THIS IS HOME – A Film By The Faction Collective – Full Movie

THIS IS HOME – A Film By The Faction Collective – Full Movie

Home. What is home? Is it a place? A destination? Or a feeling? It could be something you imagine. Or something you return to. Somewhere you know better
than anyone in the world. A place you only share with friends. A place that shapes you, that defines you. A place where you
know the secret spots. Or is there more to it than that? This is one team’s journey to see if we can find out. I think growing up in the mountains
they say you can either love the weather or suffer. Yeah growing up in Montana was great. Good snow, good tree skiing. We’ve got the coolest mountains around. We call them the foothills
of the Canadian rookies. It’s right where they start getting big. cliffy and fun. My name is Adam Delorme and, this is home. My name is Antti Ollila, and this is home. I think you should just do one front flip for the boys. I’m not that good at front flips! You’ll be fine. Ok I would say Alta is pretty unique, because it’s set in big mountains. But there is so many like rollers and jumps that all the skiers coming out of Alta have a pretty playful style. And for me being a big mountain skier I’ve learned a lot from kids
jumping and playing around Alta and I’ve tried to implement that a
bit into my big mountain skiing: trying to find cliffs that
have trickable takeoffs, or things like that. My one favorite part about Little Cottonwood is driving into my house, is right where the big granite walls
get all steep and it’s like, just a gateway into paradise, basically. Every time I get home it’s like, hell yeah, this is sick. My name is Johnny Collinson and this is home. “Home” Is there any better place than home, to pass down your knowledge? To share your passion? Imagine knocking at someone’s door. Someone who would welcome you, and show you how
it gets it done at home. My name is Daniel Hanka and this is home. If you grew up in the mountains,
you don’t have the same mentality as people that are growing up in a town. I don’t want to say that it’s bad or good in a certain way but it’s really… As you grow up in the mountains, your decisions are always, winding around the conditions in the mountains. It’s really the mountains that
are shaping the skier. I think you have this playground at home, that is really building you and building your own style of skiing. So it’s definitely, yeah, shaping yourself. Also growing up in Zermatt, I’m a skier since I was 3 years old. And then having that access to
the mountains as an alpinist shows you the huge potential
you have as a skier and of course you start on a small slope,
you’re jumping around in the ski area but then you see the Weisshorn
or the Matterhorn, and I think it’s human being that
you want to go further, and the top here are those
4000 meters peaks. And I just want to ski them. My name is Sam Anthamatten and this is home. So, what is home then? Someone once told me “You never really reach home. But when you find yourself
on a perfect path, the whole world can looks like
home, for a time.” Born more from who you are and where you want to be. Not always just dictated
by your environment. It’s a state of mind. Constantly shaped by the people
you meet, the friends you make. We are The Faction Collective and this is home.

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  1. It was tooooo gooood, it was so creative, and the editing was awsome, I realy liked the fact that the music had kind of a conection with the video.

  2. the intro is so awesome, and it's just followed by more and MORE awesomeness. i love how everyone has their favorite part and passionately comments about it. My favorite part is the part between 0:00 and 46:23

  3. the color in this film is total fire. Id love to steal this LUT. But seriously I feel people like Quicksilver always use a very Vibrant color in their flix. Finally someone is being artistic

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