decided to go back
and settle in Tanjavur. You are elder to me. Whatever you decide
will be correct. The complete accounts are here. If you can give me my share capital
of Rs.20 Lakhs in our partnership I will do some
business and settle. Why would I want your money
to run the business? If you want any money for your
expenses feel free to ask me. Having plundered from others Finally you have ditched me too. You will ruin. You will not prosper. You will ruin. I had pawned even my
wife’s mangal sutra. Hey Blade. Hit him. You will not prosper. Stop. He is hitting our men. He is under the
influence of the girl. He will be back
here in a few days. She tried to have an illegal
relationship with him. He is an orphan. I just know where to keep him. Here. – I’m leaving.
– Ok I am leaving Murthy. The tempo has gone ahead. He doesn’t
know the route. Find out what it is. Careful. Vidhya Have you decided
to let go off me? As long as you are concerned,
the stack fell lose that day. But, for me, I have
lost all my honor. I always saw my dad as a master. But it is hard for me
to see him work now. You are still with the
man who cheated my dad. Please do not come
to see me again. My dear poem from the wind… The moment you fell in my eyes… You filled up my heart. You became part of me. It’s a struggle to be away from you. I am yearning for your love. You stabbed right
through my heart. The memories are killing me… I’m lonely and struggling I am struggling real bad. My dear poem from the wind… The moment you fell in my eyes… You filled up my heart. You became part of me. The way you walk down the streets…. You look so graceful. Behaving silly at time… Just like a kid. The way you are attracted
to small things… Like asking me to buy
you cotton candies.. The way you love me and
make me what I really am. Like a mother you gifted me
a birthday and a new name. The eyes that never
cried is now weeping. You are my deity and you
left me wandering all alone. My dear poem from the wind… To make me look good you
gifted me with new shirts. Engraving our names together forever,
in the stairs that lead to the deity. You planted hope in me
when you gave me the ring. Pepping me up saying that
my future looked good. You made this orphan feel
like he had someone. You took extreme care of
me and now left me alone. You were my better half but now without
you my life is just hanging around. My dear poem from the wind… The moment you fell in my eyes… You filled up my heart. You became part of me. Chief Who is it? Where were you for
the past one week? Why did you get into a
relationship with that girl? Prema Blade is here. Give him some food. I don’t want any food. What? Are you drunk? Fine. Go and sleep. We’ll discuss in the morning. Please hand over
Sundarasekar’s money. Please don’t talk ill of them. Please don’t talk ill of them. Please hand over the money. I can’t. What will you do? Hand over Sundarasekar’s money. Naga This is the inspector
of Taluka station. Tell me sir. There is a complaint on you.
Please come to the station. There is a complaint that
you have cheated him of Rs.20 lakhs he invested
in your partnership. What is the witness? Come here. I am aware that they invested
20Lakhs each in the business. I am ready to tell this anywhere. Can you stay outside along
with him for a while? Naga You kidnapped the lady SI and forced
them to register their house to you. Did we ask anything about it? There was no witness. We didn’t even get a
complaint from that lady. But for this one Your man is the witness. Please resolve it. Fine. I’ll handover. Now that it has come here,
hand over the cash here. Chief… Stay outside. Sir, please come inside. Please check if it is correct. It is in order. This is an undertaking that states that you
have received the entire amount from Naga. Please read and sign this. – Make a photocopy.
– Ok sir. File a copy and hand
over another to Naga. Fine sir. Naga, You may leave. I told you to leave. Go now. – Are you going to the court?
– Yes Drop him on your way. Come on. I also take leave. Please wait. I’ll tell you. Tell me chief. Blade should not
be alive anymore. Fine chief. Start the vehicle. You have despised a
gangster and got the money. He will be waiting to avenge. After an hour, he will have
other problems to take care of. I made you to wait
for your own safety. You may leave now. Thanks sir. Be careful with the money. Ok sir. Please get in. Follow that auto Please stop here. Where are you going to go? I don’t know. You have despised with the guy
whom you were with because of me. Get in the auto. Its ok. Son… Get in the auto. You stay inside. Bhavan What Blade? Naga called me. He told me to finish you off. Hey. Sit inside. Take your hand off. Take it off. Take it off, I say. Go. Get lost. Get lost now. Get in the vehicle. No one should be here. This is the life of a rogue. When Durai was alive I would listen to whatever he said. But now a days I think before I do something. I understand that you
have a good life ahead. Don’t leave it. Because It didn’t happen to us. Be careful. See you Blade. Start the vehicle. Dad seems to have arrived.
Open the gate. What took you so long? Dad here. Take this towel. Here. Take this. – Hey
– Yes Where is the motor room key? Here it is. Here. Stay here for now. Let’s take care of it later. Please take it. – Show him the place
– Fine. Get ready with the meal. Come, lets go. Vidhya neither talks properly
nor does she eats properly. She is always filled
with your thoughts. Give me the keys. Sorry sir. Someone has stuck it just now. It hasn’t dried yet. Even before the cops know about my transfer Even before the cops know about my transfer Tear it off. He takes our life out! No No no! Who are you? I am the brother of Paneer
who runs the liquor shop. Don’t you recognise me? You got me married. Did you forget? I work in the crime branch. ASP Pugazhendhi has asked
to tape your phone. I couldn’t resist. Hence I wanted to inform you. See you. Chief Why are you sitting alone
here at this hour? Look here. ASP would have been scared now. In all these years… Who are all the
ones who left us? This is Ravi and Padhu There is no information about
them for around 7-8 years. Recently, a gang stripped SI
Vanitha and got her house. Yes sir. Get the file of that gang. Hey stop. Fine. I’ll wait. You come. Hey mani. What happened to you? You were not coming
for work as well. No body knew anything about you. Mani, am asking you. Open your heart to me. Murthy here. Open your mouth and talk. Mani… Mani… Don’t you recognise me? Like the sky… Like the earth You are the only one
for me in this life. You are the only one
for me in this life. Like the sky… Like the earth You are the only one
for me in this life. You are the only one
for me in this life. My dear handsome… I love your laughter. Forever I am yours. Like the sky… Like the earth You are the only one
for me in this life. You are the only one
for me in this life. I keep falling for you like the fish
falls for the bait on the hook. You are the god’s gift to me. I’ll live this life
holding your hands… At times looking at you I
forget the world around. In love the hurt doesn’t pain so much… The youth and the age is taking
me places I’ve never been to. It’s been long and so now
it’s time for us to unite. Like the sky… Like the earth Chief has forgotten the past. He
asked us to bring you. Let’s go. Tell him that am not coming. It’s unbelievable that love
can be so sympathetic. I am now ready to be all yours. All the symptoms make
me feel shy and blush. I am going to make you
the prisoner of my love. I dress in order to impress you… All I dream about is our marriage. I unable to control my feeling
but then I am hiding it. Like the sky… Like the earth You are the only one
for me in this life. You are the only one
for me in this life. Hey Blade. It seems you know all
the details about Naga. Is it? Stop the vehicle. Get down. Wait at the round tana. Do you understand? Yes sir. I saw the file that detailed
Naga’s and your atrocities. I heard that you
are a changed man. Yes sir. How do I trust you? Sir please spare me. I am getting married
in four days. Please spare me. I have stopped visiting
the godown as well. You can ask anyone. This is the invitation. Sir Are you scared? Shall I? I’ve heard lots about you. You have already killed a few. I plead you. If you are a changed man… Be an approver and give all
details of Naga. You can be free. Please don’t ask me to do that. I have had his food
for almost ten years. No sir. Please spare me. I see you as my God. Go now. Go You talk. Who is it? I am PC Perumal. Isn’t Naga there? He has left his phone here
and has gone to Tanjavur. You are? I am his wife. Tell me. Blade has become an approver. He has told the ASP
all about Naga. Please tell him that
I informed you. As you said, I’ve informed Naga. The most important thing that a
gangster cannot live with is doubt. As per my calculations, in twenty
days either he must die or… the other guy will die. If there is no solution
to my calculation.. We can finish them off. Start the vehicle. The bus is at the bus stand. The train is always on the rail But my brother in law wants the
invitation to reach people on a cycle. That too at this
point of the hour. How many places
will I travel to? To do this job of inviting people The job of capturing stray
dogs is a lot better. Come by the brook side. We can spend time together. Three days in a month One should refrain such intimacy. Who is it? Who is it? I felt as though someone was seated. No body seems to be
catching these stray dogs. If you are clever than I
am cleverer than you! Sister Do you have anything to eat? Even when you are sick you don’t seem
to get over your craving for food. Don’t embarrass me. I wonder how he will
attend the marriage. – Coffee.
– Don’t give lame excuses. Hey Vasuki. Why are the buses on strike? They are protesting against
the petrol price hike. Will they hike every month? Cut the pumpkin
into small pieces. Vidhya I’ll call you later. Yes. I’ll be back soon. Fine. I’ll be back. Son.. At the break of dawn
is the marriage. You never asked for a
single invitation. Dad Give me one invitation. They have thrashed the milk van. Who thrashed the vehicle? Are you a rowdy? Write all the damage items
and get it signed from them. Don’t make any noise. Greetings. Yes Marriage? For you? Ganesh weds Vidhya I am happy for you. You know that I have been
a wrong person earlier. You must help me in ensuring that there
are no untoward incidents in my marriage. I’ll be there. Don’t worry. Where are you? I am on my way. The house key is with me.
No one is at the house. Please come to the mandapam. Yeah. Fine. Naga. Blade has just started from
Kumbakonam to Tanjavur. Who is that? He has parked his
vehicle on the road. Go check it out. Ok Sir. Is there someone inside? Sir… Sir… What is it? Please come fast. What happened? Sir… Look at this. This has taken place just now. Brother. Please spare me. Please spare me. I’ve never betrayed you. Please spare me. I am getting married
in the morning. Please spare me. My marriage is in the morning. I’ve never thought of
going against you. Please spare me. An orphaned soul… Shadow being the
only companion… Rough roads being the only known path… Life and death a
common phenomenon…. But at unexpected instances
it is not so natural. Blade… wasn’t it Naga who
did this to you? Blade? I’ve already spoke to the Doctor. They say you won’t survive. Looks like you’ll die. Tell me… wasn’t it Naga who
did this to you? Come on. Naga, he won’t survive. Even if he does,
he’ll be brain dead. You calm down and carry on with your work. When you are about to fall… The one to hold you. When the tears roll
down your eyes… The one to wipe it away. There remains this
good hearted girl. With the only wish to restart a new life. To restart a new life. Hello Its me Naga. The number seems to be new. Its my wife’s number. I am waiting outside in an auto. Can you come alone here? Yes. I’ll come along with you. Wait. I’ll go and come. Pandya, please leave us for a while.
I’ll call you. Fine sir. What is it at this
point of the hour? ASP is not including me
in his team these days. I have no clue on what’s
happening at the station. Cops of all ranks
avoid talking to me. You please be careful. Fine? I couldn’t do anything.
Hope you understand. Go now. Pandya, let’s go. Brother This is your routine. I just gave him a little before. He keeps coming again. Blade. What are you doing here? At the bar… I work here. What happened? I didn’t know who to confide in. Naga… has been torturing
my wife for long. He would come home at
night and hit me out. How long has this been going on? Its been going on for long. I feel like dying. Hello Sit down Have it. I am not in the mood for this. I heard that you sing well. My brother was telling me. Is it? Why don’t you dance then? Didn’t I tell you that I
am not in the mood for it? Sing now! Don’t abuse me. Don’t you abuse me
again like that. Don’t abuse me. Don’t you abuse me
again like that. Don’t you keep your hands on me…. Don’t keep your
filthy hands on me. Listen to me, it is
obscene to do so. Listen to me, it is
obscene to do so. If you understand this
it’s good for you. And if you don’t
then leave me alone. Naga is at the minister’s
house in Trichy. You come over here. Kumbakonam is a place
right next to Tanjavur. And there resides two beauty queens. Kumbakonam is a place
right next to Tanjavur. And there resides two beauty queens. One is Mala and the other is Sheela. One is Mala and the other is Sheela. All those gossips about both of them…. resulted in the birth
of this abusive language. Mala was crushed by the abusive language…. and unable to bear it
she committed suicide. So, don’t you abuse me. If you want you can
be a little mean… Or be little rude if you like. If you want you can
be a little mean… Or be little rude if you like. So abuse me in that way…. So abuse me in that way…. Call me stupid,
idiot or a doofus. Be a little considerate
is all I am asking. There are lot of words that you can
use that won’t hurt me badly… but abusing me hurts
me right in my heart. So, don’t you abuse me. ASP Pugazhendhi has been
a speck in the eye. He killed our Durai in Trichy Did you see that? I was deeply saddened. He is following me too. Waiting for me to get caught. Let this political
meet get over. I’ll take care of him. Keep this. You be careful for a few days. Go get some cigarettes. Hello This is me. It’s mom. – It is mom.
– Give it to me. You left home yesterday.
Where are you? – Can you hear me?
– Yes mom. Its raining. I’ll call you later. He has crossed Vallam. Don’t leave him. I’ll give you the
news in ten minutes Hang up Mani… What are you doing
here at Vallam? I came here for a work. Whom were you talking
to over the phone? My wife. Hey Mani Mani Hey Mani There is a full bottle
of liquor for you. Where are you? Who is it? Where are you going? Who is it? Mani Hey Mani Hey Mani Where are you? Mani Come in front of me. No Mani Blade I’ve never called out to
my mom since my birth. I’ve never called out to my dad. I saw them in you and called
out to you as Brother. You are dirt. You are dirt. A peaceful world is no more…. A world of weapons is born… Will every living
being now bleed? A body made up of
nerves and bones… and with some flesh god created a life. God then named it as human. The god let the humans free to
live their life at their own will. But now the humans question
the existence of God. Forgetting how the human
race came into existence… the humans have now
turned senseless. Humans started hunting humans… When this human race becomes extinct… will the earth shed tears
missing the humans? will the earth shed tears
missing the humans? will the earth shed tears
missing the humans? Devote yourself,
devote yourself. Devotion will later
turn into affection. Overcoming crime is
not a difficult task. The day the weapons are destroyed. The day the violence comes to an end. That will be the AUSPICIOUS DAY.

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