This is the best portable projector.

This is the best portable projector.

(upbeat music) – I’ve always dreamed
of owning a projector, but the idea of losing
my TV is kind of scary. But now with pocket projectors
and their quality image, their small size and portability, maybe it’s time for me
to actually buy one. (upbeat music) I live in a cramped
New York City apartment and I don’t want to dedicate
thousands of dollars to a massive home theater setup, but with a pocket projector,
I could put it anywhere in my house and adjust the image size, so it would make it big or small. I could also bring it anywhere with me, so I could even take it up to my roof. Okay, so if you don’t know,
pico projectors are smaller and more affordable than what you usually think of as a home theater projector. A good one should have decent battery life or at least enough to
last a two-hour movie, quality image, and acceptable sound so you don’t have to
use external speakers. Also, you should be able to play content off your phone or laptop
without much hassle. I tested the five best projectors
under $600 and the winner I found to be the Anker
Nebula Capsule for $350. (upbeat music) Unlike all the other projectors,
the Capsule runs Android, so it has apps built in,
including YouTube and Netflix. And you can connect to your home WiFi, or your phone hotspot if you’re outside. It also supports AirPlay, yes, AirPlay, so I mirrored content from
my phone on the projector. I’m actually connected to a
home media server, so I was able to watch content from my
phone on the projector. It also supports Android devices because it supports Mirror Cast. It has an HDMI port as well,
so if you want to connect to your laptop, Chromecast or
fire stick you can do that too. The Capsule projects at
an 854 by 480 resolution with a 16 by 9 aspect ratio. It supposedly reaches up to a
hundred lumens of brightness, but it really didn’t seem that bright and definitely looks best in a dark room. Anker says its batteries
should last up to four hours, and I’m not sure if it’ll go that long, but I can say I watched
Captain America: Civil War, which is two and a half hours long, and it handled it just fine. I wish it charged over USB-C
like some of its competition, but the micro-USB does the job. (upbeat music) Other than its Android apps, I also appreciated the Capsule’s speakers. They were by far the best
of any of the projectors. That soda can shape works well to spread the sound around a room. Anker even advertises the projector as a Bluetooth speaker and I can see why. It handles music and
movie soundtracks well, regardless of where it’s placed. That shape also helps with the
projector’s actual placement, because you might not need an
extra platform to raise it up, unlike other projectors that lie flat. You can control playback
and the projector in general through its remote, although
you have to be within a narrow range for it to
actually register commands. It also has a companion
iOS and Android app, but I had trouble pairing
my phone and the projector. The other obvious downside
to my pick are its fans, which are kind of loud
but not the loudest. My dream projector would
be silent, of course, but I haven’t found one that is. (fan whirring) (upbeat music) The Capsule is the best overall projector, but if you value image quality, you might prefer the
more expensive LG PH550. At $550, the LG is $200
more than the Capsule, but offers 720p HD
resolution that looks great. You can also make lots
of image adjustments, including brightness, color and contrast. It can supposedly project at 550 lumens, and I clearly saw a brightness difference between it and the rest
of the competition. But its speakers are
horrendous and it’s bulky, making it the least portable
of all the projectors. You also need to bring your
laptop or phone with you to supply the content you want to watch. There’s an HDMI port, so you
can connect a streaming box, but will limit your ability to
take this projector outdoors. I tested a few other projectors as well. I loved the slim shape of the Sony NP-CD, and the picture quality was
crisp and nice to look at. This would be my other runner up. Its primary downside is its speakers. The Mini Projector M175
is sold in Apple Stores and has a cool angling feature so you can aim it at
walls without a stand. However, an HDMI cable weighs it down and makes it difficult to use. The AAXA P6 was disqualified
almost immediately because of its bulky form and loud fans. I flew to Chicago with
all of these projectors in my carry-on, which wasn’t
exactly a pleasant experience but did prove that they’re truly portable. The TSA agents, who obviously
wanted to examine them, were shocked at how small
they were, and it’s true! They’re super tiny and
that’s really impressive. The pico projector field is
still developing, but Anker has built the most complete device
for a casual on-the-go user. So go ahead and live your wire-free life and watch a backyard movie. Thanks for watching! If you use any of these projectors
in your day-to-day life, let me know in the comments. I’m curious about how it’s going. Also, if you liked this video, you’ll probably like Verge Science, so go check it out at

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  1. I used to have a android zte 720p spro 2 it was fun to use as it had a projector and screen but unfortantly no support for the device so no updates and no hulu. Also for 550 you should just buy the optoma hd142x its 1080 and highly rated.

  2. This review is so incomplete. Where’s the details of the other projectors other than the Anker?

    Also, 480p at 100 lumens is objectively terrible image quality. Almost unusable for 90% of media the average person consumes in 2018.

  3. I think they played it safe. The nebula is nice and all but I think an off brand projector would destroy it. For me the wowoto t8e would be a top pick for sure.

  4. I bought the LG PH550 a yr ago and I love it. I use a Chromecast and JBL Pulse 3. Yes, sound is an issue but it fits my need for on the go outdoor entertainment

  5. In summation: Do not buy a portable projector. They all have deal breaking caveats. Maybe they'll be worth it in a few years time….

  6. Huge fan of the Anker Nebula. It is so handy and it just works. Not perfect and not the brightest, but easy to use.

  7. Yes i am using the Sony MP – CD1. The main advantage is its very compact. Even you can use it as a power bank while travelling. No noise issue and its a laser projector. The only drawback is that you need an external speaker for a good audio output.

  8. This was an extremely unhelpful video, as someone who has kept up with pico projectors for a few years now.

    Brightness and resolution are more important than any other features like an Android OS.

  9. I would love to see projectors become small and powerful enough to become a standard feature of mainstream smartphones – battery technology will have to improve as well.

  10. Pls share your comments on "Nebula Mars Portable Cinem" . Its also a portable projector and had JBL speakers for gd sound quality

  11. THANK YOU for this review! I recently got rid of my tv (put it up on a shelf in my room, lol) because it was simply too bulky to justify it staying where it was while I almost never used it! I will most likely be picking up a projector this summer to watch netflix almost consistently!

    BUT ALSO, Ashley, OH MY GAWD WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR GLASSES!!?!?!?! At 4:24 I was screaming because I have been looking for a fashional pair, and these are them!

  12. Try the wowoto T8E, resolution 1280×800, it supports 1080, 2000 lumens, auto keystone correction and zoom, 16:9, 16:10 and 4:3, built in android 4.4, Bluetooth, wifi, ethernet, 3.5 output, 1 HDMI port, 2 USB ports, is almost noiseless, price is around USD$450.
    I have a wowoto H8 and is just great, it has almost the same features than the T8E.

  13. Be careful with "pocket projector" because some of these are not that. I have a 100 lumen Brookstone and a 200 lumen Brookstone, both under $300, both just under true 1080, but both powerful enough to cast a 10 foot TV on my bedroom wall. 100 lumens you will need almost complete darkness to enjoy, but you can fall asleep to it. 200 lumens is enough to play 60 fps games and watch HD movies in soft light. The key is THESE are pocket projectors, and for $600 I would expect something on par with a 60" 4k smart TV. For $600 I would expect 2k and 400+ lumens

  14. How little do you have to know about projectors and useful resolution for your "top pick" to be an 854×480 native device? My cell phone had a better res than that 10 years ago.

  15. I will like to bring my Pico projector to outdoor to my dinning place which below a block of flats. Maybe even lay down somewhere point the projector to the ceiling to enjoy my movies and favorite YouTube.

  16. Thank you for bringing attention to the pico projector scene. I have been waiting for literally years for this market to grow and in turn bring more innovation.
    Honestly though at this point if you do not need a pico projector i would wait for the laser ones to come out. A couple of them are already being sold but at some ridiculous prices for what they offer, but the technology is there and already being used we just have to wait for something more affordable and more feature packed.

  17. The Wowoto8 is virtually silent and great sound one of my favorite and I've tried at least 7 different ones👌

  18. people will not buy anything less than 720p today. It's going back in time and so bad to see it being sold. Would you buy a 480p cellphone or flatscreen tv? NO

  19. "If you value image quality"??? Uhh DUH! Image quality happens to be the most important part. And the fact that the WOWOTO H8 or H9 weren't part of this video shows that you have very little knowledge of what actually makes a good projector.

  20. Yea the capsule is very mehhh they sell cheaper alternatives and that have an audio jack so you don't get stuck with the capsules shit sound quality. The apeman mini projector is a cheaper alternative that gives more to offer than the capsule. Pair that with a jbl speaker and boy did you just step your game up and it's still cheaper than the nebula

  21. I wish they'd make a portable projector without a battery, then they could make it brighter without worrying about battery life.

  22. Out of LG ph550, JmGo p2, ViewSonic M1 & Xgimi CC aura which one to go for? wanted a feedback on which is the best quality for and has the least fan noise

  23. You forgot the ZTE S PRO 2 : 720p Resolution, 200 lumens, 5" LCD Touch Display with Android, wifi , bluetooth and LTE so you can use it as a Hotspot, Till this day is my favorite projector and you can easily fond one on sale for about $300 USD Brand new

  24. Android projectors are really bad. There is obvious time lag so you don't wan't use them for gaming nor for screen mirroring.

  25. LG PF50KA is way better than any of these and with any projector you should expect to use an external speaker, if anything, just to put it where you’re projecting the image onto.

  26. Under $600, they seem expensive, but still a concept to carry a projector instead of an lcd display that you can use instead, there are many lcd displays for around $100 that are portable with good battery life.

  27. Said she doesn't want to do to drop thousands of dollars to a home theater system when she has$2, 200 worth of projector sitting on the table in front of her

  28. Seriously guys, what do you expect? These are "small" projectors. Expect less in sound and quality. Plus you need those fans because those lights heats up. Just like flagship phones of 2018, cameras doesn't take pictures and videos as good as a DSLR does and the speakers aren't as good as big speakers. It is physically impossible.

  29. If anyone is still watching this: check out the LG PH450UG projector. It's an ultra short throw projector, aka it shines upwards to your wall, so you can place it right against it. Perfect for bedrooms, for example. It's small, has speakers, it's bright, native 720p, fans are quiet, has LED with 30.000 hours (aka 8 hours per day for 10 years), has a built in battery that lasts like 2+ hours… Doens't come with Android, so buy a Chromecast or whatever.

    Should cost about 400 dollars new, but my tip is that you buy an Amazon Warehouse return for way less… it basically means the product has been opened by someone else, tested and returned. Boohoo. It saves you so much money, and the product is almost always in perfect condition.

  30. We bought the nebula capsule. And it works very well. Very light. very easy to operate. Yes the lumens can be brighter however it is sufficient in low lighting. Volumize excellent for me. I would recommend the nebula capsule to everyone. It is well worth the price. Thank you.

  31. nice videos, thanks. But I don't understand how to play content off my phone while there's no wifi around, like on camping, so what am I missing when you say portable? How can you mirror your phone to the projector without wifi?

  32. I hanve an anker nebula projector and I really like it. Ultra portable… easy to pack in your luggage for traveling. the app works fine for me, I mostly just use the remote but if the battery dies in the remote… then it's nice to have that as a backup. Its nice that it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker BUT the audio doesn't sound the greatest. If you want good audio stick to a dedicated Bluetooth speaker…. but it does have Bluetooth connectivity SO if you are watching a movie and the speaker on the nebula just isn't cutting it you can link the Bluetooth to a better speaker

  33. The most expensive one enterprise class projector 📽 is call <ESPON > 4K (3840*2160)curve projector cost around CHF5K yo 10K also the portable projector can even in pocket pass thought ultra heightened night club bouncer 😨X-Ray security check to board cast EDM music 🎶 or dance hiptop video to attractive attention ⚠️🥳for playing laser music virtual reality gaming

  34. I think this is the worst review I have ever seen on The Verge. For the money at 720p, the AAXA P& is probably the best unit there, but she completely dissed it without any details. Hey, bulky form factor doesn't mean anything to me since I'm looking for something to carry room to room in my house. Pathetic review. Give us the information, and let us draw our own conclusions. Thanks.

  35. The JMGO N7L is a native 1080p portable smart projector with supported resolution up to 4k and it's $529 on Amazon.

  36. I'm thinking about returning mine.. Was on sale for Prime day, it had great reviews everywhere you looked, so I bought it to use with my Samsung Dex so I could do work from my phone when I travel. Nope… 480p, 100 lumens. It's dim if there's any light in the room and you can make out words like a file name. Plus, you can't stream Netflix to it, or Prime videos, or any DRM protected content. The Youtube app doesn't have an option to sign in. Amazon Prime video on the device is broken. Etc… I'm surprised it has so many recent good reviews.

    Thinking about getting a Vamvo Ultra instead.. It is 1080p, 1800 lumens, it's smaller, and cheaper by $100

  37. Is 480p acceptable? I mean, whenever I watch content in that resolution, it looks pretty bad, but I also understand that that's largely because of the fact that it's not my monitor's native resolution

  38. Thank you for the review. You mentioned that you have a home media server. Could you share more information on your home media server? I am thinking about getting one, but I don't know where to start. — Thank you

  39. I'm not understanding why you would buy a crappy 480p projector with a crappy speaker, instead of a similar priced TV with much better picture and audio quality mounted on your wall. With those standards I assure you that you do not need thousands of dollars worth of an entertainment center.

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